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A stream of conscientiousness post about ... everything

So everyone wants blood.

After a 1-7 home record in 2010, it is clear the Dolphins not only need significant changes, they will make significant changes. But I wish I could report to you the changes will be the right ones done by the right people.

If today you are in the camp wanting Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland ousted, I am not with you. I still think those guys can get it done, although they make it harder to believe and defend every time Miami plays, particularly at home.

Let me present to you some facts about making a change so high up the organizational ladder:

First, who is owner Stephen Ross turning to for advice so that he makes a sound decision? He is not turning to Bill Parcells. Parcells put Ireland and Sparano in their current jobs and even he understands if you win, you stay employed. If you lose, you're out. Parcells would be a good voice for Ross to listen to. He knows football, the Big Tuna does. Parcells brought Mike Nolan to the Dolphins when the defense was broken. Maybe he can suggest an offensive coordinator to fix the offense. Maybe he can suggest another coach or GM, if that's what Ross absolutely must have. Or maybe Parcells can talk sense to Ross about Sparano and Ireland.

But Parcells and Ross don't typically discuss Ireland and Sparano. Oh, they talk, but usually it's about other topics such as labor issues. That seems such a waste of Parcells to me. But that is the way it currently stands.

So who is in Ross's ear?

Friend and former Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson? How many Super Bowls did he win? Do the Chiefs, who just won the AFC West, miss him?

CEO Mike Dee? He's a marketing genius and something of a baseball guy. If I wanted to fill Fenway Park, I know he'd be the guy to turn to. But that's not the assignment. The assignment is to fill Miami's trophy mantle.

Vice Chairman and Partner Jorge Perez? He's a very good friend of Ross's and has his ear. But Perez is a builder of building not NFL teams. His NFL experience and acumen is approximately zero.

Marc Anthony? Emilio Estefan? Gloria Estefan? Fergie? Serena Williams? Venus Williams? Which one of these brilliant football minds should Ross listen to with a sense that they know what needs to be done going forward?

Look, if the idea is for Ross to do the popular thing, then he should go ahead and simply listen to the fans. They want Jon Gruden. They want Bill Cowher.

Both will sell tickets.

But Gruden has had zero success when he has to build a team. And Cowher only reminds me of a more accomplished Tony Sparano in his football philosophy. Both, of course, would bring their own GM types. Gruden's past GMs have been terrible. Cowher's better, but only after years and years of patience.

Which one of those two guys comes with a franchise quarterback?

Oh, neither one. Well then, the change would be a waste, in my opinion. Simply the Dolphins will continue to struggle under any coach until the team has a star quarterback. It hasn't had one since around 1994ish. And so the Dolphins have been in a relative funk since 1995ish.

Solve the QB issue, you solve myriad issues. Don't solve the QB issue and I say it will not matter who the coach and GM are.

And since you are reading this, Mr. Ross, this is what I would do: Sit Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland down and tell them to find a QB. No excuses. They failed in not drafting Matt Ryan. They failed in picking Chad Henne. They failed in picking Pat White.

They get one more chance this offseason. Find the quarterback or they're done. No excuses.

I assume those marching orders would motivate these two to scour free agency, consider any trade seriously, and be willing to do that which no Dolphins organization had done lately during the draft -- trade up.

All those should be on the table for the sake of adding a franchise quarterback. Without one, it doesn't matter if Ross is able to bring back a cloned 40-year-old Don Shula. No coach can win in today's NFL without a quarterback.

That should be Job One. Forget about firing the head coach. Hire a franchise QB and the head coach will get instantly smarter.

That's my two cents.


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People are fooled because Sparano is the most likable coach we have had in awhile, since Shula really. I think a convincing argument can be made that he has been the worst coach in fins history, and yes, that includes Cameron. I wasn't in favor of selecting Cameron, they actually turned down Mike Tomlin!, but one thing in Cams defense, that team suffered numerous injuries to the starters after just a few games, he was playing lots of second stringers, still though, I didn't see him as HC material, and I think Sparano is even less so. Cam at least is a top OC and knows something. Sparano is half oline coach half cheerleader and nothing more.

Aloco, Who are the "Brown Donkeys" on this blog???????????????????

DC.....I agree with your post but aren't you tired of our HC's poor game and clock management? It makes me sick how many times we screw up on the sidelines....that was a nice challenge yesterday huh WTF!
Pats will lay down for us so we keep our HC for another season. But we are so bad that plan might not even work.
We need a coach that knows how to win...has won before as a HC
An experienced QB....Orten?
A real center...Etc.etc.

I agree that getting rid of our HC and GM is not a solution, but I also don't think Henne is a bust and can be salvaged with the right OC hire. The biggest screw up of our season was not hiring Charlie Weiss when he was available to be our OC and work with Henne, and that is on Parcells.

If mediocre is the goal of the organization, then TS is the guy. Data is not biased. All key performance indicators trending downward, even with key input of cash for critical resources (star players). In any other business, this would evaluated as poor management. Staff has lost respect for management and play accordingly: down to the opponents' level. No, keeping existing management and expecting different out-come is just asking for more of same. Pats: Cassel was not Brady, but they were closer to achieving success than Dolphins are this year. Its coaching. Period. TS is too detached from Offense as whole and Defense; has no vision of winning performance. The one area of his alleged expertise, the OL, is mediocre at best. Based on the OL metrics, TS should be replaced as a OL coach. How can he be left as HC?

Pete, Henne sucks.......

Arm. Those are the thoughts I exactly had last night as the bad taste lingered. It does not matter who the coach is, this team will not win unless there is better play at QB. It is 100% clear that Henne does not have pocket presence or a quick release. Two critical elements to suceed as a QB today. He ends plays too quickly when pressured, period.... and he cannot improvise at all.....

And most importantly Sparano has not lost this team as Fisher (who is a very good coach), Chilly, or the real Bum (Phillips) had. Starting over with a new coach would set a team back that has a good foundation. Look at what Brady has done in N.E. and it is easy to see the keys to sucess. Efficiency with few mistakes.

The D is turning the corner with a rebuilt secondary and D-line,and LB's that can soon be one of the leagues best. Get the franchise QB at whatever cost, better interior linemen, one speed RB/flanker/return man and we will see how good the rest of the current WR's and Rb's become.

Of course there are no quick answers to QB unless another Sam Bradford is discovered or Miami has a little Luck. But that could be a challenge to find. But Ross must realise there is a good foundation with Nolan's D and good enough players at the offensive skill positions outside of QB. Henne will make a nice back up eventually.

Gman watching from Costa Rica

And why did Sparano let his son-in-law Pioli go to KC, where he swung deal for Matt Cassell and built a nice little team, esp. offense, while we got stuck with the Pre-pubescent Ball Boy as GM?

I like Tony Sparano and I do believe he can be a really good head coach but, he needs to get rid of Dan Henning. That's Step One. Hopefully, Dan Henning resigns at the end of the season and saves everyone the trouble of having to fire him. Step Two, in my mind, is replacing Chad Henne with a young quarterback prospect who might actually have a chance to make something of himself in the NFL. I'd even be open to bringing in Donovan McNabb and having him serve as a stopgap for a year or two.

Chad Henne is F.U.B.A.R. and the Dolphins would be wise to sever ties with him, unless he's willing to accept a back-up role. I understand it's very hard to become a good quarterback in the NFL because if it was easy, then every team would have one and we all know that's not the case. However, Henne never seems to learn from his mistakes. He makes the same mistakes every single week and has shown no signs of improvement this season. If anything, he has regressed since last season. Don't even get me started on his dink-and-dunk adaptation of the 2-minute drill. Throw the ball down the field! Take some chances!

There's a great article on the available free agent QBs and 2011 draft options for the Dolphins on The Florida Gridiron. Here's the link:


"One guy falls down, the other guy just misread it." Henne post game quote on what happened at the end of the game.

Even if it is true you can never, never say that. As that QB you are the field general and the leader. Leaders take responsibility, they don't place blame. I don't care what else he does. Quotes like this should be the final nail in the coffin for Henne as Dolphin's QB.

Armando, obviously you have never played football. How the Hell can you blame the loss on Henne, and say he needs to be replaced. Bess fell down, NFL QB's throw to a spot via a timing pattern, unless they are on the run. I believe the other INt Cobbs stood there like the slow slug he is, and turned the wrong direction, and Henne threw to the spot where he should have been. Armando, you can sit and watch the game, and make opinions but you don't have game experience, High schoold doesn't count

Armando defending Morono/Ireland...wants to keep them around

I'm shocked...

Are you going to blame the fans next just like Omar Kelly?

2 dolphins media mafia hacks

become a real journalist.

Morono's strategy for playing not to lose and going for fist pump field goals is not working in this league. But you never talk about that...

I can't tell you how much I agree with you on this Armando. If someone should be fired it's Henning. Replace Henne, don't throw us into another ridiculous rebuilding mode, make the Qb spot the #1 priority this offseason.

People need to remember it took 15 years for Cowher to win a Superbowl and he had one stretch of 3 straight losing seasons half way through. Pittsburgh had patience and they were rewarded. We need to do the same.

I get the impression from Henne's post-game comments that he is content to throw the ball to an area and hope for the best. That is to say, if a receiver flashes open, he throws it, hoping it was the correct decision, but without regard to the final outcome. So Bess fell down. Big deal. Receivers fall down all of the time. The fact is, he stared in that direction and drew 2 or 3 dbs to the ball. The pass to Shuler wasn't even close. Henne claims the guy stopped running, or ran the wrong route. This sort of excuse making is one reason this guy has to be replaced. He has now degenerated to looking for excuses for failure. Henne needs a psychologist more than a qb coach at this point.

We need real journalists down here...instead we have 2 super hacks (Armando/Omar) who blame everyone else except Tony Morono.

Armando must want DOlphins players interviews...


Armando, The Tony S lover you are. I suppose if youwrite the truth he would not talk to you.

The play calling again screwed us. Why in the 4th qtr with a 7 point lead on the 20-30 yd line of Detroit 3rd & 9 do we run a F--- play up the middle????? That's playing for FGs. We should have taken a shot at a first. Did anyone really think we would get 9 yds up the middle? Possibile but not likely. To F-- conservative, and predictible. Henning not Henne needs to go.


Your right on the money about a QB, I've been saying that for years as we pass on one good first round prospect after another and I hear the same dribble from fans about how you don't need a great QB in the NFL. About Sparano, I do not feel as good about him as you do, I can't support a coach who runs the ball on 3rd and 14, not the killer instinct I want in my coach.

put henne on waivers. when nobody pix him ^. make him the #-333333333333. only.. go get carson palmer at what ever cost and resign thigpen to be #-2.get kubiak for oc. that will save your jobs spazano and the penis w/ glaxxes..lol

Until we get a offensive cord that's going to let hene play instead of like a robot we wil never win let henne play and watch

Bess was double covered.....according to Fin alumni on radio this a.m., he was the ONLY wr doubled on that play, and others had actually --- GASP!------gone deep.

This excuse making for Henne is counter-productive. Too much data now establishes he's not so hot, to put it mildly, in 4th Qtr & on third down & on deep passes.

Time to move on.

The two INTs were not Henne's fault at all, as is agreed that the "waiver wire" 2nd string TE ran the route incorrectly and that Bess fell on the pick 6. O-line, speed on O and then a veteran QB to compete. And most definitely a new GM, and coaching staff that won't throw a young QB under the bus to try and cover up for their questionable talent acquisition strategies and offensive philosophy!

One can not blame Henning WITHOUT blaming Sparano, period. Sparano is the HC, he oversees all the coordinators. If he can't properly direct Henning for any reason then he is just as much to blame. You need a Head Coach that is in control of all phases of the team, not someone who simply acquiesces to what a coordinator wants to do.

I agree with mando but if cowher is available we need to go get him. I know he hasn't won the super bowl many times but he's been in the playoffs plenty of times. And I;d take a playoff appearance any day of the week over what we have now. Its better to cur ties with him

I agree major changes need to be done..I think the coaching and brow beating of Henne has ruined him..He is so scared and timid about making a mistake..They preach 4 yd passes instead of looking down field.When he is in rhthym they take him out..The O- line is a swinging gate...No running game...and average receivers at best..Game plans and half time adjusts have been special..I truly believe if you put Manning or Brady in this offence you wouldn't see super numbers ..I haven't even gotten into clock management and the wasted timeouts..I would really like to see Henne in a different Offence and different coaching staff..

Bess was the primary target on the play, as even Sparano said after the game... he was open by NFL standards.... also factor in that is the o-line was pass blocking like crap at the end and that longer pass plays take longer to develop! Let's play Thigpen next week and have some real laughs!

Mando you are such a kiss A S S

Word on the street is Dallas will NOT keep Jason Garrett as HC.
Therefore we can reunite Garrett with Sparano as our new OC and start the search for an elite QB.
That would be the least disruptive move and bring continunity to the offense.

BTW I was a henne fan until yesterday. That last pass was terrible. He seems scared in the pocket and he's not a winner. I'm sorry he doesn't have "it".
I think its best to go in a different direction with coach because I don't want these guys picking the next QB after giving away the house.

My advice to Mr. Ross move the Dolphins to New Jersey, too many distractions down there in South Florida. The players have NO fire or sense of urgency, they just go through the motions.

BTW I was a henne fan until yesterday. That last pass was terrible. He seems scared in the pocket and he's not a winner. I'm sorry he doesn't have "it".
I think its best to go in a different direction with coach because I don't want these guys picking the next QB after giving away the house.

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | December 27, 2010 at 10:07 AM

The playbook against Tom Brady is pressure up the gut and you shut him down. The Fins o-line sucks!!!! No QB would look comfortable under these conditions. Brady had 4-5 seconds on lamost every play yesterday. Huge difference!

Good points made...

Especially Gruden/Cohwer... BUT the fans don't bother to look at facts, or are not old enough to remember what really happened in Oakland/Tampa...

Henne is a bust. I've had arguments, even from last season, about that topic. He is just not good enough and never will be.

The magic is missing.

Bring back the old uniforms as well, the new ones are cursed.

Trade Henne and Brown for Kevin Kolb and a 4th round pick

1) fire OC. The guy is clueless on his play calling. all the receivers run curl or out routes which are easy to jump. on the int for TD it looked like every receiver ran the same 10 yard route, not real hard to defend.

2) someone has to be accountable for this playing not to lose mentality the team has had for10 years or more. that falls on the head coach.

I dunno, I kinda thought about giving Sparano a break, maybe it was Henning, but after the FG approach by this coaching team I was left, well, my jaw dropped. I dont know what to think no more, I can alway watch my highlights of Marino back 1994.

How bout hiring an offensive cord that has pass plays longer then 5 yds ?

Just as egrigious as blaming everyone but himself is Henne's clock "mis-management". Go back and watch the drive with about 4-5 minutes left when we were up by 10, had the ball and the clock was running. We were basically trying to run out the clock. On 2nd down with the clock running Henne snaps the ball with 10 seconds left on the play clock. The play clock is shown on screen so you won't miss it. And it didn't come back to bite us in this game so no one brings it up. But...

That's fundamental QB 101 that I would expect a high school QB to grasp yet, and this game isn't the first time, Henne has no awareness. That's ALL on Henne. Let's see him or even the most staunch Henne supporters defend that. Better yet, Armando please ask him on media day what the hell he was thinking! The kid is lost.

I agree Armondo. A real QB is what Miami needs to build a SB team. It makes perfect since to trade your whole draft for the best QB. That is your best chance to build a SB winning team. And possibly a dynasty. It worked for the Giants. San Deigo may had missed on Leaf. But Indy didn't miss on Manning. SO I say put the pressure on Ireland and Sparano to build a team around the best QB in this Draft period. I think Henning would be a bad idea because you want to let this QB to take over the team. And there is something about Henning that says he won't allow that to happen. I could be wrong. It's just the offense he runs is not the one I would hand over to a QB stud. IMO. Just like what they have done with the Beast this year. It's just not right. IMO. So good luck to Sparano this off season. He's gonna need it.

Not sure Henne is the problem. OLINE needs Help. Jake Long is one of the best LT in the game, I am glad they got him. LG, C, RG, RT is needed. They need some play makers. You understand that if they had any speed/play markers that most of those "check down throws" would be points. Pats use wes welker in alot of slants/underneath throws,like the dolphins run, but he has YAC. There are not Yac players on offence That 50+ by the Lions was a short pass for 50 + TD. Dolphins need players like that. OC is needed. Play markers needed. O line needed. Middle linebacker (depth) is needed. Another CB, ss(depth) or FS and move Jones to SS. WR (spped) that can take a 5 yard dump off and get 25+ yac. QB is not the biggest need. Put any QB in the system and players the dolphins have, and no one would look good.

Dolphins need speed and play markers period. OC period.

I agree Armando. A real QB is what Miami needs to build a SB team. It makes perfect since to trade your whole draft for the best QB. That is your best chance to build a SB winning team. And possibly a dynasty. It worked for the Giants. San Deigo may had missed on Leaf. But Indy didn't miss on Manning. SO I say put the pressure on Irland and Sparano to build a team around the best QB in this Draft period. I think Henning would be a bad idea because you want to let this QB to take over the team. And there is something about Henning that says he won't allow that to happen. I could be wrong. It's just the offense he runs is not the one I would hand over to a QB stud. IMO. Just like what they have done with the Beast this year. It's just not right. IMO. So good luck to Sparano this off season. He's gonna need it.

Agree Armandao, But why does the Big Tuna get such a free pass on where the team is? Was he really that disconnected from the Henne draft choice? What were the dynamics at play with Ireland during those drafts? If he had final say........... we should be hearing more about that failed part of this 3-year rebuilding plan.

sry, my bad

When is Armando ever right? He naively believes he is "friends" with coaches and then calls for sticking with them even when it is obvious they aren't head coach material. A few weeks ago he proclaimed the "coming" of Henne and spoke of his Oakland performance like it was fantastic, now he throws Henne under the bus just like his coaches.

He says they made a mistake in not getting Matt Ryan but Ryan's second year is not dissimilar to Hennes. Some "franchise QB" named Manning up in New York just threw 24 interceptions for the season and NO ONE has said he needs to go.

I wasn't a Henne guy when he was drafted (I think the Dolphins drafts have sucked since these clowns got here) but Henne is not the problem. Henne has potential and great assets and they are being wasted.

A headcoach who plays not to lose and would rather kick fieldgoals all day to win: that is a problem. A headcoach who handicaps the offense because he wants players on special teams (which has sucked for 3 years): that is a problem. A headcoach who was an offensive line coach and can't put together a decent line despite millions: that is a problem. An offensive coordinator with not one but 2 great RB's who has a second year player throw 40+ times every game: that is a problem. An offensive coordinator whose offense plays scared: that is a problem. An offense with NO speed at wideout: that is a problem.

None of those problems are due to Henne and drafting a QB in the first round won't solve them. Neither will trading for a QB. Football is simple. Outscore your opponent. You can't do that when you are happy kicking fieldgoals while they are scoring touchdowns.

Sparano and his staff need to go. Evaluate Henne when his hands aren't tied. Bring someone in to compete with him. But without a new staff, offensive line, speedy wideouts, and some defensive players who can actually intercept the ball on occasion, this team isn't going anywhere.

I agree 100% Tony is a good coach do the same thing with the offense as we did with the defense last year hope some new players do better on special teams and we will have a winner in town

Jan 3rd cannot come quick enough!

Mr. Ross: Please end the suffering and restore this team back to its glory days.

...first action --- move UP in the draft and get a QB!

Imagine the Dolphins with Pasqualoni as DC.
We would be 3-12.

CanesRUs did you stop to think that maybe he has all that time because he doesn't miss a throw. They have to respect that and back off.


Whatever the answer is, it does not lie with Cowher or Gruden. Though both have won Superbowl's, both are mediocre coaches. Gruden took over a Tampa team that was 95% the way there with a stellar defense. Cowher finally won in Pittsburg but it took FOREVER with lots of rebuilds along the way. Cohwer's coaching is akin to Dave Wannstedt. Wanna go back to that?

Besides, Cowher is more interesting in the Giants which will soon have an HC openning.

Gary Kubiak as our new OC?
That has a nice ring to it.

Armando you are wrong. What has Parcells done WITHOUT Bellicheck? Sparano has spent the past 2 years destroying this team. Sparanos teams:
1. Beat themselves
2. Do not make good second half adjustments.
3. Panic
4. settle for field goals.

I agree with you about Gruden, but he's a lot better than Sparano. Cowher is a logical choice because he WILL rebuild that OLine and make them good again.

The personnel decisions and drafting has been poor at best. That falls on Sparano and Ireland. Nobody else. They need to go as well as the whole staff.


R u nucking futs? Do you actually watch the Dolphin games? You say keep Ronnie and Ricky, but don't give it to Ricky 50/50?! WTF? Ricky is better and less injury-prone. Period!

I agree jrljr2 but if they have to trade away there whole draft for the best QB. Then they won't have a draft to screw up. It's a win win

Rick, one more thing:
5. Don't play to win

wow mando what a crock...you seem to be saying we should keep our current GM/coach because YOU dont like who has "Ross's ear"...do us all a favor and next time you are tempted to post your "stream of consciousness"....DONT!!!

jrljr2 - yes!

Man THIS is FRUSTRATING! We used to be a TOP Franchise. Now we are a joke. We need to bring this team back to where it belongs back on top!

I think Mr. Ross should read this blog. Everything he needs to know is here.

Usually, trading an entire draft isn't wise, but this team needs playmakers so bad, especially a QB, that if they could trade up to get Luck or Newton, they should. Sign a fast WR to stretch field and a RB and depth in FA. It's been 15 years since they've had good QB play and they haven't won anything. Do you think they realize this?

Rick, well said.

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