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Titans lead Dolphins 10-7 to start second quarter

Chad Pennington was supposed to bring a spark to the Dolphins offense. That hope lasted only two plays before he was injured throwing his first pass of the game.

Chad Henne entered the game and here we are.

The Dolphins have a TD on their first series because they recovered a Bo Scaife fumble inside the Tennessee 30 yard line. With Henne running the offense, they score a TD.

Then the Titans answered with a scoring drive of their own, highlighted by a 33-yard pass intereference penalty against Vontae Davis.

Then something weird ...

Tony Sparano called a fake punt from inside his own 30 yard line. The Dolphins needed two yards. They got 1 yard. And that led to a Titans field goal.

That's where things are, 10-7, as we start the second and continue the live blog. Join me


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Please please Armando tell Henning EVERY FAN WANTS HIM FIRED!

This is gonna be ugly folks...

Defense has to win this one.

SOILED your my kind of man!!!!

I think the D is playing inspired ball. Yea....they allowed a couple runs but its Chris Johnson here people.

The O on the other hand....atrocious.

Yep, we officially have no offensive plays for this offense, SAME OLD Dead henning stuff, Great call for penny, guy didnt last 2 plays, and i thought he was the savior we needed*lol*Must have danced too hard to eminem Lose Youself, he certianly did!!!

Wow, Kerry Collins is single handily keeping us in the game. But Im sure we'll find a way to counter it and lose anyway!!!

Lets go Henne....you were challenged by your TE...its time to step up and LEAD......

How long till Thigpen comes in? I say 30 mins lol

Can Thigpen come in without Henne getting injured?

Jets are losing to Cleveland.

mando with Penny out can we see Thighpen or only if Henne goes down.

Man, Collins is 3-9 for 21 yards....

And we are losing.








Hey, Salguero, hope you are able to maintain the excellent commentary in the second quarter.

A big play..........NO way!!!

Nice call. Hartline wide open. Pass a bit underthrown.

please tell me why they dont run more 4 wide. it spreads things out and will get better coverage options on marshall. NICE FINALLY A DEEP THROW!!!

overrated o-line = putrid offense


Any news on Penny? Is he done for good?

SuperPhin...be a be at least a MEDIOCRE FAN and don't cheer when one of ours goes down

thats why heene is a keeper

There, you Henne haters can eat the ass. Bull, he can't play

SEE told you all that Henne cant get 1st downs..

Think Dan Henning just got a call from Stephen Ross.

Nice throw

Well well would you look at what happens when you open it up a little

so soiled your place or mine????

I dont think that was a designed play. Ricky was running towards the LOS and noticed 8 defenders....said screw this and chucked the ball back to Henne. Henne knowing he sucks....decided to chuck it down the field hoping for an incomplete pass. Hartline ran the wrong route and unfortunately the ball stuck to his hands.

Lets see if we can get a TD here and get Henne some confidence

Nice call. Hartline wide open. Pass a bit underthrown.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 14, 2010 at 01:54 PM

You think air baloon pennington wouldve even made it that far!!!!*lmao*

5 WR set?!
Am I dreaming?

henne looks like he wants to shut some people up so far on this drive

Can we get Dansby to play quarterback?

Nice pass by Henne

Anyone else want to challenge Henne??


Incognito is having a rough half

and my JESTS are kicking ARSE speaking of ARSE
where is my manchez

Oh wait its tied

SuperPhin...be a be at least a MEDIOCRE FAN and don't cheer when one of ours goes down

Posted by: kris | November 14, 2010 at 01:55 PM

Dont be pissed cuz your *spark* is gone, Suck it up!!!!

Let me clarify I want you to eat MY ass. All around and inside.

Hartline is on fire

i thought ronnie scored earlier. Why are they using him now?


1.2 yards per carry

Nice to Hartline but Marshall had 1 on 1....let throw it to him!!!!

shouldnt that be marshall????


Are you taking ownership of Henne? Because don't change your tune a year or two from now.

I just said that

Even the annopuncer wonders why you try the fade to Marshall.

and when i cheer JESTS JESTS JESTS
its cause Pats are doing as well

im not a fan just a disappointed Phin that became a hater

Mandich: BM one-on-one; Henne went to wrong receiver.


Henne can't read coverage folks!

fist pump!!!!

Chad Pennington has not returned to the sideline. Clearly this shoulder injury is an issure beyond taking an X-ray or MRI.

Nice work in the redzone Henne. Still can't get it done in the red zone.

Come on Tony give us all a fist pump. Your special needs qb got it done!

Sparano is pumped...he loves those red zone FG's

Dan Henning...4 more years

You can't argue with oatmeal

Even I could see he was covered from here in upstate New York ... Henne couldn't see it? Seriously? There were no other receiver options? Play to lose boys, play to lose.

Shouldn't have stopped throwing the ball. Brown no gain stalled the td drive. Henne was feeling it and once again this ridiculously inept coaching staff kills the momentum. Way to go!

Fist pump

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