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What Brandon Marshall is saying today

Thursdays are among my favorite days with the Dolphins because I get to hear offensive coordinator Dan Henning and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan try to share as little as possible about what really is going on with the team and then I get to hear wide receiver Brandon Marshall be relatively open and engaging and interesting.

Today was no different. During his session with the media, the Miami alpha wide receiver addressed whether he's disappointed that Randy Moss won't be joining the Dolphins, talked about his lack of concern about receptions, his significant concern about his lack of touchdowns, and even his opinion about some teammates:

(On him and Brian Hartline going back and forth about who is faster) – “He’s definitely faster but I like to give him a hard time (laughter). (You know) when we do our gassers or after practice I try to cut him off just messing with him. (laughter)” 

(On how has he seen Brian Hartline’s role evolve) – “I think he—not to put any more pressure on him but I think he invites the pressure and embraces it—but I think he plays, he has the biggest role as far as out of all the receivers. (You know) you got a guy like myself who…I sees a lot of coverage, a lot of cover 2 a lot of double teams and now we’re seeing Davone (Bess) starting to get bracketed and double-teamed at times. So, he’s the guy that got to beat one on one. That’s why I’m here that’s why I’ve been successful in the league and he has an opportunity to really do some big things the rest of this season and his career.”

(On the Ravens legendary defense and what he sees in it) – “Legendary, I like that (laughter). The Ravens are legendary. Well Ray Lewis may be (laughter). They have some good football players. When you talk about football players that’s what their defense is made up of. Sometimes you can’t coach some of the things that they do. They have a great feel for the game and they’re able to make a lot of plays from experience off of experience. It’s not going to be a pretty game. We, both football teams are tough physical and I think this is going to be a defining moment on what type of team we’re going to be for the rest of this season." 

(On if he has even been in a press conference where Ed Reed’s name doesn’t come up) – “Absolutely, absolutely. But, my rookie year (you know) no one wanted to talk to me about (you know) what I thought (you know) ask those cheesy questions, so (laughter). Now I guess I got a bigger role, but, Ed Reed he’s finally healthy and had two picks last week so it looks like he’s back where he left off." 

(On if he believes if Ed Reed is in training camp shape)—“I don’t believe anything Ed (Reed) says (smiling). Ed’s a liar (smiling). We put on film where you see Ed (you know) make a good play (you know) make a little play lay on ground, get up a little slow and then the next play get a pick and then the next series get another pick (you know). Nah, he’s back.” 

(On how difficult is it to read what Ed Reed does in coverage)— “He breaks all the rules. He breaks all the rules and I think that’s why he’s so successful is because he has the ability to just read the quarterback. He may be in cover 2 and pick a ball in the flat—he’s just amazing and makes a lot of plays for that ball club.” 

(On how disappointed is he that Randy Moss wasn’t able to come to the Dolphins) – “I’m not disappointed at all. I just thought it would’ve been a good opportunity for our segment, our segment room. Now for team, that’s not my decision. That’s not my place, and I don’t even know if that (may) have been a good fit for our team. But I know as far as us as receivers we’re so young, including myself (I mean) I’m the oldest in the room and I’m only on my fifth year. So, just to get some wisdom from a guy like that who has been around a little bit and probably one of the best that’s ever done it and (you know) I just looked at it as an opportunity to learn and help me get better and Brian (Hartline) and Davone Bess and Julius Pruitt (you know) all those guys.” 

(On why this is a defining game for this team) – “Because it’s the next game; I’m going to say that every week, I’m going to say that every week but probably in different words. Every week’s a defining game.”

(On why the team has had so much success on the road) – “It’s one of those things where we’ve been inconsistent and unfortunately we’ve been inconsistent in front of our fans at home. We’re a good football team; we have a lot of great football players, our staff is amazing. We just got to be consistent and be effective when we have our opportunity.” 

(On the 96 yard drive last week and the offense’s potential) – “Yeah, well I mean we have an explosive group from the running backs to the offensive line. We got Jake Long when we run gassers, up there with the wide receivers. It’s impressive to see the talent that we have. Like I said we just have to be consistent and put it all together and definitely do a better job in the red zone.” 

(On running four wide receiver sets against the Ravens, something the Bills had success with) – “To each his own; everybody’s formula for winning is different. Ours is a little different than Buffalo’s. What we do well may not be the same so I think with the game plan that we have going in and that we’re working on this week we should have some success.”

(On whether he wants more receptions) – “More catches? More catches? I’m on track to have one of the best year’s I’ve had. Now I need to get some more touchdowns, but more catches? I’m (a) top five targeted receiver in the league.” 

(On whether he wants more touchdown receptions) – “We can talk about touchdowns, but catches? That’s better, no I think there’s some frustration always because you want to see the offense live up to the potential. Hate to use that word but I think Coach Henning and his staff do a great job of getting the playmakers the ball or trying to. It’s tough, it’s tough, it’s tough when we have to line up and beat the guy in front of us. They get paid to defend us and the coaches get paid to beat the coaches on the other side of the field. It’s a battle; I think overall we do a great job of putting guys in position.” 

(On how often he would like to be thrown to even while covered) – “Well you got to understand, you have to understand when I’m covered, when it’s one-on-one yeah we’re going to throw it up. I’m looking at the top five, top 10 receivers in the league and even the coaches; we haven’t seen so much coverage rolled to one guy. I think that’s where Davone (Bess) is going to play a big role and Brian Hartline; he’s playing a big role of just making plays. I think they’re doing a great job of doing in week in and week out. If they’re going to continue to take me away with two or three guys then there’s other guys open. I am going to be frustrated; I may show some emotion. At the end of the day I know, what can we do if there’s two, three guys on me?” 

(On how his role had changed being the veteran at his position) – “I have to be accountable, each play each day and I think we have a great group. At the end of the day I am the oldest guy and there’s been, had a little success so far. We’re trying to win so whenever you see me talking to anyone it’s probably trying to get everything on the same page.”


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Its just the truth.

Whats up with Y Bell?

I never know whats going on with our in game injuries watching at the bar when you cant hear the game and Mando not keeping us updated.

Dan Carpenter received AFC Special Teams Player of the Month Honors.
Good job Dan.
We're gonna get you some help this Sunday!

I think is some kind of leg injury. Y. Bell is a hustler, I don't know about Culver.

Y.BELL ruled out vs ravens w/BROKEN TOE .

That Sucks..

One good side of this year is Nolan.

Hes doing great with a bunch of young guys are promising and getting better.

I hope theres a season next week so we can see what we he can do with an full off season and draft to work with.


i posted this on the other side, but if they can get BM to say something positive about Dan hearing aide, they could have done the same with Moss! because Dan hearing Aide has done a below average JOB!!!

One of the weaknesss of the Dolphins is their bench, it's paper thin. At the same time , better now than in NE or Jets.

Gay people are very good Bosses ,they are the best in giving also .

Now that BP is gone. can't Ireland/Sporano grow a set and speak to the media about something reveleant?

If they didnt like Moss becasue they felt he would be a distraction or whatever the reason....30 other teams felt the say way as only one waiver was turned in for him....

Why Not Admit it?

I prefer two bisexual ladies, Deborah.

Lesbians tend to be very tough on guys.

deborah you sound hot! let's get you and your awesome lesbian neighbors together for a dolphins party!

oscar, not true, most lesbians are bi and very educated in the arts of mutual satisfaction.

did any of you guys slept with a lesbian ?

Well, redsky, my ex-wife was very rough on me.

Where are you reading that Y. Bell is out?... I cannot seem to locate that?

You know, we Cubers have a saying that goes something like, "anybody can have an accident", yes?


Which Lesbians are going to have accidents?

Now, you give me 15 minutes and I'll get back to football(jeje).

oscar, most ex-wives are rough on us....they make it their mission to try and destroy us. they want to make sure we remember them, personally, i prefer to remember the good times. but most women prefer otherwise.

aloco, YB out broken toe? what a wuss!!!! Larry Csonka had a broken toe, it swelled up, he took his drill at home, drilled a hole through his toe nail to let the blood out and relieve the pressure....he didn't miss a game. YB is a wuss!

HAHa!, Roman. I tend to forget, redsky, (but unfortunately (or fortunately), I can't).

Larry Csonka was a beast.

Aha!, I got it. My ex-wife was missing a female partner. I should have gotten her one. Darn!

Well guys im out of here.

Take it easy everyone.


Good Night.

Would love to see what Reshad Jones can bring to the game.
Guess he's been ruled out as well.

Put some lesbians in at Free Safety.

November 4, 2010 at 1:37 pm
GIGI , got it !!! , why don’t you tell some of the fellas on here including eddie how small i’am and weigh about 2 ounces and lift pud weights LOL !!! Gigi please tell them how buff I really am....

What a fkin loser this guy is. NJ you are better than this.

I mean Strong Safety.

GigiFL says:
November 4, 2010 at 10:32 pm
Uh oh look out boys, the politician a/k/a woman NJ is trying to “date” is here….roflmao!!! Wow how things get twisted but it’s okay, I’m not gonna let any morons upset me. What is up with the troll-a-rama lately on here? The blog has bene infested with one too many haters…

November 4, 2010 at 10:39 pm
there’s my hottie !!! muuuuwahh!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS AT THE SS? NJ is the plungie award winner of the night. LOL

Y'all suckas just chill.
I got this.

Quasimodo was a beast.

I just read on ESPN that earlier reports about Y. Bell being out this week are untrue and he is expected to go.

Y. Bell is listed as questionable on the leagues injury report with a toe injury. It says nothing about being ruled out or a broken toe.

It's most of the fans that need the banners, Deborah.

The Dolphins love to come from behind. If we win the coin toss, we lose, and let the other team have the ball to score first. If we lose the coin toss, we lose and the other team takes the ball and scores first. A concept the Dolphin coaches just don't see. There should be some way the Dolphins can just spot the other team seven points, then start the game in a jump off.

the Fins is alright. A true Fan can see that!!! young QB just need to find the open WR and that will make teams play us honest!!!!!

I agree with Mike they should throw the ball to set up the run , this really is not the game to try to get the running game going,at the end of the game all that matters is that we score more points , I wouldn't waste too many plays trying to run up the middle on these guys, I would throw the ball more here and the ravens have also been giving up some passing plays this season go FINS

This is a big chance for the fins to gain some ground in the AFC hopefully they won't be to conservative

Explosive group of what??? I know he wasn't referring to wr's or rb's. We don't have any explosive players on offense....BM you are losing your mind. We need speed as much as the Canes need a new H.C.

I may get laughed at for this....but oh well...

If the fins can win this game...being optimistic...I think we can go at least 6-2 over the last 8. Obviously the 2 losses COULD NOT BE NE or NYJ.

I see NE losing 4 of their remaining games and NYJ losing 5 (with DET hopefully being a nice surprise).

NYJ fizzle out like in 08 and finish 9-7. NE Pats go 11-5 and we go to tie breakers.

Think Henne will have a BETTER game than Flacco this week and

Dolphins Win

Looking for Vontae to steal a ball from Boldin and pick up a key INT Sunday in Maryland

Expect more passing from the offense now and Brian Hartline to pick up where he left off last week

Dolphins Win

Dolphins should feature Ricky Williams this week against the Ravens

Dolphins need to have more 3 receiver sets and establish their Identity

Dear Mr. Salguero

"From the Fins website:
Steve Bush - Offensive Quality Control

Job description:

1- To assist the Offensive Coordinator in drawing up play stalling drives

2- Empty the Offensive Coordinators bed pan

3- Recharge the batteries on the Offensive Coordinators Rascal scooter

4- Stack Offensive Coordinators pennies to give to the grand kids for when they finally come to visit

5- To make sure the Offensive Coordinator never runs out of adult diapers

6- To assist the Offensive Coordinator in keeping kids off the lawn by shaking his fist at them.

7- Start the Offensive Coordinators car every money by turning the hand crank on his model T ford.

8- Keep track of the Offensive Coordinators dentures

9- To remind the Offensive Coordinator the speed limit is 55 not 25.

10- To help the Offensive Coordinator feed the pigeons in the park.

Sounds to me like the owner Stephan Ross drew up this Job description.

Soiled :)

Marshall is a beast! I'm thrilled he is on this team. He has been more then I thought he would be.




Marshall is a game breaking type of player and has come close many times...you can only contain him for so long before he beats you deep.
YAC - yards after catch is something he really wants to improve on.
Jerry Rice was the best ever at YAC and Marshall wants to be the next Rice...I hope he reaches that goal while in Miami.


This ought to be some real comedy. Henning's boys against the Raven D. Ravens 30 Dolphins 3. Get stomped.

Oh no, the big bad Ravens are here. The same Ravens that blew a big lead to NEw England. The same Raveens team that is 17th against the run. The same Ravens that rank behind us in total offense AND total defense. Where's my blanket??

Man, some of you guys are pathetic.

Go watch the Heat play that fairy sport.

Just being overzealous, Armando. Sorry.

Quick aside from football Dolfans (if you'll indulge me on a personal matter).

I just had an attempted carjacking last night. Two kids, pulled a gun on me as I was getting out of my car, demanded I give them my keys.

Instinct kicked in, and I ran for my life (Wallace from Pitt speed, no lie). Once I got far enough away I felt safe to stop and call 911.

So, just wanted to tell y'all that there are more important things than football. Hug your loved ones. Stay vigilant. Could happen to anyone anywhere (probably not to Mark unless he comes to the U.S.). But be safe. These knuckleheads stopped to ask for directions. I advise you people NOT to talk to nobody about nothing unless you know them. Sucks that's the way it's gotta be, but the parasites are out there, trying to claim another victim. I'll be spending this weekend safeguarding my home (lighting, upgrading locks, etc.). Don't wait until it's too late. Even though I live in the city (D.C.), I'm in a pretty good neighborhood. But crime doesn't discriminate. Wherever you are, whomever you are, you can get got. Everyone just be safe!!!

DC sorry to hear. Glad everyone is ok.

The good news is that the people who jacked you did so bc they have been oppressed and due to circumstances beyond their control they had to resort to being criminals. Its not their fault. Its actually our fault for not giving them their own car for nothing.

Back to reality....I'm glad everything is ok. "things" can be replaced.

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