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On dreams, Henning, Merriman, and Moss

Two facts: Today is my birthday! HBTM! Yeah, I'm 48 years old today. Thank you, Lord for keeping me alive this long. I am truly blessed.

I didn't feel that way this morning when the alarm clock sounded, however, because I soon realized Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was in one of my dreams last night. I have no idea what he was doing in my dream but it is fair to assume he was interrupting a good thing with one moment of I-know-more-football-than-everyone genius.

Anyway, today should be an interesting day -- aside from my B-day celebration -- in that we should get some clarity about where former Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss and former Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman will end up. Both were reportedly on the waiver wire at 4 p.m. Tuesday so their status could be settled by 4 p.m. or so today.

We know the Dolphins are interested in Moss. We know Brandon Marshall would more than welcome his arrival in Miami as he said on a local radio station in South Florida Tuesday. (I'd credit the station but as it spouts my information as if they did the legwork without crediting The Herald, they can bite it.) Anyway, Marshall said on the station that will not be named that he would be thrilled to have Moss on the Dolphins, contrary to the idea that he wouldn't want another alpha receiver on the team taking catches away from him.

Marshall, in fact, said he would welcome Moss as a deep threat on the team because that would open things up for him. Indeed, with Randy Moss on the Dolphins, which receiver do you not double-team? Yikes!

Again, the Moss idea makes sense.


Not too sure about that one. I am not aware whether Merriman is on Miami's radar or not. I assume not. Fact is current GM Jeff Ireland was in the DeMarcus Ware camp when the debate in Dallas in 2005 was whether to go with Ware or Merriman.

Merriman is enticing in that he's 26 years old, comes relatively cheaply short-term, and has had 43.5 sacks.

But ...

Merriman is a walking injury situation. He has never played all 16 games in his career and has missed much of the season in 2008 and so far this season (calf). You know how the Dolphins feel about perpetually injured players.

Merriman's production is also misleading in that only four of his career sacks have come in the past three seasons so he is not necessarily a guaranteed performer. It should be noted that Merriman's production declined after, ahem, he was suspended by the NFL in 2006 for testing positive for performance enhancing substances. 

Merriman also has something of a reputation for loving the nightlife. It was a source of contention for San Diego GM A.J. Smith. How would that play in South Florida with South Beach down the road from the Dolphins practice facility?

Finally, what statement would acquiring Merriman send to current Miami players Cameron Wake and Koa Misi? Wake is playing at a Pro Bowl level. Misi is having a good rookie season with decent run defense and 3.5 sacks -- which is only .5 sacks less than Merriman has had the past three years.

Soooo ... I'm not exactly seeing the Merriman idea too well.

Maybe I should go back to sleep and have Dan Henning explain it to me.



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Happy Birthday Old Man! Dang, I apologize Mando for ever not giving you (in my comments) the respect that your "seniority" demands. All I see is that baby face picture, so think I'm talking to a contemporary, when in all actuality I'm talking to an "experienced" gentleman. My apologies again, now I know, won't happen again Pops!

I've said this (so everyone familiar with me should know by now) Moss - YES, Merriman - PASS! Nuff said.

More importantly, on this of all days, I'd like to discuss...POLITICS! To all the naysayers, this is absolutely the appropriate place.

So, here goes nothing: F** RUB....just kidding folks.

Seriously, without getting partisan, I wanted to share my analogy of this political season (Mark from Toronto, we can talk offline later and I can bring you up to speed on the American political saga if need be. Just kidding, I'm sure you know more than me).

Here's the analogy: If you're a political party, and you won't even stand up and fight for your OWN accomplishments, why would you expect anyone else to defend you and stand beside you and join you? Your actions lead to others doubting you and looking elsewhere for answers.

That's the political part of the analogy, here's the football part:

Same can be said for the Miami Dolphins. How are you going to claim, 7 games in, that's you're STILL a run-first team, when your "accomplishments" THIS YEAR have been in the passing game? What does that say to your players (QB, WR, TE, etc.)? And when you don't give them the opportunity to win a game (say in the last 2 minutes) or go out there and fight and play to win, what makes you think that when you need them to do that, they'll feel comfortable enough to get the job done? If, as Sparano says, the offense needs to show up when it's that time, then he needs to give them the tools and SUPPORT that allows them to do their job. That means having confidence in yes, a young QB, but one who is taking care of the football most of the time. That means making sure your WRs/TE are getting their looks and passes to keep them warm and interested in the game, so that when they need to shine, they are part of the game already and aren't cold from not being used the whole day. That means when you have a lead, and there's 2 min left, you allow your offense to GET A DAMNED FIRST DOWN and put the game away instead of playing it safe and kicking the ball back to the other team to go win the game.

If the coaching staff doesn't understand they hold the character of the team in their playcalling and philosophy, then they don't understand the psychology of football or sports in general. Coach Sparano, I don't want to hear about what you need your PLAYERS to do. I need you to understand and do what YOU need to do to put your players in a position to win. You hold the key (you and the other coaches). Earn your paychecks!

Happy Birthday Mando!

Mark in Toronto,

No Fist Pump on Moss!

This team definitely needs a burner but the negatives outweigh the positives. Would Shula have brought a guy like him in? NO WAY!

This team is headed in the right direction for the long haul.You make a several year run the way they are building. How are these gather the Superstar teams doing? Vikings? Jets? Yankees, Celtics? 50/50? I'm still excited about this year but I do believe that we will see some "young speed" addressed in the draft and free agency.

Moss is like Barry Bonds at the end of his career. No thanks I'll pass...

Fist Pumps! They're Grrrreat! Tony the Tiger

Go Phins!

Nice rant DC!

PS, I do know a little about US politics. Enough to laugh when Obama is called left wing. Americans are lucky enough to not know left wing. Come to Canada, we will show you left wing!

Miami Dolphins to make name for themselves Sunday
Earning Some NFL Respect

Miami 27 Baltimore 17

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Hoping Sean Smith earns his second pick this week and his play starts doing the talking

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

simplify man!.lol

Dansby & Crowder together are playing quite well

Good run stop with Crowder

How bout that HIT on #85 by Dansby!

Clemons Is gonna be AWESOME!

Just Wait!

Always liked Culver

Thought he was underrated!

Even though Cobbs dropped one, Great plays on STs by Patrick!

Martin, thank you for the explanation. Your explanation was well thought out and has merit. I tend to disagree a bit though. I think it would be a mistake NOT to put in a claim. If and when he gets here and you sense a malcontent - you either sit him at home or cut him completely. No harm, no foul.

However, if he gets here and gels with the boys - you could have the makings of a dangerous offense.

Really, we wouldn't even be having this discussion if Miami grabbed one of the many TEs available last year to stretch the seam. We've all discussed Gresham, Hernandez, Gronkowski - even Tony Moeaki from KC is playing very well. Oh well.

I am not a fan of Moss because he is a piece of garbage as a human being. He has irked me since he was in Minnesota the first time. However, as a player I'd more then welcome him. He has 2 td's vs the jets this year (1 as a Patriot and 1 as a Viking).

I don't think Miami will pull the trigger even if he makes it all the way to them in the waivers process.

Nice Chunk yardage plays on that drive from the 2 YD line

and yes the players do, In fact, have to execute better!

Go Fins!

Something Tells Home

... Sean Smith is now, gonna break out and a lot of balls bounce Sean`s way

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

happy birthday armando. touchdown miami! 2 point conversion is good! miami wins again!

Chad Henne had at least 4 dropped balls last week

Expect Chad to play well Sunday and the NFL to take notice

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Randy Moss Complained About Food He Didn’t Pay For.....

Moss was cut, and no, not everyone on the team is that bent out of shape about it.

Yahoo!’s Michael Silver recounted a Friday incident in the Vikings’ locker room where Moss went out of his way to berate a couple of restaurant proprietors during a catered team meal.
According to one player who witnessed the scene, Moss yelled, “What the [expletive]? Who ordered this crap? I wouldn’t feed this to my dog!”

Said the witness: “It was brutal. The truth is, he deserved to be cut after that. It was such an uncomfortable moment. You know that feeling where you just can tell someone feels so small? That’s what it was like being there.

“This wasn’t a chain – it was a mom-and-pop restaurant, and you could tell it was their best stuff. They had a special carving station set up, and there were players and other support staff lining up to eat it. And [Moss] is at his locker saying, ‘You know, I used to have to eat that crap – but now I’ve got money.’ You just felt so sad for them. I had never seen anyone treated like that.

“And by the way, the food was actually really good.”

Great guy...Huh?

Yup, that's who I want on my team. I'm sorry guys, I have 100% respect for everyone's opinions, Idea's and posts.... But damn... I have a bad bad feeling about having this man in a Miami uniform... A football team and its fans is more then Reception's and Touchdowns. If I have to explain that.... You would not understand it anyway.

Happy Birthday!

Bestus present in the World would be Randy Moss in Aqua & Orange, no???

Sparano is emerging with a nwe type of focused take no BS toughness, Home is sensing for the 1st time this season

The warm soup-bellied content cavalier attitude that Sparano has been leading with has changed

OK Tony,
Home is with U 100% !!!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

With the Dolphins always looking for acorns,

Does Moss qualify by being a nut?

Put your faith in track star Brian Hartline to emerge as one Hell of a #3 Miami Dolphin WR

Should bring toughness against that Raven Defense

Go Fins!


First downs are not the problem? I don't see that many 3 and outs unless (Dead Man Walking, Weekend at Bernie's, Inventor of Fire, Henne) decides to kill a drive with his I will get away from whats working, run out the clock crap?

Dropped passes and missed throws add to the dilemma but not as much as the play calling?

This team actually moves the ball great between the 30 yard lines?

It's when they get in the Red Zone that they play for the "NO MISTAKE" crap? Sending Marshall out as a decoy or on a pattern by himself that doesn't even reach the end-zone is asinine? Watch the replays?

Go Phins!

Happy B day Mando!!

I say rent Merriman & Moss for a Superbowl run THIS year. Win or Lose, NEXT year get younger and faster. Goodbye Pennington(only if we win a Superbowl), Moss, Merriman and Brown via free agency.


Hartline has just come out and spoken over the radio in South Florida

"We Don`t Need Randy Moss!"

Home likes the attitude!

Expect Brian Hartline to get extremely competitive!


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Once again
Happy B-Day Mando

Next time Home is fortunate to see U

Will buy U a celebratory drink

Go Fins!

martin, you are right - the offense is actually pretty good. We are 12 in passing offense and 13th in offense overall despite a very average running game. The play calling at times has been downright bizarre. It's like Henning feels the team owes him more money or something so he's out to screw them. He dangles the good stuff then takes it away at the last minute.


I would agree it is hard to believe that Miami wants to be a "Run First" football team... They have used several Draft selections and a Major FA acquisition, plus given a very lucrative contract extension to.... Wide Receivers..... Yet as it stand... We have two RB's, one Williams, of whom we have no idea if he will return next season (I am in favor of giving him as long as he wants to play) and another Ronnie Brown, who has shown problematic with Injuries and who's production is unlikely to get better then it is this year. I feel Brown has value, so if at any point he has been considered for a trade item or tender... This coming off season will be the time to do it. If we hand him another contract... we own him for his entire career until we let him go. His value will be _zero_ in 3 or 4 years.
I like Brown, he's tough... But I would also like to recoup our 2nd rounder lost.

Its a tough call... but I agree that Miami CERTAINLY does not fit the "Run First" profile at the moment.

Home 4 more passing on 1st Down!

Happy Birthday Mando

"You know how the Dolphins feel about perpetually injured players."

Yup. They sign them to huge contracts then let them go at the end of the year after they've played three games and earned $27 million.

That said, Merriman would be a helpful addition if used sparingly as a passrusher. He does not have to be a full time player.

Moss will not make it to the Fins at #18 on the waiver priority list. Miracles happen and I hope one does, but I think Randy will be playing for one of the 1-6 teams come this Sunday. And he will not be happy about it.

Childress gets the Moron of the Week award, which typically goes to Dan Henning week in and week out, but they've made an exception this week since the stupidity of this move is just beyond anything imaginable: three weeks and a third rounder. Wow.

BTW Henning gets the runner up "Dunce Award" instead.

I had a dream that I was an old mizer named Ebenezer Scrooge. In this dream I was visited by a ghost and it was Dan Henning!

The End

Go Phins!


Trying to understand your post (were those question marks supposed to be periods?).

The first downs I was talking about were the ones where we're up (like against Cincy), have the ball with not too much time on the clock, and instead of playing offensively, and trying to get a 1st down so we don't have to give the other team a chance to come back/win, we play defensively (this is a Henning play call issue), like calling 3 runs that go nowhere, and then kick the ball away so the other team gets a chance to try and put together a winning drive. My point there was we shouldn't be playing like that. Our offense shouldn't be putting that pressure on the defense, they should want to close the game out themselves by getting 1st downs and retaining the ball.

With that said, I disagree that you say 1st downs aren't the problem. In critical times of the game, they absolutely are. And you see it too because you said as much (talking about Henning), and that's exactly my point. Henning can't stop drives short with terrible play calling, and then say his players didn't execute well. You call the right play, the players get a leg up and can even get it done with not so great execution.

I agree about dropped passes and missed throws (but I see play calling much more the reason).

This team does move the ball well between the 30's, however, NOT AT CRITICAL TIMES in the game (or at least games that matter, like against elite teams).

And you're right and wrong about the redzone and "no mistake" playing. I agree that's when they mostly do it. But think back to the Steelers game. We have the ball, down 1, need a score with 2:30 to play on our 20 (or 30, somewhere around there). What was the 1st play called? A Ronnie Brown (I think) run play. Huh? Again, that's not playing to win. You don't need 3-5 yards at that moment. You need to go 50-60 yards to get in FG range and win the game. That play call was USELESS at that moment. Next call, some kind of bubble screen to Polite I think. Again, stupid play call (unless that was a check down for Henne, but that would have been because there was probably only 1 WR that went out on a pattern). So that was my point. Play to win, not 'not to lose.' And too much of the time, we play 'not to lose.' And it's not the players I'm getting on over this commentary, it's the coaching staff (since they call the plays and make the decisions during the game).

I think we're pretty much saying the same thing, just coming from different angles, but wanted to clarify and get clarification (if I didn't read your post correctly).

miami moves the ball fairly well till it gets into field goal range. then the brakes are applied;the offense is put on ice and we try to set up for three being extra careful not to lose yds. at this point playcalling goes ultra conservative;we forego the TD and line-up with carpenter hoping for three. we look at it as a positive while other teams are disappointed they got 3 instead of six. against the ravens we really need to mix it up and punch it in for 6! its a critical time in our schedule.

Nice to see Cam Wake pick up 3 more sacks on Sunday!

The reason the Phins are having a few problems on offense is because 50 million years B.C. Henning draws up the game plan in HIEROGLYPHICS!

Go Phins!

Think as of Sunday
All the play calling and finger pointing BS will end
with a good Win against Baltimore

Miami 27 Baltimore 17

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Happy Birthday Armando.

The only way I would acquire Moss is if the Dolphins can pay him on production...lets say a normal TD is worth 150,000 and TD's against the Jets and Pats are worth 300,000 each. He's a one trick pony...he's a larger version of Ginn...he can run straight...but won't go across the middle...rarely fights for a football.

Upset of the week

Detroit beats the Jets


The question marks were as a form of inviting opinion.

So we are in agreement. My feeling is that this offense can consistently move the ball, talent wise. Not explosively but somewhat consistently.

What I see is that at critical times the play calling is either too cute or to conservative.

I am sick of that pass in the backfield play as well. It is a recipe for disaster. I wouldn't mind a well designed screen to get the play-makers in space a bit more. It would keep the defense honest as well.

Go Phins!

NostraHomeUs Is Back!

Miami 27 Baltimore 17

Upset of the week:

Detroit beats the Jets!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

100% agreed Martin. Remember that was the pass that Hartline fumbled on too. So not sure why Henning thinks it's a "safe" pass. I've seen more tackles behind the line of scrimmage on those types of passes than anything positive.

I would love to have a $20 spot for every time I have see Miami Run Ronnie brown between the guards on 1st and 10 inside the red zone.

Its not that I feel that to be a "HORRIBLE PLAY"... I just feel it is one that has been thoroughly game filmed by Miami's opponents and they see it coming. Now Dan Henning would say "If those players executed there, that play would have been productive"... Perhaps if all things were equal... But they are NOT equal in that situation. The scheme changes, there are extra players who jump the play who are not accounted for in the blocking scheme.

I would feel a whole lot better, if they mixed it up a bit. Particularly if they went to Marshall on something more then a fade. He has the advantage to get higher on the jump and the ability to fight off defenders, Just once I would like to see a pass to him or any other WR in the back of the end zone...NOT THE GOAL LINE WHERE THEY STACK LBer's...

for the record....writing what you hope....what we all hope....is not a prediction....its common sense.

Dan Carpenter

AFC special teams player of the week

D4D, couldn't of said it any better myself. Saying it's execution is a copout. For example, last game against Cincy, that last drive we had at the end of the game where we went 3 and out, I pretty much predicted every play Henning was going to call (said it to my wife). If I can do it, it's not a stretch to say opposing teams know it too. It's not the execution, it's the play calling.

UT, that's 2 in a row. He's going to be team MVP

Armando....Jeff Ireland had a nightmare last night....he dreamed Randy Moss was still available at #18 and he had to explain to Dolphin fans why he passed on him.

Poor Guy....

48 with a 3rd Grade education...sad.

DC, D4D,

Isn't Henning saying the exectution the problem putting all the blame on the players? Isn't that the coach's equivalent of a player blaming the play calling exclusively??

If a players makes such a statement, he's labeled a malcontent and a cancer in the lockeroom.

Somehow it's ok for the coaches to say the equivalent though. Seems like a double standard to me.

It's not like the offense is incompetent - they do certain things well. Isn't it the coaches job to make certain play calls to suit the strengths of his team in key situations?

The wildcat for example. How many times do we have to run it before we figure out that it doesn't work - in all areas of the field. The wildcat has a tell - it's going to be a run - probably the weakest part of the Dolphins entire team. These defensive players in the NFL are paid athletes - if you tell them you will run beforehand - they will make the play unless you are superlative in that part of the game - which the DOlphins are not.

This is bad coaching - not execution - no way around it.

Sean Smith Gets In The Zone

Big Time Playas ... Make Big Time Plays!


Miami 5-3

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

happy brithday Armando,
Finally got the podcast of your show , listen to it everyday at work in Chicago.
In my dreams, I see us get both and keep both of them next season, signing Randy for a 1 year contract.
But realistically, I think that we have a greater chance to get Merriman than Moss cauz the hawks really want Randy.


This from nfl network -

The Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams and Washington Redskins are four of the teams serious about claiming wide receiver Randy Moss off waivers, league sources told NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi on Wednesday.

Bahahaha Not-Nostra-Homus is more like it!!

Detroit beats the Jets??

DOUBT IT! They beat the Skins because the Skins are lame. I highly doubt they beat the Jets although it would be nice.

I wouldn't bet on this if I were you. Which thankfully I am not. That would be just awful.


I figured Washington would be in the hunt but they're delusional. They are neither a playoff team nor need a potential headache in Randy Moss. The Vikings are a better team and couldn't keep him happy.

Hahaha, Donovan McFat can't even run the 2 minute offense apparently.

pete,good point but if he acts up on/off the field. the phins waive him again.


As soon as I read that, it reminded me of the stories after the Eagles Super Bowl loss.

Apparently it reminded Terrell Owens, too.

Well, To does have a point. I thought that SB game was so bizarre. I just kept yelling for McFat to move it, show some urgency. Then he yaks on the field and could never move the offense with any urgency and time runs out. Couldn't figure it out - thought he just unloaded in his pants out of stagefright.

COuld be that he was just too fat.

Correct Mark. I was wondering that too. Moss got bumped from the Vikes for 2nd-guessing coaches. Not sure why it's any different the other way around.

That trick play against Cincy, the handoff to Ronnie, throw to Henne, then pass to Fasano (could have been Cobbs), THAT was execution. Perfect play called, personnel messed it up.

But calling a Wildcat play, RIGHT AFTER you JUST RAN another Wildcat play, that got ZERO yards, that's just the stupidity and hard-headedness of the OC, plain and simple. You said it, call plays that play to your team's strength at a given situation. I would just add, use the momentum wisely. If you get a ST turnover 1st play of a game (like against Pitt), use that momentum, go for the jugular. GET INTO THE ENDZONE! Don't go from a turnover to 2 run plays that surprise nobody.

And no one misunderstand, I love the run game. I think it has a place on the team. I loved how we ran last year. But even runs can be schemed better. So it isn't really the run, it's the wrong play being called at the wrong time.

Pats @ 7-1

Interesting ?

NostraHomeUs says Pats slide after 7-1 & we get closer to 11 13

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