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On dreams, Henning, Merriman, and Moss

Two facts: Today is my birthday! HBTM! Yeah, I'm 48 years old today. Thank you, Lord for keeping me alive this long. I am truly blessed.

I didn't feel that way this morning when the alarm clock sounded, however, because I soon realized Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was in one of my dreams last night. I have no idea what he was doing in my dream but it is fair to assume he was interrupting a good thing with one moment of I-know-more-football-than-everyone genius.

Anyway, today should be an interesting day -- aside from my B-day celebration -- in that we should get some clarity about where former Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss and former Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman will end up. Both were reportedly on the waiver wire at 4 p.m. Tuesday so their status could be settled by 4 p.m. or so today.

We know the Dolphins are interested in Moss. We know Brandon Marshall would more than welcome his arrival in Miami as he said on a local radio station in South Florida Tuesday. (I'd credit the station but as it spouts my information as if they did the legwork without crediting The Herald, they can bite it.) Anyway, Marshall said on the station that will not be named that he would be thrilled to have Moss on the Dolphins, contrary to the idea that he wouldn't want another alpha receiver on the team taking catches away from him.

Marshall, in fact, said he would welcome Moss as a deep threat on the team because that would open things up for him. Indeed, with Randy Moss on the Dolphins, which receiver do you not double-team? Yikes!

Again, the Moss idea makes sense.


Not too sure about that one. I am not aware whether Merriman is on Miami's radar or not. I assume not. Fact is current GM Jeff Ireland was in the DeMarcus Ware camp when the debate in Dallas in 2005 was whether to go with Ware or Merriman.

Merriman is enticing in that he's 26 years old, comes relatively cheaply short-term, and has had 43.5 sacks.

But ...

Merriman is a walking injury situation. He has never played all 16 games in his career and has missed much of the season in 2008 and so far this season (calf). You know how the Dolphins feel about perpetually injured players.

Merriman's production is also misleading in that only four of his career sacks have come in the past three seasons so he is not necessarily a guaranteed performer. It should be noted that Merriman's production declined after, ahem, he was suspended by the NFL in 2006 for testing positive for performance enhancing substances. 

Merriman also has something of a reputation for loving the nightlife. It was a source of contention for San Diego GM A.J. Smith. How would that play in South Florida with South Beach down the road from the Dolphins practice facility?

Finally, what statement would acquiring Merriman send to current Miami players Cameron Wake and Koa Misi? Wake is playing at a Pro Bowl level. Misi is having a good rookie season with decent run defense and 3.5 sacks -- which is only .5 sacks less than Merriman has had the past three years.

Soooo ... I'm not exactly seeing the Merriman idea too well.

Maybe I should go back to sleep and have Dan Henning explain it to me.



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Believe Brian Hartline is going to really start to have a break out season and capitalize on his ops

watch 4 the Hartline to Impress

Go Dolphins!

The WRs are stepping up their game

Henning may finally realize pass blocking is very good on our team

Expect good passing game against Baltimore

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I am going to be running down the sideline in a new Members Only windbreaker this Sunday. It will be a lovely teal with salmon colored trim.

Simply The Bess


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Did you send Sean Softie Smith a Gift Card for his 1st Int?

current wavier priority ;;;

15-red skins
16-sea hawks


Dear Mr. Salguero

According to the History channel and the Discovery channel the ancient Mayans also played a form of Football.

Little is known about the games back then, all that we know is from some ancient news clippings like these....

Today the Mayan Lions lost to the Aztec A -holes 1-0

Mayan Lions offensive coordinator was quoted after the team captain was put to death....its all about the execution.

Just a little history

Soiled :)

Fins just Signed Randy

Come back again
I want you to stay next time
Cause sometimes the world ain't kind
When people get lost like you and me

I just made a friend
A friend is someone you need
But now that he has to go away
I still feel the words that he might say

Turn on your Hartline
Let it shine wherever you go
Let it make a happy glow
For all the world to see

Turn on your Hartline
In the middle of a young boy's dream
Don't wake me up too soon
Gonna take a ride across the moon
You and me

He's lookin' for a home
Cause everyone needs a place
A home's the most excellent place of all
And I'll be right here if you should call me

Turn on your Hartline
Let it shine wherever you go
Let it make a happy glow
For all the world to see

Turn on your Hartline
In the middle of a young boy's dream
Don't wake me up too soon
Gonna take a ride across the moon
You and me

Turn on your Hartline now
Turn on your Hartline now

Happy Birthday Armando! Keep up the blog...hopefully the Dolphins give you the gift of Moss and Marshall duo. If they do get Moss, Henning should go with a three receiver set at least two out of three downs. But then again, he'll probably tell Henne to check down to Ronnie Brown for a two yard pass.



Armando happy birthday, my friend!! I'm turning 43 Saturday, so it seems that all the good ones are Scorpios!

Moss would be a good add but I think he'll get nabbed by someone ahead of us. Merriman, I don't see as being a fit for this team. His production has gone since the accusations of steroids, he can't stay healthy and as you said what kind of message does it send to Misi and Wake. I just don't see it happening. Good chance he ends up somewhere like SF before we get to pick anyways.


Well, I just had my mind made up in one story. I just read a report that Moss had a complete ty-raid against a catering company that had been catering the Friday Lunch for Minnesota. He walks up and goes completely off on the guy carving at a Roast Beef station. One of the Vikes Veterans had to tell him to STFU!!!... what a complete a-hole... I want NOTHING to do with this guy in Miami!

D4LIFE. I DON'T BLAME MOSS FOR YELLING AT the guy caving the shitty meat.if the food is sucks you should say some thing .they must paid a lot of money for that crap .

real roast beef should be a prime cut of meat not the worst cut and toughest ...moss has every right to yell .

Happy Birthday! Love the blog.

By the way Armando, keep giving Jeff Ireland the credit he deserves. I agree with you that he is a NFL GM star in the making. I still remember the joke roster him and Parcells took over. This team is pretty damn good now, we just need to give Henne some time to reach his potential (like it took several seasons for Drew Brees and Rich Gannon some time).

Happy B-day Armando!

Happy birthday. Thanks for the good work and information.

Who are the gagurs and why do they have waiver prioroity over us?

Fake GM, I'm a Henne believer too. He shows lots of skill - just needs to time to refine to reach that top 10 level. He already has us 12th in passing offense. Anyone remember the last time we were 12th in passing offense?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are two years short of joining the pain-in- the hip-knee club. Enjoy these next two relative pain-free years.

Next Sunday's game, Carpenter vs. Ravens, could mean a victory for Carpenter if he plays good defense.

My prediction:

Carpenter 15 Ravens 14.... unless Hennin calls in sick in which case the Dolphins will win 27-14

sorry for the jagaurs

Dear Mr. Olindo

I like your thinking....know who else was a Carpenter ?.......Jesus

Just sayin

Soiled :)

NO to Merriman NO cheaters NO injurie prone people YES to Moss HOF WR

What the F ever Aloco.... how come the ENTIRE rest of the team seemed just fine with it...?

When someone is dead ass wrong... their dead ass wrong...Moss did not pay a penny... it was a free cater done as a favor for the center in Minn. who knows the Caterer... Moss is a POS in my book. Even with clown like you defending him...

Im going to go with our Beast of a Receiver 's opinion. If Marshall says he would like Moss, I think he knows better then anyone. Happy Birthday Mando!

I'm with you bobby. if he wants to be here and the team is good with it, then that is what matters.

I could care less if he acted like a complete a hole with the caterer. I don't want his autograph or marry my sister, I want him to catch footballs.

Happy birthday. word of advice do not tell anyone ever that you have been dreaming about another man, exspecially if you know who the person is you are dreaming about. moss is worth a chance merriman is not to injury pron

Hartline will emerge as one heck of a WR

Be patient

The Bess Is Yet To Come!

D4LIFE, the entire team doesn't know any thing about food, even if the food for free that doesn't make it right ,

the other thing ,they call this cook a (( carving cook )) for slicing a cut of meat like leather and the word caving should not be abused here .

p.s....D4LIFE...your posts alawyas i love to read them .peace

Jay Cutler could use the help

Cutler to Moss would be deadly

Happy Birthday Mando!

Henning in your dream? Hope it doesn't happen again. But if it does try this: Hang some garlic around the windows and doors and have at least one cross in your bedroom.

Wait a minute, that's for vampires. Nevermind.

The more I think about Moss, the more i come to the realization that its a bad idea. Who says he will be happy in Miami? If he comes, it will only be for half a season and then be gone. Can he deal with that? I dont think so. No team in the league is going to give him a huge contract. So what that means is he IS going to be a malcontent wherever he lands. I cant see him being happy in that type of situation. Heres a scenario:
Moss signs with Miami. The team tells him they wont sign him to an extension until the end of year. He gets pisced and starts his act. Now That aside, even if he plays well and is happy, a big IF, he isnt going to be brought back next year, because like I said, no team is going to give him the type of deal he wants. How could any of this help the team? It just doesnt seem like it is possible that Moss can be happy. Even if the team does sign him, it wont be for a huge deal he wants. It will be a take it or leave it type. Eventually he will be unhappy with tht also. He is not a rational enough guy to realize that a 2 or 3 year deal at 2 to 3 mil per is all he is going to get and to be happy with that. Those numbers may even be a stretch. I just cant see it working, even in the short term.

Getting either of these players would be smart. Moss would help the most as our passing game lacks the explosive player we need to be dynamic. Lol at those who think we don't get curb stomped this Sunday.

I'd say "maybe" to Moss...leaning towards NO
NO to Merriman.
YES, to Henning in my dreams where he is on a ship sailing off into the sunset!

yes Moss, no Merriman, happy birthday Mando!

NJFLIMFAN suspended again on the SS for the fourth time for running his mouth about politics from his ignorant narrow minded point of view. Chris the Democrat has suspended NJIDIOT for the fourth time from the SS
Expect the idiot to imposter here.

happy birthday mando!

now for a quick thought about moss: its obvios he can make mamy teams better, especially the teams that are in need of a big time WR. but couldnt it be said that no team would become more dangerous on offense than the Dolphins? adding him gives marshall many more 1on 1 looks and our rushing game instantly becomes better, not to mention more open field for bess in the slot. i cant see any other team (ahead of us on the waiver wire at leat) benefitting more than the dolphins. he amplifies their offensive threat to a whole new level

Wait a minute, that's for vampires. Nevermind.

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 03, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Well, every time our offense shows signs of being alive, he seems to suck the life right out of it.

Happy B-day, Mando.

Happy Birthday Armando. Hope your day is full of great news that Randy Moss comes to Miam! Seriously man Happy Birthday and thanks for all of the great news you bring us everyday!

SD could benefit from the addition of a motivated Moss and Vincent Jackson. COuld you imagine them in the playoffs with that giatn receiving corps? Moss, Jackson, Floyd, Gates. HERE, defend this! Ouch.

Getting Moss and Jackson to both be motivated though is a big ask.

Happy B-Day Mando!
Yes- to Moss!
No- to Merriman!
Fire Henning Now!!!!
Go Fins!!!!

Happy Birthday, Mando! Thanks for all you do!

Here's how my Dan Henning dreams go.

I'm just about to score with Halle Berry. I've got her just about to rip my clothes off, but then Dan Henning shows up and lines up in the Wildcat formation. Halle Berry smacks me in the face, and instead I get stuck with a transvestite.

Ireland comes from the Parcels mold in that they both hate selfish players.
I don't see Ireland making a play for Moss for that reason alone.

It's my Birthday too. Hoping for a big win this Sunday, which would make it great?
I'm sure the game will be close, as they always are.


If you believe this article, we have a pretty good shot in getting Randy Moss. 4.5 hours to go.

Happy B- Day Mando.. Did you say dream or nightmare?

Happy Birthday Mando!

yes on Moss(if even possible), No on Merriman.

walking down the street in a couple hours to watch a ticker tape parade for the world series champion San Francisco Giants. Unbelievable. if this young collection of nobodies can get it done then then the dolphins are more than ready to go after it.


If Moss somehow slips to Miami, Ireland has to grab him. Moss makes this team an instantly better. Moss creates space. All our current WR's and our RB's get more space to operate in. This move is a no brainier.

Merriman could help the ST unit plus provide depth at LB.

happy bday mando. keep up the good work. completly agree with finatic. get moss, merriman wont help the team. and fire henning. i do wonder if the widlcat was sucessful in ur dream or if henning just came up with lame excuses. if theres a proble with execution, maybe u should alter ur play calling to fix those mistakes. work around ur players. yes its a work in progrss but how can it get better if you keep on trying the same thing and its just not there.

Happy Birthday!!!

Moss NO- He might produce as a missing piece on a team knocking on the door to Superbowl with strong coaching and locker room leadership. Not to say we don't but have to have some championship stripes.

Merriman NO- Accomplished everything on Roids. Hollywood party type, injury prone.

This team is building from the lines out, youth movement, size, toughness and depth. You gamble on guys like those if you are an accomplished SB team and it's a missing piece scenario. See Cowboy, 49er, and Pats run?

Go Phins!

Happy B Day Armando

I wish you many more!!! I say we pass on both Moss and Merriman - we don't need the headache!!! Looking forward to this weeks game, it's going to be a litmus test. What are your thoughts on the Ravens game?

Tony the Tiger says while eating Kellogs Frosted Flakes... "Field goals! They're Grrrrreat! FIST PUMP!

Go Phins!

Happy Birthday Mando! God's blessings to ya.

Martin, Moss doesn't get a FIST PUMP from you?

Its been mentioned that we are seeing alot of two deep coverages. Most likely we are seeing 2 deep man under and true cover 2 on most cases. Interestingly as well, teams seem to feel confident blitzing us with backers as well and we don't see teams just sitting all game long against our defense.

In discussing chunk yardage and routes that enhance chunk yardage, here is a simple example of one route combo that attacks cover 2 or 2 man under. This particular play doesnt even involve any motion, but it serves as a great example of how to force defenses into playing us more honest, in particular playing Marshall more honest.


Notice the way the two receiver side forces the safety (whom the QB reads) into sitting back and trying to play center field, or choosing who to help out with early on the route.

If the safety sits on the sideline fade and provides a double on that route with the underneath CB (in flats or in man) then the post to the inside WR (Bess or Marshall for example) then the post becomes a very dangerous play. This is not a route that has to be (but it can be) thrown deep upfield. This could simply be a quick 20 yard connection between the QB and WR. These are exactly the kind or routes that would transform our offense and even make our dink and dunk more dangerous and effective.

Now since this example also offers an I formation, how would motioning Ronnie Brown out (or shifting him) to the two receiver side effect the play? (Making it trips) If he runs a stop, curl or out? What if he hitches up for a tight screen on the check down? What about a drag under the Safeties but behind the backers? The defense has a wide variety of options on how to defend it, but untimately it forces them to pull out a blitzer, check to a new coverage, or take coverage attention off of one of the two receiver side players. It puts the defense in defense. Might even make them check out of something they had been wanting to do.

If Brown motions or shifts away from the two receiver side and creates a doubles type formation it can create all of the same problems on the one receiver side that the original tw receiver side had. Brown could motion out and run a seam or post like the inside two receiver diagram shows and create all kinds of problems that once again create problems for the defense.

Here is another example using a trips formation from a video game. The same concept exsists. Force the Safety to make an early decision, and then play off what he does.


There are many ways to attack effectively in that 20 yard range that we are not going after. Keep in mind that these two simple examples invole no motion or shifting, which can make things significantly more difficult on the defense as well.

These are the types of routes I do not see us running much nor do I see us using the shifts and motions consistently to create specific opportunities upfield in the 20 yard range.

Moreover, I've made mention of how many of our routes consistently have us catching the ball running towards the QB (hooks, curls, hitches, etc) or towards the sideline where the YAC yardage is very limited. Routes like those diagramed here create better opportunites for YAC and big plays upfield. Chunk Yardage specifically but also more big TD plays. When you don't use this strategy much you miss opportunity's to take advantage on when the defense slips in coverage or blows a coverage. When a DB trips and falls on an out route designed to be gunned at 12 yards inches from the sideline, we see a bunch of seperation from the slip but the WR still just makes an easy catch rather than contested catch as he tip-toes the sideline. Upfield routes allow us to score on those types of mistakes on the defense as our WR isn't hampered by the out of bounds and has a full field to play with.

Playing defense when you have to defend multiple players and the WHOLE field is much tougher than playing defense against a small box offense. Hopfully we'll see our offense get out of the small box soon.

I may be repeating someone else's post, but Ocho Cinco and TO haven't helped Cincy....just sayin'.

It takes more that two stars(?????) to make the whole team work. We need something else.....

Merriman ain't the answer either.


I think in the past we were just out muscled by a team like the Ravens. Not the case any more, Phins are Physical.

I don't see them as a 'Chunk Yards" kind of team. This is where the young defense has been exposed this year? Mostly long conversions on 3rd, short cleats on the secondary etc. A lot of this seems to be changing with the depth on defense and the return of Crowder as a run stopper and experienced co-captain to Dansby.

Their offense reminds me of ours a little bit?
I say we keep it close and have a feeling the offense will put together a couple of more big plays, run the ball, finally get it in the end-zone a couple of times. I like our chances in a close game at the end with Carpenter.

You have to think that at some point our receivers hold on to some of these drops by our receivers and DBs.

This team is a speed receiver, speed change of Tail Back, Tight End, and Ball Hawk hitting Safety from the promise land.

Go Phins!

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