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Brandon Marshall: 'It's too calm' around the Dolphins

Brandon Marshall hasn't been on the field since the Chicago game two weeks ago. He hasn't been in the end zone but once this season.

The guy's obviously bored. (I know the feeling, by the way as I cover team mediocre.)

Anyway, Marshall today said his hamstring that has kept him out of the line is "feeling fine" so that suggests he'll be playing Sunday against Cleveland. What he does with that opportunity is unclear because Marshall wants to make it unpredictable.

"I've been thinking of other ways where I can push the envelope without getting penalties or getting fined," Marshall said while talking about the taunting penalty he got for playfully tossing a caught ball at former Denver teammate Jay Cutler two weeks ago. "I got to get creative. I've been too boring this year.

"Of course, I got only one touchdown, but If I get in the end zone, I need to do some celebration or something. Do something. Any ideas, let me know. Just give me something. Something! I don't know, say something. Spark some controversy. It's too calm."

OK, you heard the man. He wants suggestions of what he should do to stir things up a bit. Get to it, people!

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Have him balance the ball on his nose after his next TD!
It would be orginal

There has got to be a conspiracy theory here somewhere ...let me check it out!

OK, that was kind of retarded too

We will see if Marshall is looking to celebrate when they round him up under martial law and put him in a FEMA camp

Did U know there is a Red Zone at the FEMA camp

It is an area close to the forced boarding area of the trains

check it out yourself
you tube FEMA camps footage


Well, if there was a RED Zone in FEMA camp, MARSHALL likely would have a hard time reaching it

After Marshall scores a TD against New England in their house he should point at Illuminati members Goodell & Kraft and say,
"I Will Not Be A Slave of the New World Order"

"I Play For ME"
"I Play For ME"

kinda like in Rocky when he was fighting the Russian Ivan Drago and Drago points to the communist leaders and says, "I Fight For ME"

We have to expose these Elite New World Order members before it is too late

Are the Hurricoones still playing?

How about earning your paycheque. That would be a good place to start.

Flash his Aqua Man underoos to the crowd.

here is one ... score and hand teh ball to the ref... u will have a lot more fans respect
be classy and productive for a change

Yeah B-Marsh,

How about just getting into the endzone with the ball clutched firmly in your mitts period. That in itself would be one helluvah celebration for Dolfans. We've only see that performed only once this season prior to whenever it occurs again!

Yeah it wouldnt be so boring if you just scored period. See this happened would be a spectular and little witnessed by Dolfans all of its own.

P.S. Mr. Marshall:

The object of scoring td's is not to plan your celebrations. It's about winning the damn game. Celebrations mean zilch when your down by 4td's with a minute left in the game.

When Marshall scores, I would like to see him release a white dove and then drop to his knees and praise LYSOL-brand cleansers as effective in removing 99% of bacteria. I would then like for him to remove his pants and urinate against the goalpost while singing the Cher song "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves."

We know Brandon Marshall's considered one of the game's top 5 wr's. But is anyone else besides me beginning to become "bored of his childish antics?"

you're not alone there, DB

I notice in the off season, the blog descends into silly adolescent fodder. Then as the season begins, the blog gets more serious, more focused. If we are winning, the blog gets better. If we are losing, the blog gets filled with blame, hatefulness and name calling. If we are out of the playoffs, which will be mathematically confirmed shortly, the blog will drift back down to adolescent fodder mode until September. Going to be a long year waiting for another 8-8 season. They'll make so many changes on offense...well they'll be new...and need time to gel, and that will explain the 0-3 start, then we will wait for next year, and then it starts all over.

2011 Offseason:


That way we get back the 2nd rd pick we now do not have because of him and gain an extra 3rd pick for him. Because of his "sideshow" act thats just beginning to hit full stride. I dont see the advantages of keeping him around for the longterm future.

Marshall now seems to be a major explosion readying itself to blow up before our very eyes. The collateral damage could be catastrophic in terms of how it may relate to team chemistry. Maybe Josh McDaniels wasnt a fool after all.

After scoring Marshall should reach down his football pants and pull out a 2foot rubber dick that says, "The New World Order Sucks!"

You want controversy, Score and then say"I Want to thank Satan,My Lord and Savior, With out him I'am nothing.....", That'll get you on every channel....

hey finfan,i'm eating a quarter pounder and fries watching fox news right now. why don't i see any of this fema stuff you are talking about? or was it on cnn?

marshall has been wide open in the ez every game he's played but henne never sees him.


What bout autographed B-Marsh Tin-Foiled Anti HAARP mind control hats to the 1st 10,000 fans in attendance at Chemtrail Death Stadium

How cool would that look on national tv?

This team's on critical life support system as far as making the playoffs and all B-Marsh can focus on is an endzone celebration?

Great wr's like Jerry Rice and others regularly beat double teams and were still able to step up in critical situations. Didnt seem those guys were overly concerned about td celebrations but instead they seemed to only be focused on winning games.

Seems in Marshall we have just another run of the mill superstar stat meister. Dude seems more concerned about stats and celebrations than winning games. I pray Marlon Moore and Wallace develops quickly.

Just wondering...why do Vontae and Smith get punished for being late to a meeting, but BM can repeatedly make childish unnecessary fouls that hurt the team and Sparano does nothing?

drop the saturated fat cancer burger

You will never find it on government controlled mainstream media. Now don`t forget to take your dumbing down medication. When problem arises, beg for the Un Militia to come and put you somewhere safe ;)

If Brandon EVER scores another touchdown, I would like to see him follow it up with.........another one!


The more Marshall opens his dumb yapper the more expedient it begins to seem in expediting his dumb a s s out of here!!!


Think B-Marsh should shove the ball up his own @SS
and take his playoff guarantee with it

Nuclear War soon, anyhow

and u know B-Marsh like It

Mr.Marshall(Who was at the empresses party Sunday)(Only A-Listers)(Which is why he was not with the team Sunday)Already knows what to do after he gets into the end zone, He'll drop to his knee's and pick up 2 Pineapples,bow his head and worship ME. The Empress has spoken.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I am not sure this has ever been addressed to you but...your blog space photo has a lazy eye.

Its a simple fix though...by wearing a patch(like a pirate patch)over your healthy eye it forces the weak eye to work harder thus strengthening the lazy eye.

I myself was born with two lazy eyes and my parents forced me to wear patchs over both my eyes in order to strengthen them....but that was a dark time in my life.

Soiled :)

Somehow I dont think Sean Smith or Brandon Marshall were ever on their college debating team

bluh,bluh,bluh, blah ... You know what i`m saying?

There hasn't been any chemistry between these two since camp. Now Henning hints (wink, wink) this is because Marshall's making big bucks and Henne isn't.

Maybe, maybe not. But if this is a sticking point, isn't this a coaching issue?

Can't wait until this dip$hit is gone.

DB - all too often when you pay an immature player THAT much money, they have nothing left to play for, they lose their edge, and because they are not performing as well, cause distractions to take the attention away from their poor performance. You have your classy Peytons and Brady's types and then you have your cry baby BM and Moss types.


"I can see this is gonna be a long F!@#ing day, convict"

Nick Nolte/ Eddie Murphy - movie -48 hrs

Still need to see more but I think Wallace and Moore could be our future at wr.

Bess, Hartline, Moore, and Wallace.

Zero prima-donnas in that list. This also would give Henne "full control" of his wr unit. Marshall is potential cancer for a young offense and qb. Though the wr core could learn some good things from Marshall, they could also learn some "very bad" things too.

A little off topic, just curious.

Do people receiving assistance get their checks on the second of the month. Food stamps maybe.

It looks SOMEBODY has traded theirs away and started tweaking early.

Hype, hype, HYPER!!!!

Just saying..................

How about Just make the catch???

To clarify: I cannot wait until this brain dead, useless, chancre on the hindquarters of the human race, whose name is Dan Hennings is gone forever.

IMHO if Henne can't handle Marshall or any other offensive player, then he isn't the guy we need at QB. You are either in charge of the offense or you are not.

dirty bird!

Seems the deeper we get into this season the more Brandon Marshall begins to make Josh McDaniels look genious for shipping his a s s out of Denver. Mr. Ireland maybe you should make important note of this fact during the upcoming offseason.


Marshall is a beast dying breed you are a crackhead deal with it

Think B-Marsh should shove the ball up his own @SS
and take his playoff guarantee with him.
Posted by: Home | December 02, 2010 at 03:43 PM

Post of the day............


If a guy's going to be an "obvious cancer" it isnt on the qb. Hint...hint..TO..Moss. Some guys are so detached from reality and entrenched into thier own worlds that you cant dislodge them even if using grade A nuclear explosives.

BMarsh thinks he's gonna catch a TD? fat chance of that

Perhaps I am a conspiracy theorist. But it just seemed to me last week against Oakland that quarterback Chad Henne seemed more comfortable without Brandon Marshall

U R Just Aware & Intelligent

The name conspiracy theorists is meant to bring on a negative connotation to keep others from seeking to uncover the truth

Government does a good job relating "conspiracy theorist" to nut job, that way the sheep will all stay in line and not think
control the masses and anyone with an independent thought process is a conspiracy theorist LMAO!

Did U know in 1944 & 1945, USA & England were calling Hitler and His Death Camps ... Conspiracy Theory

Things may have changed for the better if folks started calling out "Conspiracy Theory" to Hitler & His Death Camps in the 1930s, Eh?

Now the New World Order & FEMA camps are "Conspiracy Theory"
and now who would want to be associated with that?

then your a nutjob

babies dying from eating lead paint chips was a conspiracy theory, government said your crazy, it is safe

so is asbestos & Chinese drywall

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was also labeled a "Conspiracy Theory"

hmm ...


Do you need a hug buddy? May the piss ant gods shower you with silver and gold. May your lump of coal be 150kt diamond.

May your liquid wastes pave a golden road to your own glory. May the thorns upon your brow be that of the sabal palm leaf. May your offspring be a blessing to the world.

If Marshall scores, I hope he will beg for forgiveness from the fans for his astounding crimes against humanity (basically throwing the ball away twice).

No matter that he is having one of the most productive receiving years ANY Dolphins has ever had and by all accounts is one of the hardest-working players on the squad. What's FAR more important is to get our panties in a bunch and ludicrously overinflate a minor incident into a huge cause celebre. Send him to the gallows at once!!

maybe he should worry more about actually scoring and less about celebrating... just a thought.

DB when have you seen any receiver throw a real QB off balance? Has anybody ever got in the way of Marino, Elway, Brady, Peyton, Montana? Not that I recall. Brady handled Moss effortlessly. Once Moss could not longer perform, he lost his head and Belichek dumped him in a flash, but Brady went on his merry way to 9-2 the whole time. QB's that can't handle Owens or Moss or BM just don't have leadership skills.

I've got a wild and radical suggestion. Actually catch the ball, get in the end zone then give it to the ref.

Get a score and act with class - what a crazy concept!

I Must Be Crazy?
I Must Be Nuts?

So now Marshall's the problem? I was wondering why we sucked so bad this year.

MARSHALL is not the problem. Who cares what he says. He's produced, and produced well.

He can't throw himself the ball in the endzone!

Neither WAllace nor Moore is a reciever of Marshalls calibre.

When we traded for Marshall 2 Denver fans I work with said "He's awesome, but, he'll drop an easy pass or two every now and again that make you furious"

Sounds reminiscant of Chris Chambers, who I also loved, however, Marshall is bigger and better!

So, he's a 25 year old millionaire superstar that acts like a 25 year old millionaire superstar...


By the way, Mark Clayton was FAR more of a baby and a malcontent during his playing days than Marshall has ever been and Mark Duper---well, let's just say I'm glad he managed to somehow pass all the piss tests.

Loved them both, don't get me wrong, but Miami's receiving corps during the 'Air Marino' era was prima-donna central.

I saw Henne call more audibles than ever before. It happened during one of his best Pro performances to date.

Then I read this from a Jeff Darlington article:

On one occasion, when Henne went to the sideline to discuss an upcoming play with Sparano and quarterbacks coach David Lee, the quarterback showed Sparano a level of command that displayed some genuine confidence.

``He looks at us, and we're in this third down critical situation, and he says, `Look, I don't want this. I don't want this 258 play.
I like these two plays,' '' Sparano said.
``He throws out two plays that are very well thought out.''

It made my heart sing. Henne is quickly becoming the Ricky Bobby of the NFL!

PS: Chad, take a page out of the Marino playbook. This Sunday grab Beybey Brandon by the facemask, tell him too STFU and do his JOB!!!!

squat and act like he's taking a poop with the ball dropping out...wipe his backside with a towel...

Freaking eh! HOMES, i watched the you tube "FEMA camp footage" and the "New World Order FEMA camp"
Listen, i thought you were a fruitbag, but this shiet is scary real!Dude, this is insane!Thanks Homes!

LOL odin...Ricky Bobby

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