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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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A lockout 2011 season will be a lot better than what we go through now as dolfans! LOL


I love the Phins 25 yrs of not getting it done is too much for me. Sorry abandonment is near for me. Great memories and the Marino, Ricky Williams, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Sam Madison, Reggie Roby, John Offerdahl, Brian Cox, Pete Stoyanvich, Louis Oliver moments will be cherished till the grave, but this ship has sunk me for the last time...even wore the 1972 throw back today with hopes of keeping the season alive one more week. Hand Shakes and Hugs but this hurts way to much to keep. Armando you do a smashing job take care and good things in your future thanks for the season! (Out of here like an offer sheet from an AFC EAST rival)-Hootie cause the dolphins make me cry


and it those roll outs that make or break thigpen. it either
1. Long pass-possible TD
2.5-15 yard run
3. Interception

2 out 3 isnt bad.
Thigpen creates, but at times makes mistakes
Henne does not create and stares down Wr's

Pick your poison....ill take thigpen


What some of our fans dont realize is that a college qb who has never taken snap under center has never been a success in the nfl. See Tebow...See Pat White. Now Cam Newton?

I agree with you 100% Bobbyd12!

DB, a much smaller Vontae packles plenty of RB's...Just saying

lets see henne is what 6 ft. or so about 220 maybe? cam newton is 6'5 and 250 and runs people over. who would you rather have?

A great football team starts with the QB. Henne clearly is a backup at the very best. Hennings play calling is awful. After 10 + years of thinking that QB is not that important, its time to draft a top tier guy.

thank u dying breed, college and NFL are miles apart, no matter how big or tall u are

HENNE'S RATTING................77

DELHOMME RATTING ....................... 79


Are you dreaming? Vontae isnt small by any measure. His guns are bigger than most starting nfl lb's. The puny Joe Hayden one on one tackles Ronnie Brown with exlax regularity.

Just got back from the game after 3 hours on the road (much longer drive after a loss, which there have been way too many this year.) Read through the posts and are as frustrated with Henne as much if not more than the rest of you.

I have always been a Henne supporter and on the ride home was fuming over his future as a Dolphin.

However, to start over at the QB position at this point is simply an idiotic move. A new aggresive offensive scheme and hopefully a new attitude on being too careful with the ball will steer Henne away from thoe atrocious throws we saw today.

It really burns a little to say that about Henne right now, but it is the wise thing to do right now.

well tdeck, i'd have to agree with bobbyd12 on that one. thats more difficult than you think. i like thiggy, just wasn't real impressed with his play or lack thereof. henne throws more INT's, but when he plays well like last week against the raiders. he is by far the lesser of two evils.


So does anyone else feel that Sean Smith is quite possibly the worst tackling corner in the league?? aside from the up ending tackle he had today he whiffs on 9 out 10 tackle attempts. Good thing 37 is back there to pick up the slack!!

so youre telling me bradford is having a hard time in the nfl and won't make it? freeman is not a good qb? sanchez is struggling? where are the jets?

good one aloco, hope you had enough of this too!

FUNNY FAKE ALoco...as long as you keep it clean i don't mind it all


You already know that once in the nfl Cam Newton will not be allowed to run like he does in college. Plus if an OC did allow him to do it he'll end up on injured reserve about midway thru the season.

Come on man you know this. You also know qb's who dont take snaps underneath the center dont translate to being a "pocket" nfl passer either. Newton's a fine athlete, just dont see him transitioning as a pocket passer very well.

You'll see what I mean soon enough.


Petyon Manning just threw his 4th interception, thats two weeks in a row. It happens and he is still learning. Drew Brees in his three season had 11 TD and 15 INT with a 67 passer rating. He needs a different off. gameplan. When he is in rythm, he plays great like last week. Bad blocking today two rookie recievers playing all game had some to do with the turn out too. Look at the Titans game, in the second half they came out 5 wide shotgun formation and he marched them down the field. This game with 1:30 left I-formation and run the ball. No rythm. Also what do you think that does to the mindset of a QB. That says don't lose this game, instead of going 5 wide and saying win us this game. The coaches have a lot to do with his progress too, I like Sparano, but I don't like Henning. He is old school, its a new era, even in college. His mindset for his QB is to manange the game, not win it. Thats why Pennington looked good in this system, he is a game manager. I think a young off. cor. or someone who is willing to let him play his game to his strengths and a whole off season to work with Marshall. He just might have his breakout season next year. But everyone wants to draft a QB, but with the new era in college, the QB's coming out are not playing to manage a game. At least the ones drafted in the first round, so same off. cor. and gameplan with new young QB, we will get same results.

when will tony sparno realize henne is just a bust n dan henning(o/c) is too old for the game, its felt him years ago. have to wonder thou is it all henne's fault or has the coachin staff failed to train/groom henne properly. either way dolphins lose big.i hate to say it but the jets have a pretty good young qb whose putting up good numbers so far 14td's 9 int's. but yet makes me wonder what henne would be like in a jets offense with their weaponry.something to think about.


Have u seen Henne put a back to back game together in recent memory?
Dude, what we saw against the Bears was not even a football team. to judge thigpen by what we saw that night is not fair at all. What about when he came in off the bench and won the game a few weeks ago? How do you judge that? Lucky? The kid has the tools to play? Is he the next Marino? No. But I want to see him start with a full week of practice and see what happens. It cant be any worse than what we saw today....

qbclub13 i respect your opinion but thigpen threw 4 or 5 good passes under heavy pressure in the bears game. he had almost no practice and his timing had to be way off. he was frazzled at times but who wouldn't be when thrown in to that situation. Henne has had plenty of practice and had plenty of time today and still stunk the place up. no excuse for those two interceptions. put thiggy in. only thing we could get if things go bad is a better draft pick. besides i would take jake locker over mallet.

does everyone realize that the checkdown to run on 3rd and 10 on the dolphins first drive was Henne's decision (not Henning's)? he is scared to make a mistake. conversely, when the game is on the line and he has to pass, his fears become reality. he is a mental case, and is done as a starter in this league.


Why does so many people want to dump Henne instead of giving him the opportunity to play with an OC who is competent? I mean, really, Henne isnt allowed to check out of a play, no Miami QB is. How do you create plays if u cant check out into something u see on the field could be a better play? Henning runs the WildCat and leaves Henne to come in on 3rd and long while calling an underneath pass. 1:34 to go in game and our first play is a run? Fasano catches 3 or 4 on a drive and a TD pass and Henning doesnt call his number again? Henne looks tight but if your OC shows no confidence in ur ability then you would play tight to. Henne needs "proper" coaching and until he gets to play under someone besides Henning I will not blame him for this mess.

Henne is not the only one to blame on this team.
Everything going on his happening under sparanos watch, I have no feith in him @all..
FIRESPARANO.com comming soon~~~


Austin, ur 100% wrong. Henne is not allowed to check down to a run. No Miami QB is allowed to check out like ur saying. Sorry but ur facts are wrong.

tdeck not judging thiggy by the one game. there is a reason that he's the 3rd stringer on this team. like i said, i dont even like henne. thought we should have played penny over henne. he comes in plays 2 downs and he's gone for the year or his career. what i don't like about henne is that he telegraphs everthing. so im by no means defending him, my point is the seasons over. if we keep heene as a backup, he has the rest of the season to learn. he should start with leadership 101.

I have been a Dolphins fan for 40 years and I can say from experience that the current General Manager, Head Coach and Quarterback are not going to take this team to a Championship...The GM has made many bad personnel decision. The Coach is a poor manager of games. And finally, the QB makes poor decisions and throws. We need a new regime. Gruden or Cowher would be a great start. Let them have a major say in who the new GM would be...Then get a smarter, more accurate QB...


Remember how long it took Alex Smith to adjust? Guy looked like a scared rabbit taking the snap under center his first couple years.

Finally lost his starting job for good, it appears.


bobby 12, henning did not underthrow hartline, overthrow bess, and throw the ball into bowens' hands. plain and simple. look at the film.

I still like Henne. We need better play calling. We dont play to win. 3rd and 10, 3rd and 8 and we run? Cmon, take some shots at the endzone. Again, we need a FG to tie and the first play is a run that kills 20 seconds of the clock. Yeah Henne is struggling, but his positives outweigh his negatives. Also, if our DBs could catch a ball and get some INTs we'd be in better shape. Im sick of watching every potential interception hit our guys in BOTH hands and the pads and get dropped!

Like ev1 else I would like to see more consistent play from our qb position. But Im also a realist. There are no better options out there right now.

Not in free agency, the draft(from our draft posioning anyway), and definitely wont be on anyone's waiver wire. The mistake was made not choosing Ryan over Long. WE just gotta live with it for now good or bad.

Henne will never be a leader. With 1:43 left in the game today, he showed all of us who he is.

terrible play calling to go along with a mediocre runnin attach and you have what we see.


Browns beat Dolphins 13-10.
Uh, no Armando - Dan Henning beat the Dolphins.

we can all disagree on henne vs thiggy. but you cant complain about carpenter today. what a freaking nice 60 FG. gotta love that!!!!

The only positive thing right now is next week is our game to win!(Jets) If u base it on the win lose win lose win lose win lose theory. hahaha

Austin, I was at the game, i dont need to see film. You just finished saying Henne checked into a run, which is 100% not true. Henne said about a month ago in an interview that his job os not to turn the ball over. You cant be an effective NFL QB if thats what ur coaching staff is telling you. And again, Brees threw 31 Ints in his second and third year combined. Henne has only played 23 games, i dont wanna hear he has been given enough time because he hasnt.

Our top 2011 draft priority should be replacing Ronnie Brown and by taking Mark Ingram should we be positioned slightly outside of top 10 and he's still available.

I would take Ingram, sign Ricky to another one year deal and live or die with Henne until a realistic opportunity comes along to replace him if doesnt get more consistent. The problem isnt Henne totally sucks its his consistency that's wanning.

d-dense, if that FG was 60 yards 6 inches it wouldnt have made it. That just cleared!!

Sorry, but Chad Henne will NEVER be Drew Brees. Cut out of two completely different molds....

Aloco, Henning will retire or move on. You said he would be fired after the oakland game and you said gruden was going to Miami.... The chances of Henning being here next year are less than 1%, no need for the fans to worry about that.

Season Over??? Of course it is. I dont understand why you even need to referece it

If Henne's job is "not to turn the ball over"...then he sucks at his job

bobbyd12 no disrespect meant here, but you make too much of an issue with henne. i hope your career in law enforcement is going well for you. week in, week out you compare henne to brese. you gotta be kidding me?

DON'T GIVE UP____their is HOPE.

IF the players strike and the coach and henning back the players we will get a whole new team next year and staff. We will have a 50-50 chance to win, that is better than what we have now.


This staff has no confidence in Henne because everytime they give him some rope...he hangs himself

And tdeck, how do u know that? In Drew Brees's first 3 years u would have said the same thing about Brees, he will never be like someone else. No ONE knows when or if a QB will click. It took Brees 5 years to get it, 80 games till he became a QB he is. Everyone thinks 23 games is plenty, thats just ridiculous.

Why should Kevin Kolb languish on the bench behind Vick? Henne can sit on the Eagles bench and Miami can trade them and throw in a 4th round pick and voila - instant starting quarterback. Just a thought but it would be cool.


Quote by Sparano after the Chicago game,

"Sparano said offensive coordinator Dan Henning gave Thigpen the option to execute either a run or pass in numerous situations, and that when he got to the line of scrimmage he opted for the pass.
“It’s not that (we’re) calling pass plays,” he said. “I’ll give you an example: On the fifth series of the game we called four run/pass (options) in a row. On one of those four they baited Tyler a little bit and he threw the ball down the sideline and got it to Brian Hartline for 25 yards. In those situations we’ve got to have more handoffs and less worrying about the chunk play just because the coverage dictates the chunk play."

There is the head coach saying five run/pass options in one drive with a qb who practiced three days.

Even the elite qb's have at least 4 crap games a year. But its not as highly noticeble when the supporting cast around you steps up.

Henne's crappy games are always very highly nitcible because the supporting cast around him, both offensively and defensively, never steps up too. Just as in the most recent Nolan Carrol pick whiff that could have sealed the game.

God forbids the special teams ever steps up to help win a game outside of Carpenter field goals.

bobbyd12, just cleared is good enough for me. how many of our points have come from our sure-footed friend carpenter. probably about as many as henne. either way, i like that you stick to your guns week in week out.

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