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Bills lead Dolphins 17-7 to start of fourth quarter

The referee just said, "This is the end (long pause) of the third quarter."

He might as well have put a period after end.

That's how it feels here in Sun Lifeless Stadium. Down in every manner possible.

The Bills lead 17-7 and are driving again. Terrible.

Join me for the fun in the comments section. If the Dolphins cannot rally, this season is pretty much over.


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Here is Henne's last chance, let's see what he does...

Mando: He has been making ill advised throws all game, but his guys made a few plays on them.

Henne should run out of bounds and keep running and let Brown finish the game under center.

Henee will absolutely throw a pick here, as Armando would say the moment is to big for him.

Folks, we exited our playoff chances on Cleveland Sunday, that was the point of no return, despite what the mathematics say, we are just dying a slow death now.

@ bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com -- I would rather have a meaningless win than a meaningless loss any day.

agree superphin, what they dont realize is even if miami was good and went 3-0 they still wouldnt make playoffs

Jay-mo, clearly pretenders
Bill , staff will already be replaced, Ross cannot allow this bad performances at home where he makes his money, and i think he cant wait to rip this apart and put his own stamp on it.

Hennes chances have come and gone, makes no matter here!!!!

Fitzpatrick throws Many low percentage passes... Some work, some don't.. But hi staff don't have him freaked out to point were he won't try... That's y he's better right now--the staff!!

Mando, why did it take so long for the 4th quarter blog to come up? Not blaming you, just asking, it just came up!

Check down


I think we tie it up and win in OT

I've got something for this comatose offense- Epinephrine!!! When are they gonna realize this guy Henne is garbage, a bust of a draft pick? And when are they gonna admit this offensive line is a failed project? How pathetic can this team be?



By the way, John Jerry has gotten almost all the snap at RG today. No pat mcquistan.

Marshall is one tough dude.

bill_cnnrs - wtf wouldn't you want to root for your team? yeah the odds are poor even if they win out, but why are you bagging on people who are pulling for their team. stupid.

I can feel a pick 6.....

phin it wouldnt be a meaningless loss, it would force ross hand to clean house

Hella pass!!

I'm glad they're finally throwing to Marshall.

Lost the stream...do we have the ball now..??

u want this same 8-8 garbage next year or a chance at something much bigger

bill what kills us is bone head henne

Instead of trying to win,Miami will go all out to get in FG range.

Have we worn our aqua jerseys once this year? I don't think so?

blink whats stupid is rooting in a meaningless game that will hurt our future instead of a loss that could help it big time. thats stupid

We have decent players (except maybe Henne) need to get rid of Henning

Henne is also toast unless Ross thinks a new OC can build him back up.
I think hes just not a quick thinker and it looks like hes determines where he will throw the ball before every snap.
Plus now hes scared so its constant check-down.

Miami 1st

Why can't they do this more often? It shows they can do it. Why not more often?

Why didn't Henne play this good, in the first 3 quarters?

So, NOW Henne decides to play like Dan Marino.

We will tie it up and give them plenty of time


As much as I think Henne needs to go..... he makes a pretty passs every 1,053 throws!

G Men crushing the Phillies... .

aint buyin that

Maybe a hanging Chad won't be a controversy after this game


Wildcat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaasahhhhhhhh!!!!

hilarious. there u go, u guys want more of that next year?!??! well a win here will give u it

We are playing for the 46 yard fg?

Brown is done.

Got to get that hash mark

Henne gets going and that is how we stop him cold

That wildcat play suggested to me the Dolphins just want a FG.



The damn wildcat!!! Not the time for it!!!

Henning once again screws us, what team is he getting paid by?

that is the single worst play call i have seen since i have been watching the nfl/


Henne getting protection that's why!

Lost play Lost team, what more proof is needed!!!!

Yay! Wild CAT! YA"Y!

Playing for OT?

Wildcat and now 3rd and long..... how many times this season have we seen this crap???? This o-line....

Peyton Manning would suck under Henne!!! He finally heats up and a wildcat on 2 and 10

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