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A stream of conscientiousness post about ... everything

So everyone wants blood.

After a 1-7 home record in 2010, it is clear the Dolphins not only need significant changes, they will make significant changes. But I wish I could report to you the changes will be the right ones done by the right people.

If today you are in the camp wanting Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland ousted, I am not with you. I still think those guys can get it done, although they make it harder to believe and defend every time Miami plays, particularly at home.

Let me present to you some facts about making a change so high up the organizational ladder:

First, who is owner Stephen Ross turning to for advice so that he makes a sound decision? He is not turning to Bill Parcells. Parcells put Ireland and Sparano in their current jobs and even he understands if you win, you stay employed. If you lose, you're out. Parcells would be a good voice for Ross to listen to. He knows football, the Big Tuna does. Parcells brought Mike Nolan to the Dolphins when the defense was broken. Maybe he can suggest an offensive coordinator to fix the offense. Maybe he can suggest another coach or GM, if that's what Ross absolutely must have. Or maybe Parcells can talk sense to Ross about Sparano and Ireland.

But Parcells and Ross don't typically discuss Ireland and Sparano. Oh, they talk, but usually it's about other topics such as labor issues. That seems such a waste of Parcells to me. But that is the way it currently stands.

So who is in Ross's ear?

Friend and former Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson? How many Super Bowls did he win? Do the Chiefs, who just won the AFC West, miss him?

CEO Mike Dee? He's a marketing genius and something of a baseball guy. If I wanted to fill Fenway Park, I know he'd be the guy to turn to. But that's not the assignment. The assignment is to fill Miami's trophy mantle.

Vice Chairman and Partner Jorge Perez? He's a very good friend of Ross's and has his ear. But Perez is a builder of building not NFL teams. His NFL experience and acumen is approximately zero.

Marc Anthony? Emilio Estefan? Gloria Estefan? Fergie? Serena Williams? Venus Williams? Which one of these brilliant football minds should Ross listen to with a sense that they know what needs to be done going forward?

Look, if the idea is for Ross to do the popular thing, then he should go ahead and simply listen to the fans. They want Jon Gruden. They want Bill Cowher.

Both will sell tickets.

But Gruden has had zero success when he has to build a team. And Cowher only reminds me of a more accomplished Tony Sparano in his football philosophy. Both, of course, would bring their own GM types. Gruden's past GMs have been terrible. Cowher's better, but only after years and years of patience.

Which one of those two guys comes with a franchise quarterback?

Oh, neither one. Well then, the change would be a waste, in my opinion. Simply the Dolphins will continue to struggle under any coach until the team has a star quarterback. It hasn't had one since around 1994ish. And so the Dolphins have been in a relative funk since 1995ish.

Solve the QB issue, you solve myriad issues. Don't solve the QB issue and I say it will not matter who the coach and GM are.

And since you are reading this, Mr. Ross, this is what I would do: Sit Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland down and tell them to find a QB. No excuses. They failed in not drafting Matt Ryan. They failed in picking Chad Henne. They failed in picking Pat White.

They get one more chance this offseason. Find the quarterback or they're done. No excuses.

I assume those marching orders would motivate these two to scour free agency, consider any trade seriously, and be willing to do that which no Dolphins organization had done lately during the draft -- trade up.

All those should be on the table for the sake of adding a franchise quarterback. Without one, it doesn't matter if Ross is able to bring back a cloned 40-year-old Don Shula. No coach can win in today's NFL without a quarterback.

That should be Job One. Forget about firing the head coach. Hire a franchise QB and the head coach will get instantly smarter.

That's my two cents.


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Thing is, most Miami fans wanted Don Shula out when Jimmy Johnson came available. But don't we miss him now? Most wanted Marino to retire or go elsewhere in 1999. Don't we miss him now?

I am one, but I'll be the first to admit: Such a crazy bunch of fans we are as a whole.

Yet, this time, I think we ALL agree that a change in coaching and QBing is *NEEDED*!

That is right Shaggy with the limp pecker. I coach the pee wee team that your gay kid plays on and he told me his daddy (you) was a faggy daddy that molested him. By the way, were you born an A S S H O L E or did you study really hard at being one? On a more intellectual note, I'd say you are in the minority when it comes to your assenine opinion. Go away Faggy Shaggy and stay away. There is no sense reasoning with you. You are dead brain. F##CK OFF!!


I agree with CraigM on one thing, this team isn't that far away.

But my disagreement is that sticking with Henne brings us no closer to where we want to be.

IMO, there are 2 routes that can be chosen:

1- stick with Henne. Acquire pro-bowl caliber players around him to make winning almost Henne-proof. So he can't muck it up if he wants (that means having a Baltimore/Pitt quality defense and great RBs/TEs/oline/WRs around Henne).

2- Make Henne the backup, draft/acquire a new QB, and put as many offensive pieces around him to try and make him successful ASAP.

In both these the 1st thing is to get a quality OC (or else neither way works).

But, if those are the 2 routes the team can go, I think the better choice (and quicker) would be #2. This team can't be made elite around Henne by next year, so why not try to get a QB (probably better probabilities you can at least find someone better than Henne).

Voice of reason talks like a pimple faced twelve year old. You kiss your mom with that mouth? No wonder you can't think your way out of a wet paper bag.


It's fine to sat 'let's get rid of Henne', but who is it we're replacing him with. Andrew Luck is the only guy that appeals to me in this draft and he won't be available to us. who else is there? There's a real shortage of ELITE quarterbacks in this league. Three-quarters of the teams are looking for an elite quarterback. You can win in this league without an elite QB. All you have to do is look at Sanchez and Flacco. Henne still gives us the best chance to win. The combo of Henning and Lee with him isn't working. Change it up!

i dont think its good to change coaches all the time either but the fact is sparano has proven to not know clock management he does not know when or when not to use timeouts he is just not a good in game coach and after watching him just run off the field yesterday without even arguing with the refs that we shoulda had one more play cause their was no football to use i say can his sorry fist pump

This is like a situation where a guy is afraid to dump a girl because of fear he may never get mounted again. You have to overcome that fear. Remember this is the Miami Dolphins. We mount the hot girls. Don't forget that. Don't settle for the ugly girl at the end of the bar just because we are desperate and drunk.

That Reason guy has mental problems

Keep Ireland and Sporano. Change would be bad because you would be starting over and then it will be three plus years to win. Keep the regime and find linemen and a qb and we will win.

henne/sparano just dont have it. we are the only NFLteam without a 2 min offense. and why on earth dont we snap the ball when the other team jumps offsides?????? it happens every game;several times against the lions. we get outcoached every single game.


If people could be OBJECTIVE they would realize that the OFFENCE is not ELITE. We have a guy that everyone passed over in the draft. He's average to above average but not a star. How is he as a returner? Very average! Fasano? We acquired this guy along with Ayodele for a 4th round pick. He's slow and plodding with average hands. He's average at best. Moore and Wallace? Free agents. Williams and Brown? Probably their best years are behind them. The OL? I think we would all agree that Long is the only one we would consider Pro Bowl calibre. So where are the stars on this offence? Is it any surprise it's mediocre, at best? Where are the Hakeem Nicks or the Jeremy Maclins or Kenny Britts on this offence? There are none? Why? Because Parcells and company have continually passed over playmakers in the draft, instead taking guys that can play in the trenches. Well the Shawn Murphys and Pat Whites and Patrick Turners have caught up with us. That's not Sparanos fault and it's not Henne's fault.

Fire Dan Henning RIGHT NOW!!!! If this fool stays on this team will go no where fast next year. It's that simple. Henne is not a starting NFL quarterback and that has been on display now since last year. He is a choker. If they need big plays he chokes. I don't care if they fire Tony or not but if they don't fire Henning we be having the same conversation again next year... why can't we win games, why are we scoring so low, why can't we win games.

I wonder if Henne has any smack to dish out about Tebow these days regarding who is a starting QB in this league? hmm..probably not.

Get off the fence and make a stand Armando! The coach has control over every aspect of the organization and he must be held responsible for the actions, including the play calls. Too many issues with this organization to wait for another year. The team and the loyal fans deserve better.

Craig, I agree you can win without an elite QB. But Henne isn't even up to par with Flacco/Sanchez. Henne is regressing. And I'm sure you know this because from your posts I can tell you watch games and understanding either as much or more about football than I do. You can't say Henne's gotten better this year. And there's also a trend no one has mentioned. Both last year and this, Henne has gotten WORSE as the year wore on. You're going to have setbacks and injuries EVERY year. Henne won't EVER probably (barring a miracle) have a year when personnel won't be shifted in/out of the lineup and he'll have to assume a greater role to secure a win. And he hasn't shown the ability to handle that. Other than 3 quarters vs. Detroit, Henne has been a trainwreck since Raiders. Against subpar teams. The one win in there (NYJ) was totally on defense and field conditions, nothing Henne did.

So, who would I put in there. I don't EVER really make personnel predictions because I admit I'm not a scout or a personnel guy. I see you like to think yourself one, but since I see how many REAL GMs get things wrong year in and year out I respectfully don't trust your scouting abilities either. I dunno if there's anyone better. You say Luck is the only QB available, and I HOPE that you're wrong. That there might be someone else out there who can be good put in the right situation. Or that we can get an Orton or some other veteran in the interim until we find that franchise QB who can at least possibly do what you think Henne can do, play just enough to win IN SPITE OF themselves.

And that's my point. My point is, you're position is Miami can win IN SPITE OF Henne. My position is they can't. So if you understand my position (and those who think like me) ANYONE would be better. Because with Henne, we say you'll only lose and never win (enough to go to the Playoffs). That's the divide. I don't think Henne is a winner in the NFL. So no reason to keep him and keep losing.


I was as frustrated as any yesterday watching that game unfold the way it did, and I learned all I needed to know about Chad Henne in the final minutes. I knew all week long that yesterday was going to be a disaster, I am actually even more amazed that Ndamukong Suh did not have a bigger impact. That Lions team was 4-10 going into yesterday, but their defensive line is Super Bowl caliber, and our offensive line is high school caliber in the interior. I likened the game yesterday to a boat that starts with a small leak, that finally sinks because it can't stop taking on water. That 4th Quarter was our boat sinking completely, there was very few times when Henne wasn't even finished with his drops and he had someone in his face. However, he "can't see the defense as well from the Shotgun" (what a crock) and Dan Henning hardly even knows what that formation is. There was no way we were going to be able to block that defensive line for 60 minutes, and it finally took its toll in the 4th Quarter. I said it last week, and I say it again. The problems on offense cannot magically be fixed during the season. So here we sit again b*tching and complaining about the same things week after week, the lack of blocking, Henne, no running game, no speed. They fixed the defense that we had last year, and I believe they should be given the chance to fix the offense this year.

I am still of the belief that adding a playmaker at TE and a RB that presents problems in both the running and passing game would go a long way. Those two things are the big missing pieces on offense, IMO at the skill positions. Someone to stretch the field vertically to allow Marshall and Bess to do what they do best, eat up all the underneath coverage. Our offense works within a 20 yard window and is incredibly easy to defend.

And lastly, anyone who is complaining about the changes on the offensive line, PLEASE, tell me what major impacts that Donald Thomas, Jake Grove, and Justin Smiley are having elsewhere in the League? NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. Two are backups and one is still unemployed. They did a good job evaluating that those players were not going to get it done, however, they did not do a very good job fixing that problem. The players believe in Sparano, and compare the roster top to bottom from where it was when he took over and where it is now, and it is hard to really get the pitchforks out for Jeff Ireland either. I believe they should be given one more offseason, and no amount of arguing will convince me otherwise. Henne has to go, and I cannot believe they would allow him another chance to be the starter moving forward. I will have to agree to disagree with many of you, but that does not mean I am not as frustrated and angered as you guys are. I just think cooler heads prevail.

Garry. The only mental problem I have is actually sitting here trying to give an opinion like everyone else and getting put down for no reason. I am mental in trying to have debates with some people who have absolutely zero intelligence. So, before you start jumping on someone, you should really try to find out how it all started with Shaggy Faggy and not be so quick judge. However, if Faggy Shaggy turns you on, then more power to you bud. I must be mental coming on these blogs. While there are some really astute and well informed individuals on here, there are way too many jerk offs that can't have a conversation without starting something.

Sound like you need to grow up to me. I bet you get your ass kick frequently.

Great recent points Mando...(By the way it has been a while for me so I would like to start off really quickly wishing you and everyone here in Dolfan Nation a happy holiday season)...

You make some very good points in your article and blog here Armando as I agree and disagree with your take...I agree that replacing the HC with Cowher or Gruden would be a waste. Those guys after they won their ring's did not share the passion they had before. Also it took Cowher something like 13 seasons to win a Super Bowl and Gruden repeatedly admitted that he won the Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's players. Also, I do not see the problem with Sprano making coaching faux paux's either.

Where I see the problem is first and foremost at the GM spot. He is the guy ultimately responsible for us having Henne, all the wasted second round picks, the several high dollar free agent busts (Dansby is not on this list. He is a man and we were lucky to nab him.), the resigning of Crowder, the lack of not replacing the speed of Ted Ginn, not drafting a TE in last year's draft (loaded with quality receiving TE's) and the inappropriate and embarrassing questioning of Dez Bryant (and lord knows what else he may have asked to other draft prospects).

Okay, so then your question would be who is capable of making better pesonnel and management decision than Ireland? I ask, "Who isn't?"

I do think we can secure someone like a Bill Rees who is/was a recent consultant of the Bucs draft the past couple of seasons. They have done very well with their young talent. Much better than we have. Rees first came on the map in the mid 1980's as UCLA's recruiting coordinator and his knack for both recruiting and evaluation of players were phenomial. He has dabbled in the NFL throughout the years as a personnel guy. Presently his son, freshman Tommy Rees just led Notre Dame over USC (if that is really worth mentioning). He is a solid football guy in terms of talent evaluation. I strongly recommend we make a push for him. I think you can google Bill Rees and findout more about his background.

Any how that is my two cents.

Happy New Year everyone!

on this, armando is pretty much an idiot. he has never been sold on henne, that has always been against him. sparano has no clock management, has his team play to the level f competition, and ireland has made horrible choices, has obviously not helped with drafting or personnel.
gruden and cowher are wanted because they are the best coaching prospects out there. period. its not about tickets. its about having a team that will go 8-8 every year but can beat anybody, that is a COACHING problem. and in this case a qb problem too, but no matter if we get a top tier qb we will not be a superbowl team or even a playoff team because sparano is too conservative and has no quick thinking abilities in a very fast league. period.

Very much in agreement Craig with your 12:30 post (for the most part). I DO think Sparano's baby on this team was the oline, and he couldn't even get the guys he had to gel. That goes on him. As far as poor drafting, I don't blame Ireland because this was his 1st year of having complete control. So, who's to blame, Parcells. Yes, but he's gone. And we still lost. Parcells didn't force Sparano to stick with Henning. Ricky/Ronnie were 4th in the league last year, you're telling me that got that much worse in 1 season?

We both agreed Miami isn't that far off, so how can now the offense be totally mediocre? I think Fasano is slow, but he has good catching ability, just isn't given the chance (he was fine with Penny in '08). I think it was a perfect storm of problems. The conservative nature of the coaching, the injuries and lack of true stars, and yes, Henne's inability to hide ANY of that and play up to or above his caliber (and actually play BELOW his caliber). Henne's been an underachiever in the NFL.

I'd rather have Shaun Hill frankly. Doesn't have Henne's physical qualities but has constantly been an OVERACHIEVER. That's what I want on this team, like Bess. Overachievers, not underachievers.

Garry, Voice of retards is a frequent loud mouthed hack who thinks he know stuff. he is a dolt.


Sanchez isn't any better than Henne, he just has a better supporting cast. How did he look against us or the Pats? He was HORRIBLE!! They stole victories against the Browns, Broncos, and Lions. We folded up like cheap suitcases. But that can't all be put on Henne and Sparano. The Jets went out and got Tomlinson, Edwards and Holmes and have a better OL than we do. I'll also take Keller over Fasano any day. What did we do in the off-season with our offence? We added Jerry and Marshall!! Big deal!! I'll also take Brian Schottenheimer over Henning or Cam Cameron over him. It's not a fair comparison.

We're close!

All we need is: QB; KR/PR; FS & SS to groom under YBell; WR with speed; 4 O-Lineman; RB; TE; an LB or two; ST; another CB.

Yup........we're definitely close.

who cares when lydon murtha got hurt;sparano says it was his 56th offensive play. sparano's head is so full of these useless facts that his judgement is always clouded during a game. how come we don't have a 2 minute "hurry up" offense would be a good question for coach. or why dont we snap the ball when the opponent jumps offsides???????? all sparano wants to do is watch film and tell you how everyone played. and how good they practiced before the game.

Garry. All I can say is that you and Faggy Shaggy are meant to spend eternity together.

By the way, I don't get my ass kicked, but if you'd like to try maybe we can make arrangements. Go do your mother and father and bring Faggy Shaggy along for the foursome.

How's that for growing up?

Hahaha Voice of rectum is a tough guy. LMAO

When wss the last time Henne threw a receiver open? Made a great hot read at the line to beat the blitz? Sidestepped pressure to find a better throwing lane? Placed a ball on the opposite shoulder of the coverage? And then when he does have pressure in his face, he commits the worst sin of them all, tucks the ball and ducks his head. HOW IN GOD'S NAME CAN YOU COMPLETE A PASS WITH YOUR HEAD DOWN? He simply lacks all the nuances of the QB position, and is not the answer. I have tried as much as I possibly could to support him, but when the game is on the line and you CONTINUE TO DUMP THE BALL TO THE RUNNING BACKS AND NOT TRY TO MAKE A PLAY DOWN THE FIELD I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. If he never plays another snap for us, I would be extremely excited. He had some quote last week about if everything goes perfectly, the offense can execute. WTF? This is the NFL, you have to be able to deal with pressure and adversity. He might have some of the worst 4th Quarter stats this season in the history of the NFL. The guy is a choke artist, and for any of you that have seen me post here, you know I am not usually this angry towards a player. I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH.

The problem with fixing the offense is that it starts with the quarterback. Perhaps the most difficult position to play in all of sport. This isn't going to be easy. Sure we may get lucky and find a guy that can be a stop gap. But none of the free agents to be are long term answers. Henne has made it obvious that he isn't(I can no longer support him). We could do something rash and trade away everyone for Luck(feel free to insert your favorite guy, but you get the point) and build around him. But how far would this put us back. And no guarantees. There are no easy answers. Rebuilding a defense is easy, compaired to the reconstruction this offense needs. Before I even think about personel changes I want to know who is going to architecht of this rebuild. I'll give my opinions after that


Good points.

Sparano said Henne played good because "he only had six minuses." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His myopia is truly breathtaking..........Who are you going to believe, your own eyes & the dreck on the field, or Tony's patented point system?


This regime began not playing to lose from day one when they selected Jake Long in '08 and passing on Matt Ryan. 3 years later Ryan's team is 12-2 and possibly headed to the Super Bowl. The Falcons were in worst shape in 2007 then the Dolphins they turned it around with one draft pick.

Ross needs to fire Sparano and Ireland after next weeks game and many of the staff also need to go.

Whether the new head coach is Cower (which is my first choice) or Jon Gruden or Randy Shannon (LOL).

That coach has to understand that the best player on your team has to be your QUARTERBACK!

Sit down an study the QBs coming out this year and move up in the draft and pick your guy. You will be married to him for your Coaching career. Chad Henne has one more year left do not cut him let him be the stop gap between your first round draft pick and if you do the right things you can develop Henne into a backup and have competition for your future QB.

bootang25, agree 100%. when asked about game henne just talked about the lions pressure;henne had zero answers. sparano/henne/henning/ireland are all clueless! parcells lamented that henne wasnt the QB they thought he was.

Sorry guys but the fire Sparano bandwagon is absurd Mando is right without a franchise QB no coach is going to win consistently. What happened to the pats when Brady got hurt and Cassel filled in? No Brady the Pats don't go to the playoffs. Chad Henne and Henning is the problem. We were ranked 31st in total defense last year get Nolan now we are 5th overall. They need a franchise QB in this draft period. We need to get a OC that is not on prophalactycs. Without that this franchise will never win. If you are questioning this then ask yourselves this how did you feel about Sparano when we won the division 2 years ago? Why did we win the division easier schedule yes but because we had solid QB play and we didn't turn the ball over. Get off the fire Sparano band wagon and get on the we need a franchise QB one!!!

No doubt, "Ill beat you up". reason probably drives a rusty 96 camaro and works at a car wash.
Oh well the world needs ditch diggers too.

Armando, you are totally and absolutely correct. A franchise QB and our offense is at least middle of the pack. Coupled with one of the top defenses and we have at least four more wins and are in the playoffs. Imagine if Chad Pennigton had been able to start and finish every game. Now that being said, can we find a franchise QB? To win now, it's probably not through the draft. Hopefully, Ireland has some plan to pursue. But, definitely, we need to fine tune the team. We don't need a total demolition.

even if we had a franchise QB it wouldnt change the fact that sparano always get outcoached

The sad part about all of this is that the defense is really only a few more pieces away from going from really good to elite. And because of the disaster that is our offense, we probably won't be able to add those pieces until next year. Very frustrating.

I think we can forget about getting Andrew Luck. Carolina would be to crazy not to pick this guy. Is he going to be a star in this league? Who knows? But he has as good a chance as anybody.

My problem with everyone bashing Henne is how do you what we have given the current conditions he has to play under. The relationship with Henning and Lee obviously isn't working. Outside of Marshall and Long I don't value anyone else on offence. Isn't that kind of a sad commentary of what we have on offence. So my question for you guys is, shouldn't we finding someone who can work well with Henne, rather than trying to find a stop gap and then hire our OC. It seems like falwed thinking to me. If we do get rid of Henne, I hope he goes on to have a long and successful career in the NFL to quiet the naysayers.

hhahhaahahahhaa hahahahahaha the only thing you know how to beat is your itsy bitsy tiny meat with tweezers, tough guy. you have no effing clue. f##ck off!!!

Well said Craig. The henne haters just do it because its easy and they can feel part of the pack. Henne has NOTHING to work with. Kind of Like Voice of reason has no brains or balls.

sparano and co. would ruin any QB that was brought in. our philosophy of no mistakes,take a knee,no chances,play for field goals doesnt fly with todays high powered offenses. its a QB driven league that has passed these guys by. we need an offensive guru who can draft/sign his own QB choice. we've missed on henne,beck,pat white etc. sparano didnt even realize penne's arm was shot when the season started.

Some observations:

1)Kudos to you, Armando. Not just for this post (particularly the suggestion that Ross lay down the law to Sparano/Ireland about obtaining a franchise quarterback), but also for your uncompromising article about Rex Ryan in which, using the same Judeo-Christian values that made this country the envy of the world, you condemn the corpulent coach for his aberrant, deviant, fetishistic behavior. Unlike Mr. Ryan, I could never pimp out my wife. And while I have used her feet for gratification, I never posted pictures/videos of our dalliances on the internet nor invited others to participate.

I say, well done, Sir.

2) I live in New York State. As you are all aware, we have been hit by one whopper of a storm. I am the only person (save for one other who briefly stopped by) who made it into the office today. Not only that, but I shovelled my driveway (twice), my infirmed neighbor's driveway (twice), and my office's front walk. The Dodsworths are well known for their sacrifice, generosity and pomposity.

3) Getting back to this whole feet business - okay, I've kissed and sucked my wife's feet. And I massage them quite often - it helps put her to sleep. But what am I getting in return? When's the last time I got a good foot rub?

4) If the Dolphins beat New England next week, they will become the only team with a 7-1 record on the road who did not make the playoffs.

5) Do you realize that before the NFL expanded its regular season to 16 games in 1978, teams used to play 14 regular season games and SIX pre-season games? The pre-season was nearly half as long as the regular season! Now they're talking about going to a 1 to 9 ratio (2 pre-season games and 18 regular season games). That's quite a change.

Something gets lost in the transition to an 18-game season. The Canadian Football League expanded to 18 games in 1986, and a 10-win season just didn't feel like the same accomplishment after that.


I would be very, very surprised to see Henne go anywhere else and find success. I am not sure if our coaching staff went "David Carr" on him and broke him beyond repair, but whatever the reason, I just don't see it. Too many negative plays, an INT in who knows how many games in a row, absolutely no visible leadership qualities. No visible passion. The same demeanor whether he makes a great play or a terrible play. I just don't see it. If proven wrong, I will admit it. I just don't see it.

Nice comeback Voice of Ricardo the gay car wash guy. Does mommy charge you rent for living in the basement and staining her driveway with camaro oil?

Just looking at Sporano. He has participated in some horrible personnel decisions as outlined throughout this post, he has poor clock management skills, no penchant for in-game adjustments, and his forte (OL) has regressed. And its ok to defend bad play calling for a particular game but he has done it for an entire season. Completely inexcusable. Just as it's not good to make change for changes sake, also shouldn't stay the course for staying's sake. Fresh minds and a new identity are needed now!!

i dont know whos fault it is but henne looks like a guy trying to play football while holding his breath, he just looks so awkward and uncomfortable out there

What is the quality that Henne possesses that is great? Accuracy, his completion percentage is nice, but that stat is completely misleading. I don't bash Henne simply to do it, I HATE to bash players on the Dolphins, I believe in supporting them no matter what. However, I have simply seen enough. I have stated about 10 different things that he is awful at, I want to hear what it is that he does well? Anything? I simply don't see it. If someone can make an argument, I will listen. I just don't see it.

Craig M. I think that I have been fairly reasonable when it comes to the disaster that is the Chad Henne experience. He will have no trade value, so that is out the window. What I could see happening is we will bring in a veteran qb that has some experience with whatever new coordinator we bring in. We draft a quarterback in the later rounds 5-7th. Now going into camp we have 4 quarterbacks. New veteran with experience in said scheme. Thigpen, Henne, and the rookie. Henne gets every chance to prove his worth. But is relegated to the second team, getting second team reps. He will get it or he won't. don't be suprised if he gets outplayed and released after the preseason. Before anyone says this is a knee jerk reaction, or crazy talk. Henne doesn't have the pedigree or pressure of a first round pick. It is a lot easier to cut ties with a second rounder, that makes(where is ALoco) 600.000.00 a year.
Henne will get his opportunity. But I think that he has lost the benefit of the doubt, and should come into camp next year second on the depth chart.

You guys are funny! Where do you get a franchise QB from? There are very few of them out there? Is Phillip Rivers a franchise QB? Think about that one for a second.......if you said yes, do you realize he's never won a playoff game and in a 'must win' game yesterday against the lowly Bengals laid a MAJOR egg. So what are we basing 'frachise' quarterback on? Is Eli Manning a 'franchise' quarterback? Then why did he throught another THREE INT's yesterday against the Packers in a 'must win' game. He's not got 23 INT's on the season. Is that franchise QB material? What kind of conversations do you think Giants fans are having this morning? For my liking there are very few franchise QBs in the league. Try this list....Mannning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Rothlisberger and Ryan. You could possibly argue Eli Manning, Flacco, Schaub and a couple of others but let's be careful we don't start throwing in guys like Stafford and Bradford at this point. The Lions have won FIVE games this year, Stafford can't stay healthy and Bradford has the same number of wins this year as Henne. Let's be careful how we throw the 'franchise' quarterback label around.

In fairness to Henne, as I stated, our offensive window is 20 yards down the field and within. Very hard to operate within that type of offense. There are no plays where a guy makes a guy miss and gains another 12 yards. Hardly any broken tackles. Bess and Marshall are amazing possession receivers. Fasano is a great #2 TE. Perhaps the best way to go is to completely revamp the offense around Henne and try to hide his weaknesses, but I would rather try and find a better player for under center and go from there.

CAM NEWTON could be the solution and most problably he will be avaliable. The kid could do it with his arms and with his legs...the next Michael Vick????????????


Ryan Fitzpatrick. Matt Cassel. Hardly guys that wowed scouts or ever had the label franchise QB. That being said, having a really good offensive system around them has made a world of difference. For me, no matter what happens with the Head Coach or QB or GM, the offensive philosophy has to be completely revamped. Remember, our own Tyler Thigpen had success in the same system Fitzpatrick is having success in 2 years ago. While I am very, very down on Henne, our approach offensively is the number one thing that needs to be changed at all. Imagine how much better our defense would be if they could ever simply pin their ears back and attack against an opponent that has to pass because we have a 2 Touchdown lead? Our offensive approach is completely outdated, and if the right Offensive Coordinator is added, I think Sparano and Ireland would find success much easier.

My pastor has had a crush on me since I was 9, but he was a gentleman. Only now that I'm an adult have we begun to explore together. We send our love and prayers together for the fins to achieve heaven.


I'm all for bringing in a verteran to compete with Henne next season but I think you're going to be looking at a Derek Anderson or a Marc Bulger type. That's all that is available.

Bootang, I'm still not convinced that you can fully evaluate Henne after 27 or so games and with what he has to work with in the coaching staff or players. Let's look at the track record of the coaching staffs and how they've developed QBs. They missed on John Beck and they missed on Pat White. And some of you will say they missed on Chad Henne. My question is, when does it become about the coaching staff's lack of success in developing QBs and less about the players ability to get any better. How has a 68 year old Dan Henning and David Lee made ANY of these QBs any better? Shouldn't most of the responibility for failure fall on these guys?

I agree with you fully Armando. These other whinny fans will be saying the same things in 2 years. Firing everyone does not guarantee any success. They need to fix the offense this year like they did the defense last year.

Armando for GM!!!!!! Great article for its call for accountability and simplicity!

Get a qb!!

Parcells need to come out of the shadows!

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