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A stream of conscientiousness post about ... everything

So everyone wants blood.

After a 1-7 home record in 2010, it is clear the Dolphins not only need significant changes, they will make significant changes. But I wish I could report to you the changes will be the right ones done by the right people.

If today you are in the camp wanting Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland ousted, I am not with you. I still think those guys can get it done, although they make it harder to believe and defend every time Miami plays, particularly at home.

Let me present to you some facts about making a change so high up the organizational ladder:

First, who is owner Stephen Ross turning to for advice so that he makes a sound decision? He is not turning to Bill Parcells. Parcells put Ireland and Sparano in their current jobs and even he understands if you win, you stay employed. If you lose, you're out. Parcells would be a good voice for Ross to listen to. He knows football, the Big Tuna does. Parcells brought Mike Nolan to the Dolphins when the defense was broken. Maybe he can suggest an offensive coordinator to fix the offense. Maybe he can suggest another coach or GM, if that's what Ross absolutely must have. Or maybe Parcells can talk sense to Ross about Sparano and Ireland.

But Parcells and Ross don't typically discuss Ireland and Sparano. Oh, they talk, but usually it's about other topics such as labor issues. That seems such a waste of Parcells to me. But that is the way it currently stands.

So who is in Ross's ear?

Friend and former Kansas City Chiefs President Carl Peterson? How many Super Bowls did he win? Do the Chiefs, who just won the AFC West, miss him?

CEO Mike Dee? He's a marketing genius and something of a baseball guy. If I wanted to fill Fenway Park, I know he'd be the guy to turn to. But that's not the assignment. The assignment is to fill Miami's trophy mantle.

Vice Chairman and Partner Jorge Perez? He's a very good friend of Ross's and has his ear. But Perez is a builder of building not NFL teams. His NFL experience and acumen is approximately zero.

Marc Anthony? Emilio Estefan? Gloria Estefan? Fergie? Serena Williams? Venus Williams? Which one of these brilliant football minds should Ross listen to with a sense that they know what needs to be done going forward?

Look, if the idea is for Ross to do the popular thing, then he should go ahead and simply listen to the fans. They want Jon Gruden. They want Bill Cowher.

Both will sell tickets.

But Gruden has had zero success when he has to build a team. And Cowher only reminds me of a more accomplished Tony Sparano in his football philosophy. Both, of course, would bring their own GM types. Gruden's past GMs have been terrible. Cowher's better, but only after years and years of patience.

Which one of those two guys comes with a franchise quarterback?

Oh, neither one. Well then, the change would be a waste, in my opinion. Simply the Dolphins will continue to struggle under any coach until the team has a star quarterback. It hasn't had one since around 1994ish. And so the Dolphins have been in a relative funk since 1995ish.

Solve the QB issue, you solve myriad issues. Don't solve the QB issue and I say it will not matter who the coach and GM are.

And since you are reading this, Mr. Ross, this is what I would do: Sit Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland down and tell them to find a QB. No excuses. They failed in not drafting Matt Ryan. They failed in picking Chad Henne. They failed in picking Pat White.

They get one more chance this offseason. Find the quarterback or they're done. No excuses.

I assume those marching orders would motivate these two to scour free agency, consider any trade seriously, and be willing to do that which no Dolphins organization had done lately during the draft -- trade up.

All those should be on the table for the sake of adding a franchise quarterback. Without one, it doesn't matter if Ross is able to bring back a cloned 40-year-old Don Shula. No coach can win in today's NFL without a quarterback.

That should be Job One. Forget about firing the head coach. Hire a franchise QB and the head coach will get instantly smarter.

That's my two cents.


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I would hardly call Mark Fitzpatrick a frachise QB. The Bills have FOUR wins this season. They squeaked out a win over us in Miami but I wouldn't say that Fitzpatrick shone that day. And Tyler Thigpen hardly shone under Chan Gailey's system in KC. I don't care what his stats were, you KNOW that if he was 1-11 playing for this team, he would be roasted by the fans!!

ultimatley this is about money for ross. And keeping sparano will not fill the stadium. Cowher will. So if ross is willing to part with 5 million or so to get rid of sparano and Ireland and bring in cowher and fill the stadium I think he'll do it.
He needs and should think like a business man and not a fan

Heyo all,

The day after the debacle and the stew still boils.

Thanks bud, cowkilla @ 6:02!

Darryl Dunphy @ 12:23 Let's not settle for drunk and desparate...LOL, classic take bro.

gregz @ 12:29 The snap the ball thing kills me too. It has always been a rudimentary QB duty to ask for the snap when defenders totally jump offsides. Henne either acts like he doesn't see it or is too afraid to lose the snap count that he continues regular cadence. Like you, I have seen it in at least 3-4 games this season. I want our free 5 yards as well. Another demerit for Henne.

Like all Fin fans I am pissed off mad. I hear and read all the rants from fire 'em all, fire the OC, fire Sparano, fire Ireland, fire Bill Parcells (ooops, he already fired himself), fire Henne.

At this point I am not even sure exactly who I would clip from an entire lot standpoint. From a rankings standpoint you CAN't get rid of Nolan as he has made great strides with the DEF. Henning would have to be let go due to the OFF ranking alone. Our OFF is a field goal waiting to happen. Henne is still young and may have room to grow but he should have to face starter level competition. I don't care how bring in Horton, Kolb, McNabb, Vince Young, Mallet, Cam Newton or ANYONE with the talent to start. Maybe we can have a true competition that surfaces in camp and Henne takes a back seat to a guy that is more accurate, has superior leadership and field awareness.

Change the OC (much like they ditched the DC last year and the ST coach midseason and all improved if not by huge jumps) and add TRUE competition at QB.

Besides drafting some speedy guys like I suggested at 4:37am, that would be my most dramatic and profound fixes for our limping Fins.


hey guys, lay off voice. voice is a chick whom i know personally and her hubby. he is not someone i'd mess with and i know for a fact that he gets pissed his wife goes on blogs. he isn't too thrilled with the situation and even less with people dissing his woman. do not continue, the dude will call you out and like i said, i personally won't want to tango with him unless you are 6'5 and weigh around 270. and that isn't even taking into account his circle of friends. best thing is to ignore it ain't worth it.


I highly doubt that brining in Cowher or Gruden will fill the stadium. People don't show up to watch a coach coach. Did it make any difference with Jimmy Johnson or Nick Saban? Fans will come out to watch a winning product and we'll disagree that they Dolphins will have more success by making changes to the offence and the OC, rather than blowing the whole thing up and bringing in a 'name' coach.

That last Nathaniel Dodsworth post, of course, was a fake. I guess, just like everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day, everyone wants to be Nathaniel Dodsworth. (Parenthetically, The Dodsworths do not enjoy Celtic music. It is quite often melodically and harmonically unpleasant.)

Rob in OC,

Nice to see a post from you. How's Brandon Graham doing in Philly? Still think he's 'can't miss'. Glad we didn't draft him!!

You can't go all crazy and chase guys like Cam Newton or Locker or Mallett. If a guy falls to us in the THIRD round then so be it but this team needs to be built rationally, not on emotion. It will set us back years! Get us a running game, a pass-catching TE, another receiver, improve the OL and get us a capable OC and it's a whole new team.


Not defending or asking for Gruden, but if you are going to say he won with Dungy's players, then give him some credit for the talent on the Oakland team he faced in the same superbowl. If you take the Al Davis makes all those choices in Oakland route, then please tell me if Dungy had no GM in Tampa.

Now, to the Dolphins. Apparently all we are missing now is team speed on offense. Ted Ginn for a 5th rounder a good decision? The papers and public opinion all said he could not stay, but a GM should make up his own mind. By the way, our special team are not so special...see the TD by Ginn?

Lastly, Sparano took the O Line decisions under his wing. How much progress has been made with all the time, effort and resources dedeicated to this unit.

Fans either want a winner or hope of a winner. I just don't think the fan base has any hope that this regime can produce a consistant winner.
With cowher they get hope of a winner and I bet if we hire cowher the phins will sell more seats next year.
And also its the coaches mentality. I bet if cowher was our coach we probably would have been in the playoffs this year. We have the talent. yes we don't have a QB but cowher never had a QB and still made the playoffs year after year.

Again I don't like changes and if sparano had won the lions game I'd be singing a different tune. But he didn't. He's 1-7 at home. he lost to clevland, bills and detroit to close out the season at home. He's as good as gone.

Parcels SUCKS. He has NO record of success after the Giants in the 80's!
I totally agree about the quarterback. WE MUST GET ONE. WE DO NOT HAVE ONE.
Peterson sucks too. Ireland may be only a little better. If we had only gotten the personnel Kansas City got. We blew that. If we had we would be in the playoffs. They show exactly how much Parcels sucks.

I really believe it boils down to " entertainment value" as far as Mr. Ross is concerned. Yes , games can be won with what is clearly Sparano's " style" of play ( especially with a top tier quarterback), but is this the type of product to represent the Miami Dolphins ?


Sparano didn't lose to the Lions. The team did.

Pass catching TE, improved running game and another WR and new OC and the offence will improve and the team will win. The fans will support a winning product, not a 'name coach.

Hey Craig M,

Thanks for the blast.

Brandon Graham WILL be a solid contributor, you will see. He was making some plays before he hurt himself (Much later in the season of course than can't miss winners like Derrick "Disappearing" Morgan and the man child Odrick). Give it some time before you crow Craig. Also, the can't miss 'Bama wonderboy Rolando McClain was entirely less than average according to all the SoCal Raider fans I have bumped into. Time will tell as I believe most players get 3 years before labeled busters.

Just so you know Cam Newton, Mallet and Locker will all go much higher than the 3rd round. Try probably round 1 for all 3 bud. Maybe round 2 if things go sideways during testing or Bowl games.

Identifying a QB (The most pivotal and important guy on the team bar none) and going after and securing one of the guys that you have identified can upgrade your QB position is not emotional ...it's smart.

You said:
Get us a running game, a pass-catching TE, another receiver, improve the OL and get us a capable OC and it's a whole new team.

The OC we agree on and getting a RB, TE, WR, and OL is pretty wide brush... what is your plan to do that is what I wan't you to reveal. Name names and rounds etc if you can. That is what interests me most. Let me hear about your "Plan".


PS... Waiting for a franchise gem QB to appear in the third is not a plan.

If you don't believe me talk to the Patriots... Tom Brady was barely on their radar as a last couple of rounds type choice. That was luck as much as anything. But hey, they pulled the trigger so they get the credit.


Everyone is wanting Sporano gone, I my opinion (everybody has one), we need to get back to the basics, run the ball, physical o line, that is the key. Henne isn't bad he just has no running game to take some of the pressure off, at the end of last year this team was more physical than I have ever seen and I am a lifelong fan (33 yrs). What do you think would be the first thing Cowher would do if he were here, preach physicality and toughness, that starts in the trenches. Until we get more physical up front we will never be a good offense and therefore a good team. Oh yeah, the wildcat was a gimmick, it won us a smoke and mirrors game in New England a few years ago, smoke and mirrors doesn't is no way to carve the identity of an offense. Physical domination is the great calling card of all great teams, I know the saints won it last year with flash and that happens once in a while (99 Rams) but realistically the odds are against any thing other than dominant trench play. I don't believe the coach is the problem, I believe the OC is the issue and until we get back to plowing people it doesn't matter what else is done.

I was a sparano supporter but losing 7 of your home games is not good. Most coaches would be gone if that happened. Anyway I guess we'll see how it plays out. We have a nucleaus of a good team and whether sparano stays or goes next year should be interesting. Oh well. The only regret I have about this year is that we had nothing to play for at the end of the year as bad as we were if we beat clevland and detroit we would be playing for something next week.

If I was a guessing man I'd say sparano will coach his last game for the phins next week.

Patriots have a 65% pass ratio to 35% run. It would help if the Fins would decide what their attack plan is and build around it. This WildCrap, run some, pass have no clue of their identity. New OC and a real plan.

Agreed Christopher and bobbyd12...

New OC would really be required to unhinged the very same safety net that is holding us back of playing for the field goal.

Getting more from our QB spot would help as well. More accuracy, pocket awareness, touch, field generalship, coverage reading etc...

Ronnie and Ricky have the bowling ballness to slam into the line and make tacklers pay... running wide not so much. The 3 yards and a cloud of dust is definitely a Henning OC trademark. I am sure due to pay and age alone one or both of them will be gone next year.


Eric Mangini

The thing that really bothers me.......

2 minute drill last week and this week stunk. We have to throw the ball down the field and give the reciever a chance to get out of bounds......too many passes flipped to so and so....tired of hearing on the the radio....Henne flips the ball out to.......

I agree Armando.....Cowher in Pittsburgh had Kevin Colbert who is a good gm; however, I think Ireland is just as good....sure there have been some misses but they have found some pretty good players as well.....If Ross wants change to energize the fan base, then let Sparano go but keep Ireland....then hire a coach who is not one of the elites, but instead with a solid track record who deserves a shot and would be willing to work with and concede power to Ireland....that name is Marc Trestman....as far as landing a quarterback, they are going to have to strategically maneuver to get one....I say, it has to come from trading a current player for a 2nd and then using that 2nd to land Orton or Kolb and then replacing that player with their 1st or using that 2nd with their 1st to trade up for a QB....however, Luck is the elite QB and that would not be enough to land him and I am not to sold on Mallett, Newton or Locker.....

Please keep Ireland.....just look at the list of GM's San Fran is considering, it is quite pathetic even mentioning names as Randy Mueller, Tom Donahue and George Kokinis...even the very good Ozzie Newsome has made many mistakes along the way...kyle boller, most recently t.cody, s.kindle...i am sure there are more....the only one I would consider on the GM list is Ted Sundquist...again, Mr.Ross keep Ireland, if anything replace Sparano with Marc Trestman

Mando you only focus all the taem issues in the qb ( Henne ) what about the play calling OC what about the offensive line , what about def Backs that can't catch int , what about special team failures and the list goes on. Man I don't think you know too much about this game, they need to get a new Head Coach , Off Coordinator and some better players in some key positions including QB

That dos solve the qb problem, but doesn't solve the coaching philosophy of let's play to lose.

I agree with Mando. Sparano and Ireland are not the problem. The problem is the QB and the owner.

make mike nolan head coach, hire jason garrett as offensivve coordinator trade ronnie brown nd lex hilliard for a mario manningham, give your first round pick nd patrick cobbs for kevin kolb, start ricky at running back for one year while kory sheets gets back to 100% now we get rid of thigpen for a 7th round pick hire pennington as quarter back coach.. draft two guards, a speedy running back similar to jamal charles and chris johnson, and another dez bryant and another strong saftey!!! MR ROSS I CAN HELP YOU BRING SOME WINS HERE IN MIAMI!! SERIOUSLY SOCIETYSOSECRET@GMAIL.COM

Do we want a better team in 2011 or 2012? A new quarterback alone will not be enough. Look around this organization. This regime has failed misserably in every respect, and to add insult to injury, Parcells took the last train for the coast long ago.

I agree find a QB but We could bring in Peyton Manning right now and it wouldn't be that big of an improvement with this offensive line. Fix the O-line and the team instantly looks better even with Henne at the QB.

I got it....with fan vision lets put a few plays as multiply choice and we do not need a coach....the fans can vote on every play and then blame them selfs when the team is doing poor....we need a new OC and QB point blank...if Henne is starting next year I will boycott coming to FL for a game. Spent $3K on two visits this year and will not spend any next year without a real offense to watch.

Armando: You are an idiot if you think Sparano and Co. has to stay. FORGET IT> IT is OVER for these SORRY Coaches. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Screw this mediocracy. It has been like this for YEARS. Please Dolfans don't buy any season tickets to watch a sorry Team like the Dolphins preform. It is a PATHETIC organization. Until someone really cares abouot wininng again; then fans will show.

I agree 100%. Get a QB. They should absolutely trade up.

Trade every single pick we have if necessary (and it wouldn't be necessary) to move up in the draft to pick Luck of Stanford. We don't need to use our 2nd or 3rd or 4th round picks on Henne, White, Turner- wasted poicks anyways. Get rid of those picks and choose a qb who may be the face of the franchise for many years.

All good teams have good qb's.

New England - Brady
Colts - Manning
Ravens - Flacco
Chargers - Rivers
Packers- Rogers
Bears- Cutler
Eagles- Vick
Saints- Brees
Falcons- Ryan

All teams with Average to poor qb's are just like Miami- Staying home for the playoffs.

If you believe Luck is the guy, trade whatever necessary to get him.

You know that old saying, “History repeats itself”. Well Mr. Ross please don’t let history repeat itself again and start all over again. Do your due diligence and look at the NFL history. We had to revamp our complete roster in 3 years because of the clean house and start all over again process. That’s not enough time. We ARE better than 3 years ago !!! We have a very talented defense, now we can focus on offense and overall team speed. Start with a pass oriented OC and a passing QB coach. There will be some good candidates available:

1. Rick Dennison - Houston Texans OC
2. Rob Chudzinski – San Diego Off. Asst. & TE Coach
3. Josh McDaniels – Ex-New England Patriots offensive record setting OC
4. Mike Shula – Jacksonville Off. Asst.
5. Tom Clements – Green Bay Packers QB Coach and Off. Asst.
6. Bob Bratkowski – Cincinnati Bengal OC
7. Ken Zempese – Cincinnati Bengals QB Coach
8. Gregg Knapp – Houston Texans QB Coach
9. Paul Hacket – Oakland Raiders QB Coach / Ex 49ers OC under Bill Walsh
10. Ted Tollner – Oakland Raiders Passing Game coordinator
11. Bill Musgrave – Atlanta Falcons QB Coach

Moron. All those good QB's have had years to develop except Ryan (whose second year numbers are worse than Henne's) and you want Henne to be equal in his second year of starting?

They believed Henne was the guy now you want them to throw a whole draft at a guy who has never played in the NFL because they think HE might be the guy. If it doesn't hurt your head too much, take a look at all those teams and see what they have that Miami doesn't.

Clue: they have receivers, lines, and fans who don't call for the QB's head when he throws an interception. They have coaches who go for the win, attack their opponent, and don't get overjoyed over scoring field goals.

Yes! I am completely on your side on this issue, for all the reasons you named. And I would like nothing better than to see the Fins package some picks and move up to get Mallet or some other potential franchise QB.
Basically, I agree, I agree, I agree.

The bottom line is this, is Henne anywhere near a Matt Ryan? NO! The younger and newer QB for the Bucs is 10 times better than Henne already! Fitzpatrick is better than Henne, Flacco is better than Henne. This team that Parcells, Ireland and Sparano have put together is nowhere near a New Orleans or Atlanta yet these builders of the Dolphins have had the same time and opportunities as those teams. To get anywhere, we have to beat the best in our division and even the lowly, brand new head coach Rex Ryan has done a better overall job than Sparano! Bill Belichek is a master head coach and Sparano couldn't hold his jock. Henne can't hold Brady's jock. You got people like Crowder, backing Sparano, marginal players do this regularly because they are usually on their way out and will get very little interest elsewhere when released. You didn't mention anything about Henning being one of the main problems, you can be assured his a*s will be gone. This guy is a retread that keeps blowing apart everywhere he calls plays, he's with a different team every few yrs, what does that tell you? The last thing I will ask, is Miami currently able and ready to out QB and out coach the Patriots or compete for a championship against teams like Atlanta and New Orleans? Can Miami even beat the Ravens or the Chargers? NO, NO and NO! We finished behind the Jets and were defeated by the Browns and Buffalo Bills! If I were the owner, I'd clean f*cking house and give Parcells the reference he deserves. Nobody in Miami has any balls to call things as they are and the result is painfully plain to see, year after year after year ad nauseum. The product Parcells has on the field is an even worse failure than his Dallas experiment. To think we could win with Henne and Tedd Ginn and Henning calling the shots, because that's exactly the product Parcells put on the field, he needs his head examined. Lastly, all you enablers just keep on backing proven losers like Sparano, Henning and Henne and you will continue to find your team at the bottom of the heap. If Mr. Ross doesn't make drastic changes soon, he's going to lose a lot of credibility and fans and continue the the sad saga of the franchise being a laughing stock of the NFL.

Another very important point to make to Mr. Ross. He needs to pay particular attention to the fact that ALREADY many fans and some writers are starting to dislike and point fingers at Mr. Ross as being part of the problem. This is not good as Mr. Ross has just recently arrived, not a good situation at all, not the kind of relationship needed considering all the pent up anger, disppointment and frustration built up over losing seasons since around 1994 or so. Whether merited or not, there is already a lot of of early negativity towards Mr. Ross, mainly for all the celebrity hoopla and doing sacrilege to the Dolphins fight song. If he wants to become hated really fast, and you could say that it probably wouldn't take much more considering the current fan sentiment, he should continue with Ireland, Sparano, Henning and Henne
and all the anger and negativity towards them will by default soon come to fall on him. From a business point of view, that would not be good my friends. I'm sure any trusted adviser would tell him to make definitive moves ASAP to avoid that ugly scenario at all costs.

Listen everybody,the game of football is just like playing chess,you have to know every single pieces you have before you use them,meaning match up,strategy,strength,weaknesses,game planing,head coach should challenge every single player in the roster every week practice,whoever do good in practice should get more playing time during the game.When you have a competition going on among the players the whole team will get better and better every week.how come we don't see Roberto Wallace,the other rookie receiver,rotation on four running backs like last year game planning,wildcat plays when we get close to the end zone.Tony Sparano is too conservative we need a coach that like to light up the score board.

Armando you hit the nail right on the head!! I couldn't say it any better....I have been saying this for years. They have everything else, but they need a top quality QB. all these other losers they have had are not even in the same ball park as a top quality QB that we need and I'm not even comparing Marino. What we lost in QB'S I can't understand where their head has been in not getting a good QB all these years, when they have a great receiver now, do they just expect the ball to fly into his hands....Just like the Orlando Magic, They didn't like Doc Rivers, but as soon as he was surrounded by great players in Boston he is a great coach? Come on it's not Sparano!We need a frickin QB!!

Fins are like the Russians were in the 50's and 60's ............... a new 5 year plan.....
every 5 years. It seems like every major decision has turned out to be a mistake.

I agree! Bad decision to listen to Parcel's about anything but line control! Remember his Number #1 pick Bloodslew following the tuna all over the place to stink it up? What was the first thing that Bilacheat did after Parcel's left? Made Brady is starter and the rest is history!

keep sparano and ireland for another year, but get a new oc and speed on the offense at wr

I agree. Henne. There was at least 3-4 games that Henne lost for this team...With the 3-4 wins you would not be having a discussion on firing the coach but whether Henne did enough to establish himself. The problem with Henne from what I've seen (beyond his interceptions) is the simple understanding that there are situations in ballgames that you take a chance and when you take a chance you must come out on top a fair amount of times. I agree...Miami needs competition at the QB spot and I think drafting one in Round 1 would be a great idea. I just don't see one coming in a trade or free agency (Kolb is too expensive, McNabb is over the hill) unless Cincinatti becomes stupid and decides to part ways with Palmer.

cost the team at least 3-4 (Cleveland, Detroit, Jets) wins this year and a shot at the playoffs. If the Dolphi

i'd love for anybody who reads this to show ANY COACH/TEAM/GM/ORGINIZATION that hasnt made draft mistakes or bad free agent pickups.

Mando your an idiot

I'd go with Gruden.

You are right about the QB. However no QB will be successful behind a horrible o-line. Watch a Pats game, Brady almost never gets touched. Watch a Colts game this year and see a 4 time MVP throw pick after pick because he has a lousy o-line and no running game. How did Steve Young look with the Bucs...then a Hall of Famer with the 49ers.

Think about some of the names out there at QB and how would they fare on MIAMI's offense: McNabb...please, he couldn't win the job in Wash, Kolb, good with Philly, on this offense he would be an expensive waste. Hill or Fitzpatrick, backups not franchise QB's. If it was easy we would have a Franchise QB and so would every other team. There are only 10 - 12 Franchise QB's playing in a 32 team league.

Who ever the couch is next year how about playing to WIN, not playing not to lose! PLEASE.

it's funny how everybody look's at the negative's , how about all the positive's that the dolphin's have done this year!
- cameron wake is on the verge of sack king!
- the defence rank's around 6th in the league
- Davone bess has had great season
- Brandon Marshall 81 catches so far missed 2 and half games!
-Anthony fasano best year that he's ever had!
Sparano is the man stick with him !!
i agree we do need a quarterback !
Amelio from Toronto Canada!!

you have no idea what it takes to be a good football team. I can give you a list of things Miami could of would of should of done and they would be in the playoffs this year and years to come. They should of never hire BP, he is old and past his time of building a football team. Wait, I will sum it up in one word....PLAYMAKERS.....No matter what order of draft you pick or what positions you have needs. Draft PLAYMAKERS and every positions offense/defense will be better. Ex: Dez Bryant should of been their number one pick opposite of The Beast and Ricky not Ronnie would of had a great year and defensive cords would of had a nightmare trying to stop them and Henne would of been an decent QB for years to come.

I thought an interesting comment made during the Minn/Philly game is teams who are in need of new coaches are going to more than likely young and hungry for a head coach. The Fins need a head coach who can obviously bring things together but someone with new ideas, a burning desire to win and a coach who if successful will remain with the organization for more than a few years. Not sure if any of the guys mentioned above are willing to stay for more than a few years and bring that stability and congruity to this team.


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