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AccuScore.com not high on Miami's playoff chances

Many experts (not me), pundits (not me), and guys that have a blog for no logical reason (me) have theories as to why the Dolphins have been able to forge a 5-1 road record this season while managing only a 1-4 record at home.

My theory is pretty simple, really. It goes like this: Nevermind the venue mumbo jumbo.

The Dolphins beat poor or diminished teams regardless of where the game is played. And the Dolphins lose to outstanding opponents regardless of where the game is played.

Go ahead, argue with me. The Dolphins have lost to New York, New England, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. All are winning teams. All are likely playoff teams. Miami has beaten Buffalo, Minnesota, Green Bay, Cincinnati, Tennessee and Oakland. Green Bay is the only team in that group that seems headed to the playoffs and, remember, the Dolphins won against the Packers when that team was battling nearly a dozen significant injuries.

So if I'm correct, the Dolphins have a great chance of beating Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo in their final five games regardless of the fact they play those games at home. And the Dolphins will be heavy underdogs at New England and at New York. That's because the first three are not great teams and the latter two are likely playoff participants.


The folks at Accuscore.com don't necessarily see it that way. The statistical forecasting company puts games through approximately 10,000 simulations to come away with the greatest likelihood for victory and defeat. This week, AccuScore is calling for a close game between Miami and Cleveland and the game is likely to be decided by the running game.

According to AccuScore, if Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams both rush for at least 50 yards, the Dolphins are 89 percent likely to win. Cannot argue with that.

Despite any probability of winning against the Browns, AccuScore isn't wild about Miami's chances of making the playoffs. The stat forecast for Miami winning the AFC East is less than one percent. The chances of the Dolphins making the playoffs as a wild card team is 8.3 percent this week.

No, that's not a very high probability for Miami. But it is better than it was last week when AccuScore.com placed Miami's chances of making the playoffs were at 8 percent.






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That's the excuse they give Craig, growing the game. I understand South Africa hosting because it was overdue for Africa to host a tourney - however Qatar? They are not even a soccer country of any consequence. They do have a sickening amount of oil money though - and in the end FIFA liked that.

The only way Scotland and the smaller Euro countries get to host is if they go in a joint bid with another country. However, how much haggis and Guinness have to be sold to match Qatar's oil bid.

This sets a horrible precedent.

FIFA blows.

Ingerland & USA USA shoulda gotten the next two.

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Dear Mr. Aloco


In one of my previous posts I wrote....so I finally get to give the middle finger to the rich guys

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Alright, so now somebody is trying to impersonate me on here.....very cute!!.....it must be play time!

Mark, as we know....money makes the world go around. The long term benefits of having the world Cup in Qatar will be huge. They'll be enjoying the benefits of hosting the Cup for years to come. I think we'd better get used to it....there is TONS of money there.

The Miami Dolphins app is a joke.I updated it the other day and now it got deleted.
I went to download it again and it says it is not available any more.
What the.......

A great chance of beating Cleveland and Buffalo?Have you seen their last 2 games?

Let me guess....this is Home at play. Probably not the first time he's pulled this stuff, right? How do we stop this? i don't want this clown trying to make it seem like it's actually me. Pretty childish man!!

we'll lose to the good teams, we'll beat the bad ones, we'll finish somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7 and we won't go to the playoffs. We all know that.

Sparano is not the guy who will take us to the next level.

Why are we 3 games behind two teams that are not more talented than us? That's coaching. That's Sparano.

Perhaps you could invoke the Brady factor for the Pats. But 3 games behind the Jets? Give me a break

....In my best Mora voice, "Playoffs? Playoffs?"

I can't believe there's even still talk of the Dolphins making the playoffs. Their 8% chance must be if Brady, Rothlesburger, or Flacco gets injured for the season.

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Alright, i have too watch this video.
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I can't youtube FEMA. My computer frooze up while I was "working" out too a NICE thong dance clip.

Martial Law is cool, I played in a band with that name only we spelled it Marshall Law! Pretty clever, huh?

Can these FEMA people really treat us like that? What do they think we are, Indiams?


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This is a cake walk. Easy money. Now all I have to do is take out some whack job that calls himself HOME!

Ladies, and Gentlemen, My fellow Dol-Fans. Why do we watch this team, if not to make it to the playoffs? I mean come on, thats why we watch! Anything can happen?? Of course its all been bad for the Dolphins,at least for the past 15 years, But never give up hope. Do I believe the Miami Dolphins will make it to,and win a Super Bowl? Of Course I do! But if they don't, then what. Just because im from Connecticut, doesent mean im gonna root for the Patsies,mijets, or little giants, scrwe them teams. For me I like The Miami Dolphins The Best Pro Football Team PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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andy, c ct dolfan, if satan is coming.....ask him to give us the miracle of letting the dolphins win out....at least the dolphins will have won one more superbowl before armaggeddon! if the dolphins dont win out, there is no satan, just saban!

Never said anything about armageddon, that dosent happen until AFTER the Millenium. you know the Thousand year rein with Christ, GOD is not our little jennie. I want the Dolphins to win a Super Bowl, but they have to win the Games on their own. This aint Buffalo, that fool that blamed God for dropping the ball. I mean come on.

youre right about that andy, that WAS stupid! you make your own fate and way through life. its on us....we were given a shot at life and we need to make the best of it....


Anyone remember the Jets from 2009? Counted out, big December run that carried them to the ACF Championship Game?

Anyone? Because it was a bad nightmare for me.

Memory Lane: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ys-accuscoreplayoffshifts121609

One year ago, the jets had an 8% AccuScore. Guess what, they defied the odds. Don't count us out yet DolFans. If the lousy Jets did it last year, why not us? Why not now.

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