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Wake providing great QB pressure, Misi is not

Cameron Wake is having a Pro Bowl caliber year. I have an Associated Press All-Pro vote and I am very likely going to put Wake on my ballot. That's what 9.5 sacks in 10 games will do for you.

What it also does is cause opponents to take notice.

Suddenly, Wake isn't getting one-on-one matchups any more. Suddenly, all the slide protections are to his side. Suddenly, other teams are game-planning to stop Cameron Wake.

And that's where things can get easy or much more difficult for the team's other pass-rushing linebacker. When everyone pays attention to the weakside linebacker, you see, that makes it time for the strongside linebacker to step up his game and pick up the production slack.

If Wake is getting doubled or the slide protection is going toward the weak side, then the strongside guy should benefit and make up some of the difference.

It's good news for the Sam linebacker if he responds. It's bad news if he does not.

"Now the Sam linebacker although should be productive (you know) that guy is not really in the rush as much as Cameron (Wake) is,” coach Tony Sparano said.

True, Koa Misi doesn't get as many at-bats at the QB as Wake because the Will linebacker gets more rush opportunities than the Sam linebacker. But the Sam does get rush opportunities. No doubt about that. And the Dolphins need that player to produce.

My worry is that Misi isn't producing all that much lately.

Misi has 3.5 sacks this season. That's not my concern. My concern is he hasn't had a sack or even a portion of a sack since Oct. 24, which means it's been a month since Misi got to the quarterback.

The Dolphins have obviously noticed the drought because more and more they've used Quentin Moses in rush situations replacing Misi. And they've tried other means of creating pressure on the quarterback, which is the reason safeties Reshad Jones and Yeremiah Bell have more sacks in the past month than Misi.

The Dolphins are creating pass rush with blitzes because they obviously feel the need to do so. Misi isn't getting it done on his own.

That's a problem because if teams recognize they can solve Miami's pass-rush by sliding protections to Wake or doubling him and the guy on the other side doesn't make them pay, it makes the offensive coordinator's job easier. Misi must turn the strategy to his advantage. He hasn't been doing that lately.

Perhaps he has hit the rookie wall. Perhaps he's run into a ton of good tackles (they get paid, too). But 0-for-the past month?

But this is an issue the Dolphins clearly cannot be happy about.


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There Is No One Like Home

If wake was not tackled every other play he would have about twenty sacks so far. The guy is a beast. Misi is always playing grab ass with the tackle, he has no moves.

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It would have been nice if the dumb ex ball boy and Fat Tony actually drafted Clay Matthews when they had the chance. Then with him and Wake we would be killing QB's. BUT not our crack staff.
Misi is a joke. He is awful. The Bears ran at him most of the night and he never set the edge. He is another mistake in awhole list of them made by these losers who run our team. A first time GM and first time head coach great way to sink your team.

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I think that I would rather have Campbell starting as opposed to Gradkowski.
Campbell seems the more inept of the two.

Dez > Odrick + Misi + Dobbins.

Yessir! The Ball Boy sure knows how to work the system. We're close!!!

If I had wings I could fly. You can't play the "if" game. Because had we drafted Matthews, we may not have signed Wake, and we would be in the same position. And maybe Matthews would have not been active last year like Wake. And he wouldn't have won ROY, and he may have been cut this year, and we may not have got a great pass rush this year. Everyone wants to play the what if game, but the only thing we know are results and statistics that are actual, and not speculation.

this was the concern many of us had coming out of the draft. Misi did not do anything great in college, especially not enough pass rush. he simply wasnt and wont be a great or even good player. THAT should be a concern for this regime. one that all of us stupid "Joe" fans saw a long time ago.

Here is a look at the injury report for both teams.

Oakland Raiders

Out: CB Chris Johnson (groin) and WR Chaz Schilens (knee).

Questionable: TE Zach Miller (foot).

Probable: Nnamdi Asomugha (ankle), S Tyvon Branch (shoulder), S Hiram Eugene (neck), G Robert Gallery (fibula) and WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (foot).

Miami Dolphins

Doubtful: Brandon Marshall (hamstring).

Questionable: C Joe Berger (knee), LB Karlos Dansby (toe), QB Chad Henne (knee) and WR Roberto Wallace (knee).

Probable: T Vernon Carey (knee), S Chris Clemons (groin), S Tyrone Culver (ankle), Reshad Jones (shin) and T Jake Long (shoulder).

Maybe the Ball Boy & Fist Pump oughta do a bit more "what iffing" in their spare time ---which they are soon, I hope, going to have an abundance of!

They never seem to learn from their mistakes, and they are regressing, nor progressing, the Franchise.

What I and many others may do here may be "what if,' but I ain't gonna sit quietly while these two Klowns, bereft of what little & uninterested guidance Tuna gave them, continue to stay stuck in the mud while the Pats & Jets continue to shine.

Plus, for the record, I wanted Dez then, not "what if." Odrick & Misi are schlemiels, "jags" [just another guy]. Nothing special, or even slightly above -average. AND DON'T TELL ME ODRICK'S INJURED---That's precisely the point: (1) our crack Daunte Culpepper Institute of Football Medicine missed the x-rays again; and (2) WE DID NOT NEED A lumbering DE & A FORCED MOVE OF STARKS TO NT. We needed playmakers.

Please Mr. Ross: FIRE THEM NOW!

Brandon Marshall will never be a Miami Dolphin.Seattle will work a deal with Denver.I know my football.

Spikes will never start or be a good NFL linebacker,probably will not get drafted until the fourth ir filth round.

*typo* or fifth round LMAO!!!



S.Smith is our best CB.I have a Smith replica jersey hanging in my brothers gym office near the meadowlands.

*typo* MY GYM, Meant My GYM, LMAO!!!


Don't forget: Quentin Moses = James Harrison!

Let me settle the whole Matthews-Wake theorizing. If we would've drafted Matthews, and also had the good fortune of having Wake on the same team, the all-knowing trifecta would have cut wake in training camp.

It doesn't take a genius to realize the incredible volume of churn this staff produces points to poor talent evaluation and lack of vision.

Karlos Dansby will never be a Miami Dolphin!Stop talking about it! ROTFLMAO!

I was an early critic of Misi(...no football player shouldbe called Misi...)but I think he is smart enough to know his shortcomings and I think we'll see a different Misi next year if not in these next few games.He has good size for his position(6'3" 250 #) maybe a little light but if he can study JT & Wake films and learn moves and how to read the opponent better, he may well develop into an excellent player...let's watch & see...

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Misi-Wake combination has been more productive than the Porter-Taylor combination (13 vs 10 sacks/ 61 vs 45 tackles) through 10-games.

The good thing about Misi is that he has played big against good teams (NE, Min, Pitt, ad GB).

Even if they were dead even, I would rather keep this group than the crying frustrated hollywood star and the big mouth-heavy tongue tandem.

They're one the reasons we're one of the top-10 pass defense in the league.

The sky is the limit for these two young guys. and the season is not over.

btw, the reason MIami didn't draft Mathew was because we drafted Vontae Davis, which was considered a steal by many draft experts.

why don't you learn your history before opening your big mouth.

do you know how hard it is to acquire and develop a decent CB such as Davis?

You people are beginning to sound like the Big O, questioning why the Dolphins didn't draft Hakeem Nicks, after he had his best game as a pro the 1st week. Come on!! I would rather have DAvis over Nicks any time of day. The funny part is that he doesn't criticize the Fins for not drafting Evander Hood (his #1 pick for the Fins back then), who's been hiding in the Steelers roster.



lets trade cobbs and crowder for phillip rivers.

Misi is a rookie. And a starting rookie to boot. Not too bad. Everything will come in time.
Wake is a monster. He brings it on every play.
Shoulda coulda woulda... And Tom Brady would be ours if we didn't pick whozamacallit.

Face it, anyone after the top 5 is a crap shoot.

They could have drafted Hakeem nicks in the third round but they foolishly passed on him and drafted pat white. Boy, these guys really know how to pick them.

Well Misi should play grab ass with the QB instead then. See? It's just a matter of logistics, ha ha.

That is some pretty funny NJ impersonation stuff.

As NJ would say, ROTFLMAO!

Hey Armando:

Why can Miami bring a QB like Cam Newton (Auburn)or the QB from Oregon.???
We need a skill, accurate, running and mobile QB. Better yet; let;s get a good OC from one of these GOOD College Teams. They will do a H--&% of a job besides this PATHETIC Dolphins Coaching Staff.

its obvious henne is a statue. none of the other good quarterbacks today are like that.

All of you guys are wrong, http://firedanhenning.com/

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Uhh bond...ur are horribly mistaken...dolphins couldn't have grabbed Nicks the third round becuz he was grabbed by the giants some picks later and becuz miami grabbed pat white while still in the second round unfortunately...even while still being in the second round Nicks was already gone...

I think it's hilarious that some of you guys choose to criticize Misi in his rookie season. When the team was 2-0, he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now that we're 5-5, every one is calling him a bust! Typical, bandwagon, unloyal, half-committed fans! Koa Misi is NOT the reason that we're 5-5. They guy has stepped in and is having a good, not great rookie season. I'm not sure what else you guys can expect from a rookie. He's stepped in and started from day one. So direct your wrath elsewhere....and shut up and get out and actually SUPPORT your team in person. Once some of you ACTUALLY show up to the games, then maybe you can start to have a voice. You're mostly closets fans anyways, so who cares what you have to say. No committment!


In this instance you really don't know what the hell you are talking about. Misi has played very well for us and I think he will only get better.

Let's throw a little more fuel on the fire. I think Chad Henne still has the potential to become a better than average QB in this league. This is only his 2nd year as a starter. I'm going to continue to believe until after his 3rd full year of starting.

Misi also played very well against the Bears. Just so you know.

Another overly critical post by Armando.

It would be interesting to list all the 2nd round picks and see how many of them are starting today. Just a guess, but less than 50%?

Misi "just" 3.5 sacks, how many QB pressures? You left that out Armando, I'd like to know that stat. It's a critical one. So is QB hurries.

The guy is setting the edge very well now, and is a good run stuffer.

How many other SAM LB's in the league are good pass rushers? We all know the answer, very few, that's why guys who can rush are so coveted.

How about mentioning something hopeful, like The guy is just a rookie!! He can and probably will get better!! You make it sound like he's a vet who "is what he is" and will never improve. How long did it take James Harrison to develop into a starter? 5 years? He got better. Misi likely will too.

Your only fair statement was that Misi does not get as many chances as Wake. I'll give you that.

One last thing, when Wake and Misi both rush, that is called a blitz. Three down lineman and two LB's = blitz. So what if Bell rushes with Wake instead. It's still a blitz.

I thought Misi was a reach for a 2nd rounder but let's review.

1st (28th) Odrick. Broke leg in 1st game. Do we need to review our scouting reports or physicals? Or did they gamble? In any case, missed pretty much all his 1st year. 0 contribution

*2nd (40th) Misi. Got 2nd round pic back but paid big time for it. Dropped 16 slots to get him and there were a lot of good players #12-18. Average at best

3rd (73) Jerry Was promising early then mystery illness. Guards have been the weak points in the O-line this year. Average

4th (119) Season ending injury during preseason
o contribution

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I remember the fins draft plan was to build from ground up and get the best core st players and olinemen.Well we suck on both categories.If we had another established playmaker he would only want out just like B.Marshall will call for in the weeks to come.betcha.Mark my words the explosion is to come.

bill Cowher Vontae Davis was a steal I'm just happy we got him or our secondary would get shredded every game but it'd be nice if we got both for sure

You people need to have patience he is just a rookie. How many players come to superstar status in their first year. I'll answer for you not many. Just give him some time to develop. By the way Mr. Ross as much as Sparano has his faults it would be a huge mistake to fire him and hire John Gruden. The only reason Gruden won anything is because of Tony Dungy!

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Misi stacks up fairly well against all rookie OLB's. In fact I think he mat be first in sacks, and 2nd or third in tackles. Not too bad. He has had his struggles, but all rookies do. I would think that the team is pleased with his play. Anyone calling this pick a bust needs to relax. Misi is fine. It is easy to point out the plays where he gets beaten, or looks overmatched, because they usually end up being big plays. People don't remember the routine plays that get shut down for litlle gain, or when he has set the edge for another teamate to make a play. Someone tell me how many more rookie OLB's have more sacks or tackles combined?

Misi will take a couple years for sure he wasn;t even supposed to have this much impact his first year switching from DE to OLB he will be better when things slow down for him and he becomes more physical he needs more muscle

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