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Sean Salisbury: Henne won't ever be elite

Well, as long as I'm telling you what former NFL quarterbacks and current pundits are saying on radio shows about the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation (see previous post), I figured I'd give you Sean Salisbury's take on Chad Henne.

Salisbury visited my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, this week prior to Henne's benching in Miami. And he basically said Henne will be a solid quarterback in this league.

But never an elite quarterback.

Salisbury, as you can hear on the audio file below, agreed with me that Henne is hard to define because of all the problems that have been happening around him during his 21 games as Miami's starter.

"You and I have pretty much been on the same page," Salisbury said. "I got a message this week from a friend and we were talking about it, and I know the people in South Florida are on Dan Henning and the rest of it. But with Chad, I said the same exact thing almost to a T. I said, 'You know what, the jury is still out.' ... I DVR all the games I can't watch live and I watch and then re-watch them during the week. And, you know, at times I look at Chad and say this is a superstar about to happen. And then the next week I say, 'Is he going to be a star? Is he even going to be able to hold down a job? Is this their future?

"And you know, you guys know me, I'm not a fence-sitter. If I thought Chad sucked I'd say, 'They gotta get a new quarterback.' They need to say that in a bunch of different places. I thought he was going to be great, but I don't know. I've watched him enough. I've seen him make enough throws to know the guy can play. But I've also seen him do some things and make some decisions and make some throws and make some boneheaded decisions to say, 'He's a backup in this league.'

" ... So put it this way, Chad Henne is not ever going to be a guy that carries a franchise on his back like Miami's been used to a whole bunch of years ago when No. 13 was there -- that whenever everything else was going wrong, the quarterback will carry you. I think Chad is a really, really good player when he's got people around him that are making plays, also. So if that makes sense, he's not a Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner could carry a team in Arizona. He leaves and they go to hell in a hand basket. There's quarterbacks that can do that. But there's also quarterbacks you say, 'Ok, this is a guy that's good for us. He's going to go 18 out of 27, throw a touchdown, and we're going to be efficient.' I think Chad can be that guy with an every-now-and-then 300-yard spectacular performance.

"I don't believe you're ever going to look at him and say, 'We're going to load it on [his] back and that's going to be on him.' Chad needs to have a team that runs the football and is going to have guys make some plays for him. I don't think he's going to be that guy you say, 'We're going to franchise him or he's worth $50, $60 million.' I don't think he's that quarterback. But I do think he's a starter in this league."

You should listen to the audio:


Salisbury addressed other interesting things during the interview. For instance, he believes the Dolphins are going to be a factor going forward.

"I can assure you they will disrupt the playoff picture before they're done," he said.

And, of course, if you are the mood, you can always listen to me live on Armando and the Amigo weekday mornings from 6-10 a.m. on 640-Sports in South Florida, or live streaming online here or off the podcast that is available on iTunes and the site (check the site for the link.)

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Sean Salisbury Steak

Sucked at Talk Radio in LA

Sucked on ESPN

Is unemployed basically

Sucked as a QB for the Sucky Vikes

I guess Sean should know? He was never good enough to start in the league either!

Talks over everyone and when you think he is done he keeps rambling! Mother of Pearl! I thought this Never accomplished anything in his life jerk was out of my life!

Sorry Aloco? I'm sure my Salisbury Steak reference made you hungry?

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!

Chad Henne-

Is not Terry Bradshaw, Manning or Brees.

I was his biggest supporter but he IS-

Jay Shrader
Terry Collins
Trent Dilfer at Best???

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!

havent been able to view tweets link in a few weeks on iphone any help?

He's right.,....amd being generous, in fact, since he does not label Henne a stiff.

But our ever-present Tuna FanBoyz are, predicitably, attacking Salisbury instead of dealing with what he said.

Tuna & Co. set us back yet another 3 yrs or more by passing on Ryan & targeting Henne.

And just so the FanBoyz are clear....LOng is a GREAT LT---but w/o a qb. a team is nothing, and this team has NO qb for the future.

Luck, Locker, Mallett, Newton, Boise qb, whoever.....start reading up on them, cause we're going to HAVE TO DRAFT one of 'em, or some other elite qb, this draft.

Tuna can rot in hell......Fraudster Extraordinaire

Salsbury is right on this one... but if you think about it, how many QBs in the league are actually elite? Seven maybe?
Henne does have all the tools to be a very good QB. he's good enough to win a superbowl. He is missing a deap threat but has weapons around him. It would be nice if the coaches believed in him and trusted him and would accept the blame for some of the losses - which a lot of it is their fault. You don't bench your starting QB if you really believe him him.
When Pennington plays mediocre and they go 2-2 (at best) their next 4 games, they'll probably throw Thigpen in who will play well, Henning will retire. Sprano should be fired - but won't. Henne will be traded for a 5th round pick, they'll draft a RB in the 1st, and a QB in the second and we'll still only get maybe three good players out the draft.

It's not all on Henne - it's the coaches.

Henne should not be a starter in this league. He is a pin head that was yet another blown draft pick.

PB Girl---the one in Wilton Manors is supposed to be good...I dunno re orientation re guys vs gals, but just driving by it (I SWEAR) it has a good sports bar vibe. There are many GLBT friendly bars in WM, so if that one doesn't pan out I'm sure someone can point you to the right place.

Not a Tuna Fan Boy

Just can't stand Salisbury Steak! In all my years of listening to sports talk radio he is in my top 3 of "turn the station guys".

I knew what we would get with the Tuna. We would get meat n potatoes as far as coaching and scheme. I knew he would build from the lines out. He really thinks of the QB as a necesarry evil. He winterized the team a little more. I don't think they are as weak in December as they once were. They are not getting pushed around, although missing some tackles and giving up big plays.

If you look back at the drafts and free agent moves all the past admins have been missing big. Most of the top performers have been late rounders. They are blowing the Top picks and for some reason the FA's are either on their last leg, under-performing, injured etc.

Sure there are some exceptions but over all its been a failure this decade. Over use and in-proper use of talent has also been a problem.

Some times I wonder how the hell Piitsburgh always seems to contend?

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!


Pocket presence- D

Ability to read defense-D


Arm Strength-A

Touch Pass-D

Ability to Check Down-A

Pump Fake- haven't seen one (NO GRADE)


Growth since entering the league-C

Ability to hit receiver in stride for YAC-D

He is a Jay Shrader! He may turn into a Kerry Collins? Rack up a bunch of yards, nice guy, and win a game here and there.

Four years at a major college one year behind a savvy vet, almost 2 years as a starter and came into an offensive philosophy that is not suited for a youngster. Hell thay even found a way to ruin Bledsoe at the end.

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!

fire the coaches bring back don shuls

I think Sean Salisbury is spot on in assessment of Henne. Still that doesnt make Henne the primary problem with this offense. As Salisbury stated, "guys have to make plays around Henne."

You guys know how vocal Ive been about DAN HENNE is the primary problem and Henne seems to be made the primary fall guy here. Over half of Henne's picks are from wr's falling down, having the ball bounce off of thier hands, and lack of effort by our recievers. Maybe 4-5 of his total picks are definitely on Henne himself.

Seems every time I start having a little respect for Channing Crowder he gets into another "CATFIGHT". Have you guys noticed all of his fights involve hair pulling, spitting, or scratching?

For guy that supposedly wrestles alligators, Crowder hasnt come out on the right end of an nfl fight yet. He always left either looking like a sissy or crying like one.

He's probably the laughing stock of league amongst the players fraternity. Why dont we just hand a pretty set of pom-poms already.

Watching a football game turned basketball blowout game. Wisconsin 76 Indiana 20 with 4 minutes left to play.

As a DC how do you even look yourself in the mirror the next day after giving up 76 pts by your defense?

OH MY GOD! Its Wisconsin 83 Indiana 20 now. WOW!!!

83 f^cking points! This is so f^cking unbelievable!!!

Wow, its not like Wisconsin is playing against Pete's Pizza. Indiana is a division one school, if you can believe that.

Salsibury should know average QB's when he sees them.

Sean Salisbury's not exactly an expert in elite QBs. If he had opinions on servicable backup QBs, I'd listen to that.

Salisbury would be a Henning Favorite!

Halftime Report Griz 13 North Dakota 10. Not that anyone cares, but a Grizzly is our leading scorer, and top offensive threat(hopefully that changes) The Noodle people are here today. Of all places homemade noodles from a real Chinese guy at Washington Grizzly Stadium. Cannon just went off, better get back to my seat.. Go griz

No way you can argue with Las Vegas. If the line has gone in favor of Tennessee, they know something we don't know.

Slow day. Chase Reynolds broke Lex Hilliards school record for rushing touchdowns(51) Griz 27 North Dakota 17. Hey Lex I'm sure you read this every day. Call Chase and tell him congrats!

Sean Salisbury? Ah Ha! Enuff said right THERE!

That guys wife don't even trust him to post pictures on the family facebook account. Sorry, but I DON"T like NOTHING about a guy that spent his whole career sitting on the bench hoping another guy gets injured.

I trust Aloco's insights and football intelligence more than Salisburys. Namath yesterday, Salisbury today. Whats with all the has beens commenting on the Dolphins? I'd rather here from Shula, Marino, even John Madden for Christs Sakes!

Just for the record, this anti Salisbury stance has nothing to do with defending Henne. 8 weeks in we're at .500 and the offense is choking in the Red Zone. Something has to be done.

Sporano has to look at it from the top down. Take a look at your OC, then the QB, the skill positions, etc, etc. Firing Henning isn't a realistic option at this point, so that puts Henne in the line of fire. That's fine, you got a seasoned vet backing him up, pull the trigger, salvage the season.

Pretty basic stuff if it weren't for the fact Tony's overlooking the real problem and now has resorted to searching out scape goats.

Henning is the problem and all the Penningtons in the world won't make one bit of difference. On the contrary. I think with the regression of the run game and the high risk, high reward defense, Pennington will be in just as bad, if not worse positon to fail than Henne.

After Watching Cam Newton's first half I can almost definitely say Im on the bandwagon.

We all know a qb that can just run cant survive the nfl very long. However, this skills means when he has to run and its short yardage for a 1st down he can pick it up. He'll also be a tough chore for defenses to sack given his size.

But what really intrigues me most isnt the running ability its the cannon of an arm and "ball location" thats seemingly off the charts with a guy with all of those other abilities.

Newton is a junior and there's great chance with all of the allegations now surrounding him he could be coming out of college this season. If we have a chance to grab him the draft and dont we this regime is brain dead for real.

Guys, Newton's ball location is excellent on his passes. Ball location is one of the things Henne at times struggle with despite his big arm. Ball location is one of the chief things separating good from great qb's in the nfl.

From what Im witnessing Newton has HUGE upside to become a great nfl qb.

What are the allegations against Newton?

Well lets hope Chad P plays well tomorrow because thats the next game and we need a win, chad henne may never be elite but he might not have to be all he has to be is consistently good and that would go a long way and he just hasn't been able to do it go FINS


Firing Henning is a realistic possibility at this point. Im sure David Lee could at least fill in until next season. He's top assistant and very familiar with all of the plays and terminology.

Maybe David Lee can add a few more imaginitive plays to the arsenal and bring the play calling itself into the 21st century. If Lee didnt spark us he's still the bridge into next season and a new OC.

Saying we cant afford too let HENNING go right now is just a cop out. Chances are extremely slim we make the playoffs with HENNING. There's very little too loose. Worst case scenario we may have a chance to draft Cam Newton.


The allegations against Newton is that coming out of high school in Mississippi his father told Mississippi St recruiters it would take between $100,000-$150,000 for him to deliver his son(Newton) to them. However no one's been able to confirm that Newton ever recieve any money too play for anyone. He also allegedly cheated on a test paper while at UF before transfering too Auburn.

He also allegedly stole another student's laptop while at UF. Nothing extremely major. Sometimes kid will just be kids.

Well, I'm a Dolphin fan through and through, so by 1:00 pm tomorrow, I'll be the biggest Pennington fan out there. Might be a different story by 4:00.

Having said that, is anybody concerned about rust? Pennington hasn't played a down in quite some time.

I think it will be feast or famine for Pennington tomorrow. If he gets off to a good start we'll be fine. If he gets rattled early, add in the rust and we're in trouble.

David Lee's Credentials:

David Lee enters his third season as part of the Dolphins’ coaching staff in 2010. He joined the team following a one-year stay at the University of Arkansas (2007), where he ran the offense and tutored the quarterbacks as the team posted a regular season record of 8-4 and went on to appear in the Cotton Bowl. Following the 2007 season, he had assumed a similar role at Ole Miss under Head Coach Houston Nutt before joining the Dolphins’ staff on January 10, 2008.

During the 2009 season, Lee molded a group of young quarterbacks, headed by second year pro Chad Henne, who emerged into the spotlight following a season-ending week-three injury to Chad Pennington. Henne gained a wealth of experience under Lee’s guidance, completing nearly 60-percent of his passes and throwing for 2,878 yards while leading the Dolphins to a 7-6 record as a starter. Henne had three games in 2009 in which he threw for more than 300 yards, the only quarterback other than Dan Marino in team history to throw for multiple 300-yard games in a single season.

Lee also played an vital role in the transformation of the Wildcat offense. No longer a surprise, but a key part of the Dolphins attack, the formation evolved into a multi-dimensional threat that consistently challenged opposing defenses. Since its inception during the 2008 season, the Wildcat offense has accounted for more than 1,000 yards of offense while producing 16 touchdowns.

In 2008, Lee was charged with preparing Chad Pennington for the starting role despite the fact that Pennington was not signed until the day of the Dolphins’ first preseason game. Pennington went on to earn NFL Comeback Player of the Year accolades as he started all 16 games and led the NFL with a completion mark of 67.4 percent. His passer rating of 97.4 ranked second in the NFL and was the second-best figure both in Dolphins history and of his career. His 3,653 yards passing represented the top figure of his NFL career.

In 2007, Lee presided over a Razorbacks offense that averaged 38.8 points per game and 457.4 yards per contest in the regular season, figures that ranked 12th and 18th nationally, respectively, and were school records. The running game in 2007 ranked fourth nationally, as it averaged 286.5 yards an outing and 6.0-yards per attempt led by Darren McFadden, who amassed 1,830 yards and 16 touchdowns on 325 attempts. As a team, Arkansas threw for 1,928 yards with 24 touchdown passes and only 10 interceptions. The 2007 season marked Lee’s third stint at Arkansas, having also coached the fullbacks and quarterbacks there from 1984-88 and the quarterbacks from 2001-02.

Lee’s first NFL coaching position came with the Dallas Cowboys in 2003, when he served as the team’s offensive quality control coach. He added the title of quarterbacks coach for the 2005 season. In Lee’s four years in Dallas, three different Cowboys quarterbacks threw for 3,000 yards in a single season, while a fourth, Tony Romo, went from being an undrafted college free agent in 2003 to a starter in 2006 and was selected to the Pro Bowl.

i guess Salibury should be an expert on mediocre quarterbacks.
Wow, newsflash Henne is no Marino big shocker. i think the Dolphins have a better chance of winning a Superbowl with this style of football then we did when Marino refused to ever control the clock by handing the ball off.

Dying Breed,

First let me say I agree with you on firing Henning as a realistic option. I should have been more specific. What I meant was, in Sporano's, and maybe even Ireland and Ross's mind, it's not a realistic option at this point.

I myself would be all for promoting David Lee. AT LEAST in the interim. Right now! TONIGHT! BEFORE the game tomorrow. Again, I think you're right, a cop out from the powers that be.

As far as Cam Newton, we'll NEVER draft him. Do you know what his Mother does for a living-LOL?


David Lee's credentials shows that he can possibly get the job done as new OC.

If Henne hits open BM in one game, and he hits the open Fasano in another, thats 2 games we could have won. We'd be 6 - 2 and nobody would be calling for Hennings firing. The problem seems to be Henne more than Henning. I'll be waiting to see how many of the frequent rubber-brain man loving Henne fans here admit they were wrong once Penne lights up the offense.


Go back and try again. "Marino refused to ever control the clock"

At least when I post MY stupidity, I TRY to be funny, C'mon MAN!

Whoo Hoo, Penne is gonna "light up" the offense!! Cant wait, instead of 13 pts we will score 17. Penne will be firing those 8 to 12 yard passes all over the field!!! The excitement is just kiling me, oh wait, I sold my tix to play golf. I made the better choice. Tenn 31 Fins 17


Everyone on this board knows there are concerns regarding Henne. We get that brother. The bigger concerns go beyond Henne falling right into HENNING'S lap.

Henne doesnt design the plays. Most HENNING plays are unamaginative and over conservative in design period. Seeing the Cameron's screen plays were designed compared to HENNING'S was just sickening to watch vs Ravens.

HENNING doesnt get the maximum out of his offensive personel use. Again, when Cameron was here he had Ronnie Brown looking like a pro bowler catching passes out of the backfield before Brown went down for the season.

Henning at the worst possible time brings in his severely flawed rb plutoon system always cooling off the hot rb. We all know Henning's play calling at most times is suspect to say the least then at times down right horrible.

Ask yourself, "Is Chad Henne responsible for this?" Those are things I highly doubt will change and HENNING personally admitted it Thursday. If we're lucky we may average 1 more field goal per game with the switch but how well that translates as far as more wins is anyone's guess.


I noticed you didn't post your passive/aggressive prediction under your usual name, Hmmmmmmm.

You can pinpoint any number of instances that would have changed the outcome of any game ever. It's useless SPECULATION.

The facts are, Henne didn't call a fullback up the middle on third and 18 in Minnesota. Henne didn't insert the fullback into our two minute offense. Add nasuem to infinity.

I hope the Dolphins win the Super Bowl, but the only thing Pennington will light up tommorrow is an icy hot pack for him shoulder.

DAN HENNING makes Cam Cameron look like a freaking offensive genius. That my friends is absolutely sickening to me!!!

The sad thing is Pennington will get planted, sooner or later, happens to all slow footed QBs. When that happens he will be laying on the 40 with his shoulder on the 35. But thats allright because Dan Henning is a genius.

Take the Christmas wrap off of David Lee. FIRE HENNING NOW!!!

Man, I am so anxious about this game! The only thing that has dampened it a little bit is Las Vegas odds, but still...

In the evening.... In the evening..-.....

I didn't get to watch the first half of the Auburn Georgia game. But pro prospest wise the Georgia kid is a much purer passer and looks more like a traditional qb, then Newton. Not taking anything away from Newton because he's great, but he is far from a drop back passer. ?He looks more like a tight end. In 2 years Aaron Murray will be the first qb taken in the draft. Mark it down, Championship, Fire Henning, the whole shebang!

If Pennington throws a 40 yard TD and his arm comes off and hits the ref in the back of the head, would the touch down be called back?

The more Im watching Cam Newton tonight the more impressed Im becoming. Just converted a 3rd and 11 with his legs. This is a critical drive becuse theyre only up 35-31 in the 4th. this drive is looking great so far.

I'll admit I was surprised by the QB switch, and it certainly isn't a sign of confidence in Henne. I guess they are acting now rather than wait until its too late. Clearly Penne isn't the long term answer, but I'd have to believe something makes them believe Penne will give them the best chance to win right now in order to make a change like this. If he goes down with another injury, Henne will be right back in, so I don't see this as overly dramatic. Just get the damn win.

Time to see how good Murray is.

He needs to score quick.

Darryl Dunphy,

Since you mention it, a major concern could exist that Newton doesnt take snaps underneath center. Those were concerns with Pat White coming in but Newton is bigger, taller and has a much better arm than White.

Newton just hits another td pass..........

Anyway reading defenses is much different when having to take snaps from underneath center. I think this and his accuracy is what Pat White struggled with most not to mention his diminuitive stature or height. Though Newton's an entirely different physical specimen I wonder how fluid would he be dropping back into the pocket and Im sure nfl scouts are wondering the same thing too.

I wonder how many times Georgias OC will call the FB draw this drive?


Murray's not even ranked a top 25 college qb. Here are the college qb rankings:



Dying- That's the whole problem. He doesn't have to read defenses, he just reacts to them. Plus we don't know if he can make all the throws. Just because he has a VERY, VERY strong arm, I see that and it's impressive. throws from 5-7 step drops are alot more difficult then out of the spread. That is why I think a lot of these college guys struggle. You never have to throw a deep out, or come back from the spread. These are huge in the NFL. Plus with Newton, we have no idea how his footwork is. Again he is taking 2-3 steps if the play isn't there he takes off. The Auburn offense only has 2 recievers and a tight end. Mt point is it's a very simple offense. He is a beast, and I'm note hating on him, i want to see him do well.But I think he has a ways to go before he is lighting up the NFL.

Newton does seem pretty smart. He goes down instead of taking a big hit. He doesnt try and play He-man like Tim Tebow did in college.

Murray is a redshirt freshman, IMO by the end of his junior year, he will be the top rated qb, 2 years.
Dying- I don't know if you read my response on the last page. But again did you notice the only real "pro throw" Newton had to make got picked off. I will say he was very accurate. And I was suprised, and impressed. He showed a strong arm, but I''ll go back to my argument on the last page as to why I don't think Newton is raeady to be an NFL qb. Sorry about the spelling, drank a little to much at the game.





I don't waste my time watching amateurs.

But the guy looked fine.

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