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Brandon Marshall apologizes to defenders blames everyone on offensive side of the ball, including coaches

Brandon Marshall just delivered a statement of mea culpa about the terrible offensive play the Dolphins offense -- ranked 31st in the NFL in scoring coming into today -- delivered in this 17-14 loss to the Bills and, indeed, has delivered all season.

The statement at his presser before he took questions:

"First before I take any questions, I want to apologize to the defensive guys, especially the players. All year they played their hearts out, they played together, they played like a unit is supposed to play. I'm not sure if we're out of the playoffs but we need a miracle to get in.

"I say that to say this: Offensively all year, we didn't get the job done. We didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't get the job done. It's embarrassing. It's just a shame. You have a defense like that, you don't have to be great as an offense. You just have to be OK. And we haven't been that all year. And it's embarrassing. So I apologize to each guy on the other side of the ball.

"And myself I'm held accountable, too. I'm not pointing fingers to anyone on offense, it's all of us as a group, coaches, too. We just didn't get the job done today and it's been that way all season."

Notice that Marshall does not exclude anyone. Seriously, it is the coaching, the play-calling, the execution, the running game, the passing game, the quarterback, the offensive line, and sometimes the receivers.

He got it all. The Dolphins need a total revamp on offense.



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I believe the Eagles will go to the SB and win their first SB.

They'll play against the Patriots or Jets.


henning is the reason we are here. not sure if sparano needs to go but henning should be fired tonight. why keep him?

If there is a next year redsky, thats still TBD!!!!Just sayin!!!

Jets DB's hold even more than do the Patsies, and the officials look the other way.
It must have hurt the NFL brass to allow their precious steelers to get the usual Jets non calls.
Well, it will all work out for the NFL, as both the jets and Steelers are in., Now watch Peyton get ALL the calls the next 2 weeks.
Not that he needs them
BTW, Rothlisburger clearly demonstrates what a REAL NFL QB is all about.
Mobile, and NO dump offs that last 2 minutes.
he goes 88 yards in sub zero weather, (and was robbed by a non call) we couldn't go 75 in Miami against the Bills.
There you have it.

If Sparano doesnt see Henning as a problem then maybe that's not the kind of HC we need either.

Mcnabb is out, NBC saying he might go to Miami, Minnesota, or San Fran. But it's like a 10 million dollar contract....I don't think mc nabb is the answer.

IMAWriter, I appreciate your local insight. I don't spend my whole life reading the football pages of every team. Nor do I have any control whatsoever who comes to play or coach here. I merely chime in for kicks.

note to steven ross clean house the week!!! make nolan the interim coach and start the offensive evaluation with the lions..start putting together next yrs team and im afaid we need to can about 50% to 70% of our starters keep bess marshall long wallace maybe hartline... dam folks i think the rest need replacing oh yea polite... wow im sooo depressed i going to go call the suicide hotline see yall next year!!!

Yep! If they play next year, I think they'll work it out superphin....

Whatever the case may be kris, GO with the under/over as far as the score goes, weather we win or not, i would never want to have a gun to my head and have to choose either way based on this year, Just pull the trigger already!!!

This game and the Cleveland game may well be the epitaph for a few of the offensive "leaders". It's not who will pay the price for this offense, it's when and how many.

Whoa, yikes...yes Gruden, not cowher.... I am so pissed the jets won, i can't think....(thanks for the correction...sorry for the attitude...
Even so, Cowher would need a great GM, and as Bill is a bit full of himself as was Parcells, i fear we'd get a weak GM, a yes man, or worse...Cowher would ask for BOTH gigs, a recipe for disaster, IMO.

Henning = Sparano Sparano = Henning

Cowher and Gruden are the answer to nothing.


It took Cowher FOURTEEN YEARS to win a title with a franchise that is the model of stability and consistency. And you people are going to try to convince me you'd have the patience for that??

Gruden? Yeah, he's great. Except for the part where he was a .500 coach with the Bucs who had a series of abysmal drafts and left that team in a shambles.

But we'll just pretend that's not really the case, right?

You want a change? How about a rising young guy like Leslie Frazier or some other assistant that is about to make a name for themselves?

THAT'S where you find the new blood, folks, not on the scrap heap.

Speaking of chiming in. Cowher runs a 3/4 defence Miami runs a 3/4 defence. Well that does it Cowher is the new head coach.

BobbyD12, yes i do know what i'm talking about (most of the time0...I had a brain fart, apologized, and would ask you curb the attitude, as i could have called you on about 5 of your posts.

Redsky...I don't think they have to pay him if he gets cut

Marshall's quote to lead this blog is right on the mark. Problem is it should have been said by the two people above him in the offensive hierarchy.

Red, I'am sure the NFL will assure Miami Plays The Top teams again just to keep them down....

I would say take a shot at McNabb if over the offseason we acquired blinding speed and quickness at the wr position and get a new OC. Other than that no matter who we brought in would only have marginal success over what Henne's had.

Primary thing I see with Henne is that he's technically horrible with his footwork when dropping back and seems to not even notice the blitzers coming at him when he lines up at the snap.

Like clockwork Henne seems to drift to the side the blitz is coming from. Unfockingbelieveble!!!

Once Parcells left there was no longer a trifecta.

What's left of the trifecta will be swept away soon.

If I'm Ross, I'm making sure Cowher or Gruden is signed, sealed, and delivered before the end of the season if his decision is to clean house. Because those are the only 2 worth getting rid of Sparano for IMO, and Gruden to me is still iffy. Fisher is ok, but his teams don't do jack in the playoffs. Fox had one Real good year with the Panthers, then was pretty much mediocre the rest of the time. I would like Jim Harbaugh too, but he's not a big enough celebrity for Ross's taste. Either way, Henning's termination should be announced at tomorrow's press conference, no excuses not to.

I think that's a fairly serious problem.

IMAwriter...I was thinking the same thing watching that game...wildcat or no wildcat we wern't getting close to the endzone....but then again we were probably playing for a FG

Cowher is very likely to be the Panthers coach next year, regardless. That's where his family ties are these days.

IF there's a change in Miami (and I'd actually bet against it) Ross will likely go for the "glitz" of a Gruden hire, which I think would be a freakin' disaster.

Someone make sure Armando doesn't stay alone tonight. Take the sharp objects away!!

Man, i was only kidding on mcnabb earlier but now that might be a very realistic possibility for miami next year......Dont know if that would be an upgrade really.

I cannot quiet figure out why people think Cowher sucks when he made to 2 superbowls without a Elite QB. That to me means he can win even when his teams lacks players. Dont try and tell me he had Big Ben because he was just a pup when he won.


What great coach isnt a little bit full of himself. Shula was one of the worst case offenders his 3oyrs here.

You dont think Belichek's full of himself?

Coaches like Shula and Belichek may not be full of themselves publically but they are full of themselves just the same. That seems to come with greatness.

Would you rather have an HC not sure of himself?

I'd talk to Leslie Frazier before the Vikings attempt to retain him long-term.

He's going to be SOMEBODY'S Head Coach, and I believe destined to be a good one.

He might listen with Miami poised (probably) to be a winner more quickly than the Vikes, who have really deteriorated and need a big makeover.

With the Dolphins, at least you inherit a defense ready to go.

Henning will be Ross's first pound of flesh.

For a short term qb, I'd try Kyle Orton over McNabb. He's shown he has more left in the tank and he's put up some nice numbers considering what he has to work with. He'll have to get released though or traded, which is a good probability with Tebow there and a new coach coming in.

Well if that's how the offense plays with the season on the line, against a division rival, at home I can't wait to see how they come out against Detroit next week. What's the current no blackout streak at?

If McNabb is Miami's starting QB next year then who do we take with out top 5 pick in the 2012 draft?

Signing him would be a mistake of COLOSSAL proportions. The man is DONE.

I'd rather see a reclamation project like Carson Palmer. At least there's be a CHANCE of that working out.

i've been calling for (predicting if you will) McNabb for weeks....ask 0x80.....I may just get my wish...I say we still keep Henne and see if he can learn from a VET like McNabb...maybe he comes back strong in a few years...he has all the physical tools....he just has to "get it" above the neck.....




Guys having Cowher will not change much he has the same philosophy. Ireland has done a pretty good job at making putting together a team that competes at least. I say revamp everyone on the offensive side every coach gone. However, if Sparano is fired I would much rather see Jim Harbaugh given a chance thatn Gruden or Cowher. We went down that road with JJ and it didn't work so well. We need a new OL, I say a new TE (trade Fasano for pick), a speedy WR (think Jacob Ford), new RB's although I say keep Ricky for a yr, and look at drafting another QB. Also check available FA QB's next year

Cowher's family ties in NC? Wife died in July, 2 of 3 daughters go to school in NJ

McNabb or Palmer....it doesn't really matter...both ar 2-3 year gaps to either train Heene or our next QB of the future

If the next coach is Gruden though, that'll be a disaster QB wise. The guy has never met a QB he doesn't fall in love with. He'll keep Henne, Sign McNabb, and draft 2 QB's anyway. Then he'll give them all a quarter a game. Yeah, on second thought I'm really, really, really, not liking the idea of Gruden without a strong GM that will basically ignore everything he says come draft and F/A time.

Dying...good point!
However, Cowher has had a long time off...I'm just not sure he wouldn't want as much player personnel control as he could get. actually, considering our overall horrible drafting in the past, that may not be so bad.

Deytreder...my apologies for the attitude.
I'm just so hung over with grief, and I ain't getting any younger! LOL
I was an original season ticket holder in '66 and as most here, live and die with our Fins, but Flipper threw the ball more consistently than does Chad H.
Sad also that the Patsies get ALL those draft picks, and may win the SB.

As someone who lives in Philly and has seen a LOT of McNabb over the years, the guy has been on a steady decline for a long time now.

He is NEVER again going to be the premier QB he once was and hasn't been that guy for a long time.

And I'd warn this, too: McNabb divides locker-rooms. For all the guys who like him he always had very frosty relations with plenty of teammates as well.

A fading, disruptice character is not who I want at the helm of the most important position on the field.

this loss helps us alot. we should now get a new staff after 1000 fans show up next week. cowher/ gruden anyone

This team needs leadership at the top. Not some guy like Sparano obsessed with being liked and being fair. Screw that. You need a not so benevolent dictator, border line madman. Thats what Steve Jobs is, someone with conviction that changes parts and even his own mind faster than the weather, with no exuses or explanations. Sparano is a bumbling fool wearing shoes 10 sizes too big for him.



we could also use a high pedigree type QB, cuz some ppl forget that with the patriots success and the belicheck dynasty all lies within a guy named tom brady, you couldnt convince me otherwise that Hoyer would be anything more than a sub par QB on a team like the pats and still be 11-2.

Is Fitzpatrick a free agent? I'd just as soon bring him in to compete with Henne next year as McNabb or Palmer. He's smart, very smart, is relatively young, seems to be progressing, and if available should be relatively cheap.

For Whatever it's worth, the article on PFT said that Cowher if hired would bring one of the 2 personnel guys from Pittsburgh with him. Steeler fans were pretty upset by this in the comments they left. So that would indicate Cowher won't be doing all the personnel moves himself.

Ive heard Jim Harbaugh, Rex's twin, Lezlie Frazier, and god knows what else. Ask yourselves this:

"What HC Candidate Pairs up Best Against Belichek?"

Come up with a sane response to this question and you arrive at a HC who gives us the best chance to win. LOL...............

DB, sounds like you are making a pitch to bring Nick Satan back!

Belichek won with Matt Cassell. Didnt win a championship but still won with Cassell none the less. He also cashed Cassell in for a 2nd rd draft pick. We're lucky to honestly get a 6th rd pick for Henne.

With the system the Pats have in place, the quick 'rebuild' they've already accomplished along with all those picks coming, the simple truth is that NOBODY is going to match up well barring something unforeseen happening to that team like a meteorite falling on Foxboro.

I hate to say it, but I honestly think the Dolphins and Jets will spend most of the next 3-5 years fighting to see who gets to finish 2nd.

This fiesta is over, see you boys in the draft.

To all you guys giving me a hard time about Henning all week:

Ha Ha! I told you so, ain't it funny?

He!! no it ain't funny. Hennings sucks and he destroys QB's. He's NEVER developed a QB in a 155 years of coaching!

Still can't say anything definitive about Henne, other he bounced back somewhat. 33 of 44, for 276 and a TD. I think the INT can be blamed on the right tackle as much as it can be blamed on anyone. Not bad, all things considered.

I say Henne can AT LEAST be a good backup QB for us. Just to get an accurate evaluation, I'd like to see him play in a real offense with a real offensive coordinator.

If current trends continue(sarcasm), these clowns will ruin Henne, Thigpen and any other young QB they can get their hands on.

Screwing up a decent drive with the wildcat was VINTAGE Henning(pun intended). What he did after that was probably worse and as usual, inexcusable!

We go to our "hurry up" with time running out. We have to get the ball down the field. We have to have a score. What does Henning do? The same thing he did in three other games under similar circumstances. The genius put our biggest slowest RB(the freaking Fullback)in our two minute offense to run 2-5 yard underneath routes!

So as bad as the 2nd and 10 wildcat call was, Henning topped himself and followed it up with something much worse! Unbelievable!

PS: I think Tony SpOrano owes Armando an apology.


it wont be henne, no way i think he would be willing to sit out for another 2 years as another vet comes in and continues to play in hopes of being the starter that i dont think he can be anymore.....Henne should ask for a cut or release after this year if i was him just in effort to see what the market would be like.....financially speaking from his standpoint which will be nothing much than what miami has paid him.

I bet Ross is consulting with Shula among others on who to bring in to run his team.

Agreed, I am a coach Sparano fan but Cowher would light a fire under our ass!! Ireland and Parcells should be held accountable as they put the "groceries on the table!!! I'm friggin tired of this sh*t!! How many years do we have to wait when we see team like the Pats come out of nowhere and win the big one? Even the cards have made it even thought they didn't win it but the made it and what about teams like the FRIGGIN JEST?!?!?!??!?! Come on man?!?!?!!??!?!

in the grand scheme of things its better we lost today. We'll get a better draft position. Henning has to go. I doubt we get a new HC. Not with the CBA the way it is. But next year is it for this bunch. Their contracts are all up. They better get this offense going somehow.


Dont take this the wrong way but:

Bring Nick Satan back, ARE YOU NUTS! LOL.......


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