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Bills lead Dolphins 10-7 going to third quarter

I have a problem and it isn't the score of this game right now, which is 10-7 in favor of the Bills.

Here's my problem: The Dolphins are in playoff contention. They are aware they must come out breathing a combination of fire and sulfuric acid because, they should know, they are still in playoff contention despite the fact they stink at home.

So what happens?

The team comes out in a trance in the first quarter. They have no energy in the second quarter. And they fall behind 10-0.

Oh, wake up call!

So that's what it takes? You have to fall behind to the 3-10 Buffalo Bills to decide to start playing?


I assume the Dolphins are awake now. Brandon Marshall has five catches for 52 yards. Ronnie Brown has a TD run. Yeremiah Bell leads the team with four tackles and Bennie Sapp has an interception.

One hopes the team doesn't go back to sleep in the locker room at halftime.


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Hate to say it but maybe more wildcat in the second half is the way to go. What does it say about your faith in your passing game when you go into the wildcat inside the 10 yard line?

I dont like Rich Gannon, but he broke down Henne perfectly. Locks on to recievers, does not understand coverages and blocking, and takes too looooooong to get rid of the football. My question is is this coaching? Or is it the player?

Worst home field advantage of any NFL team. We gave away our real hot weather games so fans would be comfortable early in year.

wheres the link for the game online?

Well said Armando-you would think they would come out like their hair is on fire-instead everyone is taking turns screwing up

we need to put this sorry bills team away already!

One hopes the team doesn't go back to sleep in the locker room at halftime.

Isnt that our usual haltime adjustment Mando???

NM: Player all the way. My take is Henning and Sparano knew this way before us and have been trying to hide Henne.

Put in Thigpen.

NM, like most things it's both. Plenty of blame to go around on offense. At least the defense held onto the pick, for a few seconds at least.

We all agree we need a new QB. Other than Kevin Kolb is there any other good QBs who may be free agents?

Mike: Firstrow.net

Hows this for a half time adjustment:

Sparano "Hey Henne youre done"

NM Phin Fan, it's the player not the playcalling.

Put in Mcnabb.

Will someone please get Shannon Sharpe away from the peanut butter jar....rotflmao!

No realistic possibilities at QB next year that I can see. We won't get Vick or Kolb or Young. Too low in draft for Luck or Newton. So who is the QB next season???

I agree with many we go Wildcat the rest of the day...the old single wing...hahaha
I can't see the game but by all the comments here this must be a gruesome thing to watch. bad enough we can't execute...maybe we should execute the coaching staff..
But dumb plays (as described) by Sapp make it double tough.

I'm really sorry to say this, but as we now have really NO chance of making the playoffs, losing has it's advantages.
You can bet Sparano will fire a few coaches in a move to circumvent his own dismissal. Nolan can't be enjoying this, having to be subservient to a HC who obviously lacks the moxie necessary to compete in the NFL.

Pay Cowher whatever he wants and start rebuilding NOW!!

No there aren't. And even Kolb is a question mark in my opinion. He looks ok in an Andy Reid system that usually makes players look better than they really area.

Do you think McNabb could do something with the receivers on this team???

The Dolphins have scored their TD for the day. Time to kick back and wait for offseason.

The team plays down to their competition. Outside of Dansby, there are really no veterans. They need to bring in guys that have been there, done that, and will keep them focused. Coaches can yell until there blue in the face, its the vets that reinforce the message. And this team has none.



If its Henne all the way, how much worse can Thigpen really be? Shoot put in the third stringer, I dont care fellas, just am putrid tired of seeing him make the same mistakes over and over.

its simple, this is 2 awful teams trying to play football

What you are pointing goes directly to coaching.
Sparano is a choke artist and the Dolphins run a prevent offense (Henning). The players know it and are not fired up. Once they get down then some pride kick in and they start to play harder.

I know everybody wants to blame Henne. However, I do not. The kid is totally hamstrung by lack a any WR speed, poor line play, Henning and the incompetent Sparano.

Add Gruden and you'd see a much better QB in Henne.

Do you think McNabb could do something with the receivers on this team???

Posted by: Gersom | December 19, 2010 at 02:38 PM

No, he cant even do anything with the resdskins offense in DC although their defense is TERRIBLE, but Mcnabb can do no worse than henne, thats for sure!!!

Miami is #2 on Bill Cowher's wishlist.

Go get him Mr. Ross!!

add gruden would be nice, but he would find better qbs instead of henne

A droped interception by Sean Smith. Shocking!

Stadium is empty lol, nothing but orange seats out there. Says it all bout this team right there.

Wow, should have taken Matt Ryan. I like our chances better trying to find an adequate LT than a future franchise qb.

Nothing against Jake, but BP should have shown some balls. Henne was a huge mistake!

Come on Snith

Look sean smith is in the game, a dropped pick!!!!

Sean Smith, this is unbelievable.

Any questions why SEAN SMITH was converted to DB

We trade up to get Ryan Mallet (hopefully better than Ryan leaf, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and as good as Matt Ryan or Nolan Ryan)

We'd have to give up Bess and a 1st rounder, but receivers are a LOT easier to find (for MOST teams, anyway) than a franchise QB, as we unfortunately know all TOO well)

Remember, we have some potentially very good players on IR now, on both offense and defense.

All this is academic, as NE has 6 players in the first 3 rounds, and unless Brady retires or is injured, we will be 2nd best 9or 3rd) in our division for the next 3 years.
I'll bet you the Pats pickup their "QB of the future" before we get ours.

Truth is, Brady IS their QB of the future.

Henne back on the field, I have a bad feeling

30 dropped interceptions-we lead the league-1 to 2 touchdowns so far in this game could have been ours without drop and stupid lateral

That is not a bad drop by smith. Great job breaking pass up.

Main reason i think we didnt take Ryan over Long was the $$$$. I dont think Wayne wanted to dish out that kind of cash after a 1-15 season. Plus likelyhood would have been that our offense would have ruined him anyways.

I've also been impressed with Toles (forgot the first name) the QB with Arizona. Wasa injured a bit this year, but VERY accurate. Kind of a Troy Aikman style.,

They just showed the stat we have 30 dropped picks this yr, most in NFL. Thats mindboggling, imagine where we would be if we even caught half of those

Sean Smith will somehow view this as positive when he Tweets @RainnDropp or @HotSauce tonight.

The Twitter King. Interceptions.........not so much.

Sure add a QB late in the draft. But the team has too many needs on the O-line, TE, Speed WR to draft a QB early.

S Smith acts so cocky. You have to be invincible to play CB. But just learn to catch the ball!
The kid has been all over passes the last two weeks.

We won't give up Bess or any draft picks. May have some Dlineman that would be worth moving though.

Miami is #2 on Bill Cowher's wishlist.

Go get him Mr. Ross!!

Posted by: yo | December 19, 2010 at 02:41 PM

What were his choices?


IF they have really dropped that many picks, the defense hasn't been a friend to the o to get short fields and more points.

Throw the damn ball-no more sacks

Im sure if BP could do it all over again knowing what he knows now even he would take Ryan.

Throw it away...

These TV anaylyst should STFU.....none of this is Henne's fault

If Buffalo is blitzing every other play, wouldn't it serve you to have quick, horizontal routes ran to make your QB's life easier?


Chad should have his name legally changed to Chad Dumbfuch

For the next week, Sean Smith should spend the entire practice having footballs rifled at his nuts...maybe that'll teach him to catch.


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