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Bill Parcells has NOT spoken with Ross

It was "reported" Wednesday by the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi that Dolphins Consultant Bill Parcells had spoken to owner Stephen Ross and convinced him to retain coach Tony Sparano.

I am reporting today that Parcells has NOT spoken with Ross and obviously has therefore NOT convinced the owner about anything relative to retaining or firing Sparano.

It is logical to believe that a conversation between Parcells and Ross may happen once the season is over. But the season is not over.

It is logical to believe Parcells might back his proteges Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland. But has that happened yet?



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I think Fisher is out and will wind up with Dallas. Jones tried to pry him away a few years ago, actually.

In all honesty, he'd be the guy I'd go after if I'm Ross and want to make the change. Don;t really care how the Titans have struggles this year. Fisher has won big with marginally talented teams and has a cheapskate owner in Tennessee.

With the tools, I think he'd compete at the highest level instantly.

Probably no way a star-enamored owner like Ross would even consider him, however.

with the new oc the dolphins need to change up there offense with the heat and humidity they need to use a 1 back set with 4 wr and use a no-huddle offense and in short yardage bring in a full back, a no-huddle would keep the defense on there heels, just look back in history of the bills, or oilers how they were able to move the ball on opposing defenses.

dr r. long time no see. they banned me again on the scum sentinel as usual..lol.. go get carson palmer and watch how this o responds.. that simple.

Js, read somewhere that Palmer's annual salary figure is $11.5 m. Yikes, if that's true, I'd rather go with Henne at $600k and build up the offense around him. The one stopgap I like is Kyle Orton. Would have been on pace for 20tds and 10 int if he played the whole year - lots of yards - despite having no runing attack and no BM.

We could do a lot worse than Kitna, I think.


All anyone needs to do is see the names out there to realize just how difficult it will be to upgrade at QB with any kind of certainty.

NONE of these college guys come with a Manning or Elway-type pedigree. Some will succeed, to be sure, but most will not---just as always. And that includes each and every name I hear tossed around, regardless of how "sure" someone is about them.

People were just as "sure" about Heath Shuler, Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf and and a hundred other guys.

Free agency? Trade? None of the names come with any kind of guarantee at all. They're either largely unproven (Kolb) or obviously damaged goods (McNabb, Palmer, etc.)

None of it means the Dolphins shouldn't TRY to make the upgrade---they MUST, in fact---but it's going to be difficult and the odds aren't great without a little luck.

Long time no see, 2 watt! :)

Mark, problem with Orton is they need him in case Tebow is a flop. They won't let him go for nothing. Unlike Orton & Palmer, Kitna offers:

1. Short term contract(1-2), incentive laden, not like the other guys

2. Biggest is, NOT HAVING TO TRADE. Kitna is a FA

3. Kitna is experienced and still looks pretty good in Dallas. He can come in for 1-2 years, help a rookie, help Henne be a good back up.

It buys us 2 years to be a playoff team & hopefully groom a QB.

Ross needs to ship Parcell's rotten groceries back to him in a paper bag, receipt-paid!

Mark in Toronto, I like Orton as well but I don't think he's a free agent. Giving up a draft pick for him and already not having a #2 kind of blows. I'm sure whoever the new OC is will also have his word to say in the QB decision making. NO to Carson Palmer.

Cat's out of the bag. Parcells is just denying he spoke to Ross to make it look like it was Ross's decision. Looks bad for TS in the public eye if it is known the former GM had to beg the owner to keep him, but that is exactly what happened.

1. Sparano
2. new OC
3. a QB from somewhere to challenge Henne for the starter.

Won't be any more interesting news until the draft now.

mikeoliver1313 = ALoco.

having henne around period will only deter the young wr's from developing.

Joe Schmoe..I was doing the Kyle Orton rain dance here the other day. Really talking him up. Odds are he will not be in Denver next year according to local media. That aside. I did a little homework. Orton was nothing more then Chad Henne his first three years in Chicago. He even got benched for REX GROSSMAN!(The Bears did go to the cup that year) It wasn't untill he hooked up with Mike McCoy that he found some success. So is it the system with Orton? He seems like an obvious upgrade. But I would still say buyer beware.

That Mallett kid sure looks like a great prospect. But having said that, so did Henne in Michigan. Mr.Newsome, how much would it cost the Dolphins to have your input in this? LOL!

Just to clarify: I'm not huge on Palmer at all, only saying he's the one 'reclamation' project that intrigues me a little. Cincy, after all, may just be the worst situation in football for ANY player long-term.

Doesn't mean I have any certainty it would work...it's just something (at the right price) I'd at least investigate.

Honestly, the QB market right now is like making choices at the world's worst salad bar!





Who cares if Parcells talked to aliens. He is a non factor and fat selfish pig!

Does everyone realize that we won't make the playoffs in 2011? NJ and NE are too far ahead of us. We don't even have many key players signed. Its going to be another year of many newbies, new offense, more gel time. Without an intelligent head coach, doesn't matter what you do, you can't win without brains at the top. TS has rigatoni for a brain.

Thinking about it, rebuilding never stops.

I know folks are just trying to offer solutions(Not that it makes a difference) But Kitna? Kitna puts up decent numbers, but if he is your teams starter 2 things have happened. 1 your franchise guy is hurt.2 your team is on a road to nowhere. Look at his history. He ends up being the guy on pretty bad teams. He puts up some good numbers. But he also will contribute a 3 int 10-30 game. Nothing against Kitna, I'm sure he is swell. But this would be a situation of surrender. If he were to be a backup here. Cool. But to bring him in as a starter? I would rather take my chances with Henne.

Agreed on Orton, if his price tag is serious draft pick compensation - then we'd be better off with a Kitna type. If the buyer beware on Orton is the system they run - then why not get him (if we can) - and insitute the same type of quarterback friendly system? Then again, Orton just may have matured just like many qbs do - with time and experience. The light bulb goes off for many at different times. I still see too much in Henne to not think that he will get better than he is right now. Any QB that can throw like he's shown he can has to have something in him.

when zach thomas wanted a press conference to say goodbye to fans they told him he was no longer a dolphin and couldnt use the facility. when parcells comes around we should tell him the same!

if ross keeps a guy that gets constantly out coached week in and week out its not going to matter who the qb is or how good any of the players are sparano shoulda got canned last year when he called a timeout after an interception hahaha what a bonehead

i like any QB with a pulse; orton,kolb,flynn and even joe webb! new head coach/off.coord would be big plus.

Last thing on Orton... If he becomes available. What do we have that would be fair trade for him? We have nothing to offer. I do think that his ship has sailed in Denver. There is going to be wholesale changes there. I would like us to make a run at McCoy. Familiar with BM, and Nolan. Remember it was McDaniels that drove everyone nuts there. McCoy has done well with blue collar talent.

McCoy seems to be the Browns guy going forward. Not sure how/why he'd be available at all.

dd. sign and trade ronnie for orton. then rb and tebow can run amok with the wild cat in denver.lol

jim..I was reffering to Mike McCoy the offensive coordinator in Denver. He was the guy calling plays when Marshall, and Orton blew up last year. Colt McCoy is probably who you thought I meant.

Jim, DD is talking about OC MCCoy of the Broncos, not Qb McCoy of the Browns

DD, we do have a lot of D linemen - Denver's D sucks - if we resign McDaniel/Soliai, we hae a lot of players that would be able to start for them that are also young. It might be more attractive to Denver than a 3rd round pick.



I have curtailed much of my public urination due to the UNFAIR and MALICIOUS behavior of local police agencies but I still believe strongly that it is my GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to leave puddles of my bodily waste in heavily-trafficked facilities.

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Thank you and may God Bless you in the New Year.

2watt,go make coffee ,please .

My bad.

DD knows his stuff and I should have realized the error.

Sparano is ok and learning, but we definately need a new OC, someone with more spunk and not so readable. I like Sparano, and I think we need to spend money on players not a new coach, we need to go after Kolb or Orton.

The Dolphins have very little ammo to make any moves up in the draft.

If there's any flexibility at all trade-wise, it would probably be along the DL, where they have ample young talent.

Most likely, though, they'd want to investigate that possibility to re-acquire a pick somewhere rather than packaging some to move up a few spots. It's not as if there's an Elway or Manning sitting there to give up the farm for.

(I don;t think they overpaid for Marshall, byw. If and when this offense ever gets cranked into a higher gear he'll be a BIG part of it)

"Does everyone realize that we won't make the playoffs in 2011? NJ and NE are too far ahead of us."

Miami CAN make the playoffs if they make the right moves. The Jets window is NOW. Next year, Cromartie, Edwards, Holmes, Smith, Taylor, Harris etc...are ALL FA's. How many of them do you think they can re-sign? Not many after Revis, Mangold & Fergusen.

Miami CAN take the Jets Wildcard spot easily IF, they make the right moves. I do agree about Morono as HC, but if he stays, and gets a competent OC, Miami can make the post season in 2011.

jim..Thanks for the shout!!

Mark in Toronto... That is a cool scenario, never thought of that. Also trades can be wierd. It depends on how disgruntled Orton gets, and what the new regime has in place as far as what to do with Tebow. Rarely do players get traded for draft values we all think they should. What I mean is that a lot of people think Denver will demand a second round pick at least. I could see them settleing for a 3rd, even a fourth with some other pieces.

With no #2 pick, going to be pretty hard to move up in the draft. Won't happen.

With so many questions surrounding Tebow, especially with a new coach coming in, I don't see the Bronco's getting rid of Orton for cheap. Anything else, we can't afford.

New coaches usually come in and want their own QB. Since he was a first rounder, they'll give him a shot but I highly doubt any coach in NE will go in without a viable back-up.

Nobody knows nuttin. Nobody knows what QB they'd even want at whatever price. This is all just blogsturbation, nothing more. Its amazing how the bloggers can make the same few points over and over and over for weeks and not just get tired of speculating LOL. Nobody can be right or wrong.

Isn't it funny how Parcells walked away early and now is so strangely silent.

i love to know what ireland will come up with to solve the fins big problems ?



Joe Schmoe..This is going to be the year where the rubber hits the road for the jets. I thought that the mercenary squad they assembled would have completley collapsed by now. They went all in for this season. We will see what kind of franchise they are next year for sure. If they have the smarts or moxie to make the right moves. This year they one upped us. Good for them. But now we have an opportunity as a franchise to take the neccessary steps to blow past those chuckleheads. It will take some sound decision making, and some luck but it can be done.

bat says:
December 30, 2010 at 11:49 am

you downplay Henne’s incompetence as “a couple of bad decisions” in a game. To what do you attribute his: inability to read coverages, effectively recognize and check off a blitz, having passes constantly batted down at the LOS, staring down receivers, not seeing the whole field (i.e. ignoring wide open receivers), lack of mobility in the pocket, pulling the ball down prematurely and putting his head down to run instead of keeping his eyes downfield for the opportunity to make a play, checking down every chance he gets (which accounts for the 62% comp.) , Lack of leadership skills and intensity, Total indifference to his failures, ,,, Henne is painfully SLOW at every mental aspect of the QB position. …You think all that is going to be magically fixed somehow? ….You are indeed a man of great faith O Tim …and easily impressed, I might add..

I am not a lesbian, but it is my New Years Wish that Mr. Ross either get out of football altogether and sell the team to a solid lesbian ownership group or at the very least hire a competent lesbian General Manager to run team affairs.

Lesbians are without question the most intelligent, dynamic, and hard-working demographic in this country. The Miami Dolphins would thrive under wise and focused lesbian leadership.

Henne homers reread 1:08.

You could be right Joe - who knows? I knwo I wouldn't even care about the Tebow pick with the way Orton was playing this year. Tuck him in the top drawer until Orton is injured or struggles. I would not have started him the last few weeks. However, the decision may have come from ownership to make up for his own stupid mistake in firing Shanahan to begin with.

"Blogsturbation." lol...good one, Jogo.

Guys, here's how part owner of the Miami Dolphins Marc Anthony could really help his football team. Just one conversation with Ozzie Newsome. Here's how it goes:

M.A.: Hello Mr.Newsome? This is Marc Anthony, part owner of the Miami Dolphins. How are you today?

O.N.: Oh! Mr.Anthony, I'm doing great thank you. Always been a big fan of your music. What can I do for you today?

M.A.: I have a little problem down here in South Florida Mr.Newsome and perhaps you could help us out. I have what I would call a business proposition for you...

O.N. Business proposition? I'm under contract with the Baltimore Ravens. I don't think I can help you out unfortunately.

M.A.: Well, just listen to me for a second. What I need from you is your complete evaluation of all the QB prospects in college because as you well know, we haven't had a decent QB down here in so long. You have to go so far back that I might of still been a virgin. Regardless, we are desperate. We MUST find our QB of the future. Can you help us out?

O.N.: Well, like I said, I'm under contract with the Baltimore Ravens. You said it was a business proposal. What's in it for me?

M.A.: In return for that precious information you would give me, I would send you some pictures of my lovely wife Jennifer Lopez.

O.N.: Oh! J-Lo, yeah, always been a big fan of her's as well. But when you say pictures...What kind of pictures?

M.A. Well, I don't want to get into details, but pictures.

O.N.: Pictures. It's not very clear Mr.Anthony.

M.A.: Pictures like Erin Andrews in her hotel room type pictures Mr.Newsome.

O.N.: Oh Gosh...Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. This is certainly a very good proposition Mr.Anthony. This ABSOLUTELY must stay between me and you Sir...

M.A.: Of course it will. Do you have any idea what kind of trouble I'd be in if...

O.N.: Yeah yeah yeah of course. I understand. Don't need to explain yourself Mr.Anthony. Boy, this is something that's worth thinking about to say the least. I think I'm going to accept your offer Mr.Anthony.

M.A.: Good stuff.

O.N.: I will e-mail you my full report as soon as I'm finished doing all my pre-draft work and you can send me you know what shortly after.

M.A.: You've got yourself a deal Mr.Newsome. Thanks for your time.

O.N.: Thank you Mr.Anthony. We'll be in touch. I don't think I've ever been this excited before a draft. We'll be in touch soon. Have a good day Sir.

And there you have it. QB problem solved! What do you guys think?

In a way, Parcells is the worst person for Ross to speak to. Of course, Parells is going to tell Ross to stick with Sparano and Ireland. Parcells was the "genius" who brought these guys in. The Trifecta (no, wait, the Undynamic Duo) needs to go, and therefore Parcells is the worst person for Ross to seek advice from.


What are your thoughts on us picking up some more Cowboy leftovers......Barber, Roy Williams, and Marcus Spears?

and how do u think theyd fit in with our current players or even the wave that may sweep throughout the locker room this offseason.

I don't find Henne to be "stupid" by any reasonable measure (hey, I probably wouldn't engage Dan Marino in a conversation about Post-Modernism, either) but what is clearly lacking is any kind of consistent energy or zeal for the game. He's so robotic most of the time.

I don't question his physical talents at all. The heart is another matter and I'm doubtful that's something that can be coached into him.

You are a real piece of work Mrs. Anges. But I am inclined to believe you are poseing as a woman you do not care for. Now with that out of the way, I also believe Armando is trying a desperate attempt to cover his tracks. I believe he jumped the gun on this and now feels pretty stupid. It really made no sense from the beginning but I have to admit, I took the bait. Why would Ross, with one more game to be played, come out and say Sparano is safe? So basicly the Dolphins could spend this Sunday watching the Pats run around Foxboro looking for someone to play with, and Sparano would still have a job. Ross, do the right thing and fire Henning(don't let him retire, he doesn't deserve that tag), Sparano, Ireland, and Lee. All four of them couldn't run a pop warner team with success. If you don't, be prepared to lose the remaining 40% of fans who attend the games.

Not gonna waste time worrying about Henning anymore. One more game and then he retires. Firing him now might satisfy a few fans but would be absolutely meaningless otherwise.

I say we keep Sparano and Ireland for another year. Get Josh McDaniels as OC and draft a QB next year. Ryan Mallet in the first round. Also a better QB coach as well.

Darryl Dunphy, there are a couple of Jets players I would LOVE on this team.

Brad Smith can our ST returner & WR.

David Harris to replace Crowder. With all the money tied into Dansby, I don't think we can max another contract for another ILB.

The Jets are destined to return to mediocrity next season. With losing all that talent, they will be us of 2010.

One thing I think most agree on is that NT Solai needs to be brought back into the fold. He is FINALLY playing like a poor mans Holoti Ngata and that is better than we would find in the draft I would imagine.

Consider that OTHER teams will be trying to break out their checkbooks and get him as an important piece of a 3-4.

Hell, Albert Haynesworth is a 100 million dollar man and he refuses to play the nose!! It takes a special mentality and skillset and Solai seems to have his old Briggs n Stratton fired up and running after a few years of being dormant with only flashes.

The last thing is if they let him go in FA, now you start steering your draft picks towards needs only which is always dangerous imho.


I don;t think the Jets will necessarily be an afterthought next year, but agreed they went for broke NOW and will likely get nothing for their efforts.

It will be a pleasure watching them and that fat douchebag of a coach get bounced from the playoffs.

Yo Rob! I've been crushing on Big Paul since opening day in Buffalo when I saw him repeatedly bend back Buffalo's centre - who isn't bad by the way. And he absolutely manhandled Raiola last week. That one handed pulldown of the RB while engaged was ultra manly. If Ireland lets him get away - it would be a huge mistake. The man is just entering his prime at age 26.

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