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Bills lead Dolphins 10-7 going to third quarter

I have a problem and it isn't the score of this game right now, which is 10-7 in favor of the Bills.

Here's my problem: The Dolphins are in playoff contention. They are aware they must come out breathing a combination of fire and sulfuric acid because, they should know, they are still in playoff contention despite the fact they stink at home.

So what happens?

The team comes out in a trance in the first quarter. They have no energy in the second quarter. And they fall behind 10-0.

Oh, wake up call!

So that's what it takes? You have to fall behind to the 3-10 Buffalo Bills to decide to start playing?


I assume the Dolphins are awake now. Brandon Marshall has five catches for 52 yards. Ronnie Brown has a TD run. Yeremiah Bell leads the team with four tackles and Bennie Sapp has an interception.

One hopes the team doesn't go back to sleep in the locker room at halftime.


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why a fg?

And now Carpenter is beginning to suck ... we have got to rid this team of the sucky cancer that is Henne and Henning!

Carpy's sending Ross a message...........ALL OF US HAVE QUIT ON FIST PUMP.....so you should too.

Did you see that play? The d-lineman had his arms up WAY BEFORE Henne threw the pass. Henne never saw it and threw right in his arms. Here's some breaking news. Henne sucks.

Is there any hope?


nooooo. that was low peercentage bull.

come on carpenter.

Carpenter sick of offense so much, Basically says do it yourself, Im done helping you LOSE!!!!!

What Im seeing from Henne is so sickening I dont even wanna comment on it anymore!

pop, that was my follow-up point: the HC names the starting QB.

The Henne debacle is on Coach Bowling Shirt . . . and that coward Parcells, who left in the dead of night.

Can someone do me a favor and throw my tv out the window?


Hell, I'd settle for, dare I say it, Fiedler or Ferrote at this point.

Hilarious superphin!

Carpenter sucks ass's too

If I'm Ross and I can get cowher I would pay him whatever he wants and sign him tomorrow after today we will go 7-9

Time to cry..This is so sad

henne could easily have stepped up in the pocket there and bought a few more seconds. just another example of his lack of field awareness.

If this Coaching staff cant see that Henne is hurting us more then helping us. Then I don't want them back next year. This is an awful performance.

Introducing coach Cowher.

thats not on carpenter neither kick us. sparano loves fg so much when he kocked the sixty he got hooked. he shouldnt have to attempt those two kicks. but when youve completed ONE third down.

It's ridiculous to count on your kicker and punter to be your whole offense-now you have a kicker + QB with no confidence-and the Bills are on the 44

Mr.Ross, for the 22nd time this year on Armando's blogs, I beg you, please CLEAN HOUSE.

I have never seen a more inept offense


Yeah, the offense has sucked. But carpenter has gotta hit at least 1 of the 3 he's missed today. He missed 1 against the Browns too.

We should send in Gannon from the booth

Don't you HAVE to pull Henne at some point? I thought you had to EARN the right to play, no?

@ Tony Soprano is not my cousin --- Would you buy insurance from him if you lived in Ann Arbor? He'll have better luck in Reading, PA -- and that's not a given either!

Could get ugly here...

this is awesome, exactly what we needed. and listening to u guys being sick over it helps me know even more than ross will fire the staff. if we would of won 2 of last 3 he might have kept job. so let the boos rain down and dont anyone go to next game. lets get a real staff here now

Worst offense in Dolphin history?

How tall is Henne again?

thigpen please in 4th quarter....

An Oline is INSPIRED to block for someone who can make things happen, be it a Chris Johnson, or a Matt Ryan.
Dalla's supposedly bad O-Line has blocked admirably for their 2nd string QB the last 6 games.

Our guys have no confidence in Chad, and KNOW that neither Ronnie or Ricky will reward them with a 70 yard TD when they open a huge hole.

I agree a stout O-Line is the dealmaker, but how many horrible throws does Henne have to make before you see clearly here?

Geez this team STINKS!

The whole damn world can see Henne is strugling, except for Sparano. Plz bring in Thigpen...

Vontae out of position all day

carpenter is no longer covering sparano's sins. he is fully exposed.

The long field goals are idiotic. The risk is high and the odds aren't great. You give the other team great field position.

Miami is better off punting or even going for it when down 10 in the 3rd quarter than trying a 54 yard FG. I know Carpenter has made some, but he's 0-3 today now, and he hasn't been close on the long stuff.

That's just exceptionally poor decision making by the coaching staff. These guys are doing a terrible job today.

Davis has been ABUSED by Johnson today!!

Since game is over start warming up thigpen

3 missed FG's by Carpenter.Give him an extension immediately.


It's not even close watching all the other decent QBs play compared to Henne. He just doesn't have it. Done

Henne an insurance salesman? No way! You have to be able to think fast and think ahead to be successful in any kind of sales.

Right now I dont think Henne even thinks fast enough to do garbage pickups. LOL...........

this team is just all around awful.

Cowher can't beat New England. He will never win another SB.

Stevie Johnson playing like what Brandon Marshall should be.

Does Henne lead the league in shortish yards per attempt?

Guys we are getting shellacked by a 3-10 team, this is ridiculous

Maybe Miami can play the rest of their games in Minnesota.

montreal no worries now. this loss seals it for the staff. havent been this happy since week 2.

Fourth Quarter = Henn Time! He rulez in the final period!

the defense now seems only marginally interested.

You guys realize that most teams dont depend on their kicker to make 54 and 61 yard fg's right????? Wow get with it.

You have to at this point in the season, and ESPECIALLY watching this game, conclude: "Henne is NOT a starting NFL caliber Quarterback". Time to start over...never mind Fitzpatrick looks like Manning against us today...Hard to watch, and frankly hard to believe we've won 7 games.


Henne couldnt sell ice water in hell! LOL.........

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