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Brandon Marshall apologizes to defenders blames everyone on offensive side of the ball, including coaches

Brandon Marshall just delivered a statement of mea culpa about the terrible offensive play the Dolphins offense -- ranked 31st in the NFL in scoring coming into today -- delivered in this 17-14 loss to the Bills and, indeed, has delivered all season.

The statement at his presser before he took questions:

"First before I take any questions, I want to apologize to the defensive guys, especially the players. All year they played their hearts out, they played together, they played like a unit is supposed to play. I'm not sure if we're out of the playoffs but we need a miracle to get in.

"I say that to say this: Offensively all year, we didn't get the job done. We didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't get the job done. It's embarrassing. It's just a shame. You have a defense like that, you don't have to be great as an offense. You just have to be OK. And we haven't been that all year. And it's embarrassing. So I apologize to each guy on the other side of the ball.

"And myself I'm held accountable, too. I'm not pointing fingers to anyone on offense, it's all of us as a group, coaches, too. We just didn't get the job done today and it's been that way all season."

Notice that Marshall does not exclude anyone. Seriously, it is the coaching, the play-calling, the execution, the running game, the passing game, the quarterback, the offensive line, and sometimes the receivers.

He got it all. The Dolphins need a total revamp on offense.



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If Ross is consulting with anyone it should be with people who are CURRENTLY involved in the game. Young minds with fresh ideas who are tuned into the rising stars in the assistant ranks.

No offense to Dolphin legends like Shula or Marino or whoever but that is NOT who you consult when making a change for 2011 and beyond.

One play wraps up the Dolphins offense in a nut shell when looking at todays loss or many of them this season. Why in the Hell on 2 and 10 from the Buffalo 30 yd line is the stupid, cant gain a yard WILDCAT coming out. Henne was driving the offense down the firld and here again the brillant coaching staff takes the ball out of his hands so that ronnie brown can studder step for a yard. We keep putting Henne in third and forever when we do that, then rely on our kicker to make 48 +yard Fg's when they arnt so automatic.

Ive given this staff alot of the benifit of the doubt and they continue to make bone head moves and decisions that cost this team games week in and week out. I hope Steven Ross is taking notes and not happy with the Dolphins being door mats on their home field.

A silver lining from all this may be word that we are one of three teams Cowher wants to coach. Atleast i know he will protect our house far better than Sparano has. Totally unexceptible losing late season home games to CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO at home. Cowher for HC in 2011

Correct. Stephen Ross, fire everyone, save for Mike Nolan.

Part of the reason Nolan came to Miami is because he likes Sparano and wanted to work with him. He had other offers.

I'm not saying firing Sparano would be wrong (I'm not sure, to be honest) but don't automatically assume Nolan would stay if he goes. Nolan could easily latch on elsewhere if he wasn't a fan of making that change.

Darrin and Dying breed have it.
Dying, WHO could match up with Bellicheat and Brady?..Sean Payton, period. Coughlin did, once.
We ain't getting either of those guys.
Darrin,excellent observation, that we will be fighting for 2nd place, but who knows, maybe playoff match-ups might create a fluke Patsies loss...except, the way they're going to be stacked the next 5 years, unless Bellicheat retires, home field in the playoffs could conceivable be theirs for years. (Shudder)

darrin, per NFL rules nolan can only get hired as a head coach some where else unless he gets fired from the phins. He can't just leave and become a coordinator somewhere else.

darrin stevens,

You ever think maybe Nolan came here was to get a chance at being HC again? Ever consider he may have personally thought Sparano's in over his head and the HC spot was soon to open up?

To these things I say maybe. Just maybe. It's food for thought anyhow. LOL..........

good point Boulder....

DB...better point!!!


Just saying "best available" HC that gives us percievebly the best matchup against Belichek. Pittsburgh with Cowher was always a tough victory or loss for Belichek. LOL...........

We need to select the best available candidate to at least be a thorn in Belichek's side or see more of the same. I dont believe we could beat Belichek right now if he rested every starter week 17. LOL...................

i'll take gruden over cowher anyday!

The Henne fans aren't posting much of anything tonight. Oh it's the o-line. The WR's. The RB's. Fact is Henne sucks. I said before the season had even started this would be the year for the trifecta. Parcells left the ship before it sank like a real coward, just like Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban did. Ireland and Sparano were thrown to the wolves. Sparano is not a bad coach but fact of the matter is this team is underachieving. The play calling and the game planning are just awful. That's ON THE COACHES. We'll see what Ross does but one thing's for sure... It will be pretty hard to sell season tickets in 2011 after the way Miami played at home this year. Changes are inevitable I'm afraid.

DB---interesting theory, but I'm not buying.

Nolan's best shot at getting another crack as a HC would be with a winning team, not one flailing around in mediocrity like Miami is.

That isn't fair, by the way...but it's how it works.

As for him taking over those duties with Miami, I'd put the odds of it happening under a star-obsessed guy like Ross at virtually zero.

And let's also be clear on this much: We really don't know if Nolan is or isn't a good Head Coach. Very little track record and NFL history is absolutely littered with GREAT assistants who were duds in the top job.

I've thought the same thing DB, maybe Nolan is the guy to take over rather than a retread coach who has been on easy street in the announcer booth for a few years. Do Cowher or Gruden really have any fire left after SB victories and the Hollywood life?

Look, we've all heard it a million times, leadership starts at the top. Sparano is nothing more than a cheerleaders coach. Isn't it obvious he is one of the least intelligent HC's in the league. Give me a coach with brains first, then worry about where to move the chess pieces below.

Belichek has always schooled Gruden. Check it out for yourselves. Gruden still has Belichek cleat scars on his ass from those stumpings. LOL..............

DB, i thought the same thing concerning Nolan's (possible) motives. Whatever, he has done as great job...too bad he can't also catch the ball for our DB's, especially Smith.
I don't think we had an especially aggressive game plan defensively today, however.
Still, our D played good enough, a shame our O didn't.
Nolan may not be a very "sexy' hire if Tony is dismissed, but maybe it could be the correct one. I'm not one to know that.
However, Bellicheat didn't do such a bang-up job his first go'round with the Browns.
Maybe lightning CAN strike twice.
I'd not have a problem with a Nolan hire.

I didn't hear the press conference...did Mando "pop the question?"
(regarding Henning's disastrous Wildcat call)
Or other stuff?
I'll check for a Herald link to the Presser...hopefully recorded.

Marshall's an idiot. He is a prima dona. He should watch Devon Bess. After you make a catch, just flip the ball to the refs and go back to the huddle. He's always got to prance around or talk to the other team. If he's not the center of attention, he's not happy. He got the big contract and then stunk it up.

Belichek would school Nolan too. LOL........

Guys, the bench mark for nfl success is you have to be able win your division or at least give it one hell of a tussle if you lose it. Everyone has thier opinion but of the known candidates for a possible HC vacancy Cowher would be my best candidate.

Brandon was right on, and he has been good but not great either. The offensive coaching, however, is and has been consistently poor. We are supposedly a running time, RIGHT Dolfans? And, KA-POW, we are playing the bottom ranked defense against the run in the NFL. A defense that we succesfully ran on earlier in the year, but for whatever reason THE F+GENIUS (Henning) decided that we are going to fool them with the pass today. So the Dolphins settled for about 70 yards rushing, mostly because (while the game was in hand) they didn't try to establish a run?? I knew that we were in trouble in the first quarter when, on 3rd and 2, the F+GENIUS decided to throw the ball; never mind the first two succesful runs and the fact that Henne is struggling. The play failed, and the Dolphins season is officially over. Why don't we experiment with letting the offense call their own plays next week, just to see what happens? My guess is that Henning would be on a flight to his golden sunset in Key West or wherever on the Monday after this season ends...what a nice dream that would be!

We need to thank Tampa Bay for allowing the Detroit Lions to finally get a road victory.

The Lions will most likely get #2 next week.

What would it take to move up in the draft to the #1 overall pick to take Luck???

By the way, I'm not saying I'd be averse to Nolan taking over. Plenty to like about him and he's clearly a very sharp guy.

Just saying there's not enough to know for sure and some guys are just MUCH better assistants than when handed the reins. We can go all the way back to Arnsparger or as recently as Cameron for evidence of that.

But I do like him even if I don't think Ross would do it.

Hey Guys,

Kick around some good OC names I cant think of any.




This Dolphins team that has managed the most embarrassing single season of home performances in franchise history was rightly booed off the field Sunday. The reaction might have been even uglier but for that rule preventing fans from bringing weapons into the stadium.

I have a feeling that Nolan will be gone after only one season. This will hold our d back for years to come. I really dont think Mike Nolan would be up for HC. As far as the offense goes look forward to seeing a total revamp. I have a feeling that Polite will be either released or traded and he will be replaced with Lex Hilliard. Lets face it Hilliard could be a great FB especially with his blocking skills. I think Ronnie will be gone and Ricky will have a 1yr contract. The OL will be different with Carey moving away from the RT position. FA can help with some of the holes that we have but we need more draft picks. I say trade SS Bell and replace him with R. Jones. The key is we need a new OC that is young and not afraid to take chances down the field. I'm not sure how things are going to go but as a true fin fan I will continue to support and cheer for my team regardless of the record or the horrible mistakes they make.

Interesting that Marshall would take responsibility by saying that the offense has had a poor season. That's a lot more than you'll ever hear Dan Henning say. It's unacceptable that this offence is 31st in the league but I'm not the least best surprised that they ddin't get it done against the Bills. You've got one time giving it's all every week and another finding new ways to lose.

Brandon Marshall has most certainly not "stunk it up" this year.

He did a couple fo dumb things in ONE game. Big deal.

I saw him gutting it out today on a bad leg and playing one HELLUVA lot harder (and smarter) than many of his offensive teammates.

Hey Guys,

Kick around some good OC names I cant think of any.

Posted by: DyingBreed | December 19, 2010 at 08:31 PM


How about Kubiak if he gets canned in Houston?

With our D being decent we really need heads to roll on O and O coaching. Otherwise we will be stuck in a Detroit-like rut for many more years to come.
Also as for coaching...cowher would be fine..some of you say he only won this or that in x amount of years...well guess what...that's way way better than anything we (Miami) has done in the last 30 years or so...changes must be, and will be made!


Miami hasn't seen offensive coaching and play-calling this timid and afraid of itself since Dave Wannstedt, to whom the sound of a punt was sweet music.

bk....you have no idea what you are talking about...I'm so glad you don't have power to make any of those changes you said to happen...you said some real silly things man.

Except for henning leaving...that is a no brainer

You know, the next great coach is probably some obscure assistant...possibly even on a losing team but doing a great job with what he's been handed...and someone we wouldn't recognize if they walked in front of us with their name on a poster.

How do you find THAT guy? Who do you talk to?

It wouldn't be those coaches or players who have been out of the loop for years, I'm sure of that much.

I guess we have to listen to another week from all the Henne-haters and all the crap they come up with, right? The fact they he threw for 276 yards and drove them to the 30 yard line with over 2 mins to go, is not something we should talk about, right? Has them in position to at the very minimum tie the game, until the OC starting getting conservative again. Brilliant!!

So go ahead and rip him guys because there are SO many better options out there, right? The Donovan McNabb option looks great right now, no? I LOVED that suggestion!! They don't even want him in Washington any more. And there's some great options in Carolina, Arizona, Green Bay, San Fran, Tenn and Detroit right now....eat it up guys!!.....go ahead and blast away....it's the same note from you guys every week!!

One of the reasons you rarely see Hilliard on the field is because he's been an AWFUL blocker.

Where on Earth did this idea that he's a good blocker come from, anyway? I've seen it here before.

Fullback?? Please.



please bring in another coach...........this was a debacle another coaching blunder.its a shame the defence played its heart out most of the year.and the other side of the ball was deplorable.....again bring gruden or cower in to run the team


You're right....Tony Sparano is responsible for all the ineptitude in the last 30 years....good call on your part!!

Henne couldn't lead his pecker into a super model. If you can't see that, you are blind from masturbation.

i called it at the beginning of the year...

i said we would go 7-9 and all you homers said that was false

how do you feel now about tony morono and idiotland?

the dolphin media mafia is starting to turn on morono

will armando do the same or does he need radio interviews?


Morono is supposed to be a oline guy...the oline blows

Morono allows Henning to call the wildcat at the worst possible time

Cote is turning on Morono

Armando will never turn on Morono cause he needs radio interviews.



Hilliard is a good blocker.

As far as being a fullback, he ain't no Lusaka Polite.

Hilliard is a solid utility type back and very good on special teams. I think he's a good one to keep on the roster.

the master brady is playing real football w/ his midgets


Pats just scored a TD and Belicheks response was to pick his nose. Now that is the sign a great coach!


Not saying Hilliard doesn't have a role with the team but he's back-up material and ST's.

Seen him miss (as in COMPLETELY whiff) on more than a few blitzers in the past. Coaches are wary of that, for very good reason.

Can't say I can ever recall him being what I would call a good blocker, even if he has the size.

Let's cool off Dolfans. I say Sparano will be back. Assistant coaches will leave on offense. Mike Nolan will only go to Denver or San Diego should he get asked.

Henne will be gone as a starter, but I'd sign him as a backup.

What happens is you don't bring in McNabb. You draft as high as you can and get a QB. No Mallett. He's originally from Michigan and has knee issues.

Palmer is the best possibility. Don't hate your team!



dolphins need to go after bill cower right now and not let another team get the chance tony and all the offensive coaches need to go

I just hope that whatever s h i t t y team Sparano coaches next season brings in Chad Pennington to develop the qb.
Could you imagine the damage Chad p could do to Ryan Mallets game? It would be staggering.

Jon, I brought up Kyle Orton a few days ago, he may become available, and he and Marshall definitely have chemistry. Forget McNabb guys.....I have a bad feeling about him and see the comments about him by the Fin fan from Philly...

I think its time to just simply retire the team. Put this team in LA and give it a new name, let a dead dog lie in peace.

By the way, after watching Lydon Murtha the past two weeks I NEVER, EVER want to hear how bad Vernon Carey "sucks" again.

You could put Murth'a picture next to the word "suck" in the dictionary and have a perfectly accurate definition of the word.

Carey is no all-pro, don't get me wrong, but compared to this stiff he looks like Anthony Munoz.


My cousin Pepsodent Wilson be plain for Miami next year. He good.


Montreal, Canada sucks stick to your second rate league. You don't know squat.


In Hilliards defense he was a rookie last year and didn't get much playing time. One of the toughest transitions for running backs coming into the pro's is picking up the blitz.

Not arguing with you about the whiffs. Just saying that I think he has a lot of upside and will improve. I don't think he will ever be a feature back. I do see him as an excellent "give your starter a breather" type of bruiser. Get the defense winded chasing your feature back all over the field and just pound for a few plays with a big guy like Hilliard.

If we ever get another feature back, maybe we'll find out someday(sarcasm)-LOL!

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