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Can Dolphins catch teams in front? Stay in front of Bills?

Week 10 of the NFL season is complete for AFC East teams. And what we have to report today is that the Dolphins middle-of-the-pack status is so engrained right now, it's tough to escape.

The Dolphins are three games behind the division leaders with six games to play. The Dolphins are three games ahead of the division cellar-dweller with three games to play.

We're mediocre so far!

The troubling thing about that is I see few signs the Dolphins can rise from their current status. In fact, there are just as many signs the Bills might catch the Dolphins as their are signs the Dolphins might catch the Patriots and Jets.

Seriously, it was depressing on Sunday watching New York quarterback Mark Sanchez engineer a fourth-quarter rally -- his third late-game rally of the season -- and not believe he's getting progressively better. Sanchez has shown the improvement in his second year as a starter (15 TDs, 7 INTs) that Miami hopeful Chad Henne was not able to show before he was benched. Henne currently has 9 TDs and 11 INTs.

It was also a little eye-opening to see a young, rebuilding New England defense that scares no one continue to improve week-to-week to the point they gave up a bunch of yards (396) and four touchdowns to Peyton Manning, but also snatched three interceptions, including the one that sealed Sunday's victory.

The Pats are rebuiling. And they are 8-2.

So how do the Dolphins make up three games on these teams in the season's final six weeks? It's like asking a baseball team to erase a 10-game deficit in the season's final month. It is a difficult assignment, don't you agree?

It will also be difficult for the Dolphins to get caught from behind by the Bills. The Bills, you see, are a seriously flawed team.

But they are playing better than the Dolphins right now.

The Bills have won two consecutive games.

The Bills are showing signs of a running game. Fred Jackson gained 116 yards and averaged 5.5 yards per carry against Cincinnati.

Miami starting RB Ronnie Brown hasn't gained 116 yards in the last three games combined and hasn't gained over 100 yards in a game since October 4, 2009. Ricky Williams hasn't had 116 yards in the last four games combined and also hasn't had a 100-yard game this season.

The last time the Dolphins did not have any 100-yard rusher in an entire season was 2004, the year Williams skipped out just prior to the season.

Most troubling, perhaps, when you weigh whether the Bills can catch Miami is that they are getting better QB play than Miami. Let me repeat. The team that benched and then cut its opening day starting QB is now getting decent play from backup Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has thrown 18 TDs to 9 INTs in 8 starts this season. The folks in Buffalo insist Fitzpatrick is not a keeper, that he's not a starting-caliber player. Maybe not.

But if the Dolphins had a QB that threw twice as many TDs as interceptions and was averaging more than two TD passes per game, we'd have a name for that.



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Good question!
Will the Dolphins finish last in the AFC East?

A new offensive coordinator would be a good start! I don't know any other team in the NFL that runs such a predictable offense other than us... Very depressing considering we have Marshall, Bess, Ricky and Ronnie... I thought we're being conservative so that we win the turn-over battle? Is it working yet???

I totally agree with you. Furthermore, how do you explain the fact that the Patriots are a rebuilding team and are 8-2 when the dolphins are 5-5, with 3 years under their belts?
The answer has to be, and I know you can't say it, bad drafting and even worse coaching.

I have been the eternal optimist but that loss against Chicago has me wondering if the Dolphins can win another game this year.
That game against Chicago was probably the best indicator of where we are as a team.
And where are we?
Definitely not where we want to be.
Another purge and rebuild next year?
It will be difficult to take but it may be necessary.

Also, I don't want to hear any excuses about injuries, etc. Good teams find ways to overcome them.
Our problems started way before players started to fall, and they're far beyond injuries. We're just an average team, which has a 20% shot at making the playoffs at this point.
Wishful thinking? Absolutely.
Who's to blame mostly? Parcells.

FB, the answer ,of course, is tom brady.

The playoffs are out of the question for the Dolphins.
What I would like to see now is the Dolphins playing with reckless abandon and trying to "F" up other teams trying to get to the big dance.
That would be quality entertainment.

armando, i agree, in my opinion the dolphins are done....i was beaten down in this blog when i said they were not good enough in preseason! i wanted to be wrong....but they are done....they need a miracle

We win we lose. The wins seem like they take everything out of the team, that we need maximum effort to squeek by. The losses look like a comedy of errors. Either on our part, or the part of the officials. The losses are devistaing, and in many ways embarrasing. Perhaps mediocraty is the recipe for the slap in the face the orginization needs to change. Maybe it is fact that the Parcells years were a fraud. Their stubborness to get with the times. To draft players that can be developed to the modern rules, and style of play of todays NFL can be desribed as arrogance. Arrogance that they can recognize talent, and to run things like it is 1986. And those rules still apply.
I will continue to support my team. To talk myself into believing what I see or think will eventually change, and we will get this franchise turned aroud. This year started with expectations that may have been unrealistic. Perhaps I drank the Kool Aid, and it made my brain swell. Maybe the mirage of the 2-0 start gave me false hopes of greatness on the horizon. Who knows.

I think realistically IF we lose Henne and Long we are headed to 6-10. I don't even know if we can beat the Raiders or Bills. I am in the minority but I don't think it's a coordinator issue, I think we need better personnel. For Dan Henning I think we especially need a 2nd TE. 6-10 will most likely give us the 9th pick in the NFL draft. Remember we don't have a No 2 for Brandon Marshall. As of this moment I am pulling for Cam Newton the Auburn QB. As long as Coach Lee is on the team and I hope he stays the Wildcat will be part of us and this guy can run it.

Finsup, one player cannot, and does not make the team. Especially not in football. That's not even the case in basketball, see D Wade.

Brady is a great player, but more importantly, he's surrounded by a great supporting cast of coaches and player personnel people who can draft.

Proof, they still made the playoffs when Brady went down 2 years ago.

crazy things can happen in the nfl. let's wait three more weeks to see if the dolphins have any chance. if they make it to 7-5 going into the jets game, which is very possible depending on whether henne comes back, there is hope. the jets are VERY beatable, getting lucky the last three weeks to beat 3 teams with losing records.

darryl, mediocrity has been our mantra for years! austin, i'd rather be lucky than good anytime....but when youre good, you dont need luck!

When the year began and I looked at the schedule, the Raiders game and the Browns game appeared to be automatic W's.
I am not so sure now.
The Browns blew us out of the water last time we met.

hey guys i love my phins but i just dont see us playing any better than when we were healthy and other teams in the league thst started playing bad r starting to play alot better it wont supprise me if we lose the next 4 games if we do than at least we have a good chance we be in the top 5 in the draft, but question is who do we take in the first round, and if u fans really think we got a chance to win the next couple weeks with this coaching staff and hurt as we are on offense u be kidding your self!!!!

One of the Problems with this team is that we have no idea of who we are. Ask a stranger off the streets. " What current player comes to mind when I say Miami Dolphins?" Most wouldn't be able to answer this. We have no players that define who we are as a franchise. I don't think the players could answer this. Are we physical? Are we a tough defensive outfit? Are we a running team? Are we a pssing team? We need to figure this out so we can aquire the right players to the style of play we decide we should be. As long as we are figuring out our identity, we will continue to miss on draft picks, free agents, and most roster moves.

Hui egtu cermju Dolphins.
Lotew unber esi yuhi.
Doi cawem Dan Henning.
Ret ig plib Dan Henning!

Well our "Let me LuLL you to sleep" OC Henning...he isnt creative, worst ive seen anywhere at anytime. He must go now! I know the isses involved fireing a OC mid season...but a HC change in dallas has them moving....

sorry austin..but you are delusional my friend..cant you see how bad we are coached? you play how you practice..

thanks cowkilla, ive been saying that since preseason, you play like you practice!

Being a life-long Dolphins fan since the very first year of the franchise, I am beginning to hope for next year already. Some new coaches, a decent draft, and an easier schedule would help!

3 years removed from a 1-15 season. Looking at what was on the field then and what is on the field now is night and day.

The absolute worst thing that could have happened was going from 1-15 to winning the crown the next year. If we had of just won 5 games and selected 4th or 5th again we would have been better today. Instead we ended up selecting 25th. No chance at an impact player like Long 2 years on a row. And we had to start completely from scratch.

I look at the drafts by Saban and Cameron as the ones that have killed this current team.

The season is done. I hope they shut down Long as the team doesn't need him hurting when we have a chance in 2 years.

FB - Wrong. We won the AFC East 2 years ago with the great 9-1 finish with Penny and the last win of the year in 2008 over Jets knocked out not only the Jets but the Pats as well.

Look, been a fan since 1971...The NFL put a curse on our team since 1974. It all was because Prefectville. After the perfect season in 1972, the gracefully let us win it all again in 1973 and then the curse started. (See the Kenny Stabler heave in 1974 season playoffs). Anyone with me here? Know what I mean Hoss?

Fuggettaboutit...This team aint ever going to win the SB again! But I will still blindly root for them year after year. Amazing...

Sid and Bryan are FLAGS! (inside joke...haha)

We must fire Henning and not lose faith in Henne to lead this team. A new O-coordinator and a little speed in free agency or the draft will do absolute wonders for this team.

Miami no heart!

the Pats are freakin' amazing, i hate to say it.

Still think Henne will be as good as sanchez (as soon as we jettison henning).


Fitzpatrick will be a better QB then Henne or Sanchez!

Poor Brandon Marshall,she has rabbit ears. Teams tease her from the side lines,she blows up.

Dolphin of the year should be D.Bess who told Marshall to grab another # newbie 15 is taken!

Pathetic franchise. Sanchez has been to an afc title game. Henne? Just one of what sixteen fish retreads since Marino. Get owned Miami.

So here you losers are again pretending that the rest of your season actually matters. Pathetic. Loved watching the team quit Thursday. What a disgrace. Fans didn't care either. Apathy reigns in Miami. No one cares.

Turn your uniforms in and shut it down, NE,NY, PITT,BALTI,WEST,& SOUTH! Its over for MIAMI.

You Heard It First Here:

Stephen Ross will move the team to LA and will become the LA Dolphins.

Wayne Weaver then moves the Jaguars south and they become the the Miami Jaguars.

beautiful 21 yard reception by patrick turner yesterday...yup...he was so bad he couldn't play here...there's no talent eval here...we should just shut down long and henne for the year...get them healthy for next season..time to draft some speed and another qb to push henne or replace him..and fire henning as usual

Can Dolphins catch teams in front~~~Jeez some one is bored! The only team these clowns can catch is Buffalo!

Lets see: Patrick Turner has 1 reception for 21yds and we're 11 games into the nfl season. By that line of thinking I guess we can officially proclaim Ted Ginn All-pro.

Yeah let a draft a qb in 2011. We dont have a snowball's chance in hell of getting one where we'll be drafting from and we dont have a 2nd rd draft pick either. Yeah, lets take a qb 3rd rd because Im sure he'll be seriously better than Henne.

Do some of you fans even think about what you're thinking about before you start tapping your keyboard?

Never thought that anybody else had noticed, usadolfan. Conspiracy? Hmm..I don't know, but we certainly have been snakebitten since that fateful heave.(I felt it at that time).

We are sad, I need to find Faith in this team! Thats me in the corner, thats me in the spot light, losing my religion...

But I can tell you something, the time for Conspiracies is over.(the proof is in this Pudding).

No such thing as a curse! You morons Have some Damn Faith!!! Be men and not cowards you weak school girls!!!!!!! We are the greatest! We will win the F#$%in superbowl again!!! Grow some D@amn B@ll$ you cowards and start rooting for this team!!! Your either with me or forget me! Im all in! GO PHINS!!!!!!!!

No, ALoco, I don't know how to make "arroz con leche".

No single individual can possibly know everything; however the Collective knows, We know.(It has always known).

Obviously, the Dolphins can't catch the Jets or Cheatriots. Who cares if Buffalo catches them? The Bills and Dolphins will both be watching the playoffs from their living rooms.

Next meaningful Dolphins game....September, 2011......or later.

Naa, Season you have to take game by game.

Yeah, yeah, I keep irregular hours.

The fins are going to be in a dog fight with Buffalo for last place this is the only way to get some good draft picks. henne and henning need to go. Buffalo is getting hot while the fins are getting cold. it's over for the year.

lets face it 8 & 8 would be a good year for this teams of scrubs!

Football gods have punished the Dolphins ever since Sonia, oh sorry, I meant Chad Henne dissed Tim Tebow. (Yes Chad, we remember.) Henne should make a pilgrimage to the home of the Gator Nation and kiss Tebow's practice shoes while humbly begging forgiveness then, maybe, the Fins can stay ahead of Detroit who haven't won since Henry Ford, II tried to snatch away Enzo Ferrari's little car company.

Yeah, yeah, I know but, "is not over till it's over".

(Sonia), HaHahHaHa!!

1974 was a Damn LONG time ago.....an can some one explain how the Mimami Dolphins only have 1 Ex Miami Hurricaine and it seems every team that comes to Miami has more of them on thier Team??????????

Sonia "slides" well.

The season is lost we should shut down Henne and long , while their is still a chance mathematically , I don't think anyone believes we can win out. management has made a lot of mistakes getting rid of 3 starters from last years O line was not a good Idea , And I don't think Brandon is a team player, but then again I don't believe we are too far off either at full strength we would have beaten the Bears. We might as well see what Tyler can do in the last 6 games he has shown flashes this would give Henne time to heal up for next year. And I would like to bring Ricky and Ronnie back again I really don't think it is their fault mostly in the run game, the blocking is just not their. Go fins beat Raiders

Oh and one more thing the constant roster turning has hurt too, How can guys be neck and neck fighting for a starting job and then be off the team like Grove? Don't make sense, Tony said in training camp it was a tight battle then why didn't they keep grove as a backup?

Going over the Past helps in awareness to prevent happening in the Future.

And the funny thing is, these "Conspirators" also belong to the Collective. How about that!

c'mon, other than Jake Long, the Jets are better at every other position on offense. also, they haven't gotten inside Sanchez' head to NOT make a mistake. he's free to take chances and developed without incurring wrath! the bills probably have a better receiving corp and they are letting it fly! with Henne out, Miami scored ZERO! he maybe better than anyone thinks!

Yeah, maybe they should treat him gentle.

unfortunately the pats and jets know how to build a team with emphasis on the trenches where games are won and lost. ireland made numerous personell mistakes and didnt address key areas. the constant churn of players doesnt bring the team together either. we dont have any team chemistry. very difficult to watch a game when the regime is clueless. parcells didnt walk away;he ran!

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