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Bills lead Dolphins 10-7 going to third quarter

I have a problem and it isn't the score of this game right now, which is 10-7 in favor of the Bills.

Here's my problem: The Dolphins are in playoff contention. They are aware they must come out breathing a combination of fire and sulfuric acid because, they should know, they are still in playoff contention despite the fact they stink at home.

So what happens?

The team comes out in a trance in the first quarter. They have no energy in the second quarter. And they fall behind 10-0.

Oh, wake up call!

So that's what it takes? You have to fall behind to the 3-10 Buffalo Bills to decide to start playing?


I assume the Dolphins are awake now. Brandon Marshall has five catches for 52 yards. Ronnie Brown has a TD run. Yeremiah Bell leads the team with four tackles and Bennie Sapp has an interception.

One hopes the team doesn't go back to sleep in the locker room at halftime.


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I was pro-Henne for a long time. I'm done! D-O-N-E! No McNabb Please!

Vontae Davis can't even cover this Johnson guy. Who the f*** is this Johnson dude anyway? Sorry, but if you want to be considered an elite corner in the NFL, you're supposed to be able to cover a guy like Johnson. Sorry Vontae, but you're not elite yet bro...Far from it.

Go find Scott mitchell

Hey Armando, what are the odds that we could lure Harbaugh from Standford?

Cowher can't beat New England. He will never win another SB.

Posted by: grondz

Can he beat Buffalo at home? CAn he beat the Brown at home? Can he beat the Lions At home? If so i rather have that then this bs.

Henne seemed like he had the ability -- in my view, the man who deserves the most blame for this failed season is Dan Henning.

when are they going to pull henne and put tiggy in and maybe pull off a win?
henne is not going to win this for us.
he looks like a baby lost in the crowd at the mall.


mcnabb would be culpepper all over again. has to be a draft qb.

benie KOsar!!! where are you. We need you..Henne sucks...

Henne couldnt sell hotdogs at a mustard convention!

sparano never should have been hired in the first place. no credentials.


I would like to apologize for my earlier remark comparing Henne to a blind man... No blind man could be that inept...

Coming down from Penn to see them live next week. I am already preparing my "play Thigpen" banner.

By the way, maybe we should cover this Steve Johnson guy?

As was just said, the Bills scored 35 points on the Ravens...we are nowhere near that.
Folks who are still defending Henne, I also defended him, especially as Henning has devised a horrible offense based on terrible pass patterns, odd play calling, and general lack of imagination.

Is it possible to hate and like something as much as we do the Dolphins?

i swear henne is the worst qb weve had since i dont even know thats what crazy lol Hell even sage rosenfells is a better option at this point!! He is HORRIBLE!! I WANT AN AVERAGE QB or christmas!!

Chase agreed, absurd to think carp can continue to kick those long fg's. The 60 was a freak. Sparano is out of options!


Mark my words, Detroit will get their 1st road win in years at Miami next week...

This is all Bill "The Chicken of the Sea" Parcell's fault.

I haven't recorded any games on my DVR sine the 1st month_ I don't even think of doing it-Mr.Ross-make me care again after 15 years as a season ticket holder-fairly flat performance from Miami-flat on both sides of the ball-TVcommentators just said + i agree

is the miami special teams allowed to block a punt?

Henne running back out on the field ... something I did not want to see.

Henne come from behind in the 4th quarter?


I smell int!!!

why cant miami throw more than one deep ball every 4 or 5 games?


bess almost fumbles every punt. males me nervous.

I have been a dolphin fan for 37 years. This is absolutely the most poorly coached team I have ever seen. Every week the db's drop at least one int, the team comes out completely flat at home, with the playoffs on the line. There is no excuse for any of those things. This entire coaching staff must go in order for the team to progress.

Can anyone see the 4th qtr blog yet?

actually, bill bailed. he knew.

Chase: I think most of us are being facetious ... pretty much all of us know Carpenter is our best offensive weapon ... and DEFINITE keeper.

This app blows!!!! Can't go to 4th qtr bog. Armando fix it please!!

todd, thats definitely off..

the dolphins defense is ranked fourth in the nfl!

what you drinking?

The Henne experiment is over !!!!!!

The 4th quarter blog will be up with 5 mins left in the game.

carpenter is the sheet. keeper.

This app sucks!

Someone tell me....

if we let Ronnie Brown walk next year what kind on compensation would we receive?

Whoa happy feet Henne again

third down. yeah.

Why arent we sending Fasano down the seam on Adoyele?

we should lose the rest of our games fpr better draft pics which we'll mess up

Henne is the only QB with 20 completions for 100 yards...lol

progression? really? surprising.

This app sucks Mando, 9 minutes left and it's still not up. The MH sucks!

i love polite but he wont break open field. we need dofferent schemes

We are in FG range......awesome.

Worst timeout ever!!!!!!

perfect call time out!

App still not up

We must have the lowest football IQ in the NFL from the top down.

what was that? timeout...

i think i hate our coaches. except nolan. i didnt hate. but theres no other word.

App Mandi

Henne calls a time out?Did he get dropped on his head as an infant?

let ronnie brown walk? are we on crack?

Bad spot

Bad team

Can't trust Henne so wildcat.

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