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What Brandon Marshall is saying today

Thursdays are among my favorite days with the Dolphins because I get to hear offensive coordinator Dan Henning and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan try to share as little as possible about what really is going on with the team and then I get to hear wide receiver Brandon Marshall be relatively open and engaging and interesting.

Today was no different. During his session with the media, the Miami alpha wide receiver addressed whether he's disappointed that Randy Moss won't be joining the Dolphins, talked about his lack of concern about receptions, his significant concern about his lack of touchdowns, and even his opinion about some teammates:

(On him and Brian Hartline going back and forth about who is faster) – “He’s definitely faster but I like to give him a hard time (laughter). (You know) when we do our gassers or after practice I try to cut him off just messing with him. (laughter)” 

(On how has he seen Brian Hartline’s role evolve) – “I think he—not to put any more pressure on him but I think he invites the pressure and embraces it—but I think he plays, he has the biggest role as far as out of all the receivers. (You know) you got a guy like myself who…I sees a lot of coverage, a lot of cover 2 a lot of double teams and now we’re seeing Davone (Bess) starting to get bracketed and double-teamed at times. So, he’s the guy that got to beat one on one. That’s why I’m here that’s why I’ve been successful in the league and he has an opportunity to really do some big things the rest of this season and his career.”

(On the Ravens legendary defense and what he sees in it) – “Legendary, I like that (laughter). The Ravens are legendary. Well Ray Lewis may be (laughter). They have some good football players. When you talk about football players that’s what their defense is made up of. Sometimes you can’t coach some of the things that they do. They have a great feel for the game and they’re able to make a lot of plays from experience off of experience. It’s not going to be a pretty game. We, both football teams are tough physical and I think this is going to be a defining moment on what type of team we’re going to be for the rest of this season." 

(On if he has even been in a press conference where Ed Reed’s name doesn’t come up) – “Absolutely, absolutely. But, my rookie year (you know) no one wanted to talk to me about (you know) what I thought (you know) ask those cheesy questions, so (laughter). Now I guess I got a bigger role, but, Ed Reed he’s finally healthy and had two picks last week so it looks like he’s back where he left off." 

(On if he believes if Ed Reed is in training camp shape)—“I don’t believe anything Ed (Reed) says (smiling). Ed’s a liar (smiling). We put on film where you see Ed (you know) make a good play (you know) make a little play lay on ground, get up a little slow and then the next play get a pick and then the next series get another pick (you know). Nah, he’s back.” 

(On how difficult is it to read what Ed Reed does in coverage)— “He breaks all the rules. He breaks all the rules and I think that’s why he’s so successful is because he has the ability to just read the quarterback. He may be in cover 2 and pick a ball in the flat—he’s just amazing and makes a lot of plays for that ball club.” 

(On how disappointed is he that Randy Moss wasn’t able to come to the Dolphins) – “I’m not disappointed at all. I just thought it would’ve been a good opportunity for our segment, our segment room. Now for team, that’s not my decision. That’s not my place, and I don’t even know if that (may) have been a good fit for our team. But I know as far as us as receivers we’re so young, including myself (I mean) I’m the oldest in the room and I’m only on my fifth year. So, just to get some wisdom from a guy like that who has been around a little bit and probably one of the best that’s ever done it and (you know) I just looked at it as an opportunity to learn and help me get better and Brian (Hartline) and Davone Bess and Julius Pruitt (you know) all those guys.” 

(On why this is a defining game for this team) – “Because it’s the next game; I’m going to say that every week, I’m going to say that every week but probably in different words. Every week’s a defining game.”

(On why the team has had so much success on the road) – “It’s one of those things where we’ve been inconsistent and unfortunately we’ve been inconsistent in front of our fans at home. We’re a good football team; we have a lot of great football players, our staff is amazing. We just got to be consistent and be effective when we have our opportunity.” 

(On the 96 yard drive last week and the offense’s potential) – “Yeah, well I mean we have an explosive group from the running backs to the offensive line. We got Jake Long when we run gassers, up there with the wide receivers. It’s impressive to see the talent that we have. Like I said we just have to be consistent and put it all together and definitely do a better job in the red zone.” 

(On running four wide receiver sets against the Ravens, something the Bills had success with) – “To each his own; everybody’s formula for winning is different. Ours is a little different than Buffalo’s. What we do well may not be the same so I think with the game plan that we have going in and that we’re working on this week we should have some success.”

(On whether he wants more receptions) – “More catches? More catches? I’m on track to have one of the best year’s I’ve had. Now I need to get some more touchdowns, but more catches? I’m (a) top five targeted receiver in the league.” 

(On whether he wants more touchdown receptions) – “We can talk about touchdowns, but catches? That’s better, no I think there’s some frustration always because you want to see the offense live up to the potential. Hate to use that word but I think Coach Henning and his staff do a great job of getting the playmakers the ball or trying to. It’s tough, it’s tough, it’s tough when we have to line up and beat the guy in front of us. They get paid to defend us and the coaches get paid to beat the coaches on the other side of the field. It’s a battle; I think overall we do a great job of putting guys in position.” 

(On how often he would like to be thrown to even while covered) – “Well you got to understand, you have to understand when I’m covered, when it’s one-on-one yeah we’re going to throw it up. I’m looking at the top five, top 10 receivers in the league and even the coaches; we haven’t seen so much coverage rolled to one guy. I think that’s where Davone (Bess) is going to play a big role and Brian Hartline; he’s playing a big role of just making plays. I think they’re doing a great job of doing in week in and week out. If they’re going to continue to take me away with two or three guys then there’s other guys open. I am going to be frustrated; I may show some emotion. At the end of the day I know, what can we do if there’s two, three guys on me?” 

(On how his role had changed being the veteran at his position) – “I have to be accountable, each play each day and I think we have a great group. At the end of the day I am the oldest guy and there’s been, had a little success so far. We’re trying to win so whenever you see me talking to anyone it’s probably trying to get everything on the same page.”


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Brandons carry the company line, I bet he wishes dan(DOA)Henning would be shot in the head by a silver bullitt..(That is what kills Zombie's right??)

Bla bla bla

Give me more fist pumps Sparano

Fist pumpers 15
Ravens 14

Lebrom, Another 5 FGs from Carpenter just might win this sucker...

Well at least he isnt pissed off that he isnt scoring ad throwing fits..thats a plus for us. And i bet WHEN henning gets fired whenever that may be..i bet all the players will have something bad to say about his playcalling...weather that be out in the open or behind closed doors. They just cant be public about it while henning is still alive...i mean employed

They should spread the field like Buffalo did. There's no chance they're going to have a lot of success running the ball. They should use the pass to set up the run instead of the other way around. I get the feeling they're going to try to run through the brick wall for 3+ quarters before giving up on it (just like against Pittsburg).

Armando Salguero,
I hope you read the comments after you create the blogs. And I hope you read this. I have read almost every blog you’ve done for the last couple of years and I am grateful of you covering the Dolphins. I believe that you was instrumental in Miami bringing B. Marshall here. And I think I can speak for a lot of fans when I say thank you. But Armando there is more work to be done. You have got to get Henne and Marshall to understand that they are the guys who can be the difference in this team being a dynasty or just average. A lot of the greats like Young and Rice, Aikman and Irving, Manning and Harrison said in their documentaries that they had to work hard together to perfect their completions. That they worked late after everyone was gone. Working on routes, braking down film, and getting on the same page. I believe that is the difference in the games that they are going to play in the future. Especially the close ones when they have got to make a play to win. I know that they didn’t have the offseason they needed. And when they have all those benjamins burning a hole in their pocket, it’s hard to stay late and work together. But the earlier they get started the better. The phins fans have been waiting for a dynamic quarterback, wide receiver duo for a long time. And we are excited and anxious to see how things turn out. I just hope that Henne and Marshall are on the same page as the fans. I’m willing to bet that the Miami organization is scared they are going to run off their talented receiver. But you know as well as I do unless they put in the work. This team will not be the dynasty that the fans hope that they will be. And it will be a waste of time and money for the fans. So please Armando make it your mission to get these guys to understand in order to be great they have to put in the extra work. period.

overrated + full of himself = Brandon Marshall




Blowhard + DickHead = Oliver Rubber

Dick in my ass + Load on my face = normal evening

im not gonna lie to myself this week and believe this is Finally gonna be the game where we open the Offense up.
If Henning didnt open up vs steelers, then vs ravens it aint happening.(I hate Henning).
But i believe Our D can hold the birds to a low score giving us(Carpenters) a chance.

Changing my pred score from 26-20....
To.... 16-10 Fins Win!
Can U Say 5-3???


How sad is it that Miami's Offensive scoring "Stud" is the Field Goal kicker????

Anyone know whats going on witht he Running game. I thought marshall would prevent people from stacking the box and open RR and for thier best year ever. Can blame it all on play calling.


Roman, marshall got the money,shut up and get behind the team .

31 to 6, A Baltimore win..... Sorry..

SHHHH not Questioning Mashall or the team.

And I fully support them.

Im asking why arnt they able to get more running yards?

Roman, marshall got the money,shut up and get behind the team .

Posted by: shhhhh | November 04, 2010 at 07:58 PM

Aloco, Post under your name.......

Cuban, at least your being honest and Realistic.

Mr Shhh is too stupid to understand whats written in front of him in black and white.

I had alotta respect for Sperano and i wanted to see him Be that Great coach one day.
but when He speaks to cover up Hennings Sorry As$, it Burns me up more than a Summer time Rash while working constuction during a 12 hr Shift!!!
To me, If sperano agrees with Hennings Game Plan,Then id like to See Both Fired with no other options!
Live By the Cordinator, Then Die By the Cordinater.
Fire Henning Now!!! Sperano, keep it up and u soon will Burn with ur friend. i mean Fired.

...oh and... Go Fins!!!

cuban, tell us a story about the real alfa dog carpenter childhood .

CUban write under you name not Roman

Wow, Aloco, Accussing people of posting under different names.... LMAO, Gotta go kids, Have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite... Peace..

good night to all



Posted by: ALoco | November 04, 2010 at 07:42 PM

Dude, hes on pace for over 100 catches and 1300 yards and he hasn't said a negative thing all season. WTF are you talking about brah ?

Another thing, he is a GREAT blocker.


Im not Cuban...

Im Colombian

Marshall is doing Fine.
Henning is Horrible at remembering that he has the Beast though.
Henne needs to start abandoning the "called" play and create His own plan B often.

phinsfan78, excellent commentary, i hope armando reads it.

Im with you Finantic....

Henne needs to step up and make it happen, change what he sees, look around and find the open guy.

(On why this is a defining game for this team) – “Because it’s the next game
This is the smartest thing I've heard marshall say. All games are equally important in this league and you have to play them as such. The phins need to keep focus and even though the whole world is picking them to lose they can play with anyone and beat the ravens.


Posted by: ALoco | November 04, 2010 at 08:21 PM

Irrelevant....defenses didn't respect Ginn the way they do Marshall, thus, with lack of attention paid to him, Teddy was able to get lucky n score, what ? like 6 Tds in 3 years ? Gimme a break bro, and get your head outta your arse. Brandon Marshall is the BEST player this team has had since DAN MARINO. If you can't understand that and be grateful that we have him then perhaps you should root for a different team.

i agree roman.
Henne looks like a "yes man".
whatever Henning calls, Henning must get.If Not Henne throws it away.
imo- not because i heard many say it already,
Henning is interrupting Henne's Growth because Henne wants to be a team player and do whats Right while leaving His natural and confort zone.( i actually feel bad 4 Henne ).
At the same time thought Henne can speak back to Henning by creating his own plays, showing Henning that his Playcalling stinks at the moment...
just sayin..

Correction, second best since Marino right behind Thomas. Taylor might deserve to be mentioned also but not as long as he's sleeping with the enemy.

It sucks that Donte Stallworth gets his first start Sunday.
He and Anquan Boldin would appear to be a great receiver combo.
I do however like our chances as long as we play to our abilities.

You have the wrong idea about these diva receivas; they are very smart and that's why they last so long.

If i'm not mistaken, Henne checked out on Henning's call a couple of times last Sunday. And they worked.

cubo, if baltimores duo appear to be Great,
we lose because thanx to Henning Miami never will get a chance to play to there abilities.... but i still believe Our D will get us through this....

Not fear but caution. Henne has to beware of Ed Reed.


Do not mistake me for a Henning lover.
Those are fightin' words.
Just saying that we have potential.
Whether or not that potential is put to good use is another argument.

We can win but...

we have to play smart smash mouth football for 60 minutes.

Can't let them get behind 14-0 like in the Jets game.

understood. cubalombianexican

Who will end up replacing Henning when they finally realize he has to go?

Is Y. Bell playing this week? If not who goes for him? Carroll, Clemmons or someone else?

And why can Mando post more often like he used to....Just becasue he has to talk 4 hours every Morning.

Most of us work 9 PLUS hour days.


Why can't

Is Bell hurt?

im guessing Miami wins a low scoring game.
Miami Loses a High scoring game.
its sad but untill they prove it. i dont see My Fins getting high points. and this is when i would love to be wrong...

It appears that everything has gone against the Dolphins this season. From the schedule(tougher than was thought), playing against the wrong player at the wrong time(for us, Roethlisberger, etc) to internal turmoil(Bonamego). If ever there was a defining season for the Dolphins, this is it.

bell has something Minor but i believe sperano is useing it to start sean smith.
Hennings Replacement Cannot Be any worse. in other words, IDK. Mando help us here!!!

Yes oscar,

Two years in a row with a BRUTAL schedule!
These events will make us stronger though

I hope so, R&R.

Oscar.... We have have LOTS of Luck this year, just have not been able to take advantage of it...

All the injuries green bay had...(we won that one but it was a nail biter in overtime)

Jets....No Santana Moss, No Revis. No Calvin Pace. We all know what happened.

Stealers....just needed a field goal with Two Plus Minutes Left...We all know what happened.

Got to play N.E. at home and went into half Time with just one point difference for the Score. We all know what happned.

Also, Stealers gave us two turn overs in our own Redzone.

Is Y. Bell playing this week? If not who goes for him? Carroll, Clemmons or someone else?

Posted by: todd neal | November 04, 2010 at 09:03 PM

I would say Tyrone Culver...Sadly, I think Bell will not be starting come next season. And that sucks because he is one of my favorite players of the past decade...


Very true, Roman. That's a +.

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