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Brandon Marshall apologizes to defenders blames everyone on offensive side of the ball, including coaches

Brandon Marshall just delivered a statement of mea culpa about the terrible offensive play the Dolphins offense -- ranked 31st in the NFL in scoring coming into today -- delivered in this 17-14 loss to the Bills and, indeed, has delivered all season.

The statement at his presser before he took questions:

"First before I take any questions, I want to apologize to the defensive guys, especially the players. All year they played their hearts out, they played together, they played like a unit is supposed to play. I'm not sure if we're out of the playoffs but we need a miracle to get in.

"I say that to say this: Offensively all year, we didn't get the job done. We didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't make enough plays. Today we didn't get the job done. It's embarrassing. It's just a shame. You have a defense like that, you don't have to be great as an offense. You just have to be OK. And we haven't been that all year. And it's embarrassing. So I apologize to each guy on the other side of the ball.

"And myself I'm held accountable, too. I'm not pointing fingers to anyone on offense, it's all of us as a group, coaches, too. We just didn't get the job done today and it's been that way all season."

Notice that Marshall does not exclude anyone. Seriously, it is the coaching, the play-calling, the execution, the running game, the passing game, the quarterback, the offensive line, and sometimes the receivers.

He got it all. The Dolphins need a total revamp on offense.



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I have absolutely no problem with what Marshall said at all.

It was succinct, he did not deflect any blame (even though he's actually among the least to blame) and his criticism was spot on ACCURATE.

I also like how he toughed it out today on a bad hammy and a twisted ankle.

It's actually frightening to think how bad the offensive production would be without him.

Very few areas of that offense that are not a concern going into next year, but Brandon Marshall is NOT one of them.

The criticism of him this year has been silly for the most part and frankly FAR more juvenile than anything he's done.

Aloco, I think that's what Marshall was saying! LOL!

Just makes me sick to see the Patriots play sometimes. Thing is if you wanna see what "a real" nfl team looks like you have too watch them.

Pats can blow your ass out and win. Then just when you think you've got them beaten snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. God how I wished we were the Patriots here in Miami.

Darrin, way to go bro.

DyingB, I understand.

The team does not score points with Henne, that is the only stat I care about.

Posted by: Wily | December 19, 2010 at 10:43 PM

The team does not score points with HENNING,
that is the ONLY fact I care about.

43,987,182 Dumb a s s e s, 1 genius(Odin).

I'm all for Marshall giving kudos to the D, but he just arrived, to slam the entire offense its not his place. What is J. Long thinking? He's certainly held his position proud. And here Marshall drops in from the sky and insinuates nobody is towing the line. Not his place, not like he has been on the team 10 years. He should have directed it at the coaching staff, let the other players speak for themselves.

you idiots.....NO BILL COlWER you will be pissed, he won a superbowl by default because her rode the "BUS" without him he was OK, Steelers fans didint even like him until they finally won it...its the OFFENSIVE COORIDANTOR get rid of him and get somebody who is ready....Tony is good at what he does let him do it...mike nolan is good at what he does let him do it find somebody good at OC and put them in the job HENNING IS TOO OLD, as far as HENNE you guys are a bunch of FAIRWEATHER fans...he is not the problem the plays that are called are the problem, fix the damn OC and watch what this same team will do!!!

Playing for pride is an absolute joke and if even one player says that this week, he should be cut on the spot, their not playing for pride after today, their playing for roster spots and jobs next two games, strapono hasnt shown the BALLS all year long to bench Dead Henning from playcalling duties so i cant imagine why his job security would make him that more desperate to try anything else in the next two games, Sorry strapono, you seem like a descent person and all and i think your a step up from Cammoron but what you have in great Motivation, you definately lack in leadership and aggressiveness. If he does get fired i dont see him ever having another head coaching gig again, more likely dallas will bring him back as O-line coordinator. Something tells me he much prefers it if he's not the one calling the shots anymore.

LOL @ "Sparano is just as good as Gruden or Cowher" comment. How many playoff wins does Sparano have? What is his career record? On what basis does he compare favorably to Cowher and Gruden?

He doesn't even compare favorably to Rex Ryan. Ryan won a couple of playoff games last year and will have them in again this year. Who knows how far they will go but it's a certainty that it will be farther than Sparano and Ireland's crew.

At one point last year the Jets and Phins were both mirror images on offense and defense rankings and since then one team has taken major steps forward in success and the other one backwards. Maybe they should hire Rex's twin brother!

In 15 years Cowher won a superbowl.A questionable win at best.
Didnt Gruden get fired from Tampa bay with 5 wins.

Wade Phillips is available. He can whip this team into shape.



If I was coach I would Trade up for Luck or Locker.Locker might be there at 15.I would ask Ronnie to take a pay cut with incentives.Keep Ricky one more year. Hire billick or daniels as OC.For the remainder of this year give thigpen another shot to see if he is a number two guy. Henne makes a great back up

Guys after the last consecutive series of failed regimes that have come thru here for over the last decade or more. I no longer have 100% faith any regime ever comes in and fully turns this franchise around.

Its like we've been cursed for some unannounced sin and have been sentenced to be indefinitely doomed. Our once proud winning tradition has been reduced to mere shell of a ghost.

To tell you guys the truth I dont have full confidence anyone turns this around unless the guy specializes in breaking curses first.

"That's the coach's decision," Henne said. "They make the call and if they feel they can run something with the Wildcat and make some positive yards, we'll do that."

"We were trying to score and that was a good play for us," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said of the Wildcat call.

Read those qoutes boys and girls........and somebody please F#CK%NG tell me that those two men sound like the future for this team to be successful..................REALLY!!!!!!!!!

Deytreder, the guys that are doing their job know who they are...they are men and can take it! We are not talking about coaching a little league team where you could negatively impact a child playing football....besides in your last sentence you said, let each player speak for themselves. That's what Marshall did, he spoke for himself, his opinion.....if the other MEN in that locker room have issues with it, I'm sure they'll make it a point to tell him.

Im beginning to believe if we swapped both teams and all coaches with New England. The team and coaches we send there will all of a sudden look SB bound.

While even with Belichek and Brady all of a sudden upon coming to Miami will look, well sort of like we look now. We are now the Boston Redsox of pro football. Just hope it doesnt take us 80yrs to break the curse too.

DB, it isn't a curse. It's what you get when the owner is totally disengaged...like Wayne H. For him it was nothing more than a business deal. Ok, give the keys to the 'best' coach on the market. It doesn't work. You need an owner somewhat dialed in to whats going on and help steer the ship. Maybe Ross will be like that, we'll know soon enough.


We need. A proven coach and creative OC that can maximize the players talents, and TS is not that type of coach. TS first year was a couple of things it was the strength of schedule and a QB that didn't turn the ball over and very actuate passer!


No the division isnt becoming tougher and tougher, The miami dolphins are becoming weaker and weaker against the competition....pretty soon we'll be right up there in regards to every team in the NFC west---mediocre to perfectly dismal!!!!


Guys something strange is happening here in Miami. We see the same st's gaffs, same Henne mistakes, same Henning dumb play calls, same dropped picks, same ballerina dancing by Ronnie Brown, strange injuries, strange, free agent signings, strange trades, etc..etc.....

Everything's been far to strange for the last over 10 seasons now to just be mere coincidence. Some powerful warlock has placed a very powerful hex over this franchise. LOL.............

Josh mcdainels offense cord

DyingB it is a curse....and Deytreder mentioned the culprit a couple of times today, Wayne H. It started when he forced Shula and Marino out prematurely!

Well Redsky, I just don't see it exactly in the same light as you, thats all. For example, for Marshall to slam the entire offense, he is slamming Long who doesn't deserved to be slammed. Marshall should speak for himself, not act like he is on the mountain top deciding who merits praise or not. Basically, you can't call out ALL of your teammates if ALL of them don't deserve it. I do see your side of it, but I see 50 million bucks swelling in the guys head. I'm glad he praised the D, and would have been fine with him ripping the coaching staff, but you don't air your dirty trash and rip your teammates in public, you deal with it within...its called class.

Deytreder, I understand and appreciate your point of view, thanks.

Yes DB, and the warlocks name is Dead Henning, Strapono, and Mr inconsistant(Henne)

For once all year i would like the team to watch nothing but tapes on the pats,the falcons, the ravens, and the eagles all week long.....so they can at least sniff whats its like to have attainable championship goals!!!!

Forget that...put any competent OC on our team and Henne will still fail! Whoever thinks and said below that Henne isn't the problem is just retarded...yes we need a new OC real bad..and we also need a QB. I cannot go through another year of Waterhead Henne goofing plays up and throwing INT's. Henne is what he is...a second stringer that can come in and possibly win a game if your starting QB is out for a week..but then again Henne could very well loose that game too. He doesn't have the speed down and that is just "in" a QB...that isn't coached or learned..you either have it or you dont. Flynn lost tonight but I'm telling you he can handle the speed if the game..it was clearly obvious tonight.

Guys we need to find out who this powerful warlock is that cursed this franchise and drive a wooden spike straight to his heart. that's the only way we break this curse. Either that or wait until he dies, which could mean at least another 20-30yr if not more of mediocre football! LOL.............

"I'm deeply disappointed in Chad Henne", Bill Parcels, September 2010


Henne isnt the guy for *US*....if a guy can look the media straight in the face and support the fact that when he was pulled late in the game, and he had no problems with it, then that tells you more of the character of henne and more telling on what this guy CANNOT do for us to be successful...It seems to me Henne is just Happy to be a starting QB rather than to try and make the most of the opportunity....just by the emotions or lack of after these games.

Hennes lay eggs, can you rightfully expect anything else?

All of you that are hung up on what Marshall said are blowing it way out of proportion...all those guys feel the same way, BM is emotional just like the other Miami guys. The O played like crap...if it looks like crap, smells like crap..it's probably crap. Long isn't mad at BM, com'on man get real. Marshall stated the facts thats all..move on to something more important like "what arena going to do to not make these same mistakes in '11? Who should we look at For a QB? What to do about a RB? OC? Coach possibly? Get real, we suck, and we need to be extremely proactive in fixing this mess that still reeks of bad Tuna!


for the last couple games Ive been placing specific focus on Henne. His footwork dropping bac is absolutely atrocious. He doesnt really get his feet gathered underneath him correctly when he throws it.

Sure he completes some of those throws but his entire mechanics are not totally sound. At times he also drops back too slow. I havent even began to talk about it seems he never looks at the line of scrimmage to see where the blitz will be coming from.

I know this for a fact because he seems to often walk right into a blitz as if he never knew they overloaded to that side before the snap of the ball.

Sure Henning's a problem but so is Henne too. His game awareness and mechanics are horribl even for a 3rd yr qb in his 2nd starting season. We've seen absolutely no progress in Henne from game 1 to now. That's not either growing nor progressing.

If not regressing it definitely isnt progressing.

Well, anyhows, heres hoping to a happy holiday to all of us die hards that still have yet to see a true form of an offense all season long, Frustration has mounted, heads are rolling and the egg nog is nuasiating...so with that MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, another dissapointing year, but what else is new.....PHIN OUT****

cowkila..unfortunately 'we' don't get to decide jack...we are just monkeys here stroking it hoping somebody with a clue gets selected to join our team.

Is it august 2011 yet?

i really feel sorry for ALL you season ticket holders this year. I have had season tix for many many years and could not get them the last 2 years. I could not imagine going to SO Many HOME Losses. I would be out of my head, its a disgrace to the home fans. You got to protect your castle and your loyal fans. Every home game but one you drive home empty and sad and wondering "how can this be". Parcells has really hurt miami, all this time and all we are is a at best 500 team.Hope something good goes right in the off season.GO MIAMI DOLPHINS!

I'm not sold on retread head coaches to take this team, what I would like to see is Jim Harbaugh coming in as our next head coach, not John I love everybody Gruden or Bill Burnout-Cowher.

The only former NFL head coach I would consider would be Brian Billick. He's smarter than Gruden and Cowher put together.

Totally agree with Cowkilla, Parcells has taken this organization for a ride. He left it a total mess. 6 and 1 on the road and 1 win at home? Are you serious? What is wrong with this picture? We have one of the best road records in the NFL, and we loose games at home we should have won. No home field advantage at all. I am at a loss to explain that. Anyone????

fan...no we shouldn't have won them because we didn't, because we suck. the team sucks, that is the simple, truthful explanation.


Even if Henne's mechanic and game awareness was nearly flawless and he still wasnt very successful I could handle that. Because we know with sound mechanics and awareness the wins will soon come.

But when a qb's mechanics and game awareness isnt sound you'll always see consistent inconsistencies that we now see with Henne. He will always seem to go hot and cold stretches with longer stretches of cold.

Dying Breed,

Maybe I should be the next "New Head Coach"

Yeah, well, you see I'm expert at, ah, you know those cure issues and things like that you know.

First, I get a count, I mean see I track the curse and what have you, ah, with stats. And how it affects things at the end of the day you know. I take a good long look and see how to iron the thing out.

When it's all said and done, I'll get that curse broken and what have you, straightened out you see and fixed and all.......ah.......yeah.

Yes, ticket holders should burn away all remaining stubs and Mr. Ross should cancel 2011 home package tickets for $$399.00 for nosebleed sections. Boy Scouts then should be allowed to give tickets away to charity so they can trade tickets for hot meals.

Today was the day both Henne and Sparano sealed their fate with this organization. There is no turning back now, no chance for redemption against the lowly Lions that we may not beat or a relaxing NW game 16.


Youre absolutely right! At least 5 of our wins were more of a battle to see which offense wanted to lose the game most than we just flat out won those games.

Ironically, 5 of our loses were pretty much the exact same deal.


When you find out who that warlock who placed the curse on thie franchise is. Get his address, post it here, and we'll all meet you there to kill his voodoo ass! LOL........

Sparano has declared today "Buffaloed By a Wagon" day, tickets for next weeks home finale will now be free to the homeless as long as they support sparano for 2011.

Read those qoutes boys and girls........and somebody please F#CK%NG tell me that those two men sound like the future for this team to be successful..................REALLY!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | December 19, 2010 at 11:23 PM

I know your frustrated, we all are. Come on now though, seriously. Regardless of how they really feel, they're not going to come out in the press and say: Yeah, that retard senile f-ck of a offensive coordinator! That dumb son of a ...................

Get a grip bro, deep breaths.........Deep breaths................


The Lions beat Tampa Bay today. Offensively I believe the Bucs are a much better offensive team than us.

I dont see us beating the Lions and I dont see us beating Belichek even though he will now rest the starters after tonights victory.

Dying....my infinite wisdom is telling me that Sparano is going down to the league office tomorrow to formally forfeit the last two games.

I have not watched Sports Center since we lost to the Bills today and wont watch it again until maybe Tuesday.

I absolutely dont want to see nor hear Chris Berman with that bs, "And nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills". Just can bring myself to do it! LOL...............

So Henning works the last two games and then 'gracefully' retires....



If Sparano phoned the league and say we were formally forfeiting our remaining 2 games I wouldnt be upset at all.

Hell, if I were Mr. Ross I would fire all of the coaches except for Nolan and make that same phone call to the league myself! Then of course refund all of the fans thier money. LOL.........

DB, I just have that feeling of sickness, our team is not doing well again..too many years of this. Hopefully we will all get what we want for Christmas...some new players-coaches that can take our believed team to the next level...just please pay Nolan extra money to stay around and keep our D working...

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