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What Brandon Marshall is saying today

Thursdays are among my favorite days with the Dolphins because I get to hear offensive coordinator Dan Henning and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan try to share as little as possible about what really is going on with the team and then I get to hear wide receiver Brandon Marshall be relatively open and engaging and interesting.

Today was no different. During his session with the media, the Miami alpha wide receiver addressed whether he's disappointed that Randy Moss won't be joining the Dolphins, talked about his lack of concern about receptions, his significant concern about his lack of touchdowns, and even his opinion about some teammates:

(On him and Brian Hartline going back and forth about who is faster) – “He’s definitely faster but I like to give him a hard time (laughter). (You know) when we do our gassers or after practice I try to cut him off just messing with him. (laughter)” 

(On how has he seen Brian Hartline’s role evolve) – “I think he—not to put any more pressure on him but I think he invites the pressure and embraces it—but I think he plays, he has the biggest role as far as out of all the receivers. (You know) you got a guy like myself who…I sees a lot of coverage, a lot of cover 2 a lot of double teams and now we’re seeing Davone (Bess) starting to get bracketed and double-teamed at times. So, he’s the guy that got to beat one on one. That’s why I’m here that’s why I’ve been successful in the league and he has an opportunity to really do some big things the rest of this season and his career.”

(On the Ravens legendary defense and what he sees in it) – “Legendary, I like that (laughter). The Ravens are legendary. Well Ray Lewis may be (laughter). They have some good football players. When you talk about football players that’s what their defense is made up of. Sometimes you can’t coach some of the things that they do. They have a great feel for the game and they’re able to make a lot of plays from experience off of experience. It’s not going to be a pretty game. We, both football teams are tough physical and I think this is going to be a defining moment on what type of team we’re going to be for the rest of this season." 

(On if he has even been in a press conference where Ed Reed’s name doesn’t come up) – “Absolutely, absolutely. But, my rookie year (you know) no one wanted to talk to me about (you know) what I thought (you know) ask those cheesy questions, so (laughter). Now I guess I got a bigger role, but, Ed Reed he’s finally healthy and had two picks last week so it looks like he’s back where he left off." 

(On if he believes if Ed Reed is in training camp shape)—“I don’t believe anything Ed (Reed) says (smiling). Ed’s a liar (smiling). We put on film where you see Ed (you know) make a good play (you know) make a little play lay on ground, get up a little slow and then the next play get a pick and then the next series get another pick (you know). Nah, he’s back.” 

(On how difficult is it to read what Ed Reed does in coverage)— “He breaks all the rules. He breaks all the rules and I think that’s why he’s so successful is because he has the ability to just read the quarterback. He may be in cover 2 and pick a ball in the flat—he’s just amazing and makes a lot of plays for that ball club.” 

(On how disappointed is he that Randy Moss wasn’t able to come to the Dolphins) – “I’m not disappointed at all. I just thought it would’ve been a good opportunity for our segment, our segment room. Now for team, that’s not my decision. That’s not my place, and I don’t even know if that (may) have been a good fit for our team. But I know as far as us as receivers we’re so young, including myself (I mean) I’m the oldest in the room and I’m only on my fifth year. So, just to get some wisdom from a guy like that who has been around a little bit and probably one of the best that’s ever done it and (you know) I just looked at it as an opportunity to learn and help me get better and Brian (Hartline) and Davone Bess and Julius Pruitt (you know) all those guys.” 

(On why this is a defining game for this team) – “Because it’s the next game; I’m going to say that every week, I’m going to say that every week but probably in different words. Every week’s a defining game.”

(On why the team has had so much success on the road) – “It’s one of those things where we’ve been inconsistent and unfortunately we’ve been inconsistent in front of our fans at home. We’re a good football team; we have a lot of great football players, our staff is amazing. We just got to be consistent and be effective when we have our opportunity.” 

(On the 96 yard drive last week and the offense’s potential) – “Yeah, well I mean we have an explosive group from the running backs to the offensive line. We got Jake Long when we run gassers, up there with the wide receivers. It’s impressive to see the talent that we have. Like I said we just have to be consistent and put it all together and definitely do a better job in the red zone.” 

(On running four wide receiver sets against the Ravens, something the Bills had success with) – “To each his own; everybody’s formula for winning is different. Ours is a little different than Buffalo’s. What we do well may not be the same so I think with the game plan that we have going in and that we’re working on this week we should have some success.”

(On whether he wants more receptions) – “More catches? More catches? I’m on track to have one of the best year’s I’ve had. Now I need to get some more touchdowns, but more catches? I’m (a) top five targeted receiver in the league.” 

(On whether he wants more touchdown receptions) – “We can talk about touchdowns, but catches? That’s better, no I think there’s some frustration always because you want to see the offense live up to the potential. Hate to use that word but I think Coach Henning and his staff do a great job of getting the playmakers the ball or trying to. It’s tough, it’s tough, it’s tough when we have to line up and beat the guy in front of us. They get paid to defend us and the coaches get paid to beat the coaches on the other side of the field. It’s a battle; I think overall we do a great job of putting guys in position.” 

(On how often he would like to be thrown to even while covered) – “Well you got to understand, you have to understand when I’m covered, when it’s one-on-one yeah we’re going to throw it up. I’m looking at the top five, top 10 receivers in the league and even the coaches; we haven’t seen so much coverage rolled to one guy. I think that’s where Davone (Bess) is going to play a big role and Brian Hartline; he’s playing a big role of just making plays. I think they’re doing a great job of doing in week in and week out. If they’re going to continue to take me away with two or three guys then there’s other guys open. I am going to be frustrated; I may show some emotion. At the end of the day I know, what can we do if there’s two, three guys on me?” 

(On how his role had changed being the veteran at his position) – “I have to be accountable, each play each day and I think we have a great group. At the end of the day I am the oldest guy and there’s been, had a little success so far. We’re trying to win so whenever you see me talking to anyone it’s probably trying to get everything on the same page.”


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DC, that sucks man. But the important thing is that you are ok, and I am glad for it. Got to stay safe. Wasn;t there an athlete that dies last year trying to protect his car from being carjacked?? Boxer or something, i could have sworn???

Anyway, ya, those closest you will be to getting carjacked in Toronto is getting harassed by "homeless" people wanting to clean your windhield with their urine water for a $1.

The greater Toronto area is famous for having an overstaffed police department. Cop cars are everywhere. It gets to be a pain when you are driving anywhere because it isn't uncommon for a relatively conservative driver to get 3 or 4 traffic tickets in any given year. But there are benefits that are created as a result I guess.

Yep, cars are insured, lives aren't. Well, not to our own benefit anyway.

DC...glad you ran cuse those scumbags would have shot you if you stayed.
Up here in New England car jacking just never happens...maybe in the Roxbury section of Boston.

Dear Mr. DC Dolfan

Glad your ok !

Don't let this incident vastly change your life.

Sure change your locks and what not if that will make you feel better.

Don't become a shut in...there are wonderful people still to meet or help or be helped by.

Soiled :)

I have never in my life seen a bigger bunch of whining crybabies. Evey time there is a new story it amazes me to read the amount of venom that is spewed into this blog.

And this time there's not even a reason for it! Brandon Marshall was being honest and engaging and it was a good interview. But instead of the people in here enjoying it you come in here and immediately start putting the guy down. And for no good reason. Brandons doing everything he can to help this team and is on a pace to break his career record in receptions and yards. But since he hasn't caught a bunch of TDs I guess he's garbage to everyone.

It shows an incredible lack of maturity to constantly whine even when there is no place for it. It shows that you don't have much in the way of intelligence when you can't read something and react on an adult level. Posts like "blah, blah, blah, tell us something real"? Are you kidding with that nonsense? Do you realize this is a football blog and not the National Enquirer site?

How about this "Brandons carrying the company line". That is the most ridiculously absurd post of the day. First of all, if you don't want to be fired from your job, EVERYONE CARRIES THE COMPANY LINE! Apparantly that particular poster has no job or he would understand that.

What did that poster expect Brandon to say? Did he want Brandon to rip apart his teammates and call the coaches out? Would that help a team win football games? How much do you want to bet this poster was a huge fan of bringing Moss to Miami? Because that's what Moss HAS done, ripped apart coaches and teammates, and it's done real well for him in his quest for a super bowl ring hasn't it? He's very liked by his peers isn't he?

phins78.....u need to get laid and chill out.

Preach on phins78, preach on.

Then there is a long post asking the writer to hold Marshall and Henne accountable for working hard. This poster actually asks the writer to talk to the players and make sure they're working hard enough so that the team can have future success.

I mean are people really that delusional? The writer is going to get the players to practice harder?! They will actually listen to him and then perform better because they know he's watching them?!!! I don't need to elaborate on how ignorant and utterly ridiculous that post is.

Mr. Phins78

"They will actually listen to him and then perform better because they know he's watching them?!!!"

They would if it was Santa Claus

Soiled :)

Everybody, Phins78 needs a Big Hug!
Group Huuugg!!!!!!!

Here's a good one that is sure to start a thought provoking conversation,

"How sad is it that Miami's Offensive scoring "Stud" is the Field Goal kicker????"

Right idea guy. The problem is this has been talked about for 3 weeks now and you're acting as if you just came up with the idea today. And when you write it in that way what do you expect the answer to be, how do you expect people to answer you or talk about it?

"Ummmmmmm yeah, it's ummm, sad? Or not ideal?"

See, so basically now what you're telling us is that your life is so boring that you have the time to type anything that comes into your mind. Don't worry about thinking about the statement and refining your post so that it has some basis of relevance. Just type the first dozen words that come to your mind because we're all so interested in reading your nonsensical points of view.

Thanks Dolfans. I appreciate your well wishes. Won't change me too much. I'll definitely be more aware of my surroundings now. But you're right, can't just stay in the house and never go out. I've been all around the world and know there's more good than bad out there. Just a case of wrong place at the wrong time.

But I won't feel so bad if we lose this weekend. I think the line is Balt. +5. I'd take that bet. I think it'll be a close game either way. Hope we can pull it out (would definitely be the cherry on this messed up week). I had actually just come off jury duty yesterday. So, I'm being a good citizen at one moment, next I'm a victim.

"Life is a trip carnal!" -- Training Day



Brandon Marshall can't call out his teamates, coaches or caterers because.....well.......then he wouldn't be Brandon, he'd be Randy.

I'll take Brandon Marshall everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.


Did you remember to throw your keys in the opposite direction in which you ran?

Just kidding, glad you survived!!!!

phins78 is schoolin you guys.
None of the experts at ESPU are picking the Dolphins this week.....they will all be wrong.
This game will once again be a nail biter,but I think we pull it out.We've got to make up some ground on the Cheaters and the Jets

I could go on and on but my point is this, if you're going to berate your football team for not performing well that is your right. But it is my right to berate you for the God awful posts and moronic thoughts you write down. You want the team to raise it's level of play and that's fine. I want Dolphins fans to raise their level of intelligence!!! Is that too much to ask? If you have the time to sit in here all day and all night long then you certainly have the time to educate yourself on everything including proper grammar. Shouldn't you at least know the players and coaches names? Someone in here yesterday was making fun of the team but calling them , Dan Henne and Chad Henning! Idiot.

Pick up a book once and a while. Listen to what intelligent people are saying instead of labeling them as know it alls and ignoring their every word, you might just learn something. Start actually attending home games and make some noise when you're defense needs a big stop. DO SOMETHING Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are collectively becoming more stupid by the minute!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DC,do you think there is any correlation to the Car Jacking and Jury duty?
Just kidding.Glad to hear that you didn't get hurt,and hopefully they'll catch the parasites that did it.

"phins78.....u need to get laid and chill out".

Get laid? I'm married, I get it when I can. But will that make the posters in here more intelligent? Will the posts start becoming more thought provoking if I get laid? Because hell I'll start right after lunch!

And that's it, "dude chill out and get laid". That's what you can bring to the table after everything I wrote? Great, thanks.


Honestly, I wasn't thinking. You see it in the movies, and maybe you assume you can "think" in that situation. But, 1st-hand account, as soon as I was staring down the barrel of that gun, I went into survival mode. Dude was far enough away (about 6 ft) that fleeing seemed more logical to me than giving up the keys or fighting to get the gun. So I just turned and booked it. Like I said, I went to get carryout, and was carrying my bags as I was running (food and a six-pack of beer). Carried them all the way down the block (it's funny thinking about it now). Didn't realize until I was (what I thought) was a safe distance that I still was carrying the bags. That's when I stopped and called the cops. But I'm glad I didn't give up my keys.

beer, nope, just a Day from Hell. Jury Duty, then attempted carjacking, I should have just stayed home sick yesterday (plus it was raining cats and dogs all day). Just a bad day all the way around. I need my team to get a win and make things all better!

Now this is perfect! A perfect example of the lack of intelligence in South Florida! Wait for it..............

I'd say make room for me in Miami or Minnesota or NH or OH or anywhere in the U.S., but you can get got anywhere in this country. As long as there are fools with easy access to guns it's Wild, Wild West out there. You just gotta protect yourselves. And be on the lookout. Don't let 'em catch you slippin'!

The editor at the Herald removed my post that commented on this post

"D**k in my a*s + Load on my face = normal evening"

I pasted those exact words but left in the letters. Then I commented on how stupid the post was. Someone deleted my post for content, BUT LEFT THE ORIGINAL POST UP ON PAGE ONE!!!! ROFLMAO!

Are you kidding me? Is it too hot down there for people to think straight? WTF?

Dear Mr. Phins78

"But it is my right to berate you for the God awful posts and moronic thoughts you write down"

Hello fellow phin fan :)

Please allow for the following

But it is my right to berate you for the (in my own opinion)God awful and (in my own opinion) moronic thoughts you write down.

Soiled :)

We gift wrapped one for New England and struggled at times this season, but we've EARNED everything we've gotten, so far.

4-3 and on the road AGAIN against a tough Baltimore team. I think this prospect scares Dan Henning more than it does the rest of us. Out of all the things he could have forgotten, he remembers Penningtons debacle against Baltimore in the playoffs. That doesn't bode to well for us.

If you think Henning has been conservative at times, look for him to take it to another level Sunday. Hennings idea of conservative is what everyone else considers ultra-conservative. This week we're going to see HENNINGS version of ULTRA_CONSERVATIVE, which will be off the charts. Wait, maybe I should say not even ON the charts.

Either way I'm expecting to see an ugly and truly offensive game plan. I hope I'm wrong, but what can I say? That's my honest opinion.

So here's to a little dumb luck and an absolutely dominating defensive performance.

Bottoms Up!!!!

Hey super moronic herald worker that is deleting posts!!! You MAY want to delete the original post if you're worried about the content.

Original means THE FIRST post. That would be the one that I copied from and pasted the exact words onto my post to make a point. Did you vote this week? Let me guess, buttons were too confusing?

"Dick in my ass + Load on my face = normal evening"

Really soiled? So it's just my opinion that this post is moronic? So that means you think this is an intelligent post?

If there is anyone in here that doesn't think that is a moronic post let it be heard.

I want to be able to pin point who ALL of the morons are so please speak up.

Oh and Soiled, I understand that it's my opinion. And just like everyone else in here I have the right to voice my opinion but do not have to follow up every thought with "in my opinion" or "that's just one mans opinion".

Dear Mr. Phins78

No I totally agree with you.....but spreading venom and hate even in retaliation does not help.

I too wonder how some posts make it on the blog...even some of my own posts...but I try not to be hateful.

Soiled :)

5-3 Here we come....
Fins win the Batlle of the D.
Fish-16. Birds- 10

the nfl released the top 100 players in history ;;;;;;;

rank by NFL...........Marino AT number 27

rank by people voting.........MARINO at number 7

DC- Glad to hear your ok. Nice work hangin' on to the grinds, and the suds. I hope you get your ride back, although I'm sure that is the least of your concerns. It's good to be alive!!!
This game is even right across the board, The Myth is that the Ravens defense is some sort of juggernaught. Not true. The only real advantage the Ravens have is coming off the bye week. And we all saw how that worked out for the jets. This is a cliche, but I think it will play out as truth this weekend. Whoever wins the turnover battle wins this game. The game most likley turns on a big play late in the 4th quarter. I think we have enough to get it done and win the game. Carpenter only kicks 3 field goals and we get in the endzone twice 23-21 Phins


Sorry, I'm going to have to vote no on moronic. It's definitely not moronic and that's not just an opinion, because I'm an expert at moronic.

The phrase:

"Dick in my ass + Load on my face = normal evening"

Conjures up more of a juvenile homophobic type of classification. Despite being an expert, I have been known to wrong in the past. Nonetheless, the psychology involved with this post is definitely indicative of a very young man struggling with his sexual identity.

Hope this helps :)

PS: I can't speak for Soiled Bottom, but I can tell you that by asking him these types of questions you risk opening up a Pandora's Box that may be better left alone.

PSS: This is, of course, just MY opinion!!!!

Dear Mr. Phins78

It is my hope that our recent correspondence hasn't set a course of name calling and second guessing of thoughts and opinions on our beloved Dolphins.

As with all fellow Dolfans I extend my hand in friendship

Soiled :)


Marino @ 7 isn't bad.

He's at least a top 3 all time in my book.

When he was playing I got spoiled and just expected his greatness. About once sometimes twice a year I get out the "highlight" tapes I made on him. After not seeing him play for awhile it's a F_CKING TREAT.

Nobody worked the pocket like that guy did when he was in his prime.

By the way, Moss is right, Childress does suck. He should be getting more out of that roster. Still, he shouldn't be lobbying for his dismissal. That's out of line

Odin, how many rushers did marino look stupid with that slide step. You know Phillip Rivers watched those tapes too. he's the only other guy I see use it as well.

Darryl, thanks man. Good news is I kept it all! Never gave up my keys. I just took off. So I had the grub, the beer, my car AND my life! All in all it ended pretty well for me (could a gone down much worse, I could've been a statistic).

Soiled, your hand?

Couldn't you just extend an Olive Branch or something?

DC Dolfan

Glad you are OK
U Shoulda Shot Those Darkies!

Miami 27 Baltimore 17

ODIN, here is williams of cowboys saying (( we can win 9 games in a row and go to the playoffs )) ,i am sure he didn't finish middle school


To be honest, I never made that correlation between Marino and Rivers UNTIL you mentioned it. Now that you have, I think your on the money.

I'm a little dumbfounded by not making that connection myself.........so thanks........I think? LOL!

Of all qbs, Rivers is the one that reminds me most of marino although for some reason a lot of the experts said rivers reminded them of bernie kosar?!?!?!

rivers is fearless, good release, throws the ball all over the field and has awesome pocket presence despite never being blessed with the best offensive line.

in addition, he has the #1 pass game in the nfl right now without a dominant #1 WR or a great run game.

Sound like anyone we know?

jerry rice is number 1 nfl ranking and by people also .

the only dolphin player on the top 100 players in nfl history is marino .

I wish that would have been me DC...They would have met my HK .45 compact

WHERe is the new post armando ,this post about marshall doesn't count .

ALoco, why don't you write a blog on your thoughts of the top 100 NFL players in history?

mark, lawrence taylor is ranked number 3 and number 12 by people .

p.s ..he's in jail right now

Aloco, you ever read the Blind Side?

The author writes quite a convincing article on how the game of football changed forever because of Bill parcells and Lawrence taylor. He writes how he lead to teh evolution of the stud left tackle and the west coast offense. Read the book instead of watching the movie. Much more informative and about football.

i never read sport books , what can i learn from these people ?all i know that BP had a mistress and lawrence in jail .



Scared of Baltimore? Get off it folks. Here are some facts: Baltimore is ranked one notch above the Dolphins is passing D--because the Dolphins have given up 23 more yards through the air than Baltimore has FOR THE SEASON (with Jason Allen flat on his back at least once a game). Dolphins have a better defense against the run. We have given up 711 yards this year on the ground (tied with the Patriots), the Ravens have given up 765.

Offense--we're the 5th ranked passing team in the league. Read that again slowly. Sound it out if you need to. We average 254 yds/gm through the air. Ravens? 225. Rushing, we're slightly behind the Ravens, averaging 111 yds/gm to the Ravens 115. They only have a 4 yds/gm advantage, and although the schedules are similar, the Ravens haven't played the Patriots yet, but did play Cleveland.

We're the better team, and the toughest team in the NFL.

ncfinfan. Some statistical indiscrepancies, but the you are right. We pass the ball better and play better defense. Add to the fact that our run defense is better although we've misssed key cogs in our front 7 for most of the year. We got much better since 52 came back. Ravens also struggle stopping the run. no reason to be afraid!

F the Ravens!




ALoco, do you hae a mistress?

And although Marshall soft-pedalled the question, I'm pretty sure the receivers have watched some video of the Buffalo game lol. The naysayers are going to be embarassed.

YOU ONLY have mistress when you r married mark .are you married yet w/your greek girl ?

not married yet, ALoco - so I don't have aa mistress.

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