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Bills lead Dolphins 17-7 to start of fourth quarter

The referee just said, "This is the end (long pause) of the third quarter."

He might as well have put a period after end.

That's how it feels here in Sun Lifeless Stadium. Down in every manner possible.

The Bills lead 17-7 and are driving again. Terrible.

Join me for the fun in the comments section. If the Dolphins cannot rally, this season is pretty much over.


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damn it....wildcat again! lets play for three gentleman

Y wildcat?? Henne is finally playin well... Errrr henning is pissin me off

We need a TD, not settle for field goal. Why the WC now!!!! They were moving the ball.. keep going to Marshall until they stop him!

Mando. Seriously. This app
Blows. 4th qtr just updated. I want my money back. Lame...

I feel a pick comming. Hope I'm wrong

I still say this OC has killed this guys growth as a qb

Wilcat? really? henne is in a groove we playing to settle for a tie eh? You henne bashers can kiss my ass too. look no further than the morons coaching this team.

Thats on Henning, STUPID.

Mando you and everyone else

Henne and Thigpen = Laurel and Hardy

Marc...is OT...overtime? or other team?

this play calling is absurd

COWHER!!! please save us

they got to get rid of grampa simpson and his play calling!

Absolutely inexcusable to go with the wildcat there, team was on a roll, just killed all of their momentum. As usual, playing for a fg instead of a win, we are putrid!!!!!

i still can't believe that call. win the damn game!

A win means coaches keep jobs. Keep yer fingers crossed

Henning is making my stomach make really weird noises.

Playing for 3!!!
'Nuff said...please have a spine, Tony.

please miss this carp, i love ya but for the future of our franchise please miss

Who to blame here...HMMMMMM.....i'll go with strapono for still having no balls to pull HENNING and his play calling!!!!!


and, carpenter has had a bad day.

The Wildcat call on 2nd and 10 may have been the dumbest play call in NFL history. It was designed to get the team into easier field goal range at the expense of a down used with the intent to score a TD.

It failed to get the 5-6 yards they were hoping. And that leaves the coaches with choice between using 3rd down to try to set up a FG by gaining 5-6 yards or using 3rd down to try to move the chains and win the game.


Uh oh.. somebody get Sparano a valium

Fn Henning!! That's on him not Henne!!! Y the Wildcat???



seasons over

what a fustrating crap

I want to cry.

well, it serves the coaches right for going for the fg. now, the regime will be cleared out.

Play for the Tie..............too bad

Why are they playing "We Will Rock You" in the stadium????

Sparano, Henning and Ireland need to go!!!!!!! Play-calling cost us another game!

I am glad he missed it. Fire all those moron coaches. Nice wildcat call henning.

Wow.... I cannot believe this.....

I can't stop laughing!

They all deserve to be fired immediately- don't wait until the game is over

Im serious. Carpenter for team MVP.

safe throw behind the sticks...Henne is a scared kid and toast


That's all folks

Thank You carpenter!!!!And i really mean that!!!!!

dan henning should be fired. He's pathetic The wildcat call is one for the ages.

That's what you get for settling for a FG....

Thats why winners don't play for fg's

nice, thank you carp. new staff!!! they would still have a shot if henne didnt waste that timeout. im pumped for jan 3. whole staff will be fired that day

game over... wide right strikes again!

thats what u get when u don't play to win

that wildcat play is just inexcusable...sick


Typical of the season. Henne cold...henne hot. Dumb f@

Carpenter cant bail them out all the time. Offense was moving & then comes the Wildcat.
Coaching staff sucks. Not Carpenters fault

Carpenter is the man.I think he deserves a raise.


Now Sparano and Henning will blame Carpenter

That's It my friends. You live by the 3, you DIE by the 3.
I believe I hear the sound of "Taps" echoing, even to my ears here in TN.
Buhbye Tony and crew...

Worst call ever! Mando if you don't write a column on that you are nuts

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