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On dreams, Henning, Merriman, and Moss

Two facts: Today is my birthday! HBTM! Yeah, I'm 48 years old today. Thank you, Lord for keeping me alive this long. I am truly blessed.

I didn't feel that way this morning when the alarm clock sounded, however, because I soon realized Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was in one of my dreams last night. I have no idea what he was doing in my dream but it is fair to assume he was interrupting a good thing with one moment of I-know-more-football-than-everyone genius.

Anyway, today should be an interesting day -- aside from my B-day celebration -- in that we should get some clarity about where former Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss and former Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman will end up. Both were reportedly on the waiver wire at 4 p.m. Tuesday so their status could be settled by 4 p.m. or so today.

We know the Dolphins are interested in Moss. We know Brandon Marshall would more than welcome his arrival in Miami as he said on a local radio station in South Florida Tuesday. (I'd credit the station but as it spouts my information as if they did the legwork without crediting The Herald, they can bite it.) Anyway, Marshall said on the station that will not be named that he would be thrilled to have Moss on the Dolphins, contrary to the idea that he wouldn't want another alpha receiver on the team taking catches away from him.

Marshall, in fact, said he would welcome Moss as a deep threat on the team because that would open things up for him. Indeed, with Randy Moss on the Dolphins, which receiver do you not double-team? Yikes!

Again, the Moss idea makes sense.


Not too sure about that one. I am not aware whether Merriman is on Miami's radar or not. I assume not. Fact is current GM Jeff Ireland was in the DeMarcus Ware camp when the debate in Dallas in 2005 was whether to go with Ware or Merriman.

Merriman is enticing in that he's 26 years old, comes relatively cheaply short-term, and has had 43.5 sacks.

But ...

Merriman is a walking injury situation. He has never played all 16 games in his career and has missed much of the season in 2008 and so far this season (calf). You know how the Dolphins feel about perpetually injured players.

Merriman's production is also misleading in that only four of his career sacks have come in the past three seasons so he is not necessarily a guaranteed performer. It should be noted that Merriman's production declined after, ahem, he was suspended by the NFL in 2006 for testing positive for performance enhancing substances. 

Merriman also has something of a reputation for loving the nightlife. It was a source of contention for San Diego GM A.J. Smith. How would that play in South Florida with South Beach down the road from the Dolphins practice facility?

Finally, what statement would acquiring Merriman send to current Miami players Cameron Wake and Koa Misi? Wake is playing at a Pro Bowl level. Misi is having a good rookie season with decent run defense and 3.5 sacks -- which is only .5 sacks less than Merriman has had the past three years.

Soooo ... I'm not exactly seeing the Merriman idea too well.

Maybe I should go back to sleep and have Dan Henning explain it to me.



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Armando thats the thing u dont have to use merriman primarly at the linebacker position. Put him on the line and use him for 3rd downs.

Happy B-Day Mando. You beat me to 48 by 5 days. I'll celebrate mine a day early by attending Sunday's game against the Ravens w/my kids in one of the end zone sections. Hopefully we won't have too many beers flown our way. Go Fins!

Happy birthday Armando, another day 6ft above the ground instead of below it.

I would only like to have Moss in order to keep him away from NE and any other AFC team that keeps us out of the playoffs!


@Victor....going to the game too with my son. Section 503 Upper Corner Endzone. hope the Road Team continues the trend. enjoy the game.

Happy Birthday!

Caribou - enjoy the game as well. We'll be in section 141 row 41, wearin' our Fins gear.

Well lets just say i would go back to being a season ticket holder again if they would pick up moss. But like amando i must be dreaming. That would mean the dolphins made two great descions in one yr.. Na that would never happen

Happy Birthday, Armando. Both make sense. Moss is a given. Merriman, adds depth, and spell either one. Nolan can even create packages with all three on the field at the same time. The rotates anyway. Enjoy your birthday !!!!

I hope they do not sign Moss but I would think about merriman if nothing else just for some depth , you could use him in situational pass rush plays, I love wake but he does play every down now and he may get worn down a little, The O just has not clicked altogether yet but when it does we will be one of the best Offenses in the NFL

happy Bday old man!!
as for Moss, he is cheap and worth the up side! i say we claim him and pay up! he would no doubt let out about NE's tendenceys. Henning would have to open up the playbook. right???? either way, R

Happy Birthday Armando. Although I dislike how he treated the mom and pop restaurant owners who catered the Vikings post game meal as well as his ego, he may open our offense up. Beware thou, he dislikes being use as a decoy for other receivers to catch the ball more. On the other hand, Merriman would be a nice addition to our defense providing he stays healthy and stays away from South Beach night clubs. Flip a coin on these two.

Happy Birthday Armando!! Hope you have a great day!! From your picture I would have thought you were only 32. Did you discover the fountain of youth down in Florida? Enjoy the next 48!!

I have been told by people who went to college with Merriman that is "as dumb as a bag of rocks", partook in the long standing "dumb jock" tradition of having other people do his lab work and was generally an arrogant ass. Assuming that is true, coupled with his love of the nightlight and complete lack of production after coming off the roids, I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.

Happy B day Mando!! They do come faster and faster after 40, dont they? Anyway, I wouldnt touch Merriman with a 50 foot pole. In fact, as Mando pointed out, he hasnt produced at all since he got bisted. Actually, he has been less then ordinary since then. Moss? If he behaved and "Tries" on the field he would be an immeasurable help. In that scenario, I hope they get him.

Happy Birthday & God Bless Armando

Happy Birthday! Dude, I'm 40 and you look younger than me!

I'm on the fence about Moss--Merriman's a definite no-no.

You're such a self-absorbed jerk. Just give us the news and understand no one cares about your personal agenda dork.

Happy Birthday Mando. I had a dream last night but it was with Dan Henning taking instructions from you and thanking you for your insight. Then he left and and new OC stepped in and said, time to score TD's. Then my alarm went off.

I don't know, I can't see that the up side is as much as his bad side. He has great talent but is not a team player. He seems to be a locker room cancer and I'm sorry but these guys don't get paid to "take plays off". His lack of professionalism just makes me cringe as well as his lack of respect of his superiors. He has no idea what it takes to coach an NFL team. Also his little spat about the food? He's a spoiled 6 year old brat in a full grown man's body. Pitiful. DO NOT SIGN HIM!!!! Trust me, there is NO way Belicheck takes him back up in NE. So there is no danger in our division.

I say that we nab moss and merriman if possible. Then we also pick up Jason Taylor when he is released by the Jets in the next week or two. In this way he can finish his career in Miami. If we do not get moss, then we need to use roberto wallace more in the short and deep routes. This will open things up for the marshall too, provided that wallace catches most of his passes.

Happy Birthday Armando

Marshall, Moss, and Bess

sounds pretty sweet to me

Dear Mr. Salguero

Happy Birthday !

"I soon realized Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was in one of my dreams last night"

Same here, but in my nightmares Dan Henning is naked except for sock garters, top hat, eye monicle and a cane...and he calls himself Mr. Peanut.

"I'd credit the station but as it spouts my information as if they did the legwork without crediting The Herald, they can bite it"

Do you think it was "The Amigo" who leaked your info to that Radio station to better position himself for his own Radio show ?....The Amigo show, now with less Armando.

Anywhoo I'll see you at Chucky Cheese for the after work birthday party.

Soiled :)

Happy birthday Armando. You sure don't look 48. Either you're lying, or that's an old picture you're using. BTW don't want Moss or Merriman. You saw how much good Moss did in New England when he was happy, and in Minnie where he claimed to be happy to be back home. Merriman would just be a waste. Enjoy your day bro.

Happy Birthday Armando!
Thank you for always keeping us updated with Dolphin News.
We hope to have you around for at least another 48 years.

"You know how the Dolphins feel about perpetually injured players."

Yeah, they overpay and/or draft them. Then like clockwork become surprised when said players get injured.

Earl Thomas > Odrick + Misi

Happy B-Day Mando!! I was against getting Moss at first wanting Roberto Wallace to get a better look. But the fact Moss is an UFA at seasons end means he doesn't stunt the rookie's developement. I don't believe the Phins make the playoffs without him. Doesn't guarantee they make it with him. It definitely improves their chances (initially).


Happy Birthday Armando, May the Lord continue to Bless you with many, many more!!!!!!!!
As far as the Dolphins It would be great to see the Fins land Moss, But do you think that it will actually happen?????

Happy Birthday .... many more I hope ...

maybe Henning is getting the proverbial axe today ....

please don't continue with the "not to be named" chidish crap that was run into the ground earlier in camp by the SS ... because a rookie was not measuring up to the writers "standards and expectations" ... just don't mention the station ... deliver the facts ..

don't party too hardy ...

Happy Birthday Armando!

Now lets go have a g d snack!

PS Thanks for JT!!

PPS Thanks for the road win in Miami!!!

Rex out.

Dear Mr. Salguero

In my dream I'm in a car and Dan Henning is my navigator.

Point A to point B is one mile (10 yards).

The smart thing to do is a straight line (one pass play)...no turns

But my navigator who happens to be way smart thinks we shoud go .2 miles then turn left(play one) then go .1 mile then turn right (play two) then go .1 mile straight ahead (play three) my navigator then kicks me out of the car, brings in a pilot(Dan Carpenter) to fly him home.

Does that make sense ?

Soiled :)

Mando, first off, happy birthday! Secondly...you are lucky henning didnt draw a play up that would ruin your birthday. Did he have a glove on with knives welded to it? The same glove he uses to shred up our playbook every sunday....

happy b day mando.
I doubt moss falls down to us. But its a good dream to have

What do you guys think... Reckon that we have exhausted every angle and argument for and/or against Moss yet?

Merriman, on the other hand is another argument all together. Personally, I believe he was juicing for a LONG LONG time... NCAA and all. Now there are arguments about the juicing world also, but for now... they don't fly in the NFL (at least if you get caught) and since he has been already caught in a high profile way, he is a target by testing officials. And will NEVER be able to get away with it for more then a few games. About the first time he turns in a 2 sack performance they will be taking piss from him or drawing blood (I have no idea how they test) I am not certain Merriman would be the right move.

BUT..... Its NEVER bad to have a good LBer in case of trouble or injury... thing is..IS Merriman a good LBer?

hey, hbty armando.

Randy Moss > Marlon Moore
Shawn Merriman > Quentin Moses

So yes on both.

Happy Birthday Buddy. Thanks for all the good work and best wishes to you and yours!

Chris Tiedje says:
November 3, 2010 at 9:31 am
I guess I have to make an example this morning. I have suspended a few accounts for failing to stay on topic. This is not a politics blog or a dating site, please keep your comments to football. That is all.

:lol.. those bozos will be on here today..lol

as much as the play calling boggles my mind at time, it is not that Henning does not call deep passes it is that Henne will not throw the ball deep.

Moss would just be a cancer here.

What else is Brandon supposed to say? If he says no then people will call him a selfish diva.

It's ya birthday...it's ya birthday...happy birthday to ya! Happy Birthday!!!

lol.. that gigi is a 400# hillbilly posting from prison.. that nj putz is going to get some suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuey!!!!! deliverance..can he be that stoooooooooooooooooooupid.?... uhhuh.lol

That is an old picture
Armando put up the new fat picture of yourself
At least a more recent photo like on Armando & the Bandito lol

Only joking Mando

keep up the crappy work!


Happy b-day Mando!! Get Moss . . .

"You know how the Dolphins feel about perpetually injured players."

Yeah, they overpay and/or draft them. Then like clockwork become surprised when said players get injured.

Earl Thomas > Odrick + Misi

Posted by: FparCells | November 03, 2010 at 08:50 AM


No doubt Earl Thomas taken at #14 by Seattle would have been the pick. At #12 Miami IMO should have grabbed Thomas. However, I do not look at Misi or Odrick as failed picks by a damn site. Misi has all the earmarks of being a good one for years to come. At 3.5 sacks and doing very well at setting an edge he is going to do NOTHING but improve and will very likely have a ton of Jerseys in the stands within a year or two.

Odrick had a leg that was not properly rehabbed in the NCAA. Not at all uncommon. Thing is, with NFL sports medicine, a bone injury will be brought back to stronger then it was before. They use the same techniques that Motocross and Supercross riders use to rehab broken bones (which happen a hell of a lot in that sport)and are always stronger after then before. So, unless Odrick fails to take this time with Miami trainers and get Bigger, Stronger and Faster while out (he won't, he is under contract)... we should get back a VERY BIG, bad ass player for our already decent D-line.

Earl Thomas would have been awesome, the ball hawking safety (already has 4 ints) we needed, but I am glad we did not let or 2nd round pick (one of two for Marshall) go without recouping it. That would mean we would have to add Misi to the cost of Marshall's contract which is already high.

But very smart post...Thanks!

Looking forward to Sunday 1:00 pm against Baltimore

Really hope we can get this game

Us Dolfans really need this win

C`mon Man!
Give Us Something To Believe In

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

YES to Merriman.

Love the FparCells coment @ 8:50....It does seem that we over pay...but you forgot to add that we cut them a year later for nothing....

But yet and still....I STILL LOVE MY FINS....WARTS AND ALL!



How rude of me.

Happy Birthday Armando....Congrats on your your radio job...you got the perfect face for it.

Happy Birthday Mandito

LMFAO this morning.

Armando and the Amigo talking about the term we coined here:


Happy birthday Armando. You do good work. Thanks.

Prediction for Sunday

Ravens 14
Fins 12

Fist pump man goes for a 60 yd field at end of regulation and comes up short.

This after 2 Wildcat Plays that advance the ball 2 yards.

I didn't hear the show LB's Headband.

Did the the posters on here get credit?

lh. 15-13, mia. wins on 5 more fg's.

They even asked Greg Gumble if the Fist Pumping was appropriate.

Armando said he receives a ton of Emails regarding the subject. He didnt say the bloggers catch phrase the last week was

Fist Pump Time!

2 funny...thanks LB's Headband

Feliz cumpleaños Armado, que cumplas otros tantos y muchos dias de estos.

Happy Birthday Mando! Way to go giving props to the Lord. He is our source.

That dream you had with the guy in it that i won't mention because he thinks he knows everything about offense and will never give credit to any outside ideas, I hope you were not on a roll in your dream, driving down, if you know what i mean and about to score, if you know what i mean, because that guy that i won't mention, showing us just killed everything.

Enjoy your birthday.

Baltimore is going to get a good FISTED this weekend.

Go get em Tony!


What do you want - a gold medal?

Happy Birthday Armando! Enjoy it and keep up the good work. We LOVE you!

The NFL is as much a mental game as it is physical.

Sure he makes the big play (or used to) and does his little dance, but Merriman has always underimpressed me with his mental mistakes on the field. Going back to UMD where I watched him too.

Funny how he hasn't done jack since getting busted for 'roids.

Just saying ...

Fist Pumps be rainin' on Ray Lewis

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