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Bill Parcells has NOT spoken with Ross

It was "reported" Wednesday by the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi that Dolphins Consultant Bill Parcells had spoken to owner Stephen Ross and convinced him to retain coach Tony Sparano.

I am reporting today that Parcells has NOT spoken with Ross and obviously has therefore NOT convinced the owner about anything relative to retaining or firing Sparano.

It is logical to believe that a conversation between Parcells and Ross may happen once the season is over. But the season is not over.

It is logical to believe Parcells might back his proteges Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland. But has that happened yet?



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Points to ponder...

On the topic of Josh McDanials as OC.

I have no doubt his play design and innovativeness would put our offense in a better position generally right off the bat.

My biggest concern would be his ties with Belly-Chuck and our rivals in NE. He OBVIOUSLY wanted to beat NE when he was HEAD coach in Denver and did suprisingly his first year.

It just seems a double edged sword, now that he is no longer a head coach but feels he should be, would he be willing to spill every last secret of NE's in an attempt to overthrow the Pats? OR would the scenario play out that since he is already inclined to cheat and not answer to management, and he did come from NE where they were tapped for filming illegally... would he be MORE APT to being a double agent and hand over secrets for $$ to The Hoodied Dark Lord and thus gain his Head Coach type salary with a double dip paywise?

I mean I think cheating of one kind or another goes on all the time steriods, cameras, messing with fields when ur the home team, tripping a guy going down the sidelines... it happens.

I would be guarded. If there are people that will double cross their own country and give DEFense info for $$ what are a few game plans and inside intel to your old boss, mentor and confidant over football?

Im not sayin I'm just sayin... Is Josh McDanials the gunman on the grassy knoll? LOL


sorry people but dolphins lose to the patsies and the only thing ross is convinced about is he will get rid of the losers.and that's the bottom line!!!!!!

if fat boy parcells wants his puppets to stay so bad he can take them with him to san fran or minnesota.

No to McDaniels. Yes to Kubiak or Billick.

the qb from smu is just about as good as henne.

Mark in Toronto,

Wassup man!!

You are correct on all accounts... we can let many people "Get Away" but he better not be one of them...NT is too hard to replace, period!

I know you recall how the Fins brass was sweating the NT position going into this year. They even resigned Fergusson as insurance as they weren't convinced Solai could hang. They talk about it being a complex poistion with so many nuances to being good it takes "years to learn" etc.

Nope, wouldn't want to have to start down that path again.

Cheers bro

If Ireland and Sporano stay will you guys who hate them please leave the blog? I mean leave and find another team and blog to pizz and moan and whine about like the little girls u are? Please

bobbyd12 you are the little girl with man crushes on total idiot losers. don't know what you are sucking on but you certainly have your eyes closed.

Trying to make sense of all the rumors swirling I am not sure what Ross will do Bobby.

I do think Henning is gone as OC as they won't be able to have all the exact same pieces and OFF struggled most this year. It maybe that Henning is that old that he will step down anyways regardless before they ask him to move along.

It's Ross's team so he can do whatever he wants as I am just one fan.

If I was a betting man I think that Ross will eventually decide to let the team of Sparano and Ireland play things out in 2011. Just my best guess.



As long as Sparano defends HennePuke! he has lost my confidence in judgement.

Bobby, why can't you leave? LOL Why ask other people to do what you can easily achieve on your own?

If they do stay, Sparano will get fired @ some point next year & Nolan will become interim HC. Sparano can't get this team to the next level. He isn't like other Tuna coaches who evolved with the game (Peyton, Bellicheck, Coughlin). He is too simplistic, conservative. Being stuck in the 80's music scene is one thing, but in football? You're a dinosaur.

Knowing a players reps in practice or snaps played in a game doesn't help win games. That's who Sparano is. When he can start to coach men LIKE MEN, and not like their in diapers, we'll stop moaning. Until then, deal with it.

joe, bobby can stay as long as he wants , but you can leave since you just showed up yesterday .

Aloco, I've been here longer than you think. Whining about what other people say on a blog is pointless. If you don't like it, leave.

Same goes for you. You know no one will miss your multiple personality disorder & 3rd grade level English :)

Schmoe @ 2:14 funny

>the educated one!
Euphemism for "the brainwashed one".

"One man's news is another's propaganda".

Joe Schamo=2watt

Joe Schamo=2watt=marc

Right on Queue, the multiple personality disorder idiots arrive.

I agree with wu1sabes. Ross is an exceptionally bright guy - a self made billionaire who is intensely focused on winning. He will look at the situation with the cold-bloodness and the vision that it takes to become a billionaire. At this point, there are some very worrisome signs but not clear to definitive data to indicate the need to replace Sparano. During the draft and at the beginning of the season we were all worried about the same thing - defensive secondary, getting pass Rush, improving WR corps. That was all fixed. The problems that did us in - poor special teams, injuries, a weak OL and consequently a weak running game - were not well foreseen. Sparano made mistakes holding on to a weak special teams coach, excessively churning the OL and the backup players resulting in a loss of special teams and OL coherence, leading sloppy practice resulting in poor clock measurement and retaining a too vanilla OC. This is all fixable. He has the allegiance of the players, he has 90% of the people he needs to have a great team. This draft/free agency is about (1) fixing the OL, (2) getting a fast young RB for change up, (3) getting a pass catching TE, (4) getting a first-rate punt-returner/WR speed threat. Whether we should get a young QB is more arguable - probably should since Thigpen is clearly not our #2. I think Henne will be fine long term but it makes sense to have a first-rate backup. We know from the last 15 years experience that free agency is worthless for getting a QB so we might as well draft one.

we want cowher power up in here! get rid of the fat stinky tuna and his crew of Jersey clowns...

Booo to parcells.

Thats all i got right now.

Miami has the best two minute drill in the NFL.
Problem is it takes 9 minutes. Great job coaches!!

If any of this is true, I hope Ross has a marble running around in his brain and doesn't listen to Parcells. Remember when JJ convinced WH to hire Dave Wandnot to replace him as head coach? Didn't exactly work out. It's time for Sparano and Co to go.

Parcells was a good coach many yrs back, he hasn't done anything of note in this modern era. What he has done is destroy the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins back to back, plain and simple, the fact is undeniable.

If SF or any other team wants him, let them have him and have him take Sparano and Henning with him to round out the 3 Stooges for strike three! Somebody needs to call things as they are and get the team and these clowns off the f*cking fence.


Those Two are very tough and great leaders by example.

Money making savvy, not equal to, football knowledege.

this is the start of the BP "spin machine", all he had to do was "float" the rumor that he called Ross to Support Sparano. Whether he did or not doesnt really matter. MARK MY WORDS Parcells will sign with a new team before the playoffs are over.

I, like many of the FANS on this blog totally bought into the trifecta. BUT AFTER SPENDING countless hours of frustration with this team, here is the BOTTUM LINE.

The reason SPARANO should be fired = O LINE

He is an OLINE coach at heart and couldn't put together a cohesive unit.

the VERY 1st move the trifecta made was - signing Justin Smiley, where is he now? they were WRONG
they CUT samsom Satelle, who is been starting for 2 years now in Oakland
They tried Jake Grove and then cut him?
We built our franchise on the shoulders of Jake Long (who has played well, but CERTAINLY NOT #1 overall draft pick well, ie - Anthony Munoz/Orlando Pace)

Lets face it, WE CANT RUN the ball. After 3 years our O-LINE is in worse shape than before the trifecta took over.

Has anybody considered that Sparano was being overruled in his decisions until he fired John Bonamego?

If so, why was he being overruled? $.

Oh, and where does the money come from? Hmmm...

I think I will believe Lombardi @ the NFL Network over Salguero

It might be as the old Chinese adage,- You say Tluth, butnotalit.

Stephen Ross will run the Dolphins franchise into the ground for the next 10 years.

I don't get why people want sparano fired. He has been a heck of a football coach for this team and all the players respect him and play hard for him. If we keep him he will make the corrections in the off season to help this team continue to move forward and build. We all know that the problem is with the OC and it will be addressed just how he did it with the defense last year without throwing anyone under the bus. I can't stand the Cowher talk. Does anyone realize how long it took him to win a superbowl? How long it took him to find a QB?

Get a new OC lets evaluate Chad Henne see if it was more scheme due to henning or more henne not being the player we all hoped and move forward, with who we should trade or draft and what not.

who cares! fire all the bumbs!

Parcells wanted to "Buy the Groceries!" Well, he coulda picked some better chefs to cook the meal instead of some "pizza guys!". Everyone knows he can eat (it's obvious, look at his belly). But, he can't meal plan worth a flip!

he needs to talk to ricky ross in order to fix this mess...


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