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Sean Salisbury: Henne won't ever be elite

Well, as long as I'm telling you what former NFL quarterbacks and current pundits are saying on radio shows about the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation (see previous post), I figured I'd give you Sean Salisbury's take on Chad Henne.

Salisbury visited my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, this week prior to Henne's benching in Miami. And he basically said Henne will be a solid quarterback in this league.

But never an elite quarterback.

Salisbury, as you can hear on the audio file below, agreed with me that Henne is hard to define because of all the problems that have been happening around him during his 21 games as Miami's starter.

"You and I have pretty much been on the same page," Salisbury said. "I got a message this week from a friend and we were talking about it, and I know the people in South Florida are on Dan Henning and the rest of it. But with Chad, I said the same exact thing almost to a T. I said, 'You know what, the jury is still out.' ... I DVR all the games I can't watch live and I watch and then re-watch them during the week. And, you know, at times I look at Chad and say this is a superstar about to happen. And then the next week I say, 'Is he going to be a star? Is he even going to be able to hold down a job? Is this their future?

"And you know, you guys know me, I'm not a fence-sitter. If I thought Chad sucked I'd say, 'They gotta get a new quarterback.' They need to say that in a bunch of different places. I thought he was going to be great, but I don't know. I've watched him enough. I've seen him make enough throws to know the guy can play. But I've also seen him do some things and make some decisions and make some throws and make some boneheaded decisions to say, 'He's a backup in this league.'

" ... So put it this way, Chad Henne is not ever going to be a guy that carries a franchise on his back like Miami's been used to a whole bunch of years ago when No. 13 was there -- that whenever everything else was going wrong, the quarterback will carry you. I think Chad is a really, really good player when he's got people around him that are making plays, also. So if that makes sense, he's not a Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner could carry a team in Arizona. He leaves and they go to hell in a hand basket. There's quarterbacks that can do that. But there's also quarterbacks you say, 'Ok, this is a guy that's good for us. He's going to go 18 out of 27, throw a touchdown, and we're going to be efficient.' I think Chad can be that guy with an every-now-and-then 300-yard spectacular performance.

"I don't believe you're ever going to look at him and say, 'We're going to load it on [his] back and that's going to be on him.' Chad needs to have a team that runs the football and is going to have guys make some plays for him. I don't think he's going to be that guy you say, 'We're going to franchise him or he's worth $50, $60 million.' I don't think he's that quarterback. But I do think he's a starter in this league."

You should listen to the audio:


Salisbury addressed other interesting things during the interview. For instance, he believes the Dolphins are going to be a factor going forward.

"I can assure you they will disrupt the playoff picture before they're done," he said.

And, of course, if you are the mood, you can always listen to me live on Armando and the Amigo weekday mornings from 6-10 a.m. on 640-Sports in South Florida, or live streaming online here or off the podcast that is available on iTunes and the site (check the site for the link.)

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Dying, is Luck even coming out this year? I thought he'd come out next year.

Henne has gotten much better with his touch passes. His consistent ball location need more work then touch. Ball location and accuracy is not to be confused.

Accuracy is only putting the ball within an area where the reciever realistically has a chance of catching it. Ball location is an area that gives the defender the least amount of probability of defensing or intercepting the ball. Ball location can also eliminate tip interceptions caused by recievers and just like the slip too the ground picks by Hartline.

If Henne threw it low and made the reciever go down to get the ball anyway, slipping would have actually given him a better chance to get the ball also eliminating the defenders ability too pick the ball. Great ball location also leads to better opportunities for yac yardage.

Henne still needs lots of work in ball location. Accuracy is decent and touch is decent. Not too sat it cant be improved upon though. Ball locations is a primary issue with Henne at present. Its barely decent.


From bleacher report:

Luck will be the first pick of the 2011 draft; there's no doubt about it.

He grades out nearly perfectly.

Luck has the size, the arm strength and accuracy to make every throw at the NFL level. He is a Peyton Manning-like student of the game, makes incredibly fast reads, and has that sixth sense in the pocket you just can't teach.

Whoever finishes with the worst record in the NFL this season has a great consolation prize. That's all that really needs to be said.



I can tell you why we don't click in the Red Zone.

Everytime we get within fieldgoal range our offensive strategy changes.

This season I have watched running plays called on third and long to line up the ensuing field goal attempt.

Answer this question and you'll have another clue:

How many times, this season, have we went to a spread or 4 wide receiver formation inside the 30?

It's unf_cking real and starting to get pretty predictable too. If we're on the left hash, inside the 30 on third and long, it's an off tackle right and vice versa. It's like clockwork!

I think the number one thing that can help Henne, and this should fall on the quarterbacks coach. I hope they work on Hennes footwork in the pocket. We rip on him because he is capt. dink and dunker. If Henne can improve on feeling the rush, and making small movements in the pocket to buy a little more time. I think we will start to see him get the ball down field more, and less check down charlie. This is a hard skill to learn because it involves feel for the game, and experience. It would help if they got him out of the pocket more. I think that we would see more big plays as well. It's hard to keep coverage for that long. Coverages get blown, and big plays happen. Look at veteran qb's. The good ones always extend the play by movement in the pocket. Not evey play will allow Henne to sit in his comfert zone 5 yards behind the center, if he can get coached up, on this area of his game, I think it will help him and our team.

If the nfl season goes at present we're going to be getting a very long look at Andrew Luck twice a season for the next 10 or more years. Can you say Buffalo Bills?

Hey Armando!

I bet if you go back to the studio and pick up your earphones, you will find Sean Salisbury Steak still running his Friggen yapper? That fool's talk is even worse than Cowherd and Cornheiser. He never stops talking and comes off like he was actually a Playa.

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!

If this organization doesnt get its shyte together and I mean in a hurry. We'll have a very realistic proposition of becoming the new "cellar dwellars" of the afc east. Buffalo's "LUCK"(Andrew) is about to change.

Once Buffalo drafts Andrew Luck that ESPN idiot Chris Bergman aka "swami" will never keep the flaps on his yap closed. He'll dedicate entire 1 hours shows too, "Nobody circles the wagons like Buffalo Bills."

Its going to get pretty disgusting guys. Get ready!


Did you mean "Cornturd and Cowturd?"

Wow Oregon 15- Cal 13 third quarter. Upset alert.


Don Shula spoiled me.


i said it before henne is no diferent than flacco, sanchez, or even ryan, the only difference is that each of those other three have COMPLETE capable teams of not relying on one player...they have defense, ST's, and a running game....I certianly hope the penny lovers out there realize that even with noodle arm in there, it doesnt change the prblems here in miami with our defensive backs or dysfuntional special teams, and our barely existant running game this year, But sure its win now or else with pennington*lol*...look foward to next year again!!!


You mentioned the defensive backs as being a problem.

Does the Allen for Harris help or hurt?

Good ? Odin, i dont know if thats a big upgrade for us considering the mans 36 yrs old going against much younger guys who are still in their prime excluding moss, and harris is very vulnerable to injury which is why GB let him walk. Is he better than Allen , 10 yrs ago , ABSOLUTELY, now i see it as more of cover to convince fans and others that they are trying to win now rather than later just like the penny ordeal.

and Odin if your stillthere , i got a ? for you, If penny was the *SPARK* we needed, then why didnt this coaching staff step in and say henne wasnt quite ready to take on the reigns heading into the bye weekend??? i mean henne wasnt by any means lighting it up then, AND we certianly didnt see any reason to have penny in there for the start of the season as he was just as inefficiant as henne was when trying to put more pts on the board in preseason action, so how come it took 8 gms into the season for the coaching staff to say henne aint ready and pennington is????

Good question.

It's hard to say, but to even try to answer you have to put yourself in Sporano's shoes.

Your .500 at the midway point, anything can happen. At least you have to believe that if your Tony Sporano.

Tony's doing what he thinks gives him the best chance at sucess for the second half of the season. He's refusing to be a Dan Henning and keep trying the same things over and over again, expecting a different result.

I think it's the wrong moves, obviously, but I actually commend the guy for trying something.

I would have benched Henning myself, but either way, at this point in the season you got to try something.

PS: You should have seen this post before I spell checked it?


Spell checked? You used "your" instead of "you're" and it's "Sparano" not "Sporano."

Just playfully busting your chops buddy. LOL

*lol*, at least you spell check, my posts have a couple words that usually only make sense to aloco!!!! But yea i guess at this point, why not???/ I definately dont agree with the penny move here but if it works out then whetever, although i cant help but already think the words *I told You so* this time at the end of the year!!!

Yeah, this bottle of Rum doesn't help my spellin none.

Just for the record, it's "Sporano" until he wins a playoff game ')

henne needed one more year behind Penn not all are ready at the same time sone need more tine than others CP10 will pull us into the playoffs amd spoil it for the JETs

Henne is the dolphins version of Kerry Collins.

This just in...

Al Harris will be authorized to use Don Shula's Rascal in tomorrow's game against the Tennessee Titans. Although the league approved this move to to his old and injured state. He will not be allowed to use Nitrous Oxide on the vehicle.

Go Phins!

Toyt like a Toyten!

I am your Fajsha!

Toyt like a Toyten!

I am your Fajsha!

Randy Moss is Toyt!

Chris Johnson is Toyt!

Chad Henne not so much!

Toyt like a Toyten!

I am your Fajsha!

Feed the Aloco!
Go Phins!

Do I make you Henne Baby!

Oooh Behave!


I know that's a lie.

The NFL would never approve of us using a Rascal.

They would let Belicheat use a snow blower up in Foxboro, but a Rascal, us? Nah!

Oingo Boingo called and invited Dan Henning to a Party!

It's a Dead mans Party...hmm hhmm hmmh hmmm hmmm

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!

Shula's Rascal from the Achilles Tendon injury.

Al Harris! He also gets his pre-game meal in a blender along with Dan Henning.

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!

Well, I'm going to try and sleep this one off until gametime.

If you guys don't here from me anytime soon, it'll just be some more "temporary technical difficulties".

Anyway, just in case I reach "blackout status", just let me say:

F_ck you Dan Henning and Dan Reeves too, just because he looks like you!!!!

Tomorrow is Manny Fernandez Mutton Chop give away day! Should be a hoot!

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!


Dey used to do dat when I was in de joimt.

Run yo mouf, get yo shyt split, U eatin out da blender Bra!

Penn was Rapping to Eminem to loosen up the Fellas.

Any truth to the rumor that last week Henne was Rapping to Justin Bieber?

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!

BBQ Sauce & Apples make the best Jail House PRUNO!

Feed the Aloco!

Go Phins!

Dey used to call me Capone cause I was de biggest bootleggr in de joimt!

Cellblock D4 was just like Cicero baby!

Mob Central!!!!

Cicero is a dump, unfortunately

All well and good but Pennington is the qb this week and we have the Titans to deal with. Feed the puppy!

Sean is entitled to his opinion, but the line
' Chad needs to have a team that runs the football and is going to have guys make some plays for him. I don't think he's going to be that guy you say, 'We're going to franchise him or he's worth $50, $60 million.'

I can think of maybe 3 QB's out of 32 you'd say this about. Payton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees.

We don't need a top tier QB to win. We need a solid OL, a true #2 WR, a young ellusive RB, and an OC that knows how to make it all work. Chad Henne will look a whole lot better with a solid team around him. It's a team game.


Manny is fast, very fast. And slick.

The comparison of Manny to Duran is very fair.

Who is Sean Salisbury? This guy was an average-to-bad QB, a career backup. And he was a horrible analyst, so bad that he got fired and is looking for work. I cringed when this guy spoke when he was on TV, and I cringed while I read this. I stopped after his first rant. Henne is a much better QB at this point of his career than Salisbury ever was.



Hey Pampano Beach Gal, are you one of those hot lipstick lesbians or one that looks and dresses like a dude? Your answer will dictate where you should go.


I agree Aloco. I hate it when people try to be funny and I have a hangover.

Sorry to interupt your coffee, I just got up for some motrin and a beer to tide me over till kickoff.

Bottoms Up!!!!

Most QB's take a few years for the light to go on and the confidence to get there. Henne still needs that time. He needed to be benched I think so he can reflect and believe it or not, get better. He will be good.

Well, it's all on the line. Finally!

if you ever played a team sport,you're familiar with benchings. a seat on the bench has actually helped many an athelete. not too many players get all the time they want "to develop". there has to be some urgency;this is the NFL where fans want improvement or else. coaches can only wait so long. penne for henne is the right move at this time. henne needed to show some life. time ran out. go fins!

trouble-shooting Henne: is he teachable, does he listen and comprehend instruction from his QB coach, if the answer is yes then it is time for a new QB coach or at the very least re-evaluate the QB coach to make a decision. i think henne would benefit in a big way if MARINO or a curt warner were to coach him. if pennington is the one henne gets most of his training from that might help explain the absence of the deep-ball. i do not like the idea of pennington coaching henne because penny is looking for the throws that he is limited to and really does not have a lot of experience with the deep-ball. so the tools for the deep-ball are their, henne+marshall, the PROBLEM is there is NO architect. miami can't afford another draft bust or another set-back at QB, so it should be high on everyones list of priorities to FIND the ARCHITECT. saving henne saves the dolphins.

our offensive philosophy is old school;no mistakes,run the ball,eat the clock,no chances,ball security and game management. we run a dink and dunk offense which requires a game manager. henne is not a natural fit;penne is. for henne to have a chance at success we need a new offensive philosophy playing to henne's strengths. this regime plays for fg's,not to lose,small ball, taking a knee at midfield with 4 sec left in a half "because something bad could happen". we dont draft weapons;we turn over rocks looking for ?????? i dont know what. frustrated!!!!!!

Game Day!... Go Miami!

Speaking to Breed and DC's discussion about QB's coming out this next draft... Andrew Luck is most certainly the Big Prize. The Guy is Payton Manning 13 years ago... My QB wish list should Miami make 1st round move (Possible 2nd's here also) is...

#1 Andrew Luck... as I said before nearly a perfect QB. Stanford Guy (Elway), 6'-6" great arm, student of the game, no off field issues, accurate and smart against defenses.

#2 Ryan Mallet... Arkansas, 6'-6", Killer arm, acurate, is said to have good work ethic and is very intelligent. I know very little off field about Mallet other then he has a great GPA.

#3 Jake Locker... Washington, 6'-3", Big Time Arm, aide from Luck probably the most accurate guy available, Team Captain, great Leader, and he is a Thick dude who has wheels.

#4 Cam Newton... If he decides to go early, he may just be a special QB. However, He has a great big "BUT" (not Butt) hanging over his head. He cheated in Florida and he stole a Laptop from a dorm As far as the "Getting Paid" deal goes... Whatever! most of the better kids in the NCAA do by someone or another, who are we trying to kid? I watched Cam Yesterday against Georgia and the Guy refuses to lose. I can also see him screwing a team by sitting out for half a season over a signing bonus. Since salaries for Rookies will be heavily regulated by the time Football restarts after this season, it will not be a hold out over a contract or its length, it will be about a signing bonus.Its 50/50 he leaves early, if it looks as though the NFL CBA is going to go through... I say he bails for the NFL this coming year. One thing, I would grill this guy like a Murder suspect before I would hire him... but if he fared well in those interviews... He may make one hell of a Pro-QB.

No matter if Miami goes after another guy or Sticks with Henne, there needs to be a QB "best man plays" competition in camp. No more "Its your job" unless a guy has proven himself very well.

Any way....
Go Dolphins!!!!

Bottom line for Henne is he doesn't have the "confidence" to make all the throws to be an elite QB. Plus, he doesn't have the mental toughness that the great ones have. I don't think he believes he can carry the team on his shoulders.

So, the unawnsered question is CAN he develop the confidence and mental toughness? He's had a season and a half to do it. How much more time does he need and do we have the time to wait for him to develop?



Harbaugh, bringing Luck w/ him.....now that would be swell.......but our record won't be bad enough to get such a highly ranked QB.

The debate on here on how to fix Henne is funny but sad.

It's TOO LATE...........he's done. And we're at Square One of the next Rebuild.

Thanks, Tuna!


Seems like you ran out of ideas and want to promote your radio show. Tell me when sean salisbury sai something that anybody pays attention to.

Goes back to the big picture...

This front office sucks with a capital S! They drafted this mediocre QB as well as all the other mediocre players. They absolutely suck! Also, hiring and still keeping Henning as the OC is further proof that they suck! Parcels, Ireland and rah, rah Sparano bite the big one!! Ross should can Ireland and Sparano after this season so they can join Fatboy on the unemployemnt line! Parcels didn't have a clue and neither do they.

How can you believe we are at "square one" of "The Next" rebuild when 85% of our team is either Rookie or 2nd/3rd year players?

I believe that is a bit of a melodramatic depiction of the reality of this team. Reality is, we have several spots that will need addressed, that was true whether Henne was the next Brady or Not.
We have several positions that are set for as many years as we care to resign their occupants. I would say our D-line is set for some time, I believe we have two of the best Tackles in the league. We have a couple of very good LBer's but could use some help on the outside of that Corp... Cam Wake is a "Sack Master" friggin STAR sharing the top of the league with one other player who None of the Miami fans give props too.
QB...?, TE another CB. Possibly a NT if it hits just right. A speed guy to stretch the field and shag Kicks/punts (Although Sheets is still an option when healthy)... and a Pro bowl caliber Center (Berger is a backup in this league IMAO) and Miami is a fairly complete team.

That can be accomplished in a Draft and a few FA pick up's... may leave one or two spots to cover with developmental guys.

I don't see Miami anywhere NEAR another complete rebuild for the next 6 to 10 years, they just need to finish the one they started 21/2 years ago and begin to tweak it a bit.

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