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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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The playing has been bad all year the running play on the last drive for 1 yard was brilliant.We nee dto face facts Sparano is not a good gameday coach. We must remember Parcells
drafted henne in the second when he knew it was a mistake he bolted with 20 million in hand
hell of an investment from good ole Mr.H.


Young qb's need guys to step up and make plays around them. This means offense, defense, and st's. All of these things have been primary reasons why we have lost games this year.

Losing is a team effort just like losing is. Every starter on this team needs to look himself in the mirror and say, "I'm the reason why we lost today". Stop looking for one person to pin the blame on.

Nobody made a game changing play today!!!


Would ANY QB with four years or less experience have done ANY BETTER playing behind our O-LINE and Henning calling the game?

Posted by: swamy | December 05, 2010 at 10:03 PM

Our oline didnt change last week to this week but Henne sure made a 180 degree turn for promise to Ugly AGIaN which isnt his first time doing so, the guy is just too damn inconsistant. I tried to believe henne would become smarter with the football but he just seems to lose focus out there too much and this team is playing with NO confidence in him.

and im sorry to say that if jake delhomo can outplay and outsmart young *GUN* chad henne.....and win for cleveland in doing next to nothing in this game, yea id say we have some issues at QB!!!!

Matty Ice had (yet another) helluva 4th qtr comeback today.

High pressure, pinpoint accuracy comepletions down the stretch.

"The Future"............not so much.


Mike Vick/Kevin Kolb

Here's an interesting debate item..... Flacco or Henne? Who'd you rather have running your offense? ....Sanchez? Colt McCoy? Scott Mitchell? (for the older Phishies..lol)

Colt Mccoy = Hennes Brother in law!!!!
Sanchez = Rex's step child

Hennes performances in a nutshell this year = WTF!!!!!!

No flacco continues to make strides even tonight against pitts...not to much to debate anymore!!!

McCoy---nah, but wanna see him some more
Scott mtchell......no

Matt Ryan............c'mon, man.


Lmao @ Henne's brother in law!

Aloco, no one wanted to see henne prosper more than me but this guy just doesnt look comfortable in the huddle, he doesnt have a consistancy with getting in rythem with his recievers and the whole give him more time is getting older and older to use when we watch matt ryan, joe flacco, mark sanchez continue to emerge as at least promising aspects of prospects. Are we simply hoping he gets better cuase hes real good at being inconsistant throughout his career even if it is short lived thus far!!!

Henne reminds me of Jay Feidler only with a stronger arm. Good one week, off the next. Miami still needs to find a qb.



This Kool-Aid tastes like piss!!!

why yes aloco, the marrying kind tho,,,
Q for you???? What you do for christmas cheer this year for team stinking????

Any fans making a deep emotional investment into the fins.....well you have my deepest of sentiments. I made the same mistakes too up unto the last past couple seasons. Now I have become more of a realist.

Like you I wish for the Dolphins to win every single game. Still Ive built that inpregnable inner wall to remind me these are still the post-Shula Miami Dolphins. I suggest we all do the same.

In the post-Shula era it seems we've always had just enough talent to tease but never enough talent to please. Sorry but that's hitting the nail right on the head!!!

henne another 3rd string qb trying to be a starter get real henning cenial stop calling plays from 1940 retire his a-s-s.
on a good note we are almost guaranteed to lose jets,NE we should drop bills and lions too just to get better draft pos at this point.
draft QB low and first.tired tired tired of waiting all week just to watch us lose.

Joe Robbie must be turning over in his grave knowing the decision to let Czonka, Warfield, and Kiick walk may have been the last best chance this franchise will ever have of winning a SB.

Joe Robbbie's hell may be god forcing him to watch these present day Dolphins no matter where he may be. Having to watch this is hell enough on anyone.

PSSTT!!!!!.....Just tried sipping it again and it still tastes like PISS!!!

The game could have been set with the first drive. At the 25 yard line 4th and 11/2 and we kick a field goal. Nothing to lose just run the ball. Show the offence you have some faith, Sparano.
Henne didn't lose this game all by himself. A couple of big play dropped passes didn't help.
Shut down anyone with an injury.


Next season Buffalo may be good enough to challenge us for the rights not to be the afc east cellar dwellars. It all depends on what happens this offseason.

Scary Thought DB...but true

Marshall has a hamstring injury and I didnt seriously expect him to play. You very rarely see players comeback from a hammy in less than 3-4 weeks. Ive seen it take upto 6 weeks for players to come back from bad hammys.

I'll be shocked to see marshall even play next week.

Being a finfan is a recurring nightmare.....Aug 2011 we'll be talking about our good draft, FA pick ups, potential. Nov 2011 well be talking about what we need in the 2012 draft to compete. Hope is for losers.

Basically what I see with this team is a collection of bad personel decisions and personel decisions that went bad as a result of a lot of players not being here.

This is total result of the decision being made here over the last 3 seasons. Remember those double down draft decisions? Some of those we lost 2 draft picks for the price of one when neither guy drafted worked out.

What a freaking waste of draft picks that turned out to be. Lionel Dobson and Kendall Lanford, then Vontae and Smith are the only guys where both the pick are still presently with the team.

Players are different. Coaches are different. Results are the same, piss pour qb play, special teams are garbage and dbs who can't catch a pass that hits them in the numbers. Watching what this team has put on the field the last 10 years makes me SICK. 15 DIFFERENT STARTING QB'S, 6 head coaches 2 owners and a tuna in a pear tree. Parcells is garbage all he can do is build a mediocre team. Dallas Miami New England Jets. Fact is he is a one trick pony, LT. If it wasn't for him the tuna would have been out of football in the 80's. Good-bye Bill as always job 1/2 done. I am positive Marino could come back out of retirement today and play better than Chad Henne. Back to the Drawing board. 2011??? Maybe if we trade up and get Cam Newton.

Is it to early to start talking about the draft???

What position do you guys see the phins going with the first round???

Anybody a Mark Ingram fan, or do you see us keeping Ricky and or Ronnie???

If I were GM coming in I would completely tear everything down to the foundation. I Would trade:

Jake Long, Wake, Dansby, Vontae, any and everyone I could get a high value draft pick for. I would bring in all scrubs to guarantee the league's worst record. Then begin rebuilding by drafting best available players no matter the need.

The only position I would draft on need is if a franchise qb is available.

DB, I think that was your dumbest post. You don't trade the few quality players you have only to 'hope' you draft others that will perform as well.

If I were GM I wouldnt care if it took 2-3 losing seasons in row to finally put a championship team on the field. Not like these clowns did with smoke and mirrors using inferior talent mixed with a little good talent.


It seems dumb but the value you would get for those players in draft picks would quickly allow you to rebuild a very good squad. Almost similar to the Hershel Walker Cowboys trade that led to 3 SB championships.

Also look at how many double down draft picks these idiots made. We could have had 3-4 more quality players on this roster from those gaffs alone. These guys have shown they're only great at outsmarting themselves.

I think you are reaching DB. I don't think you'd find a GM in the league that would agree with you. Long and Vontae are 1st rate players, young with years ahead of them, no way you give them away. Let's just say you got 5 picks for the two of them(not likely), you'd be lucky to get 2 players out of those five picks as worthwhile.

This regime has bungled both the draft and free agency in thier short time here. What we now see on the field is a direct link to this indisputable truth.


I mean........c'mon. Look at Falcons. A Stud Franchise QB is the key.

Most regimes bungle most drafts, its half science half total crap shoot. You'd bungle the draft too.


Never said any other GM would do it. I said if I were GM I would do it. Sometimes to get to unusual places call for unusual moves. Winning consistently has been an unusual place for us the past 14yrs and counting.

Whats disturbing, in the aftermath, the regime fell so far short of expectations. To be out of the picture this early is inexcusable. I'm for giving them one more year. You can't win without consistency on the coaching staff, but I wouldn't give them any longer.

It remains to be seen if the players still play for Sparano or fade out on him.


Those regimes consistently bungling drafts and free agency are called losers. First bad move of the Parcellian era was to pass on Ryan. A Franchise LT cant lead you to a championship without first having a championship qb.

2nd bad move drafting a qb 2nd rd hoping he'll be your franchise qb. Another wasted 2nd rd pick because CP had fell into our laps that year anyway. That 2nd rd pick could have served us better choosing a quality player at another position.

Like maybe a LT 2nd rd, now that we had Matt Ryan.

JUst saw Henne on my Teevee. It's sad. I feel bad for him. He's not been helped by the take a knee Neo-Wannstedian Sparano. I wanted him, and the Fins to succeed.

Sad for him, sad for us.


Im not in favor of giving the ball boy another at bat lording over our draft and offseason. We now need someone that can began correcting the horrendous decisions made. Not adding to them.


The accepted definition for insanity is making the same mistakes over and over again hoping for different results. Please say no to one more season of this fo madness.

I say complaining about the Ryan miss is judging in hindsight. Few of the pundits (not that they have a clue) felt Ryan was good enough to be a #1 overall. There have been so many 1st round QB busts. Coming off a 1-15 season with the first overall pick, I just think it was a safer investment, a sure thing vs a gamble. Matt Ryan wouldn't be as well with no solid oline in front of him. I'm not going to rip them for that.

Can't remember, anyone here can name me the O-Line on the 72 Dolphins.....just the tackles. Little , Langer & Kooch,..but I just can't remember the tackles......?


Its not complaining Im only presenting track record evidence. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results. Jeff Ireland is only 27yrs old and is clearly showing to be in well over his head.

Can't remember, anyone here can name me the O-Line on the 72 Dolphins.....just the tackles. Little , Langer & Kooch,..but I just can't remember the tackles......?

Posted by: Dave | December 05, 2010 at 11:49 PM

LT Norm Evans
LG Bob Kuchenberg
C Jim Langer
RG Larry Little
RT Maulty Moore


I can still see that starting oline even in my sleep. LOL

I think we are stuck with Ireland and Sparano 1 more year, unless the team totally nose dives the last few games. Its amazing how much that insanity quote is mentioned here. Look at everyones draft, they all miss on just as many picks as we do. We have compensated for some of the misses with finds like Bess and Wake. It takes time no matter who is in charge, but I've said repeatedly I don't think Sparano is the brightest bulb, and not HC material in todays league.

parcells the savior of?????


Mising on a draft pick sucks even more when doubling down at the same position. Wev'e done that a few times two. We are the only team in the nfl that uses that as a draft strategy. Ridiculous, it hasnt proven to give us any more success than anyone else.


Seems Parcells is the savior of his own a s s. Take the money and run baby! LOL

ireland needs to step up now

Hey, with Parcells out of the picture, we'll see, maybe Ross has some balls after all and will make some changes. I think a lot depends on how they finish up.

i like irland. get rid of sparano due tp clock mngt problems!!

no playoffs means we can have more time to: feed the wolf, make more playoff predictions, think about all those interceptions dropped by the dolphins secondary, think about what dolphins owner ross was smoking when he said that henne was gonna win multiple super bowls and surpass dan marino, and counting the paychecks for millions of dollars while complaining that your employer (the owners) is not paying you enough when he or she gave you a chance at playing on an nfl team making millions of dollars. if the players dont agree with the owners payscale, they should buy the nfl teams from the owners and run the business themselves.

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