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Bills lead Dolphins 17-7 to start of fourth quarter

The referee just said, "This is the end (long pause) of the third quarter."

He might as well have put a period after end.

That's how it feels here in Sun Lifeless Stadium. Down in every manner possible.

The Bills lead 17-7 and are driving again. Terrible.

Join me for the fun in the comments section. If the Dolphins cannot rally, this season is pretty much over.


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This is a nice ball control, clock-eating drive when Miami needs points quickly. They're erasing any margin for error for themselves.

way to waste a down with the wildcat from the 10yd line...dolphins played that drive like they are in the lead... let's hope we actually get a 4th qrter comeback from henne

is it just me, or does the stadium seem to fill up towards the end of the game? maybe they let people move down from the upper deck.

How bad is Henne, both times in the red zone we take him off of the field to run wildcat.

Henne sucks


Brandon Marshall-Good GOD almighty-keep hope alive-these are our children!

Can I bill the Fins for my Klonopin prescription?

Whose really happy that we scored in all honesty?????

When we where 1 -15 I thought we hit rock bottom.....then someone handed me a shovel/Bill Parcells

They always do the dumb thing. You would never see NE, Pitt, or Baltimore do stuff like this. It really doesn't take much in the NFL, you just need to be smart, I wish I got a chance to coach in this league. I know I wouldn't make such bone headed mistakes.

Here we go. Get a stop.

Where has that route been all season? LOL...........

Beautiful play design to get Marshall open. That is the play thigpen threw to Fasano a few weeks ago...

Release, I refuse to discuss what I am seeing because it makes me very sad. Wait until Miami takes a lead.

24-14. THEN 24-17. THEN 27-17. THEN WE LOSE. THE END.

Home gets no credit unless we win this game!Home promised us a win!

Maybe the D can cover and tackle this drive.

A rare 2-touchdown performace from the Dolphins this season. And they're still likely to lose at home to the 3-win Bills.

Maybe they can pick one off here, maybe someone on the defense can hold onto a ball? I guess I am just wishing out loud here.

This app just now came up for 4th quarter. Suxs

This app sucks!

This is Cam Wake time...

Too bad we have a liability named SEAN SMITH

oregon come on man be smarter than that

Ok now lets see if the Dfense can get it back.

The crowd is in it now-defense-intercept and score

austin ... it's just you.

saints just tied it. call stands

They will force some throws... Need a DB to make a play or Wake to do something.

No urgency on this team, a TD but, took alot of time, no room for error. No urgency, who coaches these guys??? Just don't get it


fire henne and henning

Regardless of the outcome, the chatter against both Henne and Sparano will be raised a notch or two from here on out. Ross must feel like Bush on 911 right now.

We could've had Spiller.

How do you miss a tackle like that?

Not getting a hand on the Haaaarvard Boy.

or Obama now.



I agree, Winning or losing against the lowly bills will not brighten henne or sparanos future here.

The only way Miami scores another TD is if Fitzpatrick hands off the ball to Cameron Wake.

Fred Jackson not big enough for the moment for the Bills.

sapp was burnt

Sapp was beaten like a drum.

catch the damn ball! we are 4 min 45 secs away from a new staff

our season is done, even if we win by a miracle and win the next two. We are going to get our ass handed to us in playoffs

Didnt I read an article earlier this week about Sean Smith saying he felt like he was playing "great"? He needs a drug test.

this is the season.

C'mon Bess!

4 min left in 4th qtr and my app finally refreshed!! This sucks!!

Once again we can't tackle.And why don't our linemen jump up and try to deflect a pass?

that was a very low percentage pass. No chance against Tampa two that Miami was playing.


ab if we won all 3 games we still wouldnt make playoffs. its fans in here rooting for a meaningless win that kills us

Our playoff hopes are pinned to a rock head named Henne....

Here we go ... pretenders or contenders?

grossman making mcnaab look real bad. having huge game


4th qtr blog up w/ 4 min left!!!! WTF?

Pretenders....just sayin

What a dissapointment Season:-(

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