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Bill Parcells has NOT spoken with Ross

It was "reported" Wednesday by the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi that Dolphins Consultant Bill Parcells had spoken to owner Stephen Ross and convinced him to retain coach Tony Sparano.

I am reporting today that Parcells has NOT spoken with Ross and obviously has therefore NOT convinced the owner about anything relative to retaining or firing Sparano.

It is logical to believe that a conversation between Parcells and Ross may happen once the season is over. But the season is not over.

It is logical to believe Parcells might back his proteges Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland. But has that happened yet?



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Andy, you're lucky. I wound up with about 20 inches.

Merling? Eh, I always thought he was a bust but he is a solid rotational DE. Next year when he & Langford are up for a new contract, I think they'll try to bring back one. Unless they don't resign Mcdaniel, then maybe both will come back.

With the lawsuit against Merling & a torn achillies, I think he showed alot of heart to try & get back to play this year. That has bought him some more time for me.

As much as this season has been hard to watch. Really with better QB play we would be in the playoffs. So I would not blow things up like most want.

I think I would resign Ronnie and Ricky, unless their is a really fast bruiser in the free agent market.

I would then sighn McNabb or might try to get Linehart from Houston since he is younger and needs a true shot. Think I would lean towards McNabb because even in decline he could manage the Dolphin Offense and bring some down field hope to this poor offense. I do like giving Linert a chance to compete against Henne. Yes I do not want to throw Henne to the street just yet. He was thrown in to early and that is why you see panic in his eyes all the time.

Then I would try to trade down, probably wont happen, so spend most of the draft on o-line. Maybe try to find a legit mean TE. You fix the o-line and QB and our running games gets better. Must resign Brown and Williams.

We are not talking about how great the D was this year. It saddened me to watch them play their gutts out just to let the O flounder.

Great Job D. Keep it up next season.

Go Dolphins!!

I Must Be Crazy?

I Must Be Nuts!

Joe S,

20? You must be in Central or North. I know Toms River got like 38" or something.

McDaniel, I forgot to mention him. He has been a pleasant surprise. He has made some plays this year and been solid. My biggest concern would be NT. Solia has been pretty good but struggled sometimes too. I wonder can he be good for 16 games. Will he have a bad game or 2 sure but he has been a little up and down.

Mr.Ross, here's one thing you should do instead of listening to Parcells'bs... Look at teams with winning records year in and year out. Look at the way Bill Polian built the Colts. Drafted a franchise QB combined with very good drafts and that got him a SB. Look at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Drafted a franchise QB and again very good drafts and got a SB. The New England Patriots. Drafted a franchise QB and draft better than anybody else. Not only a SB but a dynasty team. Look at the Baltimore Ravens. Drafted a good young QB in Joe Flacco, didn't get a SB yet but a lock to make the playoffs year in and year out because of Ozzie Newsome's amazing drafting, probably second best to the Patriots. Newsome did win a SB in 2000 with an awesome defense loaded with players he drafted. That's how you do it Mr.Ross. Super Bowl teams are built between January and July. Until your Dolphins do that, nothing will change.

Andy NJ, understand your point but in a Tri-County area of over 6 million people and 8 home football games per year you would figure you can sell out 72 thousand seats per game, good or not. Especially when you look at teams like Denver or Green Bay who have waiting lists of YEARS to get season tickets. I mean, cmon, it's Pro Football.

Ah, Toms River New Jersey - home to one of my World Series' heroes - Al Leiter. The last time any one of my favourite teams won a championship - the 1992 and 1993 Toronto Blue Jays - been too long.

My take on the coaches is if you get an OC as sharp as Nolan is for the defense and get a significant talent infusion on the offense and retain Nolan - then it doesn't matter who the head coach is - he'd be reduced to cheerleader - a spot Sparano fills very well.

Shula71, Mcnabb is less accurate than Henne.

Leinart? If he couldn't succeed with Fitz, Breaston & Boldin, I'm pretty sure he is as much, if not, more deficient than Henne.

The D had it's share of flounders also. For most of the season we couldn't get off the field on 3rd down. They even gave up big plays and untimely big plays vs. the Bills & Lions.

Contrary to popular opinion, the D still needs work. Not as much as the O, but some. As in another pass rushing LB. Without Wake, no one gets pressure without a blitz. A FS with better recognition than Clemmons who is always late over the top & a better nickel DB.

I think they can move Clemmons over to FS where most balls will be in front of him(TE) & try Jones at FS. I think Bell's play has climaxed.

Sparano WILL get his walking papers Monday -- Take it to the bank.

Cut ALL ties w/ Sparano, Jeffy & Tuna---blow the whole miserable enterprise up. The thought of another year of Peter Principle frauds in charge is naseating.

How about offering some evidence the conversation didn't happen instead of just saying it did NOT happen.


Some fan bases are like that with GB and Den. But look across the league. When Oakland is good they sell out and when they suck they don't. Arizona sold out for about a year and a half and then this year back to same ol.

I have been a Dolphins fan for about 20 years and because I live in NJ never went to a home game. I spent a lot of money to get good seats, a first class flight to get me on a plane lol and I can't see doing it next year. I can't do it with this product on the field. I have been getting my Sunday Ticket for 4 seasons now and thats all the investment I am willing to make with this team. It's a boring product and a bad one too.

the seer, IT'S FUNNY YOU SITTING on your old sofa making wild stuff since you no money in the team .

You know, Armando, the sports media has become a real joke...present company excepted...maybe...depending upon what you may add to your blurb about the Parcells/Ross story (reported by Lombardi), being false. Just about everyone in yr business today, throws S - - t up against the wall to see if their bulls- - t reports, which are really no better than predictions, come true, rather than reporting hard news. The worst part is they (and you) report them as news, rather than as the crystal ball predictions that they really are (after all, you cite no sources...right?). It's a damned disgrace how the industry has devolved. Now, you report that Lombardi's report is utter c - - p. Yet you, just like him, cite absolutely no sources whatsoever. So I ask you, what are we supposed to do...take yr word for it because yr a nice guy? That's really what yr asking us to do, by citing no reliable source, or even implying you have one. Or do we lump your bulls - - t article/blurb right in with all the other bulls- -t that has been coming out? Where is you're credibility when you provide no source reference whatsoever? The sports rags and internet sports rags might as well be the "Inquirer" these days. They are about as reliable...It's a sad state of affairs, to be sure...

Andy, it's funny you say that. I had free tickets to the Lions, Browns & Bills game. Being from NJ, I know someone with access to 40 yard line seats, free hotel, dinner etc you name it.

All I had to do was buy the plane ticket. Based on what's on the field, My Sunday ticket is also all I'm willing to shell out for them.

And at this rate, even that is pretty steep.



For Miami's home opener it cost me around 2 grand for the game, flight and hotel and nightlife and I was only there from Thursday until Monday morning.

Until Miami makes the right moves to put a winner out on the field I am not going to be eating Cuban sandwiches anytime in the near future.

I am not a front runner or fair weather fan by any means. I started with Marino in 89 and rolled with Zach Thomas after Marino left. I stuck with them after that because I wanted to see the turn around complete. But I am not paying to see Henne, Ronnie Brown and Sparano. Nor do I have any confidence in any of them. I will watch from my recliner and pay $269 for Sunday Ticket

Come on guys the media is blowing up these first rounds QB's to be special just like last year. The fins would be stupied to take one of these QBS in the first unless their names are Luck or Gabbert both of whom are likely to wait till to enter till next year. With that being said unfortunately we are stuck with Henne. Maybe some new coaches can get his confidence back some new weapons to stretch the field etc. Anyway I wouldn't take a qb till the 3rd or 4th rd based on the talent. I dont think all of these teams are going to go with a QB in the first either. The media overhypes these players just like the radio overhypes a horrible song. If you keep hearing it over and over then you start to believe it. I personally think we could get a decent QB to develop in the 3rd or 4th (Stanzi, Kaepernick (perferred), Dalton, Devlin, etc) and get the same value as the 1st (unless Luck or Gabbert).

Joe S,

I spend 2 grand you go for free lol. Thanks for that body shot lol

hey, I got 13 month old twins at home. I have my reasons!

parcells is not going to help anyone but himself.... good luck san fran



Next Monday

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Actually I'm really digging Delaware QB Pat Devlin. He can ran, he has a good arm, accurate, tough as nails. Look him up and we can get him in the 3rd to 4th rd. Looks like a Joe Flacco mold just a little more mobile.




Moment of silence. I am going to be doing back flips! I get your point though.

There is no way he brought back. Sparano's only saving grace is to privately dog out Henning and make it seem like it was Hennings fault for the offensive and team failures.

Sparano is at fault, followed by Henne and then Henning IMO.

Sparano didn't have his team prepared for Browns or Lions. The freaking Browns or Lions! He also should have grew some balls and fired Henning or stripped him of play calling duties.

Henne - sucks, no pocket awareness and a turnover machine. 13 straight games with a turnover and ineffective when the game matters.

Henning- horrible job all year. You pass when we should run and run the wild cat a ineffective WR reverses to kill momentum. If you notice I didn't say he runs when he should pass. The reason is that on 3rd and 15 would you trust Henne? I wouldn't. He calls conservative to get the most out of Henne. If the playbook were wide open and Miami had 5 receivers on a play, Henne can't see the entire field anyway. So Henning goes max protection because it wouldn't benefit Henne to send 5 guys on routes.

Andy NJ---I live in Philly (Miami native) and largely agree about the fans here.

Much of the same criticism leveled at Sparano is EXACTLY what is heard here regarding Reid, despite his overall success. That may sound funny to those in South Florida, but it's absolutely true.

For that matter, I've lived in six different NFL cities and there wasn't a single one---not one---that had fans who didn't talk about how bad a given coach was at "clock management" or other criticisms people think are unique to them. It's what fans do EVERYWHERE...including successful teams.

Speaking of the snow---not too bad here when I got home from Florida on Tuesday. Here's a weird weather fact: It was colder in West Palm Beach when I woke up that morning (30 degrees) than it was in Philly when I landed that afternoon (40).

Dolphins r so bad NFL.com Dolphins vs Patriots watch game highlights have NO Dolphin coverage at all


All Patriots and bout them getting to the Super Bowl

Not even 1 fish pic or mention

Might as well be playing the FAU Owls

The Dolphins Suck

have a HAARPy new year


Andy NJ
Think most r in agreement with u

but at least Henning & Henne r consistent in your views ;)


Dr. Roberts,

Yeah the Philly fans wanted to can Andy Reid just last year. They are all in love with dog killer now so they won't get on him too much after this year but they have complained for years he is out coached in big games (NFC Championships) and his stubborness to constantly throw instead of have a run/pass balance.

Sparano must stay he will be great

parcells quits every thing he doze whene the going gets tough give henne one more year put a dark face shield so they cant read his eyes he is still young they need to draft o line men they need to run the ball throw a lone pass on first down sometimes i'm not seeing any body open oh by way when the score was 27 17 henne put a nice pass in marshall hands late in fourth quarter and he drop it it wood have a first down they mite have run the clock down we punt a few plays later they get a td the play calling sucks every things a come back rout they need throw it to the back more

So who prematurely pulled out that story yesterday? And why would they say that?

No more Being cute in the draft with the qb's draft one in the first rd


Yep. I've lived in Philly almost 8 years and the criticism of Reid has been largely unabated during that time, despite how successful the team has been.

Fans really do criticize EXACTLY the same things nearly everywhere. "Clock management" and "play calling" being the leading targets.

That's not to say Miami fans don't have VERY legitimate gripes, only that those who think they're saying something that isn't repeated by nearly every fanbase in the NFL are kidding themselves.

As for Henning, I'm not sure why any drama exists with that situation at all. It's been obvious he's simply going to retire for months. My hope is that a guy like Kubiak becomes available.

With Sparano I tend to think he stays. I have no firm conviction either way on that, frankly. Part of me wants change---the other part knows stability is the biggest asset all the winning franchises enjoy and that the "Redskin" way of running things the way a fan would is a proven recipe for disaster.

Andnj never say never

Mike, what if there isn't one worth drafting? Do we reach on a Qb for the sake of taking 1 in the 1st round for shits & giggles? Or should we draft some other good player who can play & help this team?

God knows we need more than just a QB!

I usually go to 1 game a year. This year it was supposed to be the Minn game. a couple of factors played into my decision to stay home. That game as it turns out would have been pretty cool. My point is that I think that football is the 1 sport that is actually better to watch at home then live. The pro football experience has turned into a NASCAR event. If you have young kids, forget about going. If you want to get drunk and fight the NFL is for you(and that is fine if it floats your boat) I have season tickets to the Griz anyway, a much better product, and a 5-7 year wait to get on the list for tickets.

I'd rather keep Sparano over Henne. To all of you Henne supporters out there...do you really want another season like this one? Do you really want to eat your words at the end of '11 when Henne has a similar year of not being able to keep up with the speed of the NFL...that part isn't taught..it's either in you or it isn't...and Henne doesn't have that skill. I would say keep Henne around and bring in some more QB talent and let then duke it out on the field...

Don't worry about HAARP. You won't know it when you die.

Legitimate question regarding Cowher:

I know a lot of folks want him badly (and I certainly respect the guy) but can anyone explain why those who desire a "wide open" offensive attack would want him?

Bill Cowher is absolutely a proponent of VERY conservative, run-first offense. It's what he's run his entire career.

To believe he would change that philosophy with the Dolphins is akin to believing in the Tooth Fairy. Not gonna happen.

I'm not even saying I disagree with Cowher on that, only that I find it odd that some braying the loudest for him don;t even seem to understand he's the polar opposite of the kind of offense they desire.

Dr. Roberts, we have tackled that issue allot. Cowher & Sparano think alike & would not be much of a change in philosophy on offense.

Unless Cowher would bring in an OC and let him run the show. Which is what we expect Sparano to do if he survives. Because it's clear, even to a blind person, this offense needs more creativity & diversity.

Absolutely the offense needs plenty...starting with better QB play (obviously) and more creativity.

That MIGHT happen under Cowher with an OC who has some autonomy, but it could happen with Sparano as well given the same changes.

Just saying their respective offensive philosophies of run-first, control the clock, and keep mistakes to a minimum happen to be VERY similar.

Cowher is no Mike Martz, folks. He's old-school to the core.

For those who fancy Pat Devlin. You cannot compare him to Joe Flaco. They both played quarterback for Delaware but that's it. Devlin has a totaly different body from Flaco, does not throw the ball down the field like Flaco, or even run the same offense Flaco did. He gets the benefit of playing for the Blue Hens so the comparisons are natural. Devlin does have some nice qualities. He is mobile for a big guy. He looks accurate. and has shown that he can bounce back to end strong after a few poor starts.

anyone who wants to bring donovan mcnabb here obviously does not watch or completely understand football chad henne has not been very good at all but hes ten times better than mcnabb at this point lets get a grip

Yahoo! also reported that Kubiak (Texans) and McDaniels (Broncos) are in the running for our OC position. Any thoughts?

Agree with doc and schmoe, why are you people wanting other cast off, old school coaches and QB's? Want new, go get new. A new, innovative OC is what this team needs. A young, new, mobile, smart QB with a good arm is what this team needs. Draft a QB, there will some available.

Gary Kubiak would be great for the Dolphins. He could be the Mike Nolan of 2011. Remember, our defense was pretty bad in 2009...

I'm concerned that Sparano might next pick YA Tittle to run the offense.

does anyone have thoughts on TCU qb Andy Dalton he seems to be a proven winner

McNabb would be a horrible choice. I saw him fading (badly) here in Philly and he only got worse with the Redskins.

The guy also tends to be a locker-room divider as well. No thanks.

If there's any 'reclamation' project out there that piques interest on my part it's Palmer...but he also comes with huge question marks.

We absolutely need an upgrade at QB in my opinion, but getting it done is going to be difficult (with a dash of pure luck thrown in)

it may be true that cowher and sparano may think alike but they dam sure dont coach alike cowher knows how to manage the gameclock and when to use and not use timeouts and cowher wont jump around like he just won the super bowl after a meaningless first quarter field goal thats why you get cowher over sparano now im done

cowkilla, adjusting to the speed of the NFL is not an inherent quality. It is learned. Steve Young and Jaws were just talking about it recently on TV. I've heard countless QB's talk about how different the speed of the game is in the NFL. Nobody just steps out there and flips some inherent switch. Nobody who's ever played the game would make such an inane comment, its easy to talk about the speed of the game from your couch.

Why would this owner listen to what Parcells says. This team is a disaster under Parcells.I would not even take his call. He took is 20 million and left. Nice guy.

Palmer, with superior offensive weapons has thrown more int's than Henne. I don't understand the fascination with Palmer AT ALL. If Miami was gonna bring in a stop gap, why don't they bring in Kitna? He would be better than Orton & Palmer, would require less money & no draft pick compensation.

What's Palmers contract status anyway? Is he under contract next year? How much money? If Lewis is fired, I'm sure they will want to keep Palmer as a verteran QB presence to ease the transition.

I think Kubiak would be an obvious upgrade at OC. Latest reports, however, have Houston wavering on whether or not to let him go. It seems the owner really likes him despite their struggles.

Not sure about McDaniels. Some of those New England guys have a mixed record once they leave that system.

There's plenty of viable candidates out there, I'm sure. I'd be fine with them going after some relatively unknown young assistant that's on the rise. Everybody who is a "name" started somewhere, y'know?

Is Vince Young a free agent or is that just a rumor...?

VY is under contract as is Jeff Fisher. At this point, they either will kiss & make up or the owner will have to part ways with one of them.

DR. Roberts.. @12:02 You make a good point about the difficulty of finding a new quarterback. It's not like you can just plug in a new quarterback an walla..I think before we start thinking about quarterbacks we have to address the coordinator spot. Then we can figure out who might fit best into that system. Until then Chad Henne keep chuckin it to the wrong team. Because it is still your spot to lose.

Joe Schmoe, I'm intrigued by Kitna. Obviously not the long term answer but to bring him in and a rookie + Henne wouldn't be that bad I guess. You have to look at what the market has to offer and quite honestly, there's not much out there.

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