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Brandon Marshall: 'It's too calm' around the Dolphins

Brandon Marshall hasn't been on the field since the Chicago game two weeks ago. He hasn't been in the end zone but once this season.

The guy's obviously bored. (I know the feeling, by the way as I cover team mediocre.)

Anyway, Marshall today said his hamstring that has kept him out of the line is "feeling fine" so that suggests he'll be playing Sunday against Cleveland. What he does with that opportunity is unclear because Marshall wants to make it unpredictable.

"I've been thinking of other ways where I can push the envelope without getting penalties or getting fined," Marshall said while talking about the taunting penalty he got for playfully tossing a caught ball at former Denver teammate Jay Cutler two weeks ago. "I got to get creative. I've been too boring this year.

"Of course, I got only one touchdown, but If I get in the end zone, I need to do some celebration or something. Do something. Any ideas, let me know. Just give me something. Something! I don't know, say something. Spark some controversy. It's too calm."

OK, you heard the man. He wants suggestions of what he should do to stir things up a bit. Get to it, people!

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Manning never had a diva wr. Neither has Elway, Marino or Montana. Brady never had a losing season with Moss, the worst was 2008 when we won the afc east and they still finished 11-5. They never really had any powder keg situations to which Moss would implode.

Moss did begin 2010 publically b!tching about a contract extension which Belichek had zero thoughts of providing. Belichek forsaw the the kettle on the stove hissing and shipped Moss out before season's end.

Moss was beginning to blow son. Belichek shipped him out just in time. The hot potato Moss would be the final straw costing the Vikings HC his job. Moss wouldnt even be on his best behavior for even BRETT FAVRE.



pick jake locker in the first round next year.
fire the parcellets.

How about just handing the ball to the ref, acting like you've been there before and then do it again after a second score. wouldn't that be original?

Zok-39, I'm with you, but trying to follow the lead of BM, what if he runs to the cheerleaders and performs the wave with them.


We have been monitoring you for some time now.

You have landed on the must remove list.


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No one's doubting Marshall's talents. He should just stfu and play ball. He does this and his play will show all the talk we need.

Marshall's placing the fans target on his own back. If this team needs Marshall to get them motivated then Im all in on motivating this entire franchise to LA.

phintim, Just saying, yann, fake CraigM.

Incesstantly talking to self.

Hmmmmmmm..........must be some good shyt Maynard!!!!

squat and act like he's taking a poop with the ball dropping out...wipe his backside with a towel...

Posted by: returnmeigs | December 02, 2010 at 04:13 PM

This is the best one yet.


You to buddy.

Are you prepared to meet JFK?

how about wearing an old lebron jersey under you uniform and flashing it after the game or while you on the sidelines. that way only you will have to pay for it...

All jokes aside, this home/menace/aloco/douchebag is too much...

To the pest. I KNOW that you thrive on irratating people with ridiculous posts. I see you on here, on SS, and on PBP posting the SAME EXACT posts.

You really are a class A turd, but, I promise I'll buy you a hooker so that you can finnally see a naked woman if you just DISAPPEAR.

If you decide not to take me up on the offer I have nothing more to say

(I know the feeling, by the way as I cover team mediocre.)....GO COVER THE HEAT THAN..TELL TONY TO BRING A STRIPPER POLE..AND HAVE A ORGY!

It is called the Red List.
Home is currently on the Blue list

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Marino never had a diva wideout?? Maybe you should ask him and Shula about Mark Clayton sometime.

Not that Clayton wasn't great or that I didn't enjoy watching him play (or that he eventually matured, for that matter) but if you aren't aware of what a TOTAL prima-donna Clayton was...including constantly bitching about his contract...then you have some pretty convenient amnesia, dude.

Here is a good idea for Marshall, have him sing an agreement to be traded to what ever team Either Ryan Mallet, Jake Locker or Andrew Luck fall to. Trade him for that pick and toss in Henne to recoup the 2nd we are down for getting Marshall in the 1st place. No 2nd for Henne??? We'll take a 3rd, 4th & 5th... or X2 5th's and a 7th.... as long as they buy dinner.

Mallet, Locker...Luck... Future TRUE QB's... This may be one of the best QB drafts since 99 or 83... IF Luck comes out!!!

how about get open so henne can get u te ball. tgen celabrate

my point exactly lay off that krill crack kokane mang

I want Marshall to put on a Carmen Miranda-style "fruit hat" and sing bawdy Russian Navy songs.

No matter what... Miami should target Ricky Stanzi from Iowa as a backup for Henne (until he takes over on downs!)... Stanzi may just be the best sleeper QB in this draft... As I said... The 2011 Draft will be known as one of the best QB drafts in a LONG while... I hope we share in the greatness.

I think that as long as Wallace and Moore both play special teams they should carry 5 WR for the game when was the last time you've seen a 5 WR set in Miami maybe with a TE or Cobbs but never with 5 legit WR. Wallace's size next to Marshall should create mismatches. Moore's playmaking ability next to Bess and Hartline. That is a hard group to defend

I'm starting to think this guy is a class A headcase. The team is hanging to playoff hopes with a thread and this is the best he can come up with? This is one of our leaders? How about he just shut up, don't take any more stupid penalties and let the team focus on winning again this week. I'd be fine if this guy were to miss the rest of the season. Some team guy!

The Miami Dolphins of the American Football Conference in the National Football League shall defeat their next opponent, the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League if they score more points than them.

Thank you and God bless.

Derek, Jake Locker absolutely sucks. I feel for the team that drafts him. he looks lost in college, let alone the pros.

The illuminat is taking over the world, oh no.

EVERYBODY already knows this. It has been prophesized in the Bible, duh.

So your answer is too hide in your basement and warn (and aggravate) everyone on a Dolphin Blog?!?! Hello!!!!

I don't want to give you any crazy ideas(wink, wink) but at least Timothy McVeigh had the courage of his convictions!

You my friend are the Brandon Marshall of the revolution, bark, bark, yap, yap!!!!

Much like Brandon, you probably fantasize about what you would do, if you EVER DID ANYTHING!!!!

Let me tell you buddy, fantasizing and hiding in your basement on a Dolphin blog makes you worse than sheeple. You know the real deal, you know whats going on, yet you refuse to act!

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Does that Hooker offer apply too me?

Drop your pants and wipe yourself with a picture of George Bush after every reception. That'll stir things up.

I honestly think Marshall is unstable right now. Not in a bad or self imposed way... He has seen a couple guys close to him get buried recently, he has moved from the City he started his career in, he got married. And he is struggling to adjust to Hennings stupidity.

All things being equal... I am willing to give the guy a pass this year... things don't get better next year it may be time to have that fireside chit chat we've been talking about.

Marshall get open quicker ..Catch a pass on the run make a big play td..Just don't worry about scoring on the redzone..I know you're not a burner but you did run a 4.49 in the combine i have the film..Thats why the fins gotcha...Thats what a go to wr does...Bored! lol..


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It seems to happen to all these QB's who make the seemingly good decision to stay in school for their Senior year when their Junior year was really solid. They have a let down. Locker has struggled without a doubt without many of the players he had last year... But the efforts he made last year place him in the 1st round without a doubt. Luck, Mallet and Stanzi are my front runners... But I still think Locker is an NFL caliber QB.

Post Of The Day:

I'm starting to think this guy is a class A headcase. The team is hanging to playoff hopes with a thread and this is the best he can come up with? This is one of our leaders? How about he just shut up, don't take any more stupid penalties and let the team focus on winning again this week. I'd be fine if this guy were to miss the rest of the season. Some team guy!

Posted by: Craig M | December 02, 2010 at 04:37 PM

Good work CraigM!

Do the forbidden dance.....


Didn't Sparano just make a big deal of telling these guys to have fun out there?

Just saying, maybe there is a correlation between that and Marshall's comments.

You could win a trivia contest by answering "Miami" if asked who the Cleveland Browns first-ever opponent was back in 1946.

Miami Seahawks of the old AAFC.

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Pancakes give me an erection.

Thanks DB!

I'm realy excited to see this Andrew Luck play in the NFL. I think the team that gets this guy is going to get a great player. I also think it would be smart for a team like Carolina to bring Jim Harbaugh with him. It would be a great combo and a great start to rebuilding! Carolina would do well to finish last but wouldn't it be interesting if Cincy had the first pick and Habaugh ends up in the same division as his brother John. Wow!!


Sparano's message to the team is thier play seems very uptight. Marshall's just an overdose of laxatives just waiting to clog the stools. No one wants to be in the way when this thing climaxes. Not even Sparano himself.

wouldn't it be interesting if Cincy had the first pick and Habaugh ends up in the same division as his brother John.

Posted by: Craig M



I'm not dead.

I just wanted to say nothing to see here.

Homes is crazy.

Odin Technologies is building a brighter future for all of us.

Be happy


I respecytfully disagree about Andrew Luck. Google his stats and see the defenses he's played against. The best was Arizona I think. His best game was against Mt Union. When seeing this my first reaction was, "Mt who?"

Luck hasnt even played a game against upper echelon college defenses. IMO, he could be in for a very, very rude awakening facing his first nfl defense. Even the worst nfl defense is better overall better than the best elite ncaa defense.

Luck has yet to face even an elite collegiate defense. Yes he has the tools but he'll have eons to go in terms ofn being ready to face an nfl defense. Especially when landing on one of the more dreadful nfl teams with almost no supporting cast.

This is a tough go for even already establihed elite nfl qb's let alone a guy who hasnt even faced and elite collegiate defense. Luck maybe "out of luck" once landing in the nfl and has potential bust written all over him.

Not saying he's a definite bust, but I do see great probability of it based on lackluster collegiate defenses he's faced. Im holding back final reservations until seeing him in a major bowl game against an elite collegiate defense.

Quote from Sparano

`Listen, there's no law that says that these college guys are the only people that can have fun and that when you graduate from college to the National Football League the fun meter runs out.'

``I thought it was contagious [Sunday] on the sideline.''

I think what Marshall was thinking can fall under Sparano's fun meter, JMO.

Maybe he should act as if he has been in the end zone many times before. If not, he should just keep on running through the end zone and don't stop until he reaches Chicago where he can be reunited with Cutler.

Yes U R right
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The only similarities between fun and focus is that both begin with an "eff." First comes focus, then fun eventually comes as a result.

If you place fun before focus it eventuall brings abotu an "eff" word too. F^cked!!!

Here's a crazy idea, Brandon, shut your @&$)(;: mouth; stop getting STUPID penalties, catch (don't drop) the football; score touchdowns, and immediately after doing so, hand the ball nicely to the ref. Why you ask, because that's what your being paid MILLIONS of dollars to do. You need to be A LOT more like one of the greatest wide receivers of all time - Jerry Rice! Look him up, study him and emulate him. There's my suggestion for what you should do starting this Sunday. Go Dolphins!

I read this blog wearing nothing but lace panties and a smile.

Home, Blue or red pill?????????????????????????

Dolphin lose Sunday
Cant stop the Browns rushing attack & cant stop Josh Cribbs

U guys will sit around like a lost house cat, liking your own nuts!

Follow the Nuclear War instead

by the way
Not going to buy anyone here Jason Taylor New York Jets Jersey or Patriots Division Champion Caps

none of u have been good

Well Focused = Lots of fun

Lots Of Fun Before Well Focused = F^CKED!!!

Try the Blue
Home has already broken the Matrix

but their calling me back in to get on the grid

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What Gets Me Is This:

Take away the Jacoby Ford kickoff td and the Raiders game was by far our most complete victory of the year. Still far from perfect.

Then after "our" most complete victory of the year. All this clown Marshall can come up with is, "It's Too Calm Around The Dolphins." He should be called in for immediate drug testing.

This headline should read:

Brandon Marshall: "We Still Need To Get Better." Does anyone else agree?

I agree with tricky just get in the endzone and hand it back to the ref with out acting like it's your first time, that is what you do not understand just do your job... thats it let the fans do all the hoopla...

well how about scoring some touchdowns and less dropped passes and stupid penalties this looks like another mistake by Ireland, you just can't count on theses type of guys it seems like

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