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Brandon Marshall apologizes to defenders blames everyone on offensive side of the ball, including coaches

Brandon Marshall just delivered a statement of mea culpa about the terrible offensive play the Dolphins offense -- ranked 31st in the NFL in scoring coming into today -- delivered in this 17-14 loss to the Bills and, indeed, has delivered all season.

The statement at his presser before he took questions:

"First before I take any questions, I want to apologize to the defensive guys, especially the players. All year they played their hearts out, they played together, they played like a unit is supposed to play. I'm not sure if we're out of the playoffs but we need a miracle to get in.

"I say that to say this: Offensively all year, we didn't get the job done. We didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't get the job done. It's embarrassing. It's just a shame. You have a defense like that, you don't have to be great as an offense. You just have to be OK. And we haven't been that all year. And it's embarrassing. So I apologize to each guy on the other side of the ball.

"And myself I'm held accountable, too. I'm not pointing fingers to anyone on offense, it's all of us as a group, coaches, too. We just didn't get the job done today and it's been that way all season."

Notice that Marshall does not exclude anyone. Seriously, it is the coaching, the play-calling, the execution, the running game, the passing game, the quarterback, the offensive line, and sometimes the receivers.

He got it all. The Dolphins need a total revamp on offense.



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Dolfans... it's likely:

1. Brandon will ask for a trade next year.
2. Henne will still be around as well (nauseum).
3. Sparrano will be let go as will Henning, but to what avail? It's like throwing out the baby with the dirty bath water.

4. Yet, another season of mediocrity from a sorry team.

Oh mighty football god Shula, Marino, and 72' I apologize on behalf of the once proud franchise...

Well said carlito, good to see ya back.

Brandon Marshall is speaking the truth. I am glad he pointed the finger at the whole OFF from the coaches on down, including himself, so that way he doesn't sing the diva type song of I'm great and they all suck. For that much money he has to step his game up as well.

I will hand it to Marshall and all those that said he would work here in Miami. I was wrong about him. He did an excellent job of fitting in and staying out of the Police blotter which was of concern.

Im Proud of Brandon Marshall.

Good for Brandon, this is what a leader does - takes responsibility. Coaches are you listening!!!!

Enough with Henne. Lets just forget about him. Trade or pick in the draft another, more talented QB. And a back-up. But for crying out loud, don't bring Mcnabb, V. Young, or Alex Smith. They are all garbage. Get someone in management that has an eye for talent. We deserve it!

No seriously, if Sparano has to go (which I'm not exactly sold on) then Nolan or Cowher. Just, don't let Nolan go. Even if he's the highest paid DC in the history of the NFL. Do NOT let Nolan go. And just a heads up to all future posts...Carpenter is allowed a bad game...tut tut tut...I know it wasn't the most convenient time for one but he's been the ACE!!! I look forward to the draft.



Fist Pump & Ball Boy were an Inside Job!

thanksa bunch, Tuna

Oh and no to Gruden...come on now!!!

I'm glad to see Marshall has the guts to admit that the Offense is at the bottom of the league in scoring. Is easy to blame Henning, Henne,yada, yada. When you can not connect on the deep passing game on a regular basis, teams are just going to dare you to run on them and the Dolphins simply can not run. Henne is relying on Bess way too much, anybody watching the Dolphins games can see that Henne is more comfortable with his check down. Henne is stinking up the joint.

Fire AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the coaches and half the player's on the offensive side of the ball and start over NOW ROSS.

Aloco, I just meant the title, Dead Man Walking, not a great flick, but the title fits several folks on the fins right now. 'The Times They Are A Changin'.

Sparano is the HC, so he is ultimately responsible for all areas. This is the worst Miami offense I have ever seen, special teams too, the problem is in more than one place. I doubt he will last.


Parcells needs to give Ross's money back



You remember what Henne said about Tebow as 'not an NFL' caliber QB? I'd rather have Tebow than Henne!

Marshall is all class ands Henne could use some from the video I just watched....

The defense made me proud to be a Dolfan most of the year, but the offense makes me ashamed to be a fan! The owner sucks, the HC and OC sucks as it is ultimately their faults for this joke of a season. Keep relying on broken players and hope they will remain healthy...its working isn't it? We drafted defense heavy...that worked for a good defense, but the offense was shunned except for Marshall and broken OL. So who should be held responsible? Lets get more singers or actors to be part owners so they can spread the blame! I am sick and tired of this unprofessional ability to turn around our Dolphins. I've been a fan since their inception, but they sure are working on my last fan nerve. If there is a strike next year than I am done with the NFL PERIOD!!! It is time for an offensive change and maybe time for a new Head Coach. Atleast we have the draft to look forward to...like the Lions have had for many years!

Never in 50 years of watching NFL games have I watches a more disgraceful, pathetic, stupid, putrid two minute drill....Yes Henning HAS to go. Sparano HAS to go. Ireland HAS to go. And Henne's problem is not his physical ability. The guy is just NOT intelligent and you can not coach that......Henne HAS to go!!

Trade Henne and fire henning! Heads must roll Mr Ross...get it done, all of us fans a tired of this mediocre product that had been fielded for almost a decade now! Do it or else you will not be seeing ANY more of my money...and I'm sure I'm not the only one whom feels this way

The head coach needs to go. He's just not good enough, also Ronnie needs to go, he made too much money and hasn't produced. Dolphins are better off with Cobbs and Ricky Williams.

Miami should seriously hire Pittsburg old coach (Cowher).

The Tuna did nothing, I thought he was supppose to have fixed this mess. 5% improvement is not good enough, wasted money.

Draft a Qb or a running back with the first pick and a receiver with the 2nd pick and offensive lineman with #3 pick. Then go to defense with pick 4 and 5. Wait, we dont have a second round pick huh? Do we still have a first? Tuna screwed up the team more than I knew. Fat bill needs to retire for good.

Henne lacks the two important skills for an NFL QB...One- he isn't football smart, Two- he cannot and won't ever catch up to the speed of the NFL...with reads, pocket presence, and checkdown ability...trade him!

That was with out a doubt the Worst Game Planning I have ever seen for an Offense vs. the Team that was LAST in the NFL vs. The Run?????

Thought at the beginning of the year the Offence would be carry this team, but Mike Nolan took over a bunch of new players and came up with a Defense that could carry most teams, except when the Offense is this Horrible even a top Notch Defense cant help.... Ohhhh Well, There's always next year.....

I predict that Parcell's "coaching tree" limb in Miami will be trimmed by season's end.

Ross needs to act now. Fire Sparano now. Cowher and whoever else needs to know that there will be a vacancy in Miami. Don't risk losing out on a good coach. Henning will bail anyway so no need to fire him yet. Who cares the season is over. I blame the HC coach because he has last say on everything. The Oline is a joke. The depth on the team is a joke and the conservative, scared to lose mentality has no place in the NFL. It is 2010 not 1965. Sparano need to go and now!!

QB has to be...HAS to be our number one pick..it had to be. It sucks because we could have gone after a RB first in the draft but now we are stuck with no QB...again. I really just have no words for today's game...if you could call it a game

I say keep receivers Marshall and the short dude. The tight end needs to improve, but keep him for one more year. Trade Ronnie Brown for a higher spot in the draft or cut ties with him however you wish. Ronnie I believed got $45M for 6 years and he has done squat, he is a BUST.
Sporano is lost, bad play calling the past 2 years. He should be coaching college ball or Arena football.

For a winning team check out http://www.Alexastock.webs.com

Dan Henning HAS to go. Henne found his rhythm and gets the Dolphins to the 20 and we pull him for the Wildcat? Brown goes nowhere. Third and long and the pressure is on Henne again. Stupid. Henne needs to grip and rip and quit checking down. When he threw quickly he threw with success. When he slows it down he gets sacked. We have no running game and a weak line. Lots of work to do in the offseason. I say goodbye to Henning, our running backs, some OLinemen and maybe Henne, too.

Best post in weeks Armando.....

This is very simple : Start by firing Sparano. Miami has lost WAY too many of these type of games. The gameplan on offense was like they made it up this morning at IHOP. The entire offense needs an enema. Its a shame a good defense is being wasted on a TERRIBLE offense. And our home record is indicative of bad coaching. Sparano, Henning and Henne are not working. They need to be gone tomorrow AM.

You can have a great defense and very good receivers , but if you don't have the right Q.B. that can throw the ball, other than to the check down you're gonna be the Dolphins. We all have been blowing hot air for years but we need a good Q.B. ( and someone who knows how to pick one ). Henne is not a good Q.B.

Henne does'nt need competition he needs to be shown the door!!!


We couldnt even get a 7th rd pick for Henne right now. Teams would rather wait for us to cut him first. LOL..................

If you notice one weak area our D has is covering tighten so what does galley do oh he uses the tightend . Buffalo worst rush D in NFL so what does genius Henning come up with oh were gonna let our overly timid and time consuming check down qb pass the ball a lot . Why the f--- didn't we run more. Oh yeah when we ran to the edge we got pos yards so Henning calls mainly up the middle runs . Henning a dipshit and the game has past him by . Keep askn for cower yeah he will save day just like Johnson Satan and camoran were gonna. sparano stays Henning dnt wait till end of season just take Ur drunkn ass home now. We got two games left let thygpen show what he can do with an o line why not let David lee qb coach try oc anybody didn't sparano do a better job when he took reigns in buffalo last year.

DB...I agree 100 percent my friend..I'd rather have the dead last pick in the draft for Henne just to get him out of Miami...

Random Thoughts...

Jason Taylor was let go in the proper year. He played all year for the Jets but was never stellar. Misi and Wake and the DEF did fine without him.

Cameron Wake was a find and is a beast. He seems to understand leverage and outside contain a ton more than he did last year. Throw in his crazy relentless pass rush and he has clawed his way to a great place... the NFL mountain top.

Congrats to G Richie Incognito for controlling his anger. He has let that get the best of himself in years past. I had actually seen him walk away from a fight or two this year.

The Offense doesn't have many guys that scare you. They need speed at WR, TE and RB. How good would TE Hernandez of been in the 4th round instead of LB Eadds? Choose TE Jimmy Graham on your fantasy teams next year.

Clemmons did much better than the Gerbil did the year prior... that was a major concern before the season. Thanks for stepping up Chris. S Reshad Jones looks like he can be groomed as well.

Sean Smith better go to sleep in front of a juggs machine every night in the offseason. If he grabs half the INTS that hit his hands this year we for sure have 2 more wins and a different season. If not he better change the tattoo on his arm from saying "Greatness" to "Mediocrity".

I am not sure if they will lose Ronnie and Ricky but there is a decent chance both will be gone. Both are battle tested work horses and while may not be washed up will probably get ushered out like JT n Zack. If Sparano stays then he probably keeps one of them.

Sparano... I don't know what to make of the guy. The Jets game shows me guys will dig deep and play for him. I would give him another shot barring reeling in a huge Coach like Coach Chin.

Our OFF was mundane all year despite have a few talented players. Just like the DEF stunk the year before and they brought in DC Nolan, I think they will have to clip Henning as the OC.

Pennington and Thigpen will need new homes as well. Penne may dive straight into a QB coaching job either with the Fins or elsewhere. Henne will stay but will have to battle with someone... I don't care who... anther drafted QB, a guy like Palmer or McNabb or Vince Young but someone else has to provide the competition at that spot.

Whoever said WR Anquan Boldin wouldn't have been a good FA pick up was wrong as he had a solid season.

The Jets got over on the WR Santonio Holmes trade... a 5th round pick??? He singlehandedly won 2-3 games for them.

Imagine if the Fins had taken a chance on Mike Vick??



Trade Brown for a higher pick? I thought Jim Brown retired retired eons ago.

Hell we drafted Ronnie Brown 3rd oeverall and now we're lucky if someone is tupid enough to give us a 6th rd pick for him. Wow!

Henne and Ronnie together won't even bring a cupcake. We should have traded Ronnie when he was still worth something, gain, poor management.

For all those fans who are sick of the playing not to lose, conservative approach.

Just realize that is exactly what you will get with Cowher.

I'm waiting to here from Odin-The-Henne-Fan, and Home-we-will-win-big-today.

Why is everyone so high on Bill Cowher he was an average coach at best with one Superbowl win, and that if you remember the referees were more responsible for winning than he was. Henne is the problem, period. As long as we hold on to him we are going nowhere fast.

JB, good point sir, however as we say here in the States, RECORDS WERE MADE TO BE BROKEN.
BTW, to whomever said Cowher mentioned Houston, you can forget that as Fisher will be fired in TN and be immediately hired in Houston.
John Fox will be available, as will WANNSTACHE!!!! LOL for sure.

My money says Nolan will be promoted if Tony is gone, despite the fact that he had player/communication issues at SF....and a less than stellar overall record.

Best part of the game was the hot redhead in section 107 and the dude that got clocked in the mouth.

Well said Marshall. THANK YOU! If Henning has any integrity he would resign/retire immediatly and allow another Off. Coord. come in to start evaluating players. I think our problems on Offense are 70% Off. Coaching and 30% players! HENNING MUST GO NOW.

Henne and Ronnie together won't even bring a cupcake. We should have traded Ronnie when he was still worth something, gain, poor management.

Posted by: 0x80 | December 19, 2010 at 06:29 PM

Exactly! But even a cupcake is pushing it. Hell a candle for the cupcake is pushing it,

S hit asking for fire to light the candle is pushing it. Should I say more.........

However, could you imagine Rob Ryan as our new HC.
Of course, first thing he'd do is fire our only competent coach Nolan, who would then take Ryan's old position!!
Sheesh, am I depressed.
hey, has anyone mentioned (and I'm not sure of this) but Miami (the city) may be the first to replace both their their major university AND pro football coaches?
If the Heat hadn't figured things out, it could have been a Trifecta. (whoops, sorry for the reference to our formerly so called astute trio of mis-managers of the Fins)

Finally someone in the Dolphins organization shows some leadership. Marshall is a winner that cares

Armando...did Ross skip going down to miami's lockerroom again??

Meant to say IN THE SAME SEASON.

This is the first Dolphins game I have EVER fallen a sleep on....Something must change

I said it before and I'll say it again, Ronnie Brown nor Ricky Williams are the problem. It all starts at the O-Line and we have major problems there, still, despite having a head coach who is a long time O-line coach. Then the QB is extremely incompetent and the play calling is atrocious. All are a sure recipe for disaster. We'll see how smart of a business man Mr. Ross is, will he make good decisions or will he blow it? I now truly believe Sparano got the job not through actual qualifications but by being a good talker and of course mostly as an owed favor if you know what I mean.

Nolan for head coach NOW!!!


We couldnt even get a crack lighter for Henne and Ronnie both right now. I hear Nancy Reagan is now launching a "Just Say No" to the Miami offense campaign right now.

I said it last year, but Marshall's statement underscores the fact that Henning MUST go. If a total offensive revamp is in order, that requires getting a competent OC. We haven't had one in forever...not since Shula was head coach.

Please fire Sparano and Henning. Mr. Ross all you need to do is promote Nolan to head coach, you will save a ton of cash and the team will get to keep perhaps the best defensive mind in the biz while Nolan will get a second shot as a HC and I'm sure he has learned a thing or two from his previous experience w/the Niners where let's face it he was doomed by the dud the front office picked in the draft (Alex Smith). Henne is def not a starting QB in the NFL and that leaves few options, we should treat next year as a rebuilding effort. Bring a young (but not too young like the brat McCheater), creative offensive coordinator, who likes to throw the ball, listen Dolfans are in love with the passing game bc of Marino and will always be and let's face you need a powerful passing game nowadays. The biggest question is who do we bring at QB? If possible trade at any cost to bring Luck to town, after that I really dunno Malett has a rocket arm but apparently is not the brightest dude out there and Newton dunno about his character but then again in a town with the likes of LeBron, Wade, Marshall he may be a good fit, sometimes it is not bad to be the bad boys. Newton would actually be a nice fit. I'd still bring a vet QB to develop the guy and if Newton is the guy I'd bring McNabb, he will be the perfect mentor for Newton (example see Vick in Philly). Baby steps but Mr. Ross you need to act NOW! BTW another way to bring Luck would be to hire J Harbaugh asap, Luck could pull an Elway/Eli and the team who drafts him would have to trade with us. We must have a young franchise QB, no way around this sir.

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