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On dreams, Henning, Merriman, and Moss

Two facts: Today is my birthday! HBTM! Yeah, I'm 48 years old today. Thank you, Lord for keeping me alive this long. I am truly blessed.

I didn't feel that way this morning when the alarm clock sounded, however, because I soon realized Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning was in one of my dreams last night. I have no idea what he was doing in my dream but it is fair to assume he was interrupting a good thing with one moment of I-know-more-football-than-everyone genius.

Anyway, today should be an interesting day -- aside from my B-day celebration -- in that we should get some clarity about where former Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss and former Chargers outside linebacker Shawne Merriman will end up. Both were reportedly on the waiver wire at 4 p.m. Tuesday so their status could be settled by 4 p.m. or so today.

We know the Dolphins are interested in Moss. We know Brandon Marshall would more than welcome his arrival in Miami as he said on a local radio station in South Florida Tuesday. (I'd credit the station but as it spouts my information as if they did the legwork without crediting The Herald, they can bite it.) Anyway, Marshall said on the station that will not be named that he would be thrilled to have Moss on the Dolphins, contrary to the idea that he wouldn't want another alpha receiver on the team taking catches away from him.

Marshall, in fact, said he would welcome Moss as a deep threat on the team because that would open things up for him. Indeed, with Randy Moss on the Dolphins, which receiver do you not double-team? Yikes!

Again, the Moss idea makes sense.


Not too sure about that one. I am not aware whether Merriman is on Miami's radar or not. I assume not. Fact is current GM Jeff Ireland was in the DeMarcus Ware camp when the debate in Dallas in 2005 was whether to go with Ware or Merriman.

Merriman is enticing in that he's 26 years old, comes relatively cheaply short-term, and has had 43.5 sacks.

But ...

Merriman is a walking injury situation. He has never played all 16 games in his career and has missed much of the season in 2008 and so far this season (calf). You know how the Dolphins feel about perpetually injured players.

Merriman's production is also misleading in that only four of his career sacks have come in the past three seasons so he is not necessarily a guaranteed performer. It should be noted that Merriman's production declined after, ahem, he was suspended by the NFL in 2006 for testing positive for performance enhancing substances. 

Merriman also has something of a reputation for loving the nightlife. It was a source of contention for San Diego GM A.J. Smith. How would that play in South Florida with South Beach down the road from the Dolphins practice facility?

Finally, what statement would acquiring Merriman send to current Miami players Cameron Wake and Koa Misi? Wake is playing at a Pro Bowl level. Misi is having a good rookie season with decent run defense and 3.5 sacks -- which is only .5 sacks less than Merriman has had the past three years.

Soooo ... I'm not exactly seeing the Merriman idea too well.

Maybe I should go back to sleep and have Dan Henning explain it to me.



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oh boy armando 48 years young. you sure know a lot of football, keep up the good work my friend and atleast i will keep coming back

Pats @ 7-1

Interesting ?

NostraHomeUs says Pats slide after 7-1 & we get closer to 11 13


I would imagine that any player who would say "We need to do a bit better with our play selection on 3rd downs and inside the 30" would be brought in for a "Come to Jesus" meeting with Henning and Co.
I am not willing to say "Play calling" is the end all for Miami's issues, you have to catch the Damn ball BEFORE it hits you in the Nuts (Fasano!) and running out of bounds and touching the past is rookie stupid.
But... If you are calling plays right into the prepared teeth of a defense... Its all about play calling. And that happens with marked regularity around Miami's Offense.

** Pass.....Not Past, My bad spelling.

pennington has the option to audible and he does constantly. the block head does not have this option so that is why you see such simplicity on the o w/ henne in there. fyi.

DOLPHINMIKE, interesting examples of pass plays NOT in Hennings playbook. Probably over the heads of most casual fans. But the thing that leaps out of your commentary is, receivers coming back to the ball. And you're right but why?

I believe the reason is, 1) Henning and his conservative, play it safe philosophy (as handed down by Parcells) features these types of plays 2) Henning/Sparano does not trust Henne and 3) Henne goes through his reads in micro-seconds then dumps. Henne has been brainwashed. See Parcells doctrine on the 3 things that can happen when you throw the ball.

Good posts today! I think having a running back that is a burner is an overrated piece to an offensive puzzle. Is it a nice luxury, sure. But I think that even if we had that threat on our offense it wouldn't change our red zone ineptness. I think that having an atheletic pass catching tight end would be a better soultion to our problems in that area, and since that isn't going to happen this year here is what I see as the most obvoius problem when we get down there. Look back on the past couple of games, and we aren't getting enough yardage on first down. This puts a lot of pressure on the offense, and makes us easy to defend when the field shrinks. The short routes that we love are not open in a shrunken field. If we continue to struggle on first down in the scoring areas, Carpenter will continue his assault on the scoring title. This isn't going to be a popular opinion, but we must find a way to get some run yardage in the red zone. It is to easy to defend our offense when the defense knows we have to pass to move the ball. This becomes very difficult the closer we get the ball toward the goal line.

Cocoajoe: I agree with all three points. You're dead on right.

Dolphins are way too conservative to get Randy Moss.

I went to baltimore sun site and those guys already have this game in the W column. Basically they all say that this is easy win for the ravens especially after the bye week. Wouldn't it be awesome if we beat them up there. I hope the phins are ready to play a good game on sunday. Keep it close into 4th quarter and hopefully steal one


That fits our philosophy this season.

Happy 50 B Armando, you look like 48 years old is that you real hair

Without the luxury of an elite qb. The similarities of all of the top scoring teams in the league is their ability to run the ball in the red zone, and take pressure off the qb. With the exception of New England, and Indy.
(arguably the top 2 qb's in the league)
The teams that struggle to score, cannot run the ball when it matters(with the exception of Minn). I'm not saying that the touchdowns have to come via runs. I'm saying that if your options are reduced to relying on the pass it is difficult to get td's in the red zone. Yes the NFL is a passing league, the rules dictate this, and even we have adopted this philosophy. But we have to find a way to grind it when we get into the red zone.

Happy b-day Mando. Sick of the Henne and Sparano criticism. Our problem is Henning, 100%. Even when they took his Wildcat plays away, he found new ways to kill drives. Then brought it back, as a special treat for the opposing defense. Henning isn't going anywhere this season, but he should. At the very least he should get a good fist pumping and in anticipation of the Raven.

DC, I love the run game too and I think balance is paramount to a successful season for the Dolphins. But come on, run off tackle on a 3rd and 6? Even the best run game in the world is going to fail more than it succeeds in that scenario.

And it's obvious that the success in the wildcat is attributable to the old interior line which is now long gone. These guys are more finesse than road graders. It should definitely be scrapped.

I'm wondering if the Braintrust would actually consider using Ronnie like a Terry Kirby at this point and treat him like a pass catcher by design? Rodger Craig?

Pound the Rock with Ricky and use Ronnie on a 70/30 receiver to runner? Hard to double The Beast for sure. You would also be delivering some punishment on the DBs with Ronnie and Brandon YACs. Ronnie could put the stutter step to work on the pass pattern and also require an LB to drop into coverage. I like it?

Go Phins!

Happy Birthday, Mando!!

Congrats to Lt. Gov. Elect Jennifer Carrol aka
Nolan Carrol`s mom for a Victory today

Sorry Miami Herald fans
U still have to deal w/Imposter posting as Home on this site as witnessed November 03, 2010 at 02:37 PM

Lets Earn A Big Victory, Sunday 1:00 pm against Baltimore!

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


The fear of the pass at the goal line is a big part of "running" in the red-zone. It also helps to have a QB that will leave the pocket and extend the play ala Roethlissfumbler. Remember I am talking about at the very least "the threat" of it. In between the 30 yard lines it's check downs. In the Red Zone it turns into throw it out of bounds. I believe this is coaching?

Frosted Flakes...They're Grrreat! Fist Pump!

Go Phins!

Imposter posting as Home
November 03, 2010 at 02:56 PM

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I think this is the game we have all been waiting for from the offense...four td's instead of five fg's!!

Defense stepped up this last game. It's the offense's turn...


Who's printing the Sparano fist pump t shirt? Put me down for 3.


Moss says "if its not the right team he's not playing".....u stil want this loser hanging around our young guys?

If Moss comes here and acts up, FIST PUMP NATION will take care of him, no worries!

Martin- It's obvious that Henne has been told, actually drilled in his brain, to check it down when the play looks lost. I think part of the problem is that things get crowded in this part of the field and instead of letting lays fully develop(they will take a little longer) Henne makes the decision to get rid of it. Now what baffles me, is that the pass protection has been great, and there should be no reason that these plays can't be extended. Are the recievers to blame because they aren't getting open? The check downs do happen fast, and there has to be a reason they don't like to roll Henne out. The last time they did that I remember it resulted in a touchdown to Fasano, so I don't know what gives

Happy Birthaday Mando!! Keep up the good work!! I always read your column!! Go Phins!!

ALoco, dow may be breaking resitance. 11.2 is the key figure to break.

I hope to god that he is claimed by st louis or wahsington before we end up making another critical error in judgment this year.

What`s up Home?

kris, Nope. If he ain't willing to play for Miami, then EFF him. But he likes Marshall, he likes Vontae. Not sure what's not to like about our team...uh...well, check that..I forgot about Henning. You're right, he probably won't wanna play for us.

Darryl, I got no problem with running in the red zone. EXCEPT-- Running a sweep to Ricky/Ronnie (2 between the numbers runners) probably isn't a good call. Also, when the defense is expecting the run and stacking the middle, probably wrong time for RB up the middle. How about this? A delayed draw. NE uses it all the time. How about what you (or Martin) said, let the RB go out for a short pass (which is almost like a run). Just switch it up. The right call is the call the defense isn't expecting (not necessarily just a run or pass). It's the element of surprise, that would be the best play call (a la that Fasano screen a couple of games ago Henning was patting himself on his back for).

merrimen to the Bills...

to bad

Hahaha, yeah, too bad for Merriman.

The little flat (check-down) pass to Lou Polite is one play they can yank. I have seen that toss nearly 6 times now and I would imagine it has yet to garner 10 yards. One of the Main Reasons for Drafting Ronnie Brown was his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He did so on many occasions early on in his career here but those plays have waned in recent years.

I still feel Henne is going to have to take pops at guys IN THE END ZONE... not 5 yards outside it where the receiver must beat 3 LBer's to get in. Yeah, sound easy...I understand that... But if you NEVER TRY.... how the hell are you EVER GOING TO DO IT?

Darryl, I agree somewhat about the Fast RB situation... But Miami simply has done very little (Lex Hilliard) to address the future of our running back situation... and they want to call this a "Run First team"... I suppose I'm missing it somewhere?

All and all I'm still at 10-6. We beat Baltimore and have a fight on our hand with Tennessee.

Just read the Titans put a claim on him, not that it affects the Phins if they plan on trying.

Also read the Rams still doing some homework on whether or not to claim Moss. That would affect whether or not Miami has a shot, if they want him.

Armando, didn't know we shared the same birthday!!!! Happy Birthday bruh and keep up the great work!!

Coach, please, bring it down! I don't understand half the things of that football jargon you talk and I've been following football for 50 years! Imagine all those poor other devils. Please!

Very optimistic D4D. I'm still at 8-8. We win the next 2, and I might adjust to your level of optimism. Still, I just wanted to be better than 7-9 this year (didn't think we were a Playoff-caliber team yet). I'm starting to think we are a Playoff team, our coaching staff just doesn't know it yet.

We wish you well, Randy Moss.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Ireland blew it almost as bad as the nation did by bringing back a bunch of lying, thieving, corporate/extreme rich c**k sucking republictards.

Man, Merriman is a walking wounded(like Smiley, Grove). You think they're gonna claim him to then release him? Hmm

That's the way it works in this Country, Oregon.

Moss a Titan. Good news, we don't need a part time receiver with an attitude.

Oregon, we're trying not to get partisan here today (and everyday). While some people might offer you a "3 Cheers" and a "Right On," others might respect the teabagger...I mean Republican Dolphins fans (i.e. Armando Salguero). So, help us out and let's stick to football (or anything other than politics and religion).

On a brighter note, how you like that Ron Wyden, lol?

Happy B Day Mando. About Henning... yes as I am sure he would tell you He has forgotten more about Offensive play calling then you and I will ever know but what he fails to mention is the stuff he has forgotten .... is the good ideas and time on when to call certain plays. Here is to wishing Mr. Henning a happy retirement which I think Sparano will insist on. I could be wrong but I did see coaches face after some plays and I don't think it was strictly about the execution of the play I got the feeling it was THE CALL. Unlike Mr. Henning I can and do admit when I am wrong.

Who yhe hell is Ron Wyden?

how can they not go after moss the deep threat that they need its unreal i have to keep watching these team lose close games cause they can't score td's

You don't look a day over 50

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