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Is Sparano showing desperation? I sure hope so!

Tony Sparano left his press conference Tuesday shaking his head and muttering under his breath in disbelief.

I've never seen that kind of reaction from Sparano because he handles the media about as well as I've seen any coach do that in my time covering the Dolphins -- and that is a looong time, and that includes Don Shula.

But I guess Sparano was never asked a question before like he was asked Tuesday. He's never before been at the stage where anyone is openly asking him (even in a round-about manner) if he's worried about his job.

We reached the starting line of that point Tuesday.

Sparano was asked Tuesday if he is coaching "urgent."

Now, I don't know what coaching urgent means exactly. There are two ways to go here:

A coach can have an urgent approach, as in we have to get something done immediately because time is running out in the game so let's speed things up or get a little more aggressive with our play calls on offense and take more chances on defense. There is that.

But there is also urgent as in desperate, as in concerned, as in trying to prove something to someone. There is urgent as in trying to guard or save one's job.

I'm not certain which one of these two the question was meant to explore. I get the feeling Sparano felt it was a little of both because the context was him making a QB change from a long-range prospect (Chad Henne) to a short-term option (Chad Pennington), among other things.

“I wouldn’t say I’m coaching urgent," Sparano said. "I would say that my job is to evaluate as many ways as possible for us to be able to win football games and I don’t think you can ignore signs.

"I think you got to be smart to the signs. Now if that’s urgent then that’s your phrase. To me if you continue to ignore signs and turn your face to them, you’re going to have a problem somewhere down the way, the road. It’s going to catch up with you and in my mind I think we didn’t sign up here to come in eighth place, ninth place, twelfth place; we signed up to try to be the best.

"So it’s my job to try to push as many of the buttons as I possibly can to do that.”

It is interesting to me that some media and fans have seen Sparano makes changes in the lineup, get more aggressive with flea-flickers or other trick plays, move on from waste-of-time or stopgap players such as Jason Allen, and decide it's a sign of desperation.

The blogs (other inferior ones, not this one), and local radio shows (other less knowlegable ones, not mine) are filled with conspiracy theories about Sparano being worried about his job and departing from the early-season course because he's under pressure to save his job.

Let me offer another idea:

Sparano is making changes, exploring options because the Dolphins are a freakin' fracking mediocre team and the coach is supposed to try to milk some excellence out of mediocre. And if he continues doing what he did previously all he will get is mediocre. And if he doesn't do something different, all that makes him is mediocre.

And nobody wants mediocre!

Would anyone rather Sparano sit on his hands and do nothing? Would anyone want him to do the same that he's been doing as the team got to 4-4? Is that what anyone would define is good coaching or the proper approach?

I want the coach to feel like there's no better time to win than now. I want the coach to pull strings, change lineups, jack up assistants, shake everyone up, in search of something better than 4-4 or mediocre.

If a coach doesn't do that he's worse than a bad coach. He's a spectator.

How can anyone see it any other way?



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8-10 weeks ago the feeling was that if we were 4-4 we would be doing well. It hasn't been pretty and injuries are starting to bite but lets stay positive!

Why now? Why not before?

We have easily played and will continue to play the toughest schedule in the NFL. If we were in NFC we would be 6-2 and everyone would be giddy. I like SParano and the hob he is doing. If we get lucky and scrap into playoffs- great - if not I want him to keep building and try another year.

Tony is too football-savvy not to have noticed the failure of Jason Allen and Chad Henne. What or who was impeding him to make these changes sooner?

Sparano should know by now that by the Pittsburgh game, he isn't gonna get any breaks. Even the a continuous sexual predator(Rothliesburgeer)gets more respect. He'd better change up. But it may be to late because it doesn't look like the jets or N.E. are about to cave.

it took sparano a long time to wake up. the fans could see it;why cant the coach? something happened or he wouldnt change it up.

the dolphins are mediocre because of the players assembled by the parcells/ireland/sporano regime. sporano may be a good coach

sparano has beem a good coach, he gets it and the players respect him. he bears thr brunt of tuna's decision making-ernest wilford, pat white, passing on dez bryant

paul your right!
begining of the season, with our scheduel we all thought 4-4 would set us up for a run with the second half of the season! well Ally- op mother *uckers. its time to win some games!




The Parcell's shadow will continue to haunt this team and it's coaching staff. They must get rid of that shadow and some of the people loyal to that shadow. This is an inept football team on offense. Brandon Marshall 1 TD this season, that's criminal. The problem lies on philosophy on offense. That's the first thing that must change. They also quite frankly must and have to do a better job with free agency. The owner(s) must step in and demand changes, not be intimidated by the Parcell's shadow. After all he jumped ship already. The only coach I see as a keeper is Mike Nolan who has done a terrific job with his defense. Names out there: Cohwer, Gruden, Holmgren, Peterson ( general manager ).

Suprango is a JOKE!!!!!

Lets face it. A year ago he was calling time outs on turnovers because he did not know the clock stops on a change of possession, etc.

He is a glorified offensive line coach and nothing more. He was Parcel's puppet. That is their MO. Bring in one of their guys that they can control.

Supringos is an idiot. I hope they replace him with a real footbal mind in 2011 and take Henning with him to pasture.

After 11 13 Miami Dolphins will even try sean smith in a lame attempt to win

for entertainment only with Chad Pennington on injured reserve exactly 13 hours after 11 13
and 11 players listed on the injury report

Dan Marino #13 says, Miami has nochance of making the playoffs

Face it the Miami Dolphins were doomed with 11 13 being significant numbers which reeked havoc on this football and now with the hobbled players Miami has left from the most significant one day injury report in Miami Dolphin history, during the infamous game that started 13 hours after 11 13

these numbers 11 13
keep coming up together or separately as indicated many times over the past 4 months

Miami Not In Playoffs

for entertainment only

Miami 35 Da Bears 17

Fickle fans. If he makes the changes too soon, fans would say he didn't give the players a chance to gel together or progress.

4-4 should really be 5-3 because that Pitt game they lost on a fluke bad call at the end. Nobody would be down on Sparano at 5-3. Cut the guy some slack, I'd say he's easily the best coach we've had since Shula. Let the season play out.

We are going to WIN the rest of our Games, and WE WILL make the Playoffs. Super Bowl Bound???

Here hoping that the a-hole fans go root for the Jets where they belong. Lets go FINS!!!!

well Ross is letting Sparano, Irland, and Parcells to buy the groceris and make the food. And so far the food sucks. So yes I think he is fighting for their job. The fans and Ross didn't draft long and henne instead of ryan. They did. So now they have to be BETTER than mediocare of they can go out find new jobs. So yes he is urgent because his job is in jeopardy. Wouldn't you be more urgent and write better blogs than this crap if your job was in jeopardy mando. Maybe you should write more urgently also.It might do you good.

Sparano & Ireland will still be here in 11

Henning will retire

Sparano is well liked and should have "better luck next year" without the biggest one day loss and record number of banged up players which started 13 hours after 11 13

Sparano does need to be held accountable for never seeming to have his team together with any chemistry whatsoever at the start of the season

Sparano also needs to be accountable for playing Pro Bowl Jake Long in game 4 preseason, the game notorious for being a scrub fest only game
Jake Long`s knee was injured and is still injured with a strained MCL from this very poor Sparano decision

and my opinion passing on Mike Vick, who me and my family have always enjoyed watching with great aspiration was the biggest blunder at the QB position
Mike Vick never even used to practice hard and simply rely on his natural talent
U knew Vick was coming back with vengeance once he got in football shape

Now Vick is a top 5 QB in the NFL
4 TD passing & 2 TDs rushing on MNF
15 TDs & 0 INTs
Best Running QB in the NFL

and the Triflunka said No
and went with ...... pat white

When was the last time a Miami Dolphin QB had 15 TDs & 0 INTs


Now Suck On Your 11 & 13 numbers sheeple

Sparano has been an upgrade over the last several coaches we have had. I like the fact when free agents or draft picks dont work out we part ways with them and move on. Our defense is young and improving and could be one of the best in the NFL over the next couple of years. Offensively we have a ways to go. O-line, running back, tight end and kick returners all need help next year.

i read where sparano is getting concerned about brandon marshalls 1 TD this season. just now we have decided to watch tape and see how denver better utilized him.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"There is urgent as in trying to guard or save one's job."

I remember when I was at that stage of my employment life.

I was desperate and my actions were urgent and I would do anything to keep my job.

But in the end the company went out of business and I joined the unemployment line.

When the unemployment ended I started donating (selling) my plasma 8 times a month for 260 dollars.

If things don't work out so well for coach Sparano I'm sure at his age he will be able to get another job.

Now if I were Dan Henning thats another story....I look forword to seeing Dan Henning lying beside me at the plasma center then after donating we can jump on the blog and talk smack about our Dolphins together.

Desperate, Urgent...no one in the NFL knows the real meaning.

Soiled :(

Great Stuff Mando,

I agree but is his job in jeopardy, well who knows, but I do like his approach do; Do anything to change this team for the better...

Saludos desde Panama

@boulderfinfan - I'd still take Long over Ryan. He'll be a pro-bowler year in and year out.

seems like we finally woke up last game and spread the offense out so we could hit some seam routes. we decided to try and win a game;a novel idea that the fans have been calling for. henning realized we arent a smash mouth running team;decided to use some different plays. sparano has come out of a deep sleep. we may still have a chance to salvage the season.

Been a lifelong Dolohins fan, but moved to the area just over a year ago and this is my first year as a season ticket holder. Spending the last year absorbing the media and fab scrutiny in this town has been eye opening to say the least. You people are a joke most of the time. There is literally no decision that this team (on any level) can make that the fans and media seem happy with. I am aware they have made some silly moves, previous regimes included. I am aware that B Marsh cost 55 million to catch 1 td. But look at the QB situation alone. Everyone applauded Henne as the starter this year. But no one wanted the limitations of a young QB still finding HIS way in this league. Everyone wants the phenom. He's not it. We may never know if he can become very good or possibly great because this town is ready to run the kid out on a rail. Then he gets benches and everyone FREAKS out at the Fins brass for panicking!!

At the end of the day this coaching staff and this regime has a much better bead on who is capable of helping this team win NOW vs. the guys who are the future. This is your team. They need to get better. You honestly act like they don't know that? Support your team. Don't give up so fast. People in this town gave up in te preseason. Expected The Lombardi trophy to be delivered after week 2 and then gave up again after the Jets game. Grow up. 1 team wins it all. One day it will be us. Hang in there with your team and have at the the SLIGHTEST faith that they know what they are doing.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Sorry about the tone of my last post :(

Didn't mean to vent here


@NostraHomeUs - dont you have Gang Green team to go cheer for? Its sad that people probably dont like you, but you have to understand why, right?

You and your dog-fighting aspiring family can go to Philly if you want.


Surprisingly happy with the Al Harris signing

U see as usual
Unless U witness with your own eyes & your own independent thoughts
U can be seriously misled by the media
(not here on this one Mando, but all other reports read bout Al Harris in South Florida media)
They scared the Hell out of us saying Al Harris was too old and so severely injured & this was a ridiculous decision
Of course not being able to view Al Harris myself,
Home went with the flow, after all this was a very significant injury, tearing of all 3 knee ligs

Well watching Al Harris play Sunday in person and make that huge quick 3rd down slinging tackle was only one play Home witnessed, as Al Harris is still an Excellent Player at a much needed position for the Fins

Good Job on that pick up!

franchise QB's are rare. long was the safe pick but knowing what we know now, ryan was the pick. we couldnt afford to take the chance at that time. we blew it this year taking odrick over dez bryant;a difference maker.

Interesting to see the competition among Blogs in Internet. Not only in Football, in other topics is =.

Armando...I have been saying the same thing for weeks now....WIN NOW....WIN NOW!

Belgian fin fan,

Been to Philly for football
Actually it was in the playoffs to got the Superbowl

Eagles vs Vick & the Falcons(who really did not have much of a team)

and guess who won the game for Eagles
That`s right T.O., not McNab
and Westoff & great Eagles D

only then to lose a close one to the Pats

Am fan of all the NFL
However,Dolphin will always be 1st

it is a win now league;the jets and pats understand this as their core belief. i think sparano/henning/henne felt they had all the time they wanted to develop;even years if needed. the fans and media realize they dont have years. there is an urgency to adjust and adapt weekly in the nfl. we may have woke up just in time. think about this: until the titans game in the last 20+ games with henne, we have only won once by more than one score.

* Westbrook

the next 5 games are all winnable - of course the Jets and then the Browns look like the toughest 2 of the bunch, shouldnt have too much problem with the Bills. I dont think enough has been said about how tough Miami's schedule has been these last two years. As for Sparano, I like his style. Why not bring in Pennington to help Henning with the O-coord. Seems like the man could use some help keepn it fresh

nostrahomeus! why would you want vick on your team. he is a dog KILLER.the blunder would have been signing him.DAMM i dont people wanting vick on there team! why

speaking of Belgium,
check cnn online there is video
Fact on 11 13 Belgium had Worst Flooding in 50 years

thats right Nov 13th, 11 13

no way to vick;he enjoyed and participated in the torture and killing of mans best friend. he's the worst of the worst. a tiger doesnt change his stripes.

Here's the thing, all these coaches came from the NFC East, where you play hard-nosed football, everyone's record is similar, and you squeak by wins and make the Playoffs with 6,7,8 losses.

The ultra-conservative style of play is perfect for that type of division.

But this is the AFC baby, where passing and wide-open offenses rule the day. Sparano didn't evolve his philosophy (of course, who would blame him if you have a legend like Parcells saying he's doing all the right things). He should have gotten rid of Henning LAST year. The offense should have been opened up LAST year. Of course, problem was, you had basically a rookie QB learning the ropes. But what are Henne's strengths, his arm, so, why not get him experience in an offense built to his strengths?

Now that we have all these injuries, playing "urgent" is pretty pointless. Truth be told, the fact that they feel the need to keep Long playing NOW, instead of in the Playoffs, means they think it'll be a miracle just to GET IN the Playoffs, and they need all hands on deck.

From what I saw last game, maybe Thigpen could be the best thing that happened to Henning, because now he HAS to change his scheme, Thigpen plays differently than Penne or Henne.

And for you guys that say we don't have the talent, I suggest you watch the rest of the league. NE is winning with a no-name defense full of rookies. Houston has a ProBowl offense and still loses. Anthony Armstrong couldn't even make our practice squad and is now a starting WR in DC and probably will stay here (they love him). So, we're maybe not stocked with talent, but we have as much as almost everyone else. Remember, this is a parity league, so really it's the coaching, the schemes, and the determination and execution of the players that determines who wins in the NFL. And right now (or for the last 20+ years), Dolphins have not managed that part of the game very well.

Fact is the dog fighting is despicable
However hundreds of these dog fighting matches took place every weekend all over the USA
Mike Vick was the poster child, scapegoat

U see people always get jealous & want take others success down

Like when NostraHomeUs is Right & posts on this blog on the significant numbers of 11 13 and warns four months in advance

Vick lost everything he ever worked for and paid for his crime
So lets drop It & talk bout Ray Lewis & Daunte Stallworth WHO ACTUALLY KILLED HUMANS and never did HARD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Vick Rules!

If Soiled if correct about Henning at the plasma center you better make sure he gets some OJ & crackers now to be safe.

And since our coach is waking up, (albeit 4 weeks late)do you think they can figure out a way to get their "Beast" the ball? Maybe a few more sideline patterns to mix things up?
Every team knows his patterns are mostly interior cuts because they know Miami wants to utilize his ability for YAC. Some more deep patterns & accurate & well timed throws would help also.

Fact is the dog fighting is despicable
However hundreds of these dog fighting matches took place every weekend all over the USA
Mike Vick was the poster child, scapegoat

U see people always get jealous & want take others success down

Like when NostraHomeUs is Right & posts on this blog on the significant numbers of 11 13 and warns four months in advance

Vick lost everything he ever worked for and paid for his crime
So lets drop It & talk bout Ray Lewis & Daunte Stallworth WHO ACTUALLY KILLED HUMANS and never did HARD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Vick Rules!

Vick will be making an average of 15 million a year next year in multi year agreement with the Eagles

We already lost out and could have had Mike Vick for a few dollars more than ... the pat white pick

Nice job TriFlunka!

Have you People ever watched a Virtual Fight(between Blogs)? You are watching it now.

My thoughts here... Sporano is fighting for his job. His whole coaching staff has been sub par. Henning has been awful, Our ressurected great defense has been shredded by good teams. Our best QB was handcuffed from trying to make plays, so he played scared. A lot of things do not make sense. Ronnie and Ricky barely touching the ball. 4 Jump balls to Brandon Marshall all year??? Anyone watch Monday night? Vick threw 3 or 4 balls that were 50/50, and a couple the receivers made plays, and not receivers the caliber of Marshall. I am happy to see the team open up offensivly and if we lose because of turnovers... 90% of the time that means we were out to win the game and were agressive. To bad we had to wait for many of our BEST players to be hurt before we figured this out...

Home, your last post is insane. He did not pay for what he did properly, just because dog fighting is still going on does not minimize what that scumbag did. He did not lose EVERYTHING. Fact is, he should have been put in a ring with 20 dogs trained to attack him and see if he gets out alive. That would be a proper penalty for the crime. Then I might agree he did PROPER time.

Greg/Mike, it's funny how I hear people making the comment you made: "no Michael Vick because he tortured those cuddly, cute PIT BULLS" but NEVER hear ONE word about Donte Stallworth. How about: "No Donte Stallworth because he killed a HUMAN BEING?"

Let me tell you, from my perspective, from a Caribbean background. Americans relationship with their pets is absolutely and utterly mystifying. You people who sleep with your animals and tongue kiss them and save their ashes in a urn when they die, and somehow think that's NORMAL, it's crazy to me.

In the Caribbean, yea, people have animals. But you know where they sleep, OUTDOORS! Yes, they feed them and take care of them, but they know their place. I think some people in this country would vote to elect an animal in office before some politicians.

But what's so funny, with this completely strange love of animals here, is that you round up these wild animals, and put them in cages and spend money to walk around and gawk at them in zoos. Do you REALLY think animals want to be in jail? Or in the wild? And when a pit bull bites the nose off your child, are you gonna shoot them down or give them a bone, just wondering?

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dogs (frankly, I think the best cat is a dead cat, but that's just me). And animals (who they say have a sixth sense) tend to like me too. I'm not abusive, I don't hit them for sh*tting in the house (gee, an animal sh*ts in your house, and you BLAME THE ANIMAL! Hell, THEY ARE ANIMALS, that's what they do!). And I think Michael Vick did a bad thing. And you know what, he paid the price. He spent as much time in jail and some RAPISTS!

But that was then. He's out now (news flash). He has the right (as a HUMAN BEING) to go ahead with his life. Instead of worrying about Mike Vick, why don't you people worry about the banks that took down the WORLD ECONOMY, and are still in control? Why don't you worry about the crap you shovel in your mouth, day after day, that's REALLY killing you? Why don't you worry about global warming and pollution that's killing your environment right under your noses? THESE are things to worry about. Worrying about a guy who bankrolled a dog-fighting ring (probably 1 of a million) in the South, like he's the anti-Christ is absolutely, 100% unbalanced. You guys should really get a clue.

Home, are you saying your a dolphins fan? No one beleives it. If you are, stop trashing the team with your ridiculous crap and realize that the coaching staff has and will continue to make mistakes in regards to player evaluation. Some times its not the coaches fault either. Players give up or stop trying to become better once they recieve that paycheck. Others are late bloomers. The fact is Marshall may only have one TD but he is on pace for 100 catches and over a 1000 yrds this season. The OC is the real problem with this team. The Phins need to open it up and not play scared. If they stop playing to not make mistakes and just play, things will fall into place. The defense is starting to jell, Harris was a good pickup and Reshad Jones will shine if he plays this week. Cutler loves throwing INT's! The Jets and Pats can and will faulter and its up to the Dolphins to take advantage when they can. Midseason playoff predictions suck. One game at a time. All real fans remember that infamous '93 season. Marino tears his achillies during the Cleveland game and the Dolphins still were 9-2 at the end of November. Yeah everything was good after that Dallas game on Thanksgiving... 9-2 and didn't make the playoffs though! Lot of football left to be played! So let the games be played!

In ONE year, Mike Vick could do what NO ONE since Dan Marino has been able to do, MAKE THE MIAMI DOLPHINS A FORCE IN THE NFL!

If you're not for that, then you shouldn't call yourself a fan of this team.

Sorry Mando, I don't buy it. Almost without exception, Bill Cowher being one of them, HCs have 3-4 years to produce in the NFL. Sparano's been around long enough to know that.

He's also got to know that Parcells is not going to be around to give him more time. Ireland may have got a vote of confidence from Ross a few weeks ago but does that include Sparano? Or will Ross change his mind and fire the whole bunch? If Sparano has a brain in his head, he's got to know the clock is ticking.

When coaches have winning records they are considered to be an Einstein of the gridiron. When the win/loss column is tipped slightly to the loss side everyone is an expert and can't wait to publicly stone the top man. Relax people! Does anyone need to be reminded of the horrific days of Cam? What about the press conferences, when we were still eagerly awaiting that ONE elusive win, and were forced to listen to Cam the MAN repeatedly say, "I am not too concerned about that" when questioned about the Dolphins lack of scoring. Or what about the draft decision based on Tedd Ginn's Father's work ethic. To this day I have still never heard a BOOOO session at an NFL draft like that one. Give me a break! Coach Tony is what we have been waiting for in a coach. Personally, I have not had ANY faith in ANY coach we have had since Jimmy Johnson until now. Coach Tony turned the Dolphins from 1-15 to 11-5 in year one. As a result we had a freakishly hard schedule the next year. I don't remember too many critics of him then. Give the man some time! To all the wannabe commissioners out there just remember that changing out coaches every three to four years is like leasing a car. After making all those payments for all those years in the end you have NOTHING to show for it except the need to go get a new car and a lot of new payments awaiting you.... Keep it up Coach Tony! This Fins Fan is happy you are our Coach!

thigpen second 1/2 mvp..watch!

One last thing (obviously, people see this has touched a nerve with me) to those people who can't get over what Mike Vick did.

In YOUR name (Americans), the country (via the military) killed over 200,000 Iraqis. No matter what your political persuasion, the facts are that we instigated this War under false assumptions. Not all those Iraqis were terrorists and many were just average citizens in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's probably way more, but let's say 1/2 that number were innocents. 100,000 human beings dead, in YOUR name.

Are you just a little upset over that? Do ANY OF YOU EVER think about the damage you've done to those Muslim families? Or are you too consumed with 25-50 dogs? Does it even MATTER than lives were shattered IN YOUR NAME? Does that EVEN REGISTER for one split second in your otherwise busy lives? Or, as long as it happens far from your shores, is it all just "the way of the World".

So don't pass along your fake morality on me (I can see right through it). Trying to make it out that I'm the bad guy because I believe in forgiveness and 2nd chances (yeah, like your BIBLE says, but God forbid you listen to your supposed deity).

I really hope all the people against Mike Vick aren't Christians. Cause I'd tell you to go back to Sunday school and learn about your religion.

completely agree, to be honest. the fact that he is shaking up the lineup, to me, says he is sick and tired of having 'rebuilding' years and wants production from his squad now. ya gotta appreciate that.

DCDolfan; a society is judged by how it treats its animals. mike vick is a scumbag. the dogs didnt have a chance. he shouldnt either.

They Call Me... Tim says:
November 16, 2010 at 12:18 pm
WTF are you talking about? I didn’t say anything about fear of injury, asshat. I was pointing out that my boyfriend NJ always wants me to use my wrist as a rectal thermometer when he feels feverish,but he always fakes being under the weather and I know first wrist.LOL.

DC, mike vick got an award from the forbes poll; he is the most hated athelete 2 years running 2009 and 2010. still think im the one thats wrong? dont think so.

this is ridiculous. Our four losses are to the four top teams in the league. aside from Henne's struggles and ST, this season's is going exactly as I thought it would, Henning's terrible playing calling included.

It would of been great to have that Pitt game back but otherwise this season has been good so far.

Get Brandon the ball!


Hey Mando, what's the deal with Odrick??

DC Dolphan,

No offense my friend... But I could care less what The "Caribbean Folks" Think of US policy. This is NOT the Caribbean. There are laws (I did not write them) about Illegal gambling and dog fighting...period. For some it is about the dogs, me not so much, but since I have many connection to law enforcement via the fact I am a Gunsmith... I CAN TELL you that Dog Fighting rings have violence all around them. Here in S. Florida there are murders every year that are connected to Dog Fighting (more specifically The gambling and big money that surrounds it).
Mike Vick was not brought into Miami because Miami already had Chad Pennington who had brought the club to the AFC East championship the year before, we already had Henne, a second round pick and we already had Pat White. 31 Other teams also passed on Vick.
You are very much allowed your opinion... perhaps you will find you share of proponents on this blog now that in HINDSIGHT we see Vick has done well... But lets back up 21/2 years and it was an entirely different story, this blog was 99% anti-Vick (Including me) and just as always people flip flop like Tuna Fish out of water when it seems appropriate.
We can all sit here and say they shoulda, coulda, woulda, mighta...and what The F**K Ever... but it would all be HIND-SIGHTED BU**SH*T and its source would certainly be compromising its legitimacy at best.
I can say Miami should have chosen Tom Brady in the 5th round and never gave NE a chance in the 6th... Am I a Legitimate GM Now? I don't think so... Vick was taken by the club he fit into perfectly, he had McNabb to bring him back up to speed and he had -ZERO- expectations placed on him for that reason... had he come HERE with no McNabb who knows if it would have been the same? (Once again...Hindsight)... had he gone to wherever... who knows....Hindsight... Vick is DESPISED by THOUSANDS in the US. No matter how YOU feel about that... they have their feeling also and they are no less legitimate then yours.

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