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Bills lead Dolphins 10-7 going to third quarter

I have a problem and it isn't the score of this game right now, which is 10-7 in favor of the Bills.

Here's my problem: The Dolphins are in playoff contention. They are aware they must come out breathing a combination of fire and sulfuric acid because, they should know, they are still in playoff contention despite the fact they stink at home.

So what happens?

The team comes out in a trance in the first quarter. They have no energy in the second quarter. And they fall behind 10-0.

Oh, wake up call!

So that's what it takes? You have to fall behind to the 3-10 Buffalo Bills to decide to start playing?


I assume the Dolphins are awake now. Brandon Marshall has five catches for 52 yards. Ronnie Brown has a TD run. Yeremiah Bell leads the team with four tackles and Bennie Sapp has an interception.

One hopes the team doesn't go back to sleep in the locker room at halftime.


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tony mcdaniel is playing very well. Of course, the buffalo OL stinks.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 19, 2010 at 02:55 PM

Does that count for pass rushing as well, cuz i must be watching another game, all i see is fitspatrick carving them up.


Any team can beat Miami if they score two touchdowns...

We're done.

Anyone know why Jones started ahead of Clemons?

Cowher's top 2 choices are the Giants and Dolphins. Eli Manning or Chad Henne?hmmmmmm. Wouldn't hold your breath Dol-fans. No amount of money can even that choice out.

If this drive ends in a Buffalo TD, the game is over.

Wow, we need a QB like that!

How bout that balance for Buffalo? Aaaahhh to have a good OC..

Oh my god. That just happened.

This game is over we will never be able to score

And now both Miami CBs are officially playing poorly today.

Yeah Mando fi the app. We're paying for this thing. Free works, but pay doesn't.

why are we so bad on third down on both sides?

Posted by: inimounts | December 19, 2010 at 02:55 PM

I don't know but I bet it's the same reason the Fins suck on first and second downs.

I confess, and I hate saying this..........I REALLY like Fitzie.

A HahVad Grad w/ balls....AND an arm.......nice combo

love it. this is the offcial end of sprano. cannot wait till end of season to see who new coach will be

Following today, nobody is going to have time to bash Henning because Henne and Sparano will be getting attacked full force.


Smith is having a horrible day 17-7 when are we going to put in Thigpen?

U can blame henning he does suck but without a qb we can't do anything

I think the Biffalo O Line is actually pretty good . . . certainly better than our swinging gate.

Turn out the lights, the party is over.

Who should Miami draft?

now it seems like an insurmountable lead. our offense is freaking terrible. its a must win game and we are playing like we already clenched a spot. it makes me sick.

Like i said, with a team playing for nothing against a team playing for everything....US being the team playing for NOTHING!!!!!

Is Ryan Fitzpatrick a free agent? He looks like a huge upgrade over Henne

These Fins are done - what a complete lack of effort all around!! Fire the fist pumper immediately!!

Fuchin pathetic.Our D sucks just as bad as our O

Remember we don't have a second round pick

Nelson looks like Mr. Clayton!!!!

The fact that Marshall does not is a testament to whom???

Remember Marshall was a beast in Denver no matter who was throwing him the ball!!!

Sean smith sucks.

we are about to be put out to pasture. by the bills. at home. what a surprise.
because check this: henne cannot fourth quarter comeback. he can only fourth quarter collapse. and ive loved him since a fresh at michigan. time to clear out all of our qbs.

this is awesome. this is what we had to had happen. we will get a new staff now which is huge.

Dolphins offense is the definition of pathetic

AJon--NYG but Coughlin ain't going no place, so.........

@Billcnnrs.....Why must we wait. December 19th or 20th seems like an auspicious time for a big announcement.

Fittzy can actually read a D and make adjustments unlike our terrible QB

Yeah mando fix the app we pay, everyone else uses it fo free!

with henning and henne running out O, I believe this game might be over...

lets get this over with and move on from this regime.

I think we're like 2-6 in games where we had to score 2 touchdowns or more to win it. Lol.

The Bills are possibly the league's worst road team, and they're a very bad team overall. And even they can come into Miami and get a win.


What is sad is Buffalo may have a better looking future than us...QB situation better, RB's better, WR's equal, OL better, coaching equal at least...

Steve Johnson + Ryan Fitzpatrick-why aren't they Dolphins?

This is officially the worst Miami offense I have ever seen. Where's Cleo Lemon when you need him?

If Im Steven Ross, I am on the phone tonite to see what it takes to get Cower. We will finish 8-8 this season and playing like this today we dont even belong in the playoffs.

Thus team has quit

This is a conspiracy started by partial owners Serena and Venus Williams, who are looking for a new career....

dave, and the other few. get over it man, there was never any shot at playoffs. a loss here helps this franchise way more than a meaningless win would of today. helps our draft and sprano is now done.

i would like to draft ryan mallet. he is young, but he is the right size, right arm, and arkansas will fall apart without him.

I say just play the Wildcat offense the rest of the game.

Hes back

Wish I had a time machine, so I could put Henne and Sean Smith on the Titanic or flight 93.


Hurry up offense!! Change it up!! BE UNPREDICTABLE!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Allen just got an INT

I didn't leave permanently. I just had to go vomit for a couple of minutes. I'm back now.

i mean, henne gets the ball first and 10 at the 50 and takes a sack on first down. how do you win with an idiot like that at quarterback?


Use Dan Marino as "backchannel diplomat" to sell Cowher on Ross & franchise.

NYG are going to win the NFC East. You don't fire the HC after that.

That moves Miami to Cowher's #1 spot!!!

and yes we already knew offense was awful. but the defense is a joke today to. bills throwing all over them, awful secondary. please bring me cowher or gruden

IMS write,

I have to totally disagree. the one thing all great teams and QB's have in common is a good O-line.

Even the great hall of fame P Manning has had serious struggles with his makeshift O-line.

I have read some if only we had M Ryan nonsense today.

Ryan would have been destroyed by the Henning prevent offense, Sparano instilling nothing but fear and injured by this inept O-line.

This Line has not been able to make a good pocket for three years.

Football is won and lost on the line of scrimmage.

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