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Sean Salisbury: Henne won't ever be elite

Well, as long as I'm telling you what former NFL quarterbacks and current pundits are saying on radio shows about the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation (see previous post), I figured I'd give you Sean Salisbury's take on Chad Henne.

Salisbury visited my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, this week prior to Henne's benching in Miami. And he basically said Henne will be a solid quarterback in this league.

But never an elite quarterback.

Salisbury, as you can hear on the audio file below, agreed with me that Henne is hard to define because of all the problems that have been happening around him during his 21 games as Miami's starter.

"You and I have pretty much been on the same page," Salisbury said. "I got a message this week from a friend and we were talking about it, and I know the people in South Florida are on Dan Henning and the rest of it. But with Chad, I said the same exact thing almost to a T. I said, 'You know what, the jury is still out.' ... I DVR all the games I can't watch live and I watch and then re-watch them during the week. And, you know, at times I look at Chad and say this is a superstar about to happen. And then the next week I say, 'Is he going to be a star? Is he even going to be able to hold down a job? Is this their future?

"And you know, you guys know me, I'm not a fence-sitter. If I thought Chad sucked I'd say, 'They gotta get a new quarterback.' They need to say that in a bunch of different places. I thought he was going to be great, but I don't know. I've watched him enough. I've seen him make enough throws to know the guy can play. But I've also seen him do some things and make some decisions and make some throws and make some boneheaded decisions to say, 'He's a backup in this league.'

" ... So put it this way, Chad Henne is not ever going to be a guy that carries a franchise on his back like Miami's been used to a whole bunch of years ago when No. 13 was there -- that whenever everything else was going wrong, the quarterback will carry you. I think Chad is a really, really good player when he's got people around him that are making plays, also. So if that makes sense, he's not a Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner could carry a team in Arizona. He leaves and they go to hell in a hand basket. There's quarterbacks that can do that. But there's also quarterbacks you say, 'Ok, this is a guy that's good for us. He's going to go 18 out of 27, throw a touchdown, and we're going to be efficient.' I think Chad can be that guy with an every-now-and-then 300-yard spectacular performance.

"I don't believe you're ever going to look at him and say, 'We're going to load it on [his] back and that's going to be on him.' Chad needs to have a team that runs the football and is going to have guys make some plays for him. I don't think he's going to be that guy you say, 'We're going to franchise him or he's worth $50, $60 million.' I don't think he's that quarterback. But I do think he's a starter in this league."

You should listen to the audio:


Salisbury addressed other interesting things during the interview. For instance, he believes the Dolphins are going to be a factor going forward.

"I can assure you they will disrupt the playoff picture before they're done," he said.

And, of course, if you are the mood, you can always listen to me live on Armando and the Amigo weekday mornings from 6-10 a.m. on 640-Sports in South Florida, or live streaming online here or off the podcast that is available on iTunes and the site (check the site for the link.)

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All we need is a QB, a deep-threat WR, an NT, another CB (or two for nickel, etc.), a Free Safety AND a candidate to groom to replace Yeremiah at SS, a young running back, a good-to-better-than-good Center, and about 6 special teans aces.

Easy as Pie!

What a disgrace...

We're going to have to rebuild the rebuilt!!
At least two more years of anguish. Is there anyone who can save this team??!!

and Derek, w/ respect:

"they" ain't gonna get to do whatever level of rebuild or tweak is needed............if "they" do, we're double-doomed.


ST ?
QB ?
TE ?

yup.........forgot to mention TE.

Lets Face It Dolphans:

This franchise has pretty much been in the "DUMPSTER" ever since the Robbie family sold it too waste management magnate Wayne Huizengs. Especially so the past 13yrs.

Now we're in the hands of a real estate magnate who seems to be selling off pieces of the franchise like it was real estate property. From top to bottom we still dont seem too be in stable hands. Never thought I would see the day when Joe Robbie would be our best owner ever. Especially after allowing Czonka, Kiick, and Warfield defect to the now defunct world football league.

My how times have changed!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero and fellow Dolphin fans

Good morning :)

After reading Salisbury's comments and knowing the player that he was... I can only say "mediocre knows mediocre I guess"

Once the Trio defected to the USFL, Robbie came around...........at least Shues never bitched about him thereafter, and they had some notorious dust-ups before.

I really can't blame Ross for this on-field debacle. We have a super-high payroll, and it seems that Tuna got everything he wanted. Problem is HE WANTED THE WRONG STUFF---Henne, Wilford, Eric Green & that twit of a safety whose name I cannot recall, Pat White, Jake Grove instead of Jason Brown, Jared Odrick, etc etc etc. Ross didn't run off Ryan Clark or decide that Dez B's mom's sad history overruled Dez's tremendous talent - - Tuna & Ireland did.

Let's hope Ross hangs in for one more rebuild, w/ his own choice, not Huizenga's one-sided (to Tuna) contract).

btw, Mr Huizenga---Art Blank sure is LHAO at how you "stole" Tuna from him!

I guess Wayne Huizenga pretty much knows garbage when he sees it. He very much proved this with his decision making process while here. Guess what? His last act was selling the franchise too Stephen Ross.

Hate too be the bearer of bad news but Im trying to look at our woes from an entirely different vantage point angle. If we never figure out what our real problems are we'll never get them fixed.

Why do you follow them team... Just curious?

Its NOT as bad as you want to make it sound "Seer"... no matter how much you emphasize what you say or those "Doom and Gloomers" who will support your notions.....

This team.... ANY TEAM... can and will rise above their own ability more often then not. If I were to say what needs rebuilt on this team... I would likely say the upper portion of the Coaching staff, I've never been truly happy with the set up... (my jury is still out on Tony, we'll see after Henning is gone) But I am much higher on our players then you are. Even the ones we already have are not HORRIBLE, they just need improved, EVERY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE REBUILDS ITS REBUILD... it is why there is a draft every year and not one every three or four. Teams always need tweaked... thinking they will someday be "Complete and Perfect" is Naive... That's why we debate... I have only seen 2 games this season.. NE and Baltimore that Miami has looked over-matched... and the NE game was tainted by stupidity on ST (I want to see the rematch).. not lack of talent or ability like what I saw out of Henne and a few Defensive players in the Baltimore game.

Say what you will... This team is close... damn close. They need some breaks and they need some leadership... they are getting one of those on the field today in Pennington, even if its a temporary one until a permanent is found.

Everuy important decision Huizenga made regarding this team has been garbage. Guess what, the last was too sell to Ross. Think about it? Real estate magnate Ross has been selling off pieces like his own personal game of Boardwalk.

Seems lately the owners in charge business professions has had a parallell effect on what has happened to our franchise. Are there no more Rooney-like ownership families left in America? We need one very badly!

He sure dumped a load of trash in the Fans' laps!

Wayne: dumped Shula, annointed JJ, begged JJ to stay, let JJ annoint wanny, stuck us w/ free-range Tuna, fleeced Ross.............

thanks wayne

Yup Seer,

We got just what we were supposed too get from a garbage expert(Huizenga). Face it fans!!!

Finally were gonna see If Penny is Gonna take us to the Top.... or
Say what u want about Penny but The decision to Bench Henne Is Awsome in my Book!
Remember This::: IF Penny is Outright Horrible today, It Does NOT Mean Benching Henne was a Bad Call. He Needs to sitback and watch the game from the side.
Thigpen Would Be the Next Best Option!
((((Not Putting Henne Back!!!))))

So Lets Get Our First Home Win For Fination!!!


Now we have "Mr. Boardwalk" himself at the helm. Ask yourselves dolphans what was his first move coming aboard? He start selling off pieces like his own personal Boardwalk game. We really seem to have landed on "GO" with this move!!!

You people better wake up. This coach Saporano is now 'desperate'!!! We are sunk. This team sucks because of bad drafts( Odrick...need I say more) Henne was and is a bright spot! These loser coaches with their loser attitudes are the ones who are finished. Remember these words. If the Dolphins lose today...its over for Saporano and all his croonies...thank God for it.

I hope the signings of Dansby and Marshall wasnt just a move too improve "property value" by Ross. If so by the time he sells us we'll have so many small owners no one out there may want the headache involved with getting everyone on the same page to make the final tranaction a go!!!

Let him sell! Problem is that Huizenga fleeced him big-time, and Ross's main source of income, Real Estate, has, as we all know, gone so far south he's GOT to hang onto team.

Huizenga laughing, Tuna laughing, Ar Blank laughing.............sense a theme here?

I'm totally not in favor of Jerry Jones-like ownership but I do expect if an owner notices an obvious problem and sees his guys in charge arent getting it fix to step in and say the "buck stops here!" DAN Henning should have been fired Monday even if they decided too temporarily bench Henne. Benching Henne alone wasnt the amswer!!!

The question stands.... Why do you follow the team?

I read your guys assaults on this team daily... PLEASE explain why you would follow a team that you feel the way you obviously do about the Dolphins? You have made it clear hat you don't like from where they come... you don't like where they are... and your not happy about where they are going....

SO!!! The question stands... Why do you follow and post about this team?

Is is to drag people into debate (are you a pathetic troll in other words?)...

Is it because you have nothing better to do (Are you broke, lonely and need a hobby?)

Is it because you think the Dolphins are doing their coach search on the MH Blog by trying to find the person whop writes the most negative shyt they can...?

Honestly... I find you to be a paradox... Someone who acts or does love this team... Yet cannot bring themselves to enjoy them because they feel they must be perfect to be loved or enjoyed...

That is where we part guys... I would follow and believe in this club if they were 0-16 year after year... not because I feel that would be fun... But because I realize in the end... this is NOT Monetizing $600 Million like this Administration and the Fed. Did early this week... this is not Dead soldiers in Afghanistan...or failed Obama G20 trips...
This is a GAME! and a FOOTBALL TEAM I have loved since I was old enough to say their name... Not something to hate or criticize daily... its just a freekin team man....

Well... Have at it... You are a true case study Human Nature...

Enjoy the game guys... Time to leave for the stadium....

Fellow Dolphans,

I know from all of my posts over the last few months I may seem like a very disgruntled fan but really Im not. Not any longer anyways.

I've now set aside all of my anger and disappointment and have started looking at this entire organization from a "realistic" point of view. Disappointment, anger, and denial over the years has accomplished me nothing.

However, placing everything in proper perspective has given me at least a "reasonable" state of peace of mind while still not totally satisfied with the goings on with my favorite team on the entire planet.

D4D, Good Post.
Im Lonely and i Just want someone to Hold Me and tell me everything is gonna be OK!

Foreal though, Fins Win Big Today!
I believe!!!!!
38-28 Fins!

Yeah---you have to be a real misfit to dare to criticize this Team, or the Great Tuna,or a Decade of Furility.

The only humans who need to get a grip are the Tuna FanBoyz who see Unicrons & Double Rainbows every time they look at the team.

BTW---listening to a tape of Jeff Fischer gushing about acquiring Moss...but hey, he's no Sparano....we'd rather claim Merriman.

curse you lack-of-spell check!

good post d4d
couldnt agree more


Why do some fans want too attack other because they refuse to wear the aqua and orange sunglasses? I dont attack anyone for living in thier state of denial because everyone his entitled to his or her own opinion.

If it doesnt make you a troll for basking in obvious denial. Then why should it make those who choose to be more "realistic" trolls? If reality bother you that much I suggest maybe staying off Dolphin blog sites.

Pros and cons about the team exists everywhere. Who died and made you king of freedom of speech. We arent being callous and derogatory about our team. We're just trying to be more realistic. That doesnt make us anymore trollistic than fans who arent.


I'll put it like this:

If I had a mangy dog, just because he's mangy I dont love him any less. However, if I love him I still do everything possible to get his condition fixed. Just pretending my dog isnt mangy doesnt get the problem fixed.

Reality states that from top to bottom no one in our organization has had much of a clue the last 13 years. We all wnat to see the problem get fixed. No one enjoys feeling they have to b!tch about thier most favorite team on the entire planet.

bull. he has an awesome arm and will be among the leagues best. marino thinks so

I see every poster here's point of view. The realistic right down to the sympathetic. Hey, I want to believe too guys. But a little concrete evidence in real truth is required too.

I will never stop being a fan. Just like the powerball I'll still keep playing until the day I died. Same goes for my allegiance as a dolphin fan. If I didnt give a damn I wouldnt be here period.


A parent loves a child. But even a loving parent at times has to imtroduce a little tough love to keep that child on the right course. If not that childs strays off into the paths of obvious oblivion. There's a difference between being tough and being mean.

this was henne's 3rd year;he was coached up extensively and given the majority of practice reps. truth is he didnt impress the coaches enough with his development(or lack of) to be trusted to win a game. he was told not to lose the game. most of us (two thirds by the polling) agreed a change was needed at the qb position. penne is the ultimate "game manager" which is the system sparano/henning desire to run. henne could be done in miami under this regime.

Don't you have to be an elite quarterback to know what an elite quarterback is? He's just a moron that doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

Well, Salisbury knows an awful lot about being elite. Riiiiight. At least he showed Favre how to take pictures of his Salisbury steak with his cell phone.

none of salsbury's extra maritial affairs will ever be elite, either.

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