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A stream of conscientiousness post about ... everything

So everyone wants blood.

After a 1-7 home record in 2010, it is clear the Dolphins not only need significant changes, they will make significant changes. But I wish I could report to you the changes will be the right ones done by the right people.

If today you are in the camp wanting Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland ousted, I am not with you. I still think those guys can get it done, although they make it harder to believe and defend every time Miami plays, particularly at home.

Let me present to you some facts about making a change so high up the organizational ladder:

First, who is owner Stephen Ross turning to for advice so that he makes a sound decision? He is not turning to Bill Parcells. Parcells put Ireland and Sparano in their current jobs and even he understands if you win, you stay employed. If you lose, you're out. Parcells would be a good voice for Ross to listen to. He knows football, the Big Tuna does. Parcells brought Mike Nolan to the Dolphins when the defense was broken. Maybe he can suggest an offensive coordinator to fix the offense. Maybe he can suggest another coach or GM, if that's what Ross absolutely must have. Or maybe Parcells can talk sense to Ross about Sparano and Ireland.

But Parcells and Ross don't typically discuss Ireland and Sparano. Oh, they talk, but usually it's about other topics such as labor issues. That seems such a waste of Parcells to me. But that is the way it currently stands.

So who is in Ross's ear?

Friend and former Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson? How many Super Bowls did he win? Do the Chiefs, who just won the AFC West, miss him?

CEO Mike Dee? He's a marketing genius and something of a baseball guy. If I wanted to fill Fenway Park, I know he'd be the guy to turn to. But that's not the assignment. The assignment is to fill Miami's trophy mantle.

Vice Chairman and Partner Jorge Perez? He's a very good friend of Ross's and has his ear. But Perez is a builder of building not NFL teams. His NFL experience and acumen is approximately zero.

Marc Anthony? Emilio Estefan? Gloria Estefan? Fergie? Serena Williams? Venus Williams? Which one of these brilliant football minds should Ross listen to with a sense that they know what needs to be done going forward?

Look, if the idea is for Ross to do the popular thing, then he should go ahead and simply listen to the fans. They want Jon Gruden. They want Bill Cowher.

Both will sell tickets.

But Gruden has had zero success when he has to build a team. And Cowher only reminds me of a more accomplished Tony Sparano in his football philosophy. Both, of course, would bring their own GM types. Gruden's past GMs have been terrible. Cowher's better, but only after years and years of patience.

Which one of those two guys comes with a franchise quarterback?

Oh, neither one. Well then, the change would be a waste, in my opinion. Simply the Dolphins will continue to struggle under any coach until the team has a star quarterback. It hasn't had one since around 1994ish. And so the Dolphins have been in a relative funk since 1995ish.

Solve the QB issue, you solve myriad issues. Don't solve the QB issue and I say it will not matter who the coach and GM are.

And since you are reading this, Mr. Ross, this is what I would do: Sit Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland down and tell them to find a QB. No excuses. They failed in not drafting Matt Ryan. They failed in picking Chad Henne. They failed in picking Pat White.

They get one more chance this offseason. Find the quarterback or they're done. No excuses.

I assume those marching orders would motivate these two to scour free agency, consider any trade seriously, and be willing to do that which no Dolphins organization had done lately during the draft -- trade up.

All those should be on the table for the sake of adding a franchise quarterback. Without one, it doesn't matter if Ross is able to bring back a cloned 40-year-old Don Shula. No coach can win in today's NFL without a quarterback.

That should be Job One. Forget about firing the head coach. Hire a franchise QB and the head coach will get instantly smarter.

That's my two cents.


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THAT'S the thing that ALL of
you people who want the
HEAD of the Coach need to realize...

Had the Offense played even a little better in several of these games.....The Dolphins could easily be 11-5.

None of you would have ANYTHING to whine about!

Keep the Coach.

Fire the DJ!

If Belichick does parlay those picks into the top qb available this season. If that guy's ready to takeover after 2 short seasons behind Brady. He'll trade and parlay Brady into 2 1st and 2 2nd rd picks! LOL...........

Jim Harbaugh should be brought in here. Stanford is in the top 5. Stanford has steadily improved with Harbaugh as HC. But this team doesn't just need a coach. There are many holes on this roster. I don't want Brown back, Berger is backup, Carey obese, speed at WR would be nice. They actually had a guy they decided to trade away. LG/RG need upgrading. TE, wow the Pat's took 2, and they are very productive. Only question is who will be GM? I don't have an answer there. Maybe one of the fellow tormented has a list of candidates.

Belichick refered his last game against us Sunday as "whatever." That's exactly what Belichick thinks of the guys we have in place now. They're "whatever." LOL.............


and I thought I was depressed before....luckily, he was very lucky with Brady and got rid of his only other hit since then. He of course would get Luck and make me hate the Pats more than the Jets. That would be hard to accomplish if the Jets werent already near the implosion mark.


Can I bet Mando's career for him? Pretty much a win/win there Id say.

Stanford in top 5? That should equate to dead last by nfl standards. Harbaugh is nfl unproven as a HC. Meaning if bringing in Harbaugh is about the same roll of the dice keeping Sparano. At least we already know the evil that comes with Sparano.

Why do fans hear things do no proper research and just parrot them like gospel? LOL.............

Im either hoping someone will burst the Pats bubble in the playoffs...or Philly crushes it in the SB. I think he'd eat atlanta alive and it would be a good game vs Saints but they arent near the team as last year(would end up losing).

We bet Armando's career and we kill 3 birds with one stone. Armando/Sparano/Ireland! LOL..........


Awesome! superPhin, is it a deal then? C'mon now...

Thanks to Sparano/Ireland Bill Belichick has renamed our franchise the Miami Whatevers! LOL............

Players are a reflection of your coaching staff cooz, its not us who make the decisions on who should play here and who shouldnt, we merely cheer or jeer them when they win or lose. But when they LOSE at home 7 out of 8 times and continue making the same dumb mistakes over and over and over again, then somethings wrong from the top. Whose to say that even with a prolific offense here, sparano and henning wouldve changed things at all in terms of what they like most about their offense, FGS and field position. Sparano isnt the man for the job, and i'll bet my HOUSE this guy will not lead us to a AFC championship in 1 yr, let alone 3-4 yrs, why prolong his inevitable departure...


Ive been hearing a lot of that lately(the Harbaugh talk). It's not a new concept and really hasnt ever worked out well since FA.

I dont know how people equate NFL to NCAA. NCAA has easy cheating to get top recruits who will play inferior talent most of the year, and then play maybe 2 good teams all year long.

It's not that hard to make a strong college team. In comparison the NFL has a bunch of overpaid guys who play other guys of equal or better talent at least 16 games every year. Add in that college coaches has horrible records in the pro game...and it just doesnt make sense to keep promoting their false strengths.


Sparano's potential as a HC most likely max's out as a wildcard playoff team. We keep him for 15yrs maybe we reach the 2nd rd of the playoff's once. LOL.............

Agreed Yaya, altho i very much doubt armando will just step aside on account someone else decides his future*lol*.....damn that almost sounds like sparano right now, except i dont like his chances any better!!!!

Lol superPhin. Worth a try though.

Well Breed, I have been an advocate of Harbaugh for quite some time. I didn't just hear some talking heads or read some posts and agree. If Sparano is coaching Stanford they are 4-9 and looking at another dismal year. At least Harbaugh runs a modern offense and their only loss this year is to Oregon. Not a bad job of coaching for a guy who can only recruit real students. Do you have someone better in mind? Clearly, you don't want to stick with what we have. So what are your thoughts?


You see Saban couldnt wait to get back to the college game. All it takes to get superior talent is to have booster that really have thier s hit together(well disguised cheating). LOL................

Breaking news- Tony and Jeff get one more year to prove their 'vision'. They decide to bring back an innovative and much loved coach from an earlier age to run their offense and...Dave Wannstedt has entered the building!! Sorry guys, thats just mean of me.

Exactly DB!!!! some ppl here hate change becuase they dont want another 1-15 debacle, so we should just live with mediocrity until TOM brady retires i guess*lol*


Thats fine but everytime my balls itch it doesnt mean I have crabs. LOL............


I agree and then Saban can milk the media for a few weeks and act amazed that cheating occurs, lol. Hell, Id run a pretty damn good program myself..with the right recruiters.

yaya, if that happened, i would officially give up on the NFL and miami as a football team and become a Florida Panthers fan ONLY!!!

Later guys, been fun!

Breed, I don't really see how Saban and Harbaugh equate to each other. Why didn't the boosters open their wallets for the previous coaches at Stanford? You still haven't given me any idea who you would bring in. I don't really see a retread as the answer here. Harbaugh played in the NFL for a while, I think he knows what it takes to win at this level. So who is your choice?

Have somebody wonder that maybe the team is sick of the coaches. I know it's crazy but looked how they perfomed on the last quarter they played like they didn't matter most of them, plus looks like the play calling of today was the same old fashion by Sparano play not to loose, control time of possession with ur worst weapon rushing and put pressure on both sides of the ball, the offense and you defense it's just big bad mistakes of coaches since I have watched this season to sad and you will hate me but I say give Henne a chance with a new personel he will be a lot more comfortable and could be a great QB could be like Favre that sucked in a team (can't remember now) and then went to Green Bay and suddenly became a legend.

As most of the people here I do agree Mike Nolan is the only one who must stay.

Peace dolfan nation keep believing. Remember that a great fan is always loyal no matter how is it going always in good and bad times.


Based on all of the "credible evidance" Ive seen, not hunches, Bill Cowher is the best available coach and is well suited for what currently ails us. The damn guy won with O'Donnel, Tomzack, and Cordell Stewart as qb's. 5 conference championship appearance and a SB appearance with total crap at qb.

Finally making his 6th conference final and 1st SB victory with a real qb named Roslisberger. LOL.............

Breed, I don't have a problem with Cowher. He would be good for this organization. I just don't know if he is willing to grind again like he did before. I don't want the replay of JJ getting burned out and leaving again. I can't understand why he hasn't mentioned to Carolina job. He lives there, it would be the perfect job for him. I just think Harbaugh would be better now and in the Future. He is a natural leader and has the energy to "grind" it out. IMHO HE is what this team needs. But if Cowher came in I wouldn't be unhappy.

greg coate and salguero are morons too!


I definately think the defense is fed up with the way we play on offense, so becuase they canned it down the strecth in this game maybe more intuned to basically saying we need to score and hold the offense accountable more times than not. The defense isnt at fualt here, theyve held up their part of the bargain to be good enough to compete in this league, its the offense that has been a continued Pathetic part to this teams Overall efforts in losing this year.

If you gave Thigpen the playing time Henne has i think you would be on the road to a great QB but that will never happen with this coaching staff we are just screwed.


Nearly every great defense needs the offense to bail them out at least 3-4 games within a season. Its EXTREMELY rare a defense is so dominant within a seaso it never needs its offense to bail them out. There may have been no more 5 defenses in nfl history like this and that stretches back nearly 100yrs.

Henne bashing....woooooo!!!!! It don't get any better than this. This is just a side note, adding fuel to the fire, overpouring, pilling on. This team needs to produce a learning video...How to screw up a 2 minute drill. Think, the team could sign a few free agents from the profits made. Millions would be sold to high school freshman coaches as a guide that shows what not to do when the game is on the line. Going back to game 3(we actually moved it until we arrived in the dreaded red zone) our 2 minute drill on either side of the halves has been a joke. 4 other games we have had the ball with a chance to win. I'm not sure we have gotten closer then the 30 yard line. Some of the greatest calls, passes, and run after the catch, have occured in our 2 minute drill. My personal favorite was the wildcat play on second down last week. Some other good ones were draw plays on first down(2 different games). Running backs trying their hardest to gain an extra 1/2 yard instead of going out of bounds. And the famous ...3 yard checkdown. This has been a clinic...


Thigpen is far to erratic to ever be great. The guys plays like he just pooped out a couple bushels worth of amphetamines. He's so amped he rarely thinks straight and you never know what you're getting from him.

The guy plays like he would be better suited guarding the doors at a meth lab. LOL.........

I think the Ravens of 2000 were pretty close to a dominant defense in terms of what carried them to a SB.

go to pro sports daily.com. the open letter to dolphins owner stephen ross is perfect, right on the money.

Thats what Im talking about superPHIN. Those type defenses are extremely rare and too far inbetween. LOL............

Seems the time Thigpen had in KC didnt help develope his skills too much in that chicago bears game 16-0, 1-12 as a starter...YUCK!!!!

I know what you mean and that's my point. The organization has thought that they can win with defense all the time making a mediocre offense making them playing to make no mistakes and don't score too much, honestly what I saw today is that Miami was in position to kill the Lions but again the HC and OC decided to go safe and let the defense win and as you can see here is the result and we saw it the past season. Miami has been characterized to play safe and instead of killing opponents, they give chance to come back to the game and that is a fault of game plan.

DB, someone should email that to henning....Defense will not win championships if your offense is DEFENSIVE in scoring points or playing not to lose is like saying we arent good enough to win!!!!!

I believe Ross has made his decision already. He just doesn't want to look irratic and pull a Dan Snyder or Al Davis. He just needs time to come up with a plan/direction after the firing.

Im out guys gotta get to bed! LOL................


Totally agree with you! Henning sucks and Sparano too for letting him calling the plays in critical times

I hear you Jaime, believe me i know exactly what its like to be frustrated as hell watching this team constantly do stupid playkilling drives and wtf momments in games, all too well while we have to go back to *wait till next year* again or the *give 'em more time* speeches while 2 teams in your own division once again get to play for a realistic shot at the SB......Makes me sick!!!!

1-7 at home fire them ASAP(Sparano and Ireland) place Nolan as the interm and start interveiwing ASAP!!!

Well too much frustration for today catch u up tomorrow see ya goodnight and at least I hope Miami players and coaches play fearless in their last game for their pride!!!! It's against the hated Patriots so I hope they can show a little bit of honor to us, the fans

Yep time to head off as well, lets just hope mr. ross Doesnt become the Bills version of Ralph Wilson when it comes to winning and building for the future, otherwise canada may have two teams playing in toronto*lol*...Just sayin...PHIN OUT!!!!

BS, Mando. BS!

They should not be allowed to find another QB. They blew it BAD on the first one. No chance on the 2nd go around.

BTW, why is asking for Carl Peterson's advice just dismissed by you? The Chiefs have won this year because of his last draft in particular.

I like how poo-poo Gruden and Cowher. The more I have read you lately the more I think you are becoming Omar Kelly.

BTW, where are you finding this QB, Mando?

Awful blog. Awful. Worse than Henne's picks.

This is in sharp contrast to the article Cote just wrote on Henne :)

Fire the whole coaching staff. NO MORE PLAYING TO LOSE! This staff would put the ENERGIZER BUNNY INTO RETIREMENT!

I agree with you 90 per cent. But I think you're wrong about a couple of issues. First, Parcells brought Henne. He also brought Pat White. I believe the upcoming draft will be Sparano's and Ireland's first true draft. History has proved that, when it comes to quaterbacks, Parcells has never been a great judge. Remember, he didn't want to play Tony Romo when he was with Dallas. He was forced to by Jerry Jones. Bledsoe, in New England, was not his idea. His Super Bowl winning quaterbacks were there by default. He had all sorts of problems with Phil Simms. So Again, I agree with you Armando. Keep Ireland, especially Sparano. But DEFINITELY find a winning quaterback either by trade, draft or free agency.
P.S. Merry Christmas to all and God bless!

Mr Ross Please stick with your coach! Don't listen to the Buffoons calling for his head. Worst case scenario is a repeat of this year and his contract expires but I see no harm in sticking with him he set is own expectations through the roof when he started out 11-5 and that 08 team was NOT that good but sense then everyone expect Super Bowl or Bust. That's just not realistic this team was TERRIBLE when he took over three yrs ago.

The flip side is you fire him and you will definitely be waiting three-four years for a playoff berth because a new Coach is going to want his own players and systems in place you cant do all that in one off season. stay the course don't be wishy washy

I suppose there are tons of things that can be done and need to be done to turn the fortunes of the Fins.

I would do what I could to inject some exciting players particularly on OFF.

The Fins could be MUCH, MUCH more explosive if they just added these two players.

They could use some "divine" intervention in West Virginia RB Noel Devine. RB Noel Devine has very RB Jahvid Best like qualities. He has soft hands, is very sudden and can accelerate past defenders. Here is one of his Youtube highlight vids...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp9MuxAszEM&NR=1

A poor mans DeSean Jackson clone WR Jerrel Jernigan from Troy. Small school and small frame means he should slip down the draft. He is only 5' 9" 190lbs but has the crazy moves and speed galore to break plays wide open. The quality is bad on this vid but you can get the idea of his ability. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63lbmKiBWl0

It is hard to say what round(s) these two will get drafted but I have not seen either on any 1st round mock lists. I would imagine with the success of smaller, shifty, speedy players in the NFL of late they should get pushed up the draft boards with their college bodies of work, good combines with fast 40's and solid private workouts.

I think in order to become more menacing of an offense they need athletes that scare defenses. These two mighty mights would qualify as dangerous open-field runners capable of making defenders miss.

Maybe add a later round TE like Schuylar Oordt at 6'7" 250lbs running a 4.58 40 and averaging 18.2 yards per catch for Northern Iowa.

This would substancially upgrade our explosive plays. If they can round up QB Cam Newton or QB Mallet they would literally transform our OFF in one draft.

I like Texas A&M OLB Von Miller if they go DEF in the 1st round. You can never have enough relentless pass rush types and he could help cave the pocket in opposite Cam Wake. Here is a clip of the Butkus Award Winner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnZSceCN5Yg&feature=related

I know its early to talk draft but with the colapse that was the Detroit game we have to look for some silver lining down the road.


I usually don't read long posts..but
Rob in OC...that was a good one my friend.


Hey genius,
How about Ross turn to the GREATIST MAN in Dolphins history for advice, Don Shula. He was here a bit longer than Parcells. He also did alot more than Parcells too.Won a few more games than Bill too. I have to stop reading your stupid column. I want you to write article detailing at least 10 reasons why Fat Tony should stay. You cant do that. You want him and the ball boy to choose another QB when they gave us what we have now. Great thinking. These are the guys who couldnt do their homework on Odrick who already had pins in his leg. But he was a1rst rounder that everyone laughed at on Draft day. Plus we needed another end too. Mybe new scouts so we dont get players like Misi. Maybe if we drafted Clay Matthews who we passed on 2 times Wake would have great partner. They need to go, and NOW. He is a loser and so is Ireland. Enough, Cowher won 10 titles and went to 2 Super Bowls. Won one of them. Fat Tony cant win at home. So how do you compare them????? Call Shula now Mr Ross. He is the man you need to talk too and hire as consultant.

I feel for henne. first, he's saddled with an OC that still thinks it's the 70s. 2nd, he plays behind one of the worst olines in the league on a bum knee. 3rd, 95% of our patterns are out routes. guess what? If i know that opposing defenses know that. 4th, he has not one player that can take it to the house.

i hear the coaches talk about chunk plays and yac and then they run nothing but out routes where the player goes straigt out of bounds.

the lions just won back to back road games with sean hill. coaching has more to do with it than people let on.

Now that is 2 days in a row that you vote to save Sparano. First he is a good guy and now the nonsense of giving them a second/third chance.

The team will go nowhere under Sparano.

Qb's at the top of the game don't think. Their brains operate at, open. throw. As fast as you can say it they think it. They have Henne so scared of Ints, that Ints is all he can throw. Henne is being taught not to lose the game and all natural instincts have been beaten out of that boy. No tiger left. Only the Dalia Lama.

So where has the team come from. From one winning season 3 years ago. They have learned to lose games. A 4 win team kicks their but in the 4th quarter. A 5 win team beats them 17-13 at home. A 5 win team beats them in a close score. These are the signs of a coach playing to not lose.

Don't blame it on the Oline. They are a weak group but this is where you use 11 men to figure out a way to make this weakness a strength. Even crappy players can look good if the right plays are called.

Tony plays not to lose and Ireland is the wrench left over from Parcells. When he left he told them they could fly. They haven't even left the tarmac.

Let Chad Pennington call the offense next week and see what happens. See if his view of an offense better fits what the Dolphins have on their roster. Get rid of Henning now and give a new guy a shot for a week - what have we got to lose? Maybe even start Tyler Thigpen just to give the offense a new wrinkle with a new OC calling the shots.

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