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A stream of conscientiousness post about ... everything

So everyone wants blood.

After a 1-7 home record in 2010, it is clear the Dolphins not only need significant changes, they will make significant changes. But I wish I could report to you the changes will be the right ones done by the right people.

If today you are in the camp wanting Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland ousted, I am not with you. I still think those guys can get it done, although they make it harder to believe and defend every time Miami plays, particularly at home.

Let me present to you some facts about making a change so high up the organizational ladder:

First, who is owner Stephen Ross turning to for advice so that he makes a sound decision? He is not turning to Bill Parcells. Parcells put Ireland and Sparano in their current jobs and even he understands if you win, you stay employed. If you lose, you're out. Parcells would be a good voice for Ross to listen to. He knows football, the Big Tuna does. Parcells brought Mike Nolan to the Dolphins when the defense was broken. Maybe he can suggest an offensive coordinator to fix the offense. Maybe he can suggest another coach or GM, if that's what Ross absolutely must have. Or maybe Parcells can talk sense to Ross about Sparano and Ireland.

But Parcells and Ross don't typically discuss Ireland and Sparano. Oh, they talk, but usually it's about other topics such as labor issues. That seems such a waste of Parcells to me. But that is the way it currently stands.

So who is in Ross's ear?

Friend and former Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson? How many Super Bowls did he win? Do the Chiefs, who just won the AFC West, miss him?

CEO Mike Dee? He's a marketing genius and something of a baseball guy. If I wanted to fill Fenway Park, I know he'd be the guy to turn to. But that's not the assignment. The assignment is to fill Miami's trophy mantle.

Vice Chairman and Partner Jorge Perez? He's a very good friend of Ross's and has his ear. But Perez is a builder of building not NFL teams. His NFL experience and acumen is approximately zero.

Marc Anthony? Emilio Estefan? Gloria Estefan? Fergie? Serena Williams? Venus Williams? Which one of these brilliant football minds should Ross listen to with a sense that they know what needs to be done going forward?

Look, if the idea is for Ross to do the popular thing, then he should go ahead and simply listen to the fans. They want Jon Gruden. They want Bill Cowher.

Both will sell tickets.

But Gruden has had zero success when he has to build a team. And Cowher only reminds me of a more accomplished Tony Sparano in his football philosophy. Both, of course, would bring their own GM types. Gruden's past GMs have been terrible. Cowher's better, but only after years and years of patience.

Which one of those two guys comes with a franchise quarterback?

Oh, neither one. Well then, the change would be a waste, in my opinion. Simply the Dolphins will continue to struggle under any coach until the team has a star quarterback. It hasn't had one since around 1994ish. And so the Dolphins have been in a relative funk since 1995ish.

Solve the QB issue, you solve myriad issues. Don't solve the QB issue and I say it will not matter who the coach and GM are.

And since you are reading this, Mr. Ross, this is what I would do: Sit Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland down and tell them to find a QB. No excuses. They failed in not drafting Matt Ryan. They failed in picking Chad Henne. They failed in picking Pat White.

They get one more chance this offseason. Find the quarterback or they're done. No excuses.

I assume those marching orders would motivate these two to scour free agency, consider any trade seriously, and be willing to do that which no Dolphins organization had done lately during the draft -- trade up.

All those should be on the table for the sake of adding a franchise quarterback. Without one, it doesn't matter if Ross is able to bring back a cloned 40-year-old Don Shula. No coach can win in today's NFL without a quarterback.

That should be Job One. Forget about firing the head coach. Hire a franchise QB and the head coach will get instantly smarter.

That's my two cents.


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Clean house Mr. Ross! I, as a fan, am not supporting this crap another game, i am ready to burn all of my phins stuff and be done with this organization! You have the power to strip all of this away and start over. Our problems are with our ultra conservative head coach, our less than adequate qb, and our stable of ordinary running backs. We have some talent in place, like Cam Wake and Carlos but overall, we stink. I have been a dolphins fan my whole life, now i'm 45 and very tired and worn out by the bumbling dolphins! It's over for me, sorry, time to jump off the bandwagon!!!

I don't pretend to know who our QB should be, but I know who it SHOULDN'T be!

I would be willing to trade Marshall for some picks. I love Ronnie, but he's fallen off (maybe its the offense?) so we need to look at RB's too.

Miami's team is young enough to handle not having any draft picks for a year or two. Does anyone disagree with that?

01/03/2010 and 10/24/2010.
Pittsburgh has more wins in Miami this year than the Dolphins.

Finding a qb is difficult, but when u r an offensive line coach and you dismantle the second leading rushing attack for guys who have been career back up and practice squad players and yer gm is cool with that, it's like you want to be fired. Then you constantly draft players in the later rounds that you could have gotten as ufa's..... yer just bad at what u do. Fire the gm an hire a student of pioli or the guy from the ravens

Ross, Make Henne compete with the best QB from this draft. PLEASE !!!

phinsfan78 - I agree, but I would like to see MORE development on the line and maybe now RB. We need to stop the "lets fix it quick" mentallity and make long term decisions. Our defense is good, we need to upgrade our safetys. A "Antonio Gates" style of TE would REALLY help.

Dumbest article ever... Didn't everyone also say Marshall would make Henne better? All Marshall has done is give Henning another WR to throw into his complicated curl and out offensive system. It's insane.. We had over two minutes yesterday and we barely got to the 50 yrd line? Henne throws the 2 yrd out regardless of the situation. The same thing happened in the Buffalo game. It's almost like he has no emotion, no desire to win games. I mean in these situations don't you at least try to throw the ball down the field? The timeouts and decisions to kick 60 yrd fgs on 4th and 1 (when you have a fb who is automatic) is out of control. No way Sparano is back next season. Nor should he be.

Armando, I totally agree with you. That's what I have been saying as well.

What do you think of Josh McDanial as OC? He's familure with the AFC East, as well as Brandon.

I agree with bringing in QB's. FA, Draft, trade, and the existing ones for open compatition. I would even trade Marsall to a team deep in QB's for draft picks and a QB.

And finally, Mike Singltary would add intensity and knows Nolan and his D. I know Crowder would get a better focus with him here or he would be gone.


Who can Ross turn to, you ask. Well, I'd be interested to know what Shula would say about this whole mess. Here is my take, from a fan's perspective.

1. Fire Henning. He must go. Maybe Josh would be interested coaching in warm weather for once and continue to hone in on his coaching skills for the future.

2. Make Pennington QB coach. He is a natural teacher so it makes sense at least to me.

3. Bench Henne. At best he is a second or third stinger. I have been saying this since day one even though I have been grilled by the Henne faithful who simply don't see past their noses. Well, Henne fans, Henne SUCKS and it is now official.

4. Get a STAR QB in the draft at any cost. Trade whatever picks need to be traded even if it means just having one pick in the draft. I would sign Brown and Williams, then trade one or both for whatever we can get.

5. Go after FAs that want to bring their talents to S. Florida. Add another OL to bookend Long, and another DL like Wake to bookend him. Free agency must be taken seriously and the Phins must do whatever it takes to bring in star quality players.

6. I know. Some of you are probably saying that such a plan would require loads of cash. Well, you are right, but if you want a winner and are serious about going to the SB, then you have to spend the money. Pro football is not a hobby, it is BIG BUSINESS which requires BIG MONEY.

7. I would give Sporano and Ireland one more season (not Henning or Henne). If they don't make it to the playoffs (at the very least) then they will be fired. Personally, I don't think Gruden or Cower are the answer long term. They might provide a quick jolt for a season or two, but I don't think it will be a long lasting fix.

8. If I were Ross, I'd hold an informal meeting with Shula, Marino, and other notables and get their input. Ross is not a football guy, so any wisdom from GREAT FOOTBALL MINDS that he can tap into would be better than nothing.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Hopefully 2011 will be better for the Phins and the fans.

To me I think the team is close. They were close to winning all there games last year and this year (except for a couple I would like to forget about). I think a QB stub would add to the nasty D is a perfect quick fix. It would give this team the edge they need to win games.

You're absoultely wrong on this...to give Sparano and Ireland another year is a waste of a year that could be used in landing the right coaching and talent. While I like Sparano, he does not motivate anyone with his antics on the sideline, not the players and certainly not the fans. Its time for a change, the Dolphins need to do what the 49ers did last night. Nuff said!

JerseyGuy - I second Mcdaniel as OC. He MADE Kyle Orton and Matt Cassel. He's proven (offensively) he can make anything work. But Marshall would have to go.

Agreed 100% with Armando and that is very rare but this time he got it just right! Sparano is a good coach and can be a great one! He just doesn't have a franchise QB and needs a good Offensive Coordinator! For all of you who want Cowher...he is 9-7 season avg. He lost 3 AFC finals at home! He lost a Superbowl and should have lost a 2nd one if it weren't because the officials gave it to them. Give Sparano more time and a Qb!

IMO a long haul rebuild is just another excuse to give to the players when they lose. especally young one's. Like Miami has. This team is close. they need a QB stud. they missed on Vick. instead they had his brother?


I like sporano and wouldn't mind keeping him around if he didn't make gradeschool peewee football mistakes with his game and clock management. leaves me to wonder about everything else with him.

Gee big surprise to think we will be more successful with a franchise QB. We have been trying to fill that void for a while. We may get lucky with a pick down the road, but we should look into either an early round move up or a serious trade.

Maybe the fixes we need aren't that drastic, but i know this.

What we're doing now isn't working!

the guy is not head coach material, period. sorry bobby boy,your boy henne is a bust. wherever he ends up you need to go with him! get yourself a new team!

Problem #1: OC. Best available??
Problem #2: QB. Henne, backup at best. Best available starter?? Free Agent?? McNabb?? Rookie in 1st round?? Available in 1st Round??
Problem #3: Speed RB. Who will return (only one); Ronnie or Ricky?? Most likely Ronnie. Which speed back is avaialble in the draft??
Problem #4: Interior Line: We dropped Grove for Berger... why?? Why did we drop Snmiley?? Run block must improve next year!
Problem #5: ILB; drop Chowder, even Dobbins is better in my book. Let's pick up a solid ILB to compliment Dansby in the middle!
Problem #6: Need to add depth to the out LB position behind Missi.
Problem #7: Dril Sean Smith all day, everyday on how to cathc a footbal!! Please!! Playing great by being in great position and knocking balls down but the difference between a 7-8 team and 9-6 team could very much lie in the HANDS of Smith's dropped INT, not to mention pick sixes!! He should have had about 9 INTs this year, no lie. With atleast 3 going to the house! wow
Same goes for Cleomons! But I'm very pleased with our Secondary play just please please make those Turnovers! They mean A LOT in terms of changing a game!!!

D-Lineman - great depth. B+
Receivers - add another to challenge Hartline for the #2 spot. Bess and Marshall are great once they get a decent OC/QB! - B
Secondary - despite WAY too many dropped INTs, the group is solid with young players!! Carroll becoming a really good nickely/dime back too! - B

No unit deserves an A this year.


Offense: F-
enough said.
Defense: A
Please, please don't lose Nolan! Thanks
Special Teams: D
Head Coach: C
Bill Cowher will be an upgrade but Sparano is not the problem.

The problem is NOT the Head Coach...
The problem is NOT the GM...
The problem is NOT the QB...
The problem is the QB coaching and OC. Develop and coach up Henne and in time he will be fine. TS needs to change his mind set to play to win the game not for FGs.

The Dolphins problems are not complicated. Actually their problems are rather simple. They hung their hats on the WRONG quarterback(Henne)! Keep the coaching staff and get a new quarterback!!! My suggestion would be to get a proven veteran (McNabb) or trade for Kevin Kolb or Vince Young. All 3 would be a significant upgrade to a team that is already defensively sound!!!!

I agree 100% with marinowouldfailundersparano...getting a new qb and brainwashing him into the same offense would be a waste... I say, let the kid call his own plays the last game.. How is it the jets let Sanchez do it??? Believe me if Matt Ryan would have been drafted by the dolphins, he would be horrible!!! How are u the highest paid o-line in the league and we can't run the ball with 2 great backs?? Henne is always under pressure!! And sparano was a line coach!! Shows you about his eye for talent as well as his player development skills... Spread the o with 4-5 wr and give henne more than 2 wr to look at plus a checkdown... Or pound the ball 25-30 times a game like we use to and had good success with... Coaches are the prob here.. We have the personnel..

NHDolphan it's one thing to talk about. It's another thing to acually do it. I've been around and watching every QB since Fiedler. And Miami has not really tried to get a real QB. sry but thats the truth. maybe they don't want to step on Marino's foot. I dont know why. But they are missing out on some fun not having one.

How about thinking outside the box? Parcells (like all great coaches before him) has seen the end of his reign. His "system" doesn't seem to be successful in today's NFL (unless it's a hybrid like Bellicheck or Coughlin have done).

But, why doesn't anyone talk about the Mike Tomlin's and Raheem Morris' and Leslie Frasier's and Mike McCarthy's and Todd Haley's of the world? New faces, fresh, with football IQ's, and more importantly, a better grasp of what they're dealing with in today's NFL players. These "old" guys everyone bandies about all the time (Cowher, Gruden), yeah, know football. But if you watched Lombardi, you'd see a coach needs the players respect first and foremost to get them to play for them and trust in them. Now, Sparano has done this fairly well (probably his best quality..motivation), but there's more you can do. Once a week, Morris talks to his young players about LIFE: money, issues off the field, love interests, etc. Sure, some of you might think, "so what, how does that help the team succeed?" Well, by keeping everyone's nose clean. By taking away the stresses and life difficulties that hamper players from concentrating fully on football. Also, it allows the coach to nip problems in the bud before they get too overwhelming.

I think Ross and Miami fans need to wake up to today's NFL, in schemes, in personalities, in development and personnel.

Does Ross have anyone to help steer him in the right direction? I dunno. But I do know that trying to get Chad Henne to be a game manager is a recipe for longterm mediocrity.

It was fun watching Marino play while we grew up watching football. Does anyone disagree with that?

trade the whole draft an next years to get a real QB. it will be fun.

Also, it's hard to win with a QB that's both IMMOBILE and INACCURATE. And these are qualities that are hard to teach. If you look at Tampa's QB, Freeman, he's exactly the opposite. He's very mobile and fairly (at least as far as I've seen) accurate. Plus, he's a gamer. Knows the situation and understands the game. I don't get that from Henne. I think Henne knows the plays, but like everyone says, it's in an A.I.-type of way (robotic). It's not intrinsic, and that worries me since the guy has been playing football forever. If he hasn't learned it by now, why would anyone think he'll learn it in another 1-3 years. And no one will give him more than 1 year to "get" it.

So, we need to think differently about QB. Who cares if the guy doesn't know defenses or the NFL systems or any of that. All that is the easy stuff that can be taught. I want a QB with the intanglibles: football intelligence, a true leader, mobile, ability to think quickly and have good decision-making, CONFIDENCE. THAT'S what we need.

Not only is Henne the worst QB in the AFC East, he's the worst QB in FLORIDA!!! Both Garrard AND Freeman are better than him.

Who wants to stick with Henne still? And why?

Armando, there are parts of your argument that are ridiculous. You contend that Ross doesn't have the football experience to decide on a new coach and GM. That's absurd! Ross bought the team. It's his job to decide on the coach and GM. You say that Parcells is the best person for Ross to get adivce from. That's absurd! Parcells built this mess. Parcells is the architect of a team that went 1-7 at home. Ross, as the owner of one of thirty-two NFL teams, is wired into every football mind in the country. If he needs advice, he can ask anyone the following question: "If you were the new owner of an NFL team stuck in mediocrity for the past decade and a half, who would you want running your organization?" I guarantee you that Ross will be able to find reliable answers to that question if he seeks for them. The problem with your position, Armando, is that it keeps the Dolphins stuck in the mediocrity that has surrounded this organization for at least the past fifteen years. 1-7 at home! Simply unacceptable. Fire them all! Get us Cowher! Get us Gruden! There's going to be a lot of coaches available at the end of this season. If the Cowboys don't retain Jason Garrett, I think that Garrett is a young coach who is going to be terrific. Get Jason Garrett! If the Giants let go of Tom Coughlin, Coughlin is a terrific coach who has won a super bowl. Get Tom Coughlin! Get Jeff Fisher! The point is that it's Stephen Ross' job, as owner, to decide on the coach and GM. Stephen Ross, do your job! And Armando Salguero, stop writing posts that would keep the Dolphins, our beloved team, stuck in mediocrity!

How to fix the Fins:
- Keep Sporano and Ireland.
- Get McDanials for OC
- Bring in Kyle Orton to compete with Henne
- Trade down in the first round and draft a center and a fast RB.
- resign either Ricky or Ronnie (but not both) they are to simular and its a luxury that we cannot afford.

Today, results are what matters. Sparano is a good man, but maybe not a good "head" coach - like Wannstadt. At least with Wanny, you knew you had a defensive mind and we had a great defense. With Sparano, we have a mediocre offensive line which is supposed to be his specialty - that is inexcuseable. We saw the results of hiring a competent, experienced defensive Coordinator. I like Sparano but his inexperience shines through, and I disagree that Cowher will be more of the same. He is competent and experienced like Mike Nolan, and that will bring results in itself. That said, I do agree we need to fix the quarterback problem - so would about 25 other teams. The difference is winning with what you have and upgrading where you can. Whether it be coaching (Cowher) or quarterbacking.

Why do you continue to defend SparaNO? Let's see, maybe we should have been running out the clock instead of letting our turnover prone disaster QB wing it with the lead late in the game? A good coach would have been able to keep that lead by running it, punting it, and relying on our team's only strength--the Defense to hold the lead and win it. SparaNO doesn't have the game planning to make it at this level--there are better football minds out there. Trent Dilfer wasn't exactly a hall of famer--he won a Super Bowl. Good coaching and game planning can overcome not having a great QB. Having a great QB doesn't equal championships....

Mando, I love ya to death but have to disagree here. These mutts have made this team regress. They picked these players, tony Mr O line built that screen door of a Line.

They keep a stiff like crowder, yet let go carpenter who was not much better but led the lions in tackles yesterday. Omar Kelly is better than Crowder for gods sakes.

No these guys have to go, they are conservative and weak minded.

Jason Garrett is a "yes man" to Jerry Jones. Not that good IMO

returnmeigs and not having one does??? At least it would be fun for the fans and the D to have a QB driven team.

To those of you who continue to back Henne, what drugs are you guys on? I am not an expert, but I doubt many of you here are. However, it doesn't take an expert to see the writing on the wall and be able to read it. Here is what I see from Henne:
1. He can't read defenses. If 80 to 90% of the throws are to check receivers, that means you can't read the field. Henne can't find the open receivers quickly enough and deliver the ball.

2. Henne appears to not have enough time to throw because he requires over 5 seconds to simply get rid of the ball. Marino was great because he read the field and released the ball quickly. That is a gift, and inherent ability that Henne doesn't have and CAN'T be coached.

3. Henne get flustered in the pocket. He gets happy feet and looks like he panicks.

4. Henne is not accurate. Look at the completions he has made and many are due to the receivers making great catches from crappy throws. As a matter of fact, the pass to Bess for a TD was a crappy pass with a lucky catch on Bess's part.

5. As we all have heard over and over, Henne stares down his receivers. He did it at Michigan and has not been able to shake it. It has been three years to get the techniques right and he hasn't done it which leads me to believe that he won't; at least not in the foreseeable future.

Henne is a backup QB at best and that is the reality of things. Quit trying to give the guy a break when he doesn't merit it.


By the way, Miami should not, I REPEAT, NOT trade for McNab. He wants out of Shenanigans system and will be easy picking if Miami plays their cards right. The Phins really need to be schooled by Belichik on how to amass loads of top draft picks. The man is a freaking genious regardless on how everyone in here feels about hime.

And special QB's come along more often than a whole defensive units.

QB's help the defense. do you disagree?

I'm tired of hearing about the offense having problems. It's THE QUARTERBACK that has the problems. The defense is sound. WE NEED A QB!!!! Period!

Brad childress was fired earler in the year cause the team got bad..he was one favre int at the end ..from being in the superbowl last year..morono just barely made the playoffs 3 years ago..and had a quick exit in it..why is he not benn fired yeT?

One through five of your points .....Henne has a shitty line and posession recievers, a conservative set of morons that brow beat him. No tight end and two lousy aging backs. Go away voice.

As upsetting as yesterdays' game and this season has been I think we all need to take a deep breath. Resorting to knee jerk reactions generally feel good at first but ultimately pan out with regrets.It is obvious that the offense under performed this year. The defense is much improved. Look at the last three teams we have lost to. Would you want to be a fan of those organizations? They have been perennial losers for decades. I do not believe blowing up the whole team is going to get us anywhere. Make the changes that are needed. New O.C.,If there is a better QB available to us(and that's a big if)get him. Keep Henne and let him develop and compete. He still has the ability to be a good QB. Get some speed at running back and a deep threat receiver. Continue to look for improving both the O-line and D-line. We are not far off from getting it right. Barring finding the Marino,Brady,or Manning,these are the rational measures needed to take the next step with what we have to work with. Bringing in a high profile retread may sell tickets but I'm not sold on the fact it will bring immediate results.(unless they come along with a franchise QB)That's my 2 cents worth. Keep the faith Dolphin fans.

Someone commented on the interception to Bess earlier. He did slip. But that pass should have never been thrown. There where 3 guys around Bess. The throw had to be perfect, no room for error on the side of the qb, or reciever. Opposing defenses scheme as well. They know that it is our tendancy is to abandon the run.(weather by design, or neccessity) Teams know eventually Henne is going to turn it over. It isn't a matter of how, but when. Yesterday go back and look at the drive charts. Thr run pass ratio was actually pretty good. A couple of injuries later, and the running game comes to a halt. Boom the ball is back in Hennes hands, and it is turnover city baby. Henne didn't do himself any favors yesterday. But I think we win this game if Murtha, and Incognito are in the game. Not that this matters much.

Finding another QB is not that easy. Besides, the Dolphins never won anything while Marino was in charge. The Broncos never won anything till they build a good offensive line and a running game. The question to Sparano should be why did he dismantle a descent offensive line from last year? He should have acquired a speedy wide receiver instead.


I'm with you on keeping Sparano and Ireland for another season. Sparano's a good man, is respected by the players and works hard to make this franchise better. the criticism he gets from the fans and media is unwarranted. The fans have NO clue!! It's 36 years of frustration talking and that has NOTHING to do with Sparano. You can't make chicken salad from chicken sh*t and that's what he has to work with on this team. With the exception of Marshall and Jerry the team did NOTHING to help the offence this off-season. The defence was a disaster and that where the focus went. That's not Sparano's fault. Get rid of Henning, improve the running game, add a pass-catching TE, another WR and improve the line. Presto an instantly better offence! It's not rocket science. But your going to blame the head coach blame the head coach becuse you didn't give him the players to work with? Ridiculous!! The only problem is Armando, you're not going to find that franchise quarterback you want this off-season......unless of course Manning doesn't re-sign in Indy. I still believe, and I'm sure I'm probably the only one, that Chad Henne can be a competent QB in this league. Take the pressure off of him, give him a line that blocks, a 1,000 yard plus running back, a pass-catching TE, an OC that takes the hand cuffs off and another WR and he becomes Joe Flacco in Baltimore. I'm not talking about an elite QB, in this league, I'm talking about a guy who throws 20-25 times a game. The offence is vanilla and poses no threats to opposing defences. How is that Henne's fault? Mark Sanchez isn't elite and Joe Flacco isn't elite but both of those teams are heading to the playoffs. Chad Pennington wasn't elite but he took us to an 11-5 division record. Take the pressure off the QB and make him a complinetary piece and it's a different team.

sparanos press conference he says he can turn this thin around and he has the pieces to the puzzle. the only pieces of the puzzle you will be putting together is at home in your kitchen. maybe a nice winter scene!

Cleveland, Buffalo, and Detroit whipped us in our own house. IF SPARANO, IRELAND, HENNING, AND HENNE ARE NOT LET GO, THE FANS SHOULD BOO AND FIRE ROSS!!!


I think it's relatively simple for someone of course who's livehood doesn't depend on the outcome of my decision. Hire a brash new Offensive Coordingtor, thay may also mean getting a new QB. My definition of new is not a veteran, but Ryan Mallet, strong armed and fearless. Henne might have to ride the pine, but that's okay, because you know what he can do at least with Henning calling the shots. Change one piece (Henning) and the other parts may operate much better. Change more than one part at a time and there'll still be a break in period. Fish in 2011!!!


I totally agree. If you fire Ireland/Sparano, you remove what parcells did. If you think about it, INT's are what lost games for us this year. You get a QB who can use our WR's properly, and you get a decent RB, and suddenly this team looks a LOT better. We should have a healthy O-line next year, and our defense is set. So, I mean, get a QB and this team is gold.

Great post. Couldn't agree more.

Also, once again, you have Brandon Marshall. All kinds of height advantage over Vasher (who covered him all day it seemed). And in the 2-min drill you don't try to throw one up to him (at least ONCE). Even for the chance of a PI penalty?

That's just plain idiotic. And that's not really Henne (but he could have thrown it anywhere). That's Sparano, that's Henning, that's why they are on the hot seat. You have to KNOW your personnel. I'd hazard to bet that EVERY TEAM IN THE LEAGUE would have tried throwing one up for a WR like Marshall.

We didn't. We lost. Now we're in this position.

"If you fire Ireland/Sparano, you remove what parcells did"

THAT's precisely the point -- and the desirable goal.


Shaggy, you must be a Henne lover. Really. You must be one of them "expert wannabees who can't see farther than the pimple on your ugly nose. Look at the replays, if you are able to see at all and are not blind as a bat, and you'll see that Henne sucks. There is absolutely no O-line than can hold back a d-line indefinitely except maybe in your make believe world.

So, why don't you go away to Henneland and keep fantasizing that you are sucking him. You are an idiot, a moron or hopefully, simply misunderstood. Next time u tell me to go away, be prepared to blow me first. Neither u or anyone else tells me what to do u DONKEY HOLE.

This whole DOLPHIN debate is taking toooo much time and toooo much effort. This franchise is finished as a contender if most of the present coaches and players are not sent to the Dung Pile.

Oh McCRAP, why bother. Dissolve the franchise, emmancipate everyone and Ross, find another hobby!


they might be stuck with this guy again, it looks like if the giants miss the playoffs, it's goodbye coughlin hello cowher, and gruden is already a candidate for the 49ers job.


How did any of those teams 'whip' us? Didn't we lose each of those games right at the end of the game? The losses to Cleveland and Buffalo were by three points and seven to the Lions yesterday. Let's not exaggerate the facts, man. They were all games we SHOULD have won, as were the losses to the Steelers and Jets. Again, I'll be in the minority here but this team is not that far away. There's FIVE games we should have one and by changing some of the pieces it's a different story. Where have Fasano and Brown been this season? Start your upgrades there....

Voice is the coach of the local pee wee team, Go study up Jocko, you have not got a clue.

I laugh at the supposed scouts on this blog. PRO SCOUTS get it wrong all the time, but you AMATEURS know more than them, the GMs, coaches, everyone.

Who's to say there isn't a great QB in this upcoming draft class? Who's to say some guy who played at a small school and got overlooked by everyone won't step up next year? Who's to say? Yes, franchise QB's are not a dime a dozen. But Tampa found one. So did the Rams, Detroit, KC, Chicago, Philly, New York, Baltimore, and not all of them found that guy through the draft.

And some say Sanchez and Flacco aren't elite. WHO CARES? Have they gotten their team's to the Playoffs each year they've been in the league? So what the h*ll are you saying? That's all it's about, not how good you look doing it or how flashy or polished you are. Maybe one day those guys WILL be elite, and then be ready to take their team's to the SuperBowl.

Henne has REGRESSED in his 2 years here. That's not enough to tell me he can't be better, but it's probably enough at this time to tell me he isn't the guy to take THIS TEAM where it needs to go. Once you've answered that question, then it's really a simple decision, FIND ANOTHER QB!

the foe teams know to just keep it close 'till the 4th q because henne will p all over himself again.and presto!, the foe teams win. what's his 4th q rating now..27.?...lol

Cowher didn't win a super bowl until he got Big Ben, Dungee didn't get it done until he was paired with Payton Manning. FIND A QB! The Dolphins struggles can be traced back to the lack of future vision from the organization when they knew Marino was on his last legs. They thought that they can just go out and find another QB plug him in and everything will be fine, it's been 11 years since Marino threw a pass, how has that worked out for you?

According to you guys the Chargers, Jags and Giants should all fire their Head Coaches. Their teams all came up short yesterday in 'must win' games. And of course that was ALL on the Head Coach. Seems those teams should be getting rid of Rivers, Manning and Garrard to. These teams all have very similar records to the Dolphins. The problem is teams keep changing their head coach and it very rarely works out. We were promised success when Johnson and Saban came to town. The reality.....it didn't work out. It'll be more of the same with Cowher and Gruden. Fix the problem....the OC and the offence.....problems solved.

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