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Bills lead Dolphins 10-7 going to third quarter

I have a problem and it isn't the score of this game right now, which is 10-7 in favor of the Bills.

Here's my problem: The Dolphins are in playoff contention. They are aware they must come out breathing a combination of fire and sulfuric acid because, they should know, they are still in playoff contention despite the fact they stink at home.

So what happens?

The team comes out in a trance in the first quarter. They have no energy in the second quarter. And they fall behind 10-0.

Oh, wake up call!

So that's what it takes? You have to fall behind to the 3-10 Buffalo Bills to decide to start playing?


I assume the Dolphins are awake now. Brandon Marshall has five catches for 52 yards. Ronnie Brown has a TD run. Yeremiah Bell leads the team with four tackles and Bennie Sapp has an interception.

One hopes the team doesn't go back to sleep in the locker room at halftime.


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Hell. Hell Frozen Over. Miami.

(just kidding---it sounded like he's serious re mia.......PLEASE MR ROSS....ACT SOONER RATHER THAN LATER.

oh.......way to take advantage of that field position, huh?

the dolphins offense has to be the most boring thing to watch. im comparing it to the notebook.

3rd and 7 and henne throws for 1 yard to Bess's feet? WTF is he even doing in the game

For the next week, Sean Smith should spend the entire practice having footballs rifled at his nuts...maybe that'll teach him to catch.

Posted by: Mike in Houston | December 19, 2010 at 02:48 PM


Hate to say it but Henne has peaked! LOL......

henne cant pick up the blitz! this guy is not NFL QB material... What a waste!

*lol* at mike in houston

either way the man is gonna have some sore NUTs!!!!!

2 yard route on 3rd and 8?

Henne peaked on the bomb to Ginn last yr vs Jets.

He's been plummeting, in free-fall, since.

3rd and 7, and Henne doesn't even try to get it to Marshall, who catches everything you throw to him.

Of all the commentators this season, Gannon seems to be the only one who actually acknowledges Henne doesn't know what he is doing. Bad footwork, holding onto the ball, narrowed vision, 3 years now and Henne can't even get his footwork down...


It takes 3 seconds for intermediary routs to open up. The O-line is not providing that.

It would help if Henning would ever call a slant route.

This whole team lacks cohesion, that's on Sparano, Henning and Henne. Where's our D today? I mean we're playing the "hapless bills", for God's sake.

@Mike in Houston--

Only if they take away his "cup" first, and put him in shorts w/ no pads.


I don't get not throwing at least one up for grabs to Marshall once near midfield.

Chad Henne has ZERO confidence. The season is over as long as thats the case..

The Dolphins need to get in the shotgun, and air it out..Even if they throw more interceptions, its better than this torture.

let me ask everyone this... Its third and seven, why would you even attempt a pass route thats not even at lease 3 yards from a first down?

This defense can't be expected to bail them out every game.

Double coverage ... wow.

Cowhert's list per ESPN was NYG, Miami, Houston.

3rd and 8, I think I will throw it hard at the receivers feet 1 yard out while he is blanketed by a defender, let him figure it out from there.

Honestly, Fitzpatrick makes throws that boggle the mind. And yet sometimes they work.

Why the heck can't Henne make those throws?!?!?!

We're gonna lose this


But Young Master Chaddeus is "uncomfortable" in Shotgun, and Heaven Forfend anything make Young Master not feel quite right.

Oregon...A franchise QB can win games when there are huge holes in a teams makeup...Where are the Colts without manning, with half their team on IR?
We don't need a Manning, just someone who can play with intelligence, fire and hit an open receiver. Is that asking too much?
WE MUST GET OUR QB IN THE FIRST ROUND...if they're worth the pick.
Steven Garcia is another guy who has that Phillip Rivers attitude.

Fitspatrick again shows henne what its like to make a big play, does this guy even look to seee how its done at all??!!!!!

Miami should draft Cam Newton for their QB of the future

It's a NY Jets conspiracy. Isn't Ross a big NYC real estateogul, and Pennington's sweatsuit looks a suspicious shade of green. I'm just sayin.......

Harvard over Michigan anyday, Mr. Ross!!!

Mommy-why can't we play like the Buffalo Bills-you know-the worst team in football

Fitzpatrick is playing the way Henne should, go for it and when the blitz is on, scramble...

Henne takes all day to decide to throw it for a 3 yard gain or get sacked.

DB in the Neutral ZOne???

Mando, this app needs to be fixed. The third qtr blog just finally updated. Very frustrating.

The good news is that the Fins are playing so bad that the Bills are declining all their penalties.

We trade up to get Ryan Mallet (hopefully better than Ryan leaf, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and as good as Matt Ryan or Nolan Ryan)

We'd have to give up Bess and a 1st rounder, but receivers are a LOT easier to find (for MOST teams, anyway)

Posted by: IMAWriter | December 19, 2010 at 02:43 PM



Finally a pass rush

tony mcdaniel is playing very well. Of course, the buffalo OL stinks.

why are we so bad on third down on both sides?

Time of possession is getting to be a problem here. We need to keep the D off the field, and Henne off the field too!


If we hold them here and offense goes 3 and out, will they pull the trigger on Thigpen?

Sounds cruel, but that's what they did to us DBs in the high school offseason...that, or they placed us behind the goal post and threw to us. They didn't mess around...you were taught to catch those passes or pay the price.

What a missed takcle

So, is this our defensive meltdown series?

Vontae Davis is having a rare off day today. Not good so far.

Vontae having a terrible game

Vontae Davis is getting schooled.

i love vontae but he is having a bad day.

The Dolphins offense is pathetic: Henne has no balls..Henning is making bad calls..The offensive line is mediocre.

Oregon Dolphin,

You may be the only fin fan in America still defending Henne now. You're preaching to a morgue. Henne's dead in Miami, "taps" start playing everytime he comes to the playing field now!

bell nice. if u wait for spiller he will burn u.

Defense getting trucked for big plays

chris Clemons is in at FS this series. Jones, who started, is out.

NFL teams love to play in Miami.... Great weather, and the home team just lays down....

I thought Vonte was our lock down corner?

We r getting handled.

Yes, Mando fix the app dude. You guys have had over a year to fix the problem with your typepad service. It affects all iPhone and iPad users.

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