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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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Safe to say that Henne will not be on the roster next year.

Henne is a POS. FINSIHED!!!

Playing like we did today it wouldn't have mattered if we won or lost. We're done.

Atleast there is the Miami Heat !!!

not only is the season over, but I think it ended due to Henne's play. I think his career is over-- at least with this team.

Okay, up until now, I was staunchly defending Henne. AFter today, i'm ready for the Dolphins to move on. Today's performance was absolutely inexcusable for a QB in the NFL. Sorry, Chad, but you're not cut out for this league. And, yes, I am also calling for the dismissal of Dan Henning. Playoffs are impossible now, better just to get ready for 2011.

Henne is WORSE than Jake Delhomme. Can't blame it on Dan Henning when his QB peaked in Michigan.

Fire this staff, this is there QB so let's start over

WOW...Henne had a ton of support last week...

What happened?


Henne defenders? That's what I thought.

That pinhead is toast!

Henne needs to get it together, he looked tired and confused out there. Another thing that went wrong is brandon marshall, why wasn't he out there?
At least he would have helped henne get something going.

Drfletcherdc had a great point in the 4th quarter blog ... let's face it, we would have won 2 games this year if our POS DB could catch an interception. This is a REALLY REALLY bizarre situation to have DB guys who can't catch.

This LOSS is on the offense! Conservative, inept, gutless. Why have season tickets? I'll go to the road games to watch an effing WIN!

And please, Stephen Ross, don't ever talk again... your guarantee of a SB proved what a blithering idiot you are.

Defense is doing well enough.
It's the anemic offense that needs to be addressed.

Gruden didn't want the Hurricans job, but perhaps he would be more receptive to the Dolphins? Sparano is the head coach. All this is happening under his watch. It's a results oriented league and he isn't getting it done. Get rid of him!

The guy blows big ones

I wonder what sparano is going to do now, did you see the look Fasano gave Henne, even he knows henne sucks, can we please NOW say the Henne experiment is over, or is T Sparano going to ride Henne to his OWN unemployment line????

FIre everyone but NOLAN. Sparano included. WHAT a POS way to end the game and basically the season. Dolphins will be 8-8 at best. Still don't understand how the offense is utterly non existant and our DB's cannot catch the ball.

Chad Henne is a POS. So sick of him ruining my sunday. Dolphins suck d!ck. Plain and simple... do yourself a favor and stop wishing for this team to be good.

Just keep losing so we can get a better draft pick.

Miami will be Drafting a QB next year...Henne cost us this game by himself. I feel sorry for the Defensive Unit...they are good. Henne is an interception machine....Terrible

See ... Mando was barely sober enough to write three paragraphs ... and I mean SHORT paragraphs. Sorry the game affected you so bad Mando.

My defending of henne has ended, even without hartline and marshall. /henning and Henne seem average at best. This was the most dissapointing loss at a long time.

FK Henne!! I want him gone. Patience is one thing but this idiot just doesnt have any consistent location. Its not good enough to do it a few times a year. The guy just SUCKS!

Who - in the flying flock of geese - calls those plays - in that last series? Really think that Chad can pull off something spectactular from his own 25 - with little time left? Let's get real... We have a real serious coaching problem here...

The only good thing about this one is that we can stop kidding ourselves about the playoffs. I, too, have been a Henne defender. Hard to keep the faith.

Can we please stop defending Henne now? He has had zero progression. If anything he's reverted a little from last year. Sanchez has shown noticable growth, Henne has not AND WILL NOT! At this rate Cam Newton might not even be one of the first 3 QB's taken. Hello steal!

Henne SUX you maroons. He will ALWAYS be the same. Stares down receivers, inaccurate on deep ball, forces balls, can't read a defense and immobile. Uh....USELESS as I've maintained all year.

If this owner, Ross, keeps this coaching staff it will show that we have another blind fool football-wise as an owner...

This team, especially offensively, doesn't develop like a winner...
And the play calling on offense at times is ridiculous...

Run on a final drive on 1st down... Why not make it obvious pass is coming on 2nd and 3rd down?
And playing for the field goal in the beginning and having it blocked... They ran on 3rd and 10 from 30 yard line? Why?! Didn't even try for a 1st down. Playing scared. Then through out of your own endzone later.

The coaching staff should be replaced. Take this defense and start over. Now! Or it will be another 10-15 years before a winner cuz we will start losing defensive starters.
Stop with the excuses. This staff is not good enough. Period.

oh, almost forgot, thanks Brandon Marshall for guaranteeing a playoff appearance for the Dolphins... how does it feel being so stupid now?

After 3 years same problems:
No qb
No special teams
No speed on the team
No ol depth
No vertical offense

Keep on fist pumping baby

Get rid of Henne. Now. Just pure disgusting. Couldn't hit hartline on the fly route. Can't throw a pass over the d-line, and displays body language as if he couldn't care either way. I feel absolutely sick to my stomach.
Technically, if our POS special teams didn't let cleveland walk in and block carpenter's 41 yarder, were in overtime right now.

Then again, Henne woulda just screwed up there too.


Sorry to say this but this is my draft execution for next year:
1 QB

4 OL
5 RB
7 OL
7 WR

This team average at best. Still can't tackle. Quaterback that throws more INTs than TDs. WTF? Don't let the excuses overshadow the truth- There just average.

navydolfaninva: cut Ross some slack. He meant there was going to BE a Superbowl ... he didn't mean the Dolphins would actually be PLAYING in one.

whats funny is that hagan and armstrong (former phins) had nice games today....could it have been the qb the whole time? have we really not had a decent qb since marino?

I missed the missed pick. Who was it this time?

Henne or Sanchez? Just asking.

Season over. Seeya Henne. It was fun.

It's time to start talking about next year's draft.

Ist round - new QB
Trade Henne for a 2nd or 3rd round pick

I hope all you henne supporters are satisfied... his true talent shined today

Henning blow...WHo threw 3 picks....who missed recievers like it was going out of style...who was so bad that Ronnie Brown had to take a 1/4 of the snaps cause they have Zero confidence in him?

Thats my case...whats yours?

Now everyone hates henne but right up until the game everyone still thought he was the future!!! Lol You guys kill me what did you think henne was gonna do today? You know his motto one descent game followed by a debacle like today!!! I love the phinz but they are done this season and as long as we have the coaching staff we are done.

Henne sucks always has people just didnt want to accept it well i hope today showed most of you clearly that he is not an NFL QB. Just to think it was robotic henne who actually said TEBOW was not an NFL QB!!! lol Go figure!!

Can't win championships without a starting QB.

(snicker)...talk about turnabout. Nice to see Cleveland football ending Miami's season after Miami basketball's egregious show a couple of days ago.

Fire Sparano, Henning, and Ireland. Bring in a competent GM and start over. Better do it now while there are some good candidates available.

OK, you want Cam Newton, you're going to have to trade for him. no way he makes it to the Dolphins' spot in the draft.

Dolphin Disciple: But playing for a pick in the draft is pointless ... we have ZERO CREDIBILITY in picking QB's in the draft ... except for Griese and Marino.

Marshall said Henne would be a All-Pro this week. Marshall should shut his pie hole. WHO CARES what he thinks? He makes no big plays when he's on the field other than bonehead penalties. The results speak for themselves.

Henne is the laughing stock of the NFL DCs and Sparano knew it weeks ago.

Dont get me wrong, this team is mediocre and needs help everywhere. however, mediocre is better than bad. It shouldnt be blown up but, Sparano should officially be on notice and the henne project is over after three years, or at least it should be.

ok so this is likely the buchter's last post of the season

now that the season is officially over; in the offseason please draft a qb (cam newton preferred)

it's officially time to stop this experiment with these qb wannabe's; we need a real blue chipper

If the playoffs are now out of reach, I suggest tanking out and moving up in the draft.
I'm tired of playing checkers.
Let's get some chess players in here.

Lockout is our goal for 2012

Trade Carpeneter for a first rd pick and get a Qb

A mistake in drafting a future starting QB can set a Program back for at leasat one year.

"Trade Henne for a 2nd or 3rd round pick"

LOL! You couldn't get a 6th for that stiff. He's DONE!


WE will not draft Cam newton b/c he won't last that long..

The Dolphins will at worst be 6-10. Too many teams at or below that mark.

Stink Stank stunk suck suck suck

Henne is not good...

But we have to crank up the focus on this teams game planning and offensive play calling

It has been bad all year and last year too.

I say get rid of the whole coaching staff or at least the offensive coaches if the owner is set on keeping Sporano for the lockout year.

I agree w/henne's useless... who'd give up a #2 or #3 for Henne?

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