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Bills lead Dolphins 17-7 to start of fourth quarter

The referee just said, "This is the end (long pause) of the third quarter."

He might as well have put a period after end.

That's how it feels here in Sun Lifeless Stadium. Down in every manner possible.

The Bills lead 17-7 and are driving again. Terrible.

Join me for the fun in the comments section. If the Dolphins cannot rally, this season is pretty much over.


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HENN TIME! He Pwns the 4th qtr.

At least I can't see this bowel movement in Michigan...


bench henne already

this is so huge for this franchise, now we can get a real coach next year !!! im pumped

let the cowher madness begin, WHY NOT US INDEED!!!!

Henne your mom called... don't come home for Christmas!!

If I'm Buffalo there is no other QB I'd rather see on the other side trying to mount a 4th Q comeback.

Coming down from Penn to see them live next week. I am already preparing my "play Thigpen" banner.

By the way, maybe we should cover this Steve Johnson guy?

Even Bills will take a shot now and then...Maybe Henne should watch

cowher, fine. just no gruden.


good to see u on board now superphin. everyone ripping me earlier in the year when i said the staff had to go

LOL love the sarcasm, "pretty much over"

Big Drive here if we want to keep season alive.

It's amazing that Miami is going to lose to Cleveland and Buffalo at home.

If they'd just managed to beat the bad teams they play in Miami, they would be a bona fide playoff contender right now.

get henne out of there

i am sure mario has filled cowher's head full of reasons to get rid of henne.

Santa- For Christmas I want Cohwer, and Carson Palmer if he can get his act together.

yeah you're down by 10 and you wanna start off the drive with a run, nice

Don't let Ronnie back in please

I'd put in Thigpen right now, no reason not to. The Bills have Henne's number right now- not that it's tough, but Henne just doesn't look like he can do it

Gannon is hammering this team and how bad they are playing. He is right - no matter how impartial you try to be, you just can't after watching this team. I cannot believe how correct he is - everything he is saying.

ks season ended weeks ago, a win here would kill us

Carson Palmer sucks worse than Henne

We are averaging less than 3 points a quarter

this team is listless.

7 is supposed to be a good number for a qb to wear. Only Henne could screw that up!

this is absurd. go hurry up, something, anything, to create a spark. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! does anyone doubt if they switched coaching staffs on monday and played next week, the Dolphins would win by 20pts? This Bills team is a bunch of cast offs and undrafted guysand Miami is getting owned. This falls directly on the coaching staff

Dolphins need to be in hurry up.

Henne couldn't sell lifesavers to the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.

How about Jim Harbaugh from Stanford?

d-defense, you're ripping the app, but we're seeing your comments. What's your complaint?

how is it amazing? we are awful, awful teams lose to the browns and bills. 1-6 at home, unreal. ross should fire them right after game but he will wait till after season

Can we give our #1 pick for vick in 2011-12, it already will suck balls as it is going to be high and probably uneventful.

ALl the well-intentioned fans are "on board" now, it seems, even those who've tried to defend what is now obviously the indefensible.

The Adolescent Ball Boy, Coach Fist Pump, and The Future must go now!

Mr Ross:
Pay Cowher w/ever he wants. get him now even if you fear the 2011 lockout...I'd rather have him on board too than prolong this insanity.

Someone from outside the NFL and I dont want Cowher!!!

stevemuhkween - why no Gruden???

Henne's footwork looking terrible dropping back.

Losing to the Bills & Browns I dont see were we are any better then them. Were just as bad

Again checking it down-that's all the commentators said all day

isn't this suppost to be a pro team?

why are some of u rooting for us to win this meaningless game?!??!?!?! think about it, it would kill us even more

Next Year's Headline:

Bill Cowher & Vince Young lead Dolphins to playoffs.

matriculate the ball down the field.

Wow we converted on a third down. Henne drops back too far and doesn't read the lanes well. Just not good field awareness

henne is way to slow in his reads. terrible

I'm not going to slam the D today, they've been playing lights out all year, once in awhile the Offense has to help them out.

All Henne does is check things down, check things down, all day long, soooo boring. Man is this team boring to watch.

Where was the all day?

No to vince young!!!!Injury prone ?????

AGAIN checking it down-Henne

In all seriousness..... Do we get rid of Sparano? He seems to be a pretty good motivator, and the players seem to want to run through a wall for him. However his lack of Xs and Os acumen should be able to be overcome with a good OC (see Mike Nolan).

Personally I would rather keep Sparano, Nolan, and replace the OC.... than start over with Cowher.

False start on Jake Long.

that is how you hit the check down

Are you crazy? i want no part of Vince Young, he is a head case!!!

Go ahead ... take your time ... no sense of urgency here.

Henne is Horribly Heinous.

If we let Ronnie Brown walk after this year what kind on draft compensation could we expect????

nice play Ricky!

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