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Brandon Marshall apologizes to defenders blames everyone on offensive side of the ball, including coaches

Brandon Marshall just delivered a statement of mea culpa about the terrible offensive play the Dolphins offense -- ranked 31st in the NFL in scoring coming into today -- delivered in this 17-14 loss to the Bills and, indeed, has delivered all season.

The statement at his presser before he took questions:

"First before I take any questions, I want to apologize to the defensive guys, especially the players. All year they played their hearts out, they played together, they played like a unit is supposed to play. I'm not sure if we're out of the playoffs but we need a miracle to get in.

"I say that to say this: Offensively all year, we didn't get the job done. We didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't get the job done. It's embarrassing. It's just a shame. You have a defense like that, you don't have to be great as an offense. You just have to be OK. And we haven't been that all year. And it's embarrassing. So I apologize to each guy on the other side of the ball.

"And myself I'm held accountable, too. I'm not pointing fingers to anyone on offense, it's all of us as a group, coaches, too. We just didn't get the job done today and it's been that way all season."

Notice that Marshall does not exclude anyone. Seriously, it is the coaching, the play-calling, the execution, the running game, the passing game, the quarterback, the offensive line, and sometimes the receivers.

He got it all. The Dolphins need a total revamp on offense.



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Chuck C,

Anyone who's name isnt Jake Long, Brandon Marshall, or Devon Bess on our offense can be replaced next season and that includes all coaches responsible on that side of the ball.

I just gained a great deal of respect for Brandon Marshall!!!! Well said! It's about time someone said it, TS should have been making corrections all along. Look at the Jets against Pitt, they have changed their offense around completely from the last two weeks. We stuck with the same stuff! No wonder everybody knows what we are going to do!

I dont understand people calling for Cohwer. 15 as HC and only 1 superbowl. Pittsburgh fans were calling for his head for years. We require to improve no just change.

I say give the trifecta kudos for establishing a core D for years to come, and hopefully Ross will find a way to keep Nolan around. Now the offense and ST are a total disaster and going backwards weekly. Sparano, a line coach couldn't produce an oline or an offense, so what more utility does he really have? We have 1/3 of a team, we now need a coach with a brain that can build the other 2/3 while we still have 1/3 moving in the right direction.

Brandon's right , I am sorry but the coaching really sucks bad , I like Tony but in the end it is up to him to call plays on either side of the ball he has the hammer but no BALLS APPARENTLY

Cowhers's biggest mistake in Pittsburgh was sticking with Cordell "slash" Stewart too long. Outside of that you guys taht are down on Cowher I invite you introduce anything more compelling against Cowher.

Go Ahead take your shot............I'm waiting..........


DB, what about Incognito and Polite? I say they've earned their pay.


Mike Tomlin acquired a SB ready team(thanks to Cowher). However, the Steelers were skid row upon Cowher's arrival.

DB, Cowher didn't even really win that SB, Seattle clearly had that game and the refs even came out and admitted this past year they made bad calls that turned the game. Cowher is very conservative....he loves to work the clock, he doesn't run an exciting team. I also don't think he is the brightest bulb in the patch. I'd rather see a Jeff Fisher or Harbaugh in here.


I stick by my guns. Anyone on offense not named Jake Long, Devon Bess and Brandon Marshall are all upgradable.

This was an off year for for Polite his name wasnt called regularly for devastating blocks as it has been in the past. As for Cognito being the 2nd best olineman on this unit isnt a major accomplishment and he has no pro bowl votes stating so.

Ho Ho Ho Both the Henns must go!!

Cower,Gruden,Dungy, Either of these guy's will be a improvement.........

JT with a safety...he still sucks...give me wake all day

this team has no chance. the patriots have so many picks and so much talent they will probably load up more picks this year while picking better talents with what picks they do keep.

miami has good weather, but a mediocre at best football team

Cowher has had the easy life for too long now, I don't see him grinding like before, he is too comfy in life now.

Herm Edwards?

The dolphins suk plain and simple. 6-1 away and 1-6 at home?! wtf is up with that?! it's been 10 years since the Dolphin's have been relevent just like the Cane's. please tell me it's not going to be another retread head or assistant coach going to promise playoffs within 2-3 years again.

DB, pro bowl shouldn't be the measure...if you are waiting for a team full of pro bowlers, you are going to wait. I'd rather have Cognito and Polite here than risking trying to replace them with someone better or even equal....sometimes you don't know what you got until its gone.

"you play to win the game...HELLO"


Totally forget Dungy, he's not coming out of retirement. Part of the reason he's retired is he feels that if he had been able to spend more time with his family his son would still be alive today.

Drug abuse killed his son.

You can't pin the loss on Henne. He played very well. 280 yards is nothing to spit at.

Running the WC when your qb is hot is dumb. In fact, instead of something like that, they should switch to a 2 minute offense, no huddle and go for it. Change it up and pick it up inside the 20.

8 for 8 and a Wildcat. Retarded play calling. The WC does not get a lot of td's. However a shot into the endzone has a lot more potential to score big.

This offense never seems to be in sync and when it is Henning calls a play to throw it out of sync. Did this guy ever play the game?

The Jets are going to beat Pitt at Pitt. The Jets are better than the Miami Dolphans, and so are the Buffalo Bills.


I think you're misunderstanding me. Im not saying Polite and Cognito aren't any good. I'm only saying anyone on our offense not named Jake Long, Brandon Marshall, and Devon Bess wouldnt hurt my feelings if they were replaced next season.

Do you feel me now?

Bill or Chucky.....make it happen Steve.

DB, I don't feel men, but I do understand you better. From that perspective, I'd be inclined to agree with you.

Dey, I'll take theRapist taking the ball down the field and once again prove what frauds the jets are.....

SparaNO must go!! Oh, and take Ireland, Henne, and Henning with you....

Oregon, for the LAST time, did you NOT see Pittsburgh allowing Ben to sling the ball, or the years with "Slash?"
Just because the Steelers for the most part) were hard nosed both offensively and defensively doesn't mean he coached conservatively. The fact was, had not pittsburgh traded away or cut several excellent players still close to their prime, he might have had an even better record.
Players will respect a guy who has gotten it done. Yes, the Steelers inexplicably lost some playoff games, but less inexplicably they had the Patriots and Colts in their prime to deal with.

Still, funny thing is, with Cowher's family living in NC, and the panthers about to fire Fox, seems odd Bill would mention NY (pretyy much in the playoffs) and NOT Carolina...hmmmmm.

On another front, as Miami is fairly close to Tampa bay, anyone think Dungy might come out of retirement?

Here's the Overall point that everybody keeps hitting on....THIS OFFENSE IS ONE OF THE WORST PRODUCERS IN THE HISTORY OF THIS ORGANIZATION, plain and simple, blame the oline, blame dead henning, strapono, ECT.....every single person on that side of the ball is guilty as charged at screwing up one assignment after another and it NEEDS to be fixed in the offseason regardless of who is HERE and who isnt!!!!, If nothing else but to have a consistancy of at least being an average offense and not just a piss poor one.

Herm Edwards....I want a team that plays to win the game

Cuban, sometimes reality sucks. The Jets are on a two year luck streak, but results count. They win games. We don't. We fold like souffles in a cold oven. I hoped Cleveland would be the low point, but we've sunk lower. Miami officially sucks anyway you slice it.


I would rather see a qb look bad numbers wise to the untrained eye and be very sound technically. Than have a qb that looked good numbers wise but was technically flat out bad.

The qb who's the most technically sound is the qb who wins his teams the most game.

Jets are about to get a Rapistburger special with 47 seconds left. LOL.............

Speaking of Herm Edwards, I wouldnt want him anywhere near this team. Edwards is only a legend in his own mind. LOL............

Herm Edwards....I want a team that plays to win the game

Posted by: kris | December 19, 2010 at 07:04 PM

LOL @ Kris, What's Herm up to nowadays???(Besides Coors light commercials??

Who believes someone will be fired next week?

Breed...He's starting to convice me....He plays to win the game

With 9 secs left Dan Henne would call wildcat! LOL............

one more play for the steelers

If Herm Edwards really played to win the game he wouldnt be an ex-HC right now! LOL..........

Dead Henning = HOF Coach (Historically Offensively Failed)as a Football OC.

jets win....darn

Damn! Jets avoided getting Rapelisbergered.

Herm Edwards is doing pop- Warner clinics in his hometown in Seaside ,CA! You guys are reaching now!

1-6 at home....who'd have thunk it.....but still 6-1 on the road...What the hell are we?

Heres hoping the wets take Henning off our hands like they did JT for the next 3-4 years..........PLEASE!!!!!!


A team that crumbles under pressure or a team that has a BETTING interest in seeing home losses become the norm here.....

Henning = Pete Rose of football, but bets against his own team at winning

Jason Taylor should thank Parcells.

He's going to the playoffs.

Sheet falls from the top down. Let's face it, Wayne H. was a great businessman, not a great nfl team owner. He just hired the next top name and gave them the keys to the playground. So thats what we have now, sand. Ross is now on the clock, no allegiance to anybody, what will he do? Is he a man of action? He will have to play his first hand once the season ends.

Back to the geriatric center where Henning will tell tales of turning guppies into whales!

BS swamy

JT should thank Dead Henning and this fish brand style of offense we have shown all year long for Going to the playoffs!!!

Deytreder, as a Nashvillian, i can tell you that Fisher is the most overrated coach in the NFL. He has 1 playoff victory in the last 8 years, and if it weren't for the fact he's a high mucky muck in NFL upper rules circles, he would have been gone years ago.
He has several times lost control of his teams.
idiotic to bring him to Miami. Talk about CONSERVATIVE??????
He is the most conservative HC in the league.
Gd, do some of you ever read anything NFL BESIDES the Dolphins?

I love my team Fins, but you HAVE to educate yourself to what's going on out there.
Anyone who thinks Cowher will come to Miami after turning down the Canes is smoking the pipe.
Matter of fact it's a smoke screen. If he goes ANYWHERE, it will be to Carolina.

if i hear bill cowher one more time!!!! He is the last person for the job folks.... do you want more bill parcells????? because thats exactly going to be what we get. Rob Ryan Rob Ryan. Give him anyhting he wants!!!!! make the call!!! Now!!!!

Was it just my tv or did henne/henning throw a 3 yard screen pass with 6 seconds left? I am sure any professional fb player/coach knows to at least throw it down in fg range and try for a PI call. WTF??!!


It was GRUDEN, not Cowher who turned down the UM job.

IMA writer, Bill Cowher turned down the Canes? WTF u talking about? Do YOU know what ur talking about?

Lions beat Tampa on the road, we will probably lose our remaining games....don't know how much that will help us in the draft, or with next years schedule.....

In that case superPHIN....I know who I got my money on next week.....but then there is that win one lose one crap we do...this team is an enigma

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