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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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Sparano doesnt do the drafting. Enuff said

so darn dissapointing !!

there gonna have to pay big for solai niw

armando should be writing scathing articles!! where is he!??

I no longer get disappointed by what I see from the post-Shula Dolphins. We have all been in 13-14 seasons of conditioning now.

No excuses for disappointment.

oh, and btw,.as bad as Shula's decisions were in his last years,.The minute Jimmie Johnson took over this team, it's been nothing but a complete downward spiral!.Dave Wanndstadt.????Rick Spielman?Yatil Green??,....John Avery?,..that second round pick who's name eludes me...linebacker.....probably askin people if ' they want fries with that 'right about now.....Really...? Is it a mystery as to why this team....sucks?

sparano should not be a head coach


Right on brother! The entire post-Shula era has been nothing more than utter debacle.

I would love to maybe keep Sparano as oline coach. LOL


How are you all?
Just thought that I would stop by and say hello.

favorite fins: misi dansby. belle vontae. solai. bess. weak links are QB Safety and one lb to cover tight end

bill. ur plan??

bill was not worth the bill

12 millions plans Mr. Misi.

ivory tower fbi bill is past his prime

about the money

k.... all you henne haters listen up: Henne's QB rating so far this year is 77.5. Drew Brees in his second year as a starter? 67.5. Patience, people. Henning is the one that needs to go. Running the ball on third and long always has been and continues to be inexcusable. Henning does this REGULARLY.

Only bright spot all season WAKE!!!!!!! MVP!!!!!!! Only if Henne played with heart like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Misi,

Relax sir.
I drafted you and made you rich.

miami fins big downer

was a huge Henne defender. I'm done. You hate to see someone fail, but he is toast. And what to do with the remaining 4 games? Keep starting him and let him fail and drag Capt Fist Pump and the Old Man down with him or put Pigpen back in and let him drag Capt Fist Pump and the Old Man down with him? Really looking forward to going to the Jan 2nd game in Foxboro and freezing for nothing. Ugh. 2 words: Nathan Enderle


Cam Wake - Your are welcome.

I have to agree with DB, I used to get frustrated and upset and cuss and spit and all, now I just let it go. Which is kind of hard, because football is the one sport I would watch over all others.

Sad to say but this team has two people in management worth keeping, Nolan and Sporano. Parcells is an asswipe, this is his M.O. with organizations, I bet Arthur Blank is happy he didn't get him now.

Hey Bill Parcells - AFC East not big enough for you and Bill Belichick huh.
Didn't want to get embarrassed by a former student eh?
Run Billy Run!

Mrs. Doris Wilson,

May your kidneys fail you.

Sorry 'still Henne bus driver'...the guy is an interception machine..he just is a non emotional guy...who makes mistake after mistake, after mistake. The NFL garbage heap is littered with strong armed, supposedly smart QBs. He simply can't do it.Just another mistake by the Dolphin front office/coaching staff. It's simply why this team is 6-6 and have little hope to make that better for years

deytreder: (@ 12:02 AM)
(and the rest of you...)

I have some REALLY BAD NEWS for you guys...






One thing I think most of us agree on is that Mark Ingrim is the MAN, I dont know if he would still be there when we pick, but I would not pass on him. I still think we need a stud QB, but maybe Ingrim and a new OC would do the trick, I guess its hard for a QB to reach his potential with our joke of an OC. As far as Ronnie Brown goes, it doesnt matter if he ran like JIM Brown, if you stay hurt, it does the team no good, every season he got on a roll, poof, gone with an injury. Kinda reminds you of his college days, major waste of a 2nd over all pick.

This team needs help,..but you 'geniouses' crying out for Cam Newton are thesame kinda idiots begging for guys like Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Albert Haynesworthlesss,and Randy (I'm just sad now ) Moss

Bad owner. Bad QB. Bad offensive coordinator. Bad future.

and who cares about the dropped INT at the end...if that is picked and returned what does it tell us? nothing..another week of possible hope, followed by disappointment...this season needed to be d o u c h e d and it got it with that dropped INT...the players look at Henne like he's from another planet...this whole thing stinks

I'm sorry but this is already a disappointing season. So many expectations with this offence. But we are not good enough. I'm upset with this Dolphins team and feel like changing teams after 25 years of loyal support.
In fact it's the defence that has played really well under Mike Nolan. Fire Hennnig and Henne they both suck. Parcells, Ireland and Tony Sparano are also to blame. He should be given one more season as coach to prove us.

Henne sucks!!!!

We could have taken Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco. We did'nt. They are miles better then Henne.

They today would have made us a better team and a play-off contender.

We need a new quarterback badly!!!

I hope this organisation can see that without a quarterback you cannot win in the NFL.

They simply have got it wrong again.

Henne you suck!!!

I'm a true die hard fan who lives in London, England. After the 1-15 season and then going 11-5 the next i thought this team is headed for good things.

But unfortunately the Dolphins are still miles behind today!!!

A upset Fin fan

Fire the whole lot. Wind up the Fins. Hire out the field as a parking lot and forget about pro football in Miami it is less painful that way.

And yesterday isnt the worst of it. Detroit is coming to town and they are a young ass kicking defense. And wait till u see their third string QB, Drew Stanton, he makes Henne look like Ned in the first reader. Its just gong to get worse this season,,,,,,,

Jets 35 Dulphins 6
Buffalo 13 Dulphin 6
Detroit 32 Dulphin 3
New England 24 Dulphins 3

6-10 gets us a good draft pick if Ireland doesnt have anything to with it...
Fire all da bums.

Hennings, Henne, and Sparano MUST GO IMMEDIATELY! Also, as I said in another post, Bill Parcels needs to GIVE BACK the MONEY that HE STOLE from Miami!

Miami needs a quarterback. They don't need to go looking for any other player next year if they don't find a quarterback.

I blame only Henne. The play calling is not attackable if the QB can't hit the wide open targets. Not only does Henne not HIT the open target, he normally doesn't SEE the open target and opts for double or triple coverage! Starting to look like another rebuild unless we can get a good veteran QB....sigh....of what could have been if we'd gotten Brees.

henne says its not the end of the world! he's a bummmmmm! listen to him talk sure i mean you know, sure you know. you know, you know, i mean you know, sure you know, yes you know, Yes! we know Chad you are a bum

I have a couple questions. Will Ross fire Ireland and Sparano? Will Jon Gruden be offered this job? Will Gruden or any new coach try and stick with Henne. Bill Parcells is to blame for all this. That fat slob is no better than Rex Ryan. Seems Ryan has a better eye for talent.

Bottom line: Experiment failed and now we have to start the rebuilding process all over again. Lets start today and clean out all the coaches. We could get an extra season to regroup as it looks there will be no football next season. That could add a few years to my life if they don't play.

no posts?

I am so tired of rooting for a mediocre team. and since 2000 , at least, we've been nothing more than mediocre. When will it end

"Check-down Chad" singlehandedly lost this game--so don't blame the loss on the receivers!Marshall would not have made any difference due to the inept play of Henne.The shame is the defense played well enough for the Fins to win this one.So, would someone bench Henne again in favor of Thigpen? Oh and fire Henning now.Sparano's job isn't looking too secure right now.

As bad as Henne was in yesterdays game, he is just a sympton of a mostly horrible squad. Special teams NEVER make a play to help team but make plenty that hurt. Defense rarely stops a team on third down and couldn't grab an interception to save their lives. There are no holes for a running game or the runners are
past their prime, can't be sure which. Offensive game plan is so vanilla (probably due to Henne's lack of experience) opposing defenses can easily game plan prepare to beat Dolphins. Too many wasted draft picks in recent years and all this adds up to one thing... NO PLAYOFFS !! The bad news continues because if we dump Henne, we start all over again, spinning our wheels.

Its embarassing to be a fins fan.
3rd and 10, run fails, 3rd and 2, pass fails, 3rd and short again pass fails.

What do you expect from the guys that wasted a 2nd round pick on Pat White and Patrick Turner.

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