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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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henning is awful, we all know that. but henne was awful today, those first 2 ints were horrible throws.

"Again, Henning's playcalling is ridiculous and that is where i lay the blame."

So...by your outstanding logic, Henning threw 3 INTS and 15 this year. Moron. Go watch golf.

Cam Newton anyone?? And.There is a guy called Dennis Dickson(sp) in Pittsbourgh warming the bench,he has a good arm and and good legs!!??

Stop with the Matt Ryan. if he was here with Henning he would be struggling to. Parcells thought Ryan would be there for tge next pick. It happens, move on

there was no way the dolphins were gonna be 2 games over 500..there a average 500 team..the losing at home is the thing that needs to get sporano fired!

Well well well. Is it just me, or are there finally a bunch of fish fans calling for Henne's head? Everyone else in the league saw him for the michigan trash he was last December, but you all (including your clueless owner) were drinking the punch. How does the franchise look now after yet another December loss at the hands of Henne? What a loser. Single handedly cost them the game and a shot at the playoffs. Your team is in total disarray.


Henne is Zippy, why dont u go blow ur boyfriend jackoff?

Stop with the Matt Ryan stuff. The guy had a ton of question marks coming out of the draft and no one was complaining when we took Long over him.





We all had turkey.......now we henne defenders have crow

If they could've seen 3 years into the future I'm sure they would've picked Ryan

Well the good news is if Miami plays true to form, Bad game,good game, bad game, etc, There due a good game next week (Jets,Jets,Jets) and it is a away game... Go Phins....

Another fish season DONE OVER CAPUT. Its barely December. Good luck filling that toilet bowl for the bills and lions. LMFAO.


Just so I'm clear, who is the GOOD QB the fans want us to draft? Does anybody know for sure? I think Andrew Luck is going to be very good but other people have their doubts and obviously he is going to be gone when we pick. Is it Cam Newton everybody wants? I happen to this New ton Jemarcus Russell and Jason Campbell written all over him. Great, great college QB but does that mean he's going to be a great pro? There's not a single person on here who knows for sure. I think it's a complete waster of a pick, not to mention all the millions we'll have to commit to him.

Hey Totured why don't you go f**k yourself you piece of s**t. I wish you were standing in front of me rubbing salt in my wounds so I could rip your f***ing head off you f***ing coward.

Eleven years of paying Sunday ticket... hours wasted.... I just want punch that pudgey Henne's fat face. Any other quarter back fake pumps gets the defender to jump and lobs it over their head. I've seen children make better decisions...

yeah get ingram or any other back ..no more ricky and ronnie ..they are a bore..why wasn't cobbs playing more..nice drop by marlon moore ..thats why he wasn't drafted bad hands ..even on the td last week he bobbled the ball.

Henne is Zippy, another Madden GM who has a DirecTV package working as a fry cook. Get lost or shovel snow or something. I dont give two shyts what u think


Cam Newton has never taken a snap underneath center. Remember Pat White? Remember Tim Tebow?

Collegiate running qb's dont make it in the nfl. They are at greater risk of injury. This is the big boy league. Also qb's never taking snaps underneath center havent translated well into the nfl either.

see, see DirecTV Package, LMAO, get lost loser. I can care less u pay a couple bucks for DirecTV.

I bet henne is here next year, and Henning, williams and Brown won't be. The dude is put in the most awkward positions by the worlds worst coordinator and play caller.


We hate you for using all caps. Douche bag.

- The rest of the thread

Peyton Manning should be benched. He threw 3 picks last week and has already thrown 2 picks so far today against Dallas. What a f!cking bum!

What a GREAT day !!!!!!!!!!!!

Youtubr search henne is a joke....you won't bt be dissionpiatted

throwing a bullet deep in the middle to d.bess where he has to jump up?

The IMF have taken over my country this last week but this performance was a bigger disaster. We have a d but no o. Playoffs over now for this year. Should put Jake Long on IR now and get him surgery so he can recoup and be ready for next year. Also pull Henne and see what Thigpen can do. If he performs, then he's a keeper for next year, otherwise he's out. Why does Ronnie never throw out of the wildcat.... ever.

Ivan O Connell, Galway Ireland mauradoconnell@eircom.net

Trade the entire draft every year to get a franchise QB, then build a team around him, WE WILL NOT WIN WITHOUT A QB!!!

"We all had turkey.......now we henne defenders have crow"

Honesty Roman.

And, Santa Claus isn't coming.

In closing, Henne was, is and will always be a USELESS NFL (or CFL) QB. I am a very busy man today, and a busier Father. I must go now, much to your chagrin.

Everyone, call 954-452-7000 and tell the Dolphins owner to fire the bunch of them....let's let them hear from us....lets form the Dolphin Tea Party...enough of this being over taxed by Henne, Henning and Sparano

i have sat here all this year and half of last year and known that Henne isn't the answer. I waited and hoped i would be wrong but alas i was not. If you know anything at all about football then you know that you can usually tell by the first 5 or 6 games wether or not he has "it". Henne doesn't! I know thigpen didn't do much the other night but on short practice i thought he made some good throws. game may have been a little different if loud mouthed marshall had caught a couple of those balls.

Thank God the season is finally over, no more pain

Does ANYBODY actually believe Jeff Ireland has the stones to fire Sparano? I sure don't.

Henning will be gone for sure. Henne & Sparano believe it or not are still 50/50 because Ireland won't want to start over because he knows he doesn't have another 3 years before he's fired.

Besides does anybody really want Ireland to pick the next coach OR QB????

Have the Dolphins won a home game this year????

Oh yea they beat a team that had to go to their 3rd string qb and without Henne (no coincidence).

LMFAO. Why would anyone living in florida waste a Sunday watching these losers? I guess thats why the stadium is half empty. Maybe they will move to LA ...

How many dropped interceptions do we have this year? Include the ones we bobble back to the wide reciever.

I would play 10 guys and let Dan Marino use one of those segway two wheeled things. Please fire the OC and get a qb in the draft.

If we bring in a new and smart regime for 2011. I can almost guarantee it'll be Ronnie Brown and not Chad Henne that isnt here next season. No one in thier right minds signs Brown to a lucrative ufa contract.

Henne is working behind a lousy o line, three possesion recievers, no tight end, and two used up backs. all in all I say he's doing ok. Oh plus he takes orders from two of the biggest fools as coaches in the nfl.

Drew Brees, second year 16 Ints. Drew Brees 3 rd year 15 ints. Gain some knowledge

This team is pitiful

shaggy..you're right on!

T. Martin,

I just wished Ireland had the balls to fire himself!!!

.... and when you say Miami you're talking SUperBowl. LMFAO.

I'm not going to defend Henne's performance, but I'll still support Henne as The Miami Dolphins QB of the future, Ha Ha!

All you posters that are trying to lay the BLAME on any one person are just showing how extremely ignorant you really are!

You wussbags are pathetic, funny though and thanks for the comic relief during a bad time. But you wussbags are pathetic nonetheless.

Henne stunk it up today? Yeah, but who didn't you freaking non football knowing excuses of fans.

The defense played real good, except when it came to making any game changing plays. In case you were too busy typing dimb shyt to notice there were plenty of opportunities. They literally dropped the ball, AGAIN!

At least Henne and Fasano made a play. Did Marshall or Hartline? Ricky or Ronnie? How about Wallace or Moore? Ronnie did make one game changing play, he sealed the deal for Cleveland, you knee jerk, jerk offs!.

Not that it mattered but SpOrano called one of the stupidest time outs I've ever seen and the guys upstairs got an assist on that braintrust fart!

Henning was his usual senile self, destroying any chance for any rythim by calling Wild cat plays despite the fact that the conventional run game was somewhat effective. I could go on and on about the 3rd and long run plays or the obvious and expected, lets play for overtime prevent offense! It's just a lot easier to say I told you so about Grandpa back in 08. Yeah, EVEN WHEN WE WENT TO THE PLAYOFFS!

Special teams even gave up points on the opening drive and gift wrapped Cleveland some early momentum.

So yeah, any and all of you knee jerk douchebags that want to point the fingers at any one individual are just proving to everyone exactly how Effing stupid you really are!

This was a colossal team failure on every conceivable level. TEAM FAILURE, as Home would say: You get that? Huh?

no more ronnie brown and ricky williams..what about that drop by ricky williams on 3rd down..ronnie had some huge hole and doesn't have the gear to get more..

Ronnie Brown is one of the worst 5th overall pick rb's in nfl history. This is now 5yrs of waiting for him to become the elite rb's he was projected to be.


TWO really good points. Does everyone think Peyton Manning is hopeless and a loser after his performance this last week and this week. Or does it make more sense that his job becomes a LOT tougher without a supporting cast. Who, outside of Wayne, are his receivers these days? A bunch of nobodies and guys that weren't drafted. How's his running game been this season? How's he making out without Dallas Clark to bail him out? See any parallels to what's going on here in Miami guys?

Also, DB, totally agree that Brown won't be around next year and not Henne. The guy is a shadow of his former self. Can't believe people don't see that.

SOrry to say but ... the coaching staff needs to go. Parcells who the f-is he .. he did nothing here.. Look where the Cowboys are see the same in Miami which kills me... I have had enough.. mail the remaining games in a hopefully pull off the #1 drafy pick via trade and get the god damn QB !!

LMFAO LOL CYA, I'm a 12 year old girl.

I got nothing..... :(

Well I think we have to draft a QB now. Agg so frustrating. Bad decisions by henne. Henning needs to go but we could have won this game if it wasn't for henne.
They should just play for draft position now. There is always next year :-(

The Ball Boy & Coach Fisy Pump must be gone ASAP.

Tuna must be hauled before Int'l Court of Justice in The Hague & prosecuted for cromes against Dolphin Fans.

Henne need to go to A/C Repair school so he can work for AllYear fulltime.

DRAFT A QB...............hopefully one currently wearing an Auburn or Stanford jersey.

I'm headed to the gay bar to find a Mark Sanchez looking boy toy, I can't wait to slob his knob!!!

..... so the Dolphins are the laughing stalk of the AFC East yet again. At least the Bills have an excuse. Their front office, coaching staff, and players are a joke. Same goes for the fans. Way to pack the stadium for a meaningful game.

ross needs to clean house. all coaches except for nolan should be gone. Ireland gone. Henne gone. Get some people that know how to draft. all the good players on this team came from free agency or were undrafted free agents.


It's worse than you think....Ronnie Brown went SECOND overall the year he was drafted. Cadillac Williams went 5th.


What little credibility I had for Brown all discipated after seeing him on numerous occassions being brought down by the 5'11 less than 200lb Joe Haden. This is ridiculous, Brown is well over 230 lbs.

What a great day! I love the fish misery!

Enjoy watching two real football teams play Monday night. Both in your division. You are nowhere close.

ronnie brown was the 2 pick of the whole draft..without having 1000 yards in a season in college.next week we play the guy we should have drafted braylon edwards ..i know hes been up and down but don't you guys think this guy with have help us win more games and have more explosive plays than ronnie brown who looks like a fullback..no speed.

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