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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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Take THAT, King James......

Told ya Cleveland was better than Miami.....

Henne is no more than a Backup QB in this league. Henning is killing us. I think it is time to get rid of him. Our Defense is for the most part very solid and our Special Teams is just flat out horrible minus Dan Carpenter. C'mon guys, this game was completely boring and uninspiring. Its been hard to be a Dolphins fan, I will forever be a Dolphins fan but please oh please give us something to cheer for.

Chad Henne is god awful. Never seen a QB looked so scared in the 4th qtr...he was terrified of making a mistake on those last two drives. And look what happens! The guy sucks..even the last game with his "great" stats, the one INT he threw was embarrasing (into triple coverage at the goal line). He's a great #2 guy...now please, let's find a franchise QB--if we had Vick, this offense would be scary good

Henne reminds me of myself - an oscar Mayer Wiener.

done season

Sack Henning now! The season is over, so make a statement that vanilla play calling is not acceptable. I was a Henne supporter until today, gave him the benefit of any doubt until today, but he is def not the answer.

And what's with that OL, good one game and crap the next. Given the cost of that line I have to ask, what does the OL coach do for his salary? There's something clinically wrong there without doubt. I can only say, thank god we are not going to the post season, we have been embarrassed enough in regular season games, it just doesn't bear thinking what would have happened to this lot against truly play-off caliber teams.

I'm not given to over reaction but the stats don't lie. Henne was 22nd in QB rating in 2009 and is 23rd in 2010. He's 2nd to last in 4th quarter QB rating in the AFC and last in the AFC in the red zone in 2010. And those stats are PRIOR to today. He has 12 TD/15 INT in 2010. I would love to see the guy succeed but as they say "come on man"!

season definitely over. lot of holes on this team. fire off coord. now have to find qb, faster rb, free safety and better te. sparano might have to go as well

The worst thing is that we have nobody better.

The suffering simply will never end with this team. It's been over a decade since Marino retired and fans continually have to deal with horrendous QB play. It's at a point now where it's simply not worth watching anymore because if you are a serious football fan who enjoys GOOD football, then watching the Dolphins play will make you sick. Poor QB play, terrible special teams, defensive backs who incredibly can't catch passes thrown directly to them...it goes on and on and on. It's like being a baseball fan that enjoys good infield play and good fundamentals...and then you watch the Marlins play and become sick. IT'S NEVER GOING TO END.

Henne looked like a deer in the headlights when he went out to lead the final drive of this game. Elite quarterbacks THRIVE off of those moments, it's the weak ones that do what Chad did. Even delhomme showed the body language of somebody who realized he had an opportunity to win the ball game, even if he doesn't have the skill to match.

Just imagine if we picked brees over culpepper years ago
Good god

so sick of this organization. this team is complete garbage. 1-5 at home, unreal. hope they blackout every home game left. pathetic franchise from top to bottom

we suck. no excusses

Chad Henne throws more interceptions at the worst times than any QB I can remember. The guy is an interception machine and I'm really concerned it may not be fixable.

Henne a modern day vinnie intercepteverde. He sucked at Michigan and he still sucks he is absolutely painful to watch.

get newton in here! go ahead and play the other QB the rest of the year and focus on the draft already. Mando what sort of draft pick can we get for henne? I would take a 5RD pick at this point... Here are my draft priorities:

7RD Best Available player...

OK just a little reality check. Remember last year when Rex Ryan said the Jets were out of the playoffs? Look what they wound up doing. Bad loss? Yes. Season ender? No.

Available Qbs for next year via FA or trade

Sexy r

CAM NEWTON! He may be a crook, but at least he completes passes.

Stop blaming Henning. He didn't under throw Hartline by 5 yards and throw into triple coverage for a 2nd Int. They KNOW this guys SUX hence Wildcat. Offseason to take the batteries out of the robot and CUT HIM...pending CBA. CAn;t keep 2nd rounder as a back0up and nobody will trade for him just like they didn't for Beck.

Ross should doubt the whole team. Hopefully the CBA will not go through so that i can get out of my season tickets. 12 very long disappointing years. This team is a joke.

HENNE is a f@$^&* piece of @#$% with his head up his F(*&$#@ @$$. What F(*& duoche bag, worthless mot@##Fu^%$@ piece of dog @#$%. F&^% him a hundred f@#$@^&* times.

Please please please fire sparano henning hell the sole DOLPHINS staff for all I care we suck and my NFL package is over until we fire them and start over and play real football please get rid of sparano NOW.............

JM, you check the playoff race lately in the AFC? Wake up man. You're the one that needs to face reality.

Listen, alot of us said it during the draft. This teams FO has drafted poorly and acquired the wrong FAs. We all said it during the draft and there were many blind mice here folling the piper. their drafts have sucked and the only real players they drafted are Long, davis, Langford and signed bess. Thats it in 3 years. Thats it from the draft. Everone else are marginal players or busts. Period. Thats not good.

Are we mathematically eliminated? No? We'll keep on trucking.(You crazy, oscar! - No.).


Swinging and Missing on a first round QB typically sets your franchise back multiple years. (See The Jamarcus experiment in Oakland and the mess Arizona is in now that Warner retired). Then again every Round 1 QB since 2008 has panned out for the team that took the risk. It's the Dolphins turn on the excellent crop of big QB's coming out next summer.



Is Chad Henne related to Hacory Harris?

The Dolphins are sorely lacking in playmakers... look at the dropped interceptions, the dropped passes, the missed tackles, etc. That's just stupidity and lack of discipline. Nobody WANTS to make a play - if they really wanted to they would've make the interception, the catch, the tackle.

Is it coaching? Is it talent evaluation? Is it both? Fact is they're all inept, unprepared and play like 6th graders with a nerf football.

You think this team is anywhere near the talent level of the Jets?

Why is everybody so surprised about the loss? Our season was already over...

Just hope we can pull off one more win against the jests...

Henne is definitely not the guy: lacks the 2 essentials skills for a good NFL QB: accuracy and decision-making.

For the rest, same problems as usual in the Sparano era:

- awful clock management (TO at the end of 1st half, TO just to see if Hillis has fumbled? )

- awful play calling (runs on 3rd and 10, pass on 3rd and 1, run on the 4Q drive)

- bad special teams (blocked FG)

- no discipline (how many 12 men on the field penalties this year? ). Must be a record

- crocodile hands in the secondary (this time Carrol)

Mac you are completely right. We have not had crap at QB since #13 and that has been too long. Please Ireland, consider making QB a priority this offseason. I think we should start Thigpen against the JETS to see what he's got since all we are good for now are spoilers for Playoff teams. Our defense cannot win us games, we need some kinda offense and that starts with the QB. He will make everyone better

i may be alone but i think we need to keep the head coach. I feel yhat the current HC and GM did not habe a chance to select these players. Give them one more offseason to make change with out Tuna over seeing this team

Henne bandwagon defenders???

Anybody? Anybody?

Oh...now you GET IT.

You're right JM. Here's all that needs to happen, either Pittsburgh or Baltimore go 1-4 or 0-5. Um, ok. Or Either NE or the Jets going 0-5. Ah, ok. And we go 4-0, including road wins over both NE and the Jets. And those are the facts.

Season is over. Offense needs the same overhaul our Defense had last draft. Had higher expectations for this year.

I agree with Mac

Same as in game blog....Henne Sucks!!

Well...I watched the ganme and I beleive the problem isc very poor coaching...Ive been a fan of Sparano till now...but I am starting to form the opinion that Sparano is out of his depth.Sure he has all the stats and he speaks like he has it all under control...but I really think this coach is a RA RA man only...I dont think this guy is a tactical genius or a superb coach...


1 How can it be acceptable that DB's cannot catch...its just NOT ACCEPTABLE and it must be poor coaching

2 The QB issue is now not clear.Henne looks only like he will be MEDIOCRE...not a franchise QB

3 The running game has collapsed.Ricky and Ronnie have REGRESSED from last year.Thats because we are now passing more and the play calling has been patchy at best.

I really think a POST MORTEM is required and what about the TALENT EVALUATION..????....Poor is being generous....it has been worse than poor...the drafting has been very poor now in hindsight...very poor...these guys pass on OBVIOUS talent...its a critical mistake

I want to thank Chad Henne for that disaster. I live in Cleveland and will never hear the end of this. Thanks LeBron for giving me something to respond with...

I say the fins need to go ahead and finish 6 and 10 and hope newton falls to them... We sure use a playmaking QB and some speed at RB.

Can they be any more conservative? Why not run the Wildcat all game and only throw it down the field two or three times. They are terrible!!

Impressive effort once again, overall, by the Phins' D.
However, Henne and Henning have to go. What a waste of three hours on most EVERY Sunday this football season. Running the ball on a third-and-10? Passing on a third-and-1? Wow, brilliant play calling. And our field-goal kicker is going to be an All-Pro because of the pathetic red-zone offense.
Fire Henning and let Henne go to another team's practice squad. Time for #184, or whatever it is up to now, to try to fill Marino's shoes.
Brandon Marshall? Overpaid, ball-dropping, female-beating whiner. What a waste of money.
Maybe if Purcells was the head coach there would be better overall play.

Sure hope so, QB.

You guys are funny....all this 'get rid of Henne' stuff. Who do you propose plays QB for the rest of the year? Thigpen? Great idea guys!! Wish you guys were running the show. We'd be 1-15 again in no time.

Do the DB's make any pick's in practice? I've never seen a secondary unit with so many chances for int's and at least 5 this season that hit them right in the hands, but not a clutch one this season.


Um, don't know if you got the memo, but 1-15's gonna be kind of hard since they've already won 6 games.

What a pathetic display! Can any of our DBs catch a friggin' football? And for once, I would like to see Henne get "pissed" when he screws up!

Someone know the Heimlich? Henne and Sparano need it.

Another December where the season is already done. Henne apologists, save it. We’ve heard it all week, and just like in the big games against the Steelers, Ravens, Jets and Pats, he spoke for you. What else do you need to see?

No apologies. No excuses. Last week it was Henne’s transformation, his rebirth. Guess what – it was the Raiders – still a bad team. Now, against an average to mediocre team, you see what you have. Dumb coach, dumb OC, dumb qb coach, a qb who is not accurate, makes bad decisions, and can’t lead. Another competent defensive effort wasted.

Looking at the defense – I see a professional team. Looking at the offense I see an awful display of coaching, play calling and quarterbacking.

This team is going the same route as the Rick Speilman/Wanny, CaMoron/Mueller teams. Simply because they are so convinced, so stubborn, and so idiotic as to not seriously invest in the most important position on the field. Quarterback.

Don’t worry you have 4 more weeks of the regular season, and a month of watching competent teams in the playoffs and SB who actually understand what even a successful Pop Warner coach knows- you need a good qb.

Why did parcells run away again?

If I'm HC Sparano, Henne is 3rd string NO MATTER WHAT.If I'm Sparano Henne is 3rd string. Season over. Henne will never be effective in the league. Let's give it to Thigpen F/T in practice (not 3 days) and if he continues to look lost than Branstader gets the call. Of course, Sparano won't do that because he coaches scared. Knows this is probably his only shot at NFL HC. He should go back to the best idea he had and that was to bench this BUM for ANYBODY. He's going to get another year anyway...unless Gruden makes a really dumb move.

There's a lot anger in this room! which is understandable. Henne is a second stringer at best. There are a lot of haters, but you have to realize it's henning who stands behind the center. We need to find a new offensive cord. and a new special teams coach. Sparano is a safe keep. your thoughts?

If it is as Crhis6323 has said then we have to throw in the towel. No sense in beating people for nothing.

Chad Henne is not going to be anything more than a good back-up QB in the NFL. Period. What QB's will be availble between picks 12 and 16 for the 2011 Draft. This is just awful football!!!!


I don't know, i think I've had enough of Henne AND HEnning. Henne's had enough snaps that he should be better than he is. Henning's driving the offensive bus, and the bus has gone nowhere.

nothing to discuss, season over

I think thigpen will start next week, at least see what he can do with a line.

its time to get Henne out of Miami--what are they

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