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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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Henne QB rating 37.8, a benchable performance

I'd like to know who the secondary coach of this team is. How come no one is calling for this joker to be fired? I've never seen a secondary with cement hands like we do. Already this season I've seen 'gimme' dropped balls by Smith (several), Clemons, Sapp and today Carroll. Does the team PRACTICE making these catches? If they do then they should be practising more. How come we ALWAYS drop these right when they are needed most....with the game on the line.....pitiful guys!! I'm calling for the secondary coaches head on a platter....not good enough!!

And Sean Smith....thanks for falling down again at another key point in the game. We can always count on you to screw up!


You suggest we draft a qb when no potential great will be available when we draft? There's more potential to waste our 1st rd pick by getting someone even worst than Henne.

You suggest we compound not having a 2nd rd pick by thoroughly blowing the 1st rd pick huh?

odineye - you are totally sauced if you think its Henning. You got it all BACKWARDS. Henning can not make chicken salad out of chicken shyt. That is the problem. Go suck hennes wet noodle now.

I was a henne defender but his incosistancy is stagering. The difference between Henne and sanchez. Sanchez actually drove down the field and got the winning field goal. Not sure if with a real OC his inconsistancy can be cured. He is what he is. Not sure if we can ever be over 500 with henne. We just have to keep drafting QB's.

todd bowles is the secondery coach..he's a piece of s@@.


This is the kind of thinking we get from the fans....well thought out stuff. 'Get rid of Henne.....draft another QB'......brilliant strategy guys!! Like that's an easy thing to do. More chance of failure!

Henne is the problem everyone and the QB position has to be the number 1 priority this off season. We need a starter and a 3rd stringer

put it plain and simple.. chad henne sucks!! he is not the future... btw 3rd and 8 and we running the ball? the OC is the worst play caller!! give it up phin fans.. we got another 3rd place finish... damn with this ever change?? why even bother watching anymore? makes me sick 2 my stomach..

DB, I'm not sure who is a prospect in this draft. But I do think we need to keep drafting QB's until we find one that is consistant. It seems henne is too much of a head case to win consistantly. Look at his games at home this year. Regardless of opponent he's been terrible.

sean smith is always falling down or slipping ..he looks mjackson in the movie the ''the wiz''

Henne needs to go to the UFL and play. The O-line should go with him too.

And Henning can meet Addazio @ Barnes & Noble to read up on being an OC in the 21st Century.

This regime is done and they know it.

Sean Smith has NEVER fallen down while Tweeting!

How can Tuna look himself in the eyes in his mirror in the a.m.???

He did nothing here.....we're back to Square One.

so the game-ending pick which was tipped, is all on henne? ... i bet no one was complaining when he tied the game. you guys don't know jack.

Mando, it is truly painful to watch this team play football. I cringe everytime the offense takes the field. I have been waiting for the fins to find a qb since Marino left and it looks like we are going to have to wait some more. We drafted some turkeys and the Parcells driven regime hasn't found the answers we need. Is there any way we can get a gm or head coach who can find the qb we need to consistantly get into the playoffs. Is there anyone out there?

Firing Henning is SO last month.

The Ball Boy & Fist Pump should go first.

Simply put - Parcells screwed us! Bad Free Agents, bad draft choices. Still, after 3 years, no kick/punt return speed, no WR speed, no speed RB and no QB. And as bad as all that, he hired a clueless, gutless Head Coach. Fire the entire staff now (except for Nolan), make Nolan the INTERIM Head coach, and hire Bill Cowher!

Ok, let's review. Was Hartline out there today? How about BMarsh? Did we have any speed out there to stretch the field? Bess is quick people not fast, hence he is a slot receiver at best. What about our TE's? Fasano can't outrun Barton or Roth. Sad!! So while Henne had a terrible game, who does he have to throe to? Please DO NOT TELL ME Wallace and the other undrafted kid. Also, for those old enough to remember, Terry Bradshaw was booed out of Pittsburgh, replaced twice as a starter and once they put some talent around him, Oh Yeah, they won 4 Super bowls. Also, was Elway any good his first 3 years. NO! Cut Henne a break.

AngryFinFan - uh helloooo - Hartline was out there WIIDDEEE open for a TD and henne way under threw it, interception #1 of 3.


This is a very weak qb class, had Henne come out with this 2011 qb draft class he would be a top 10 pick. Tells you how weak this class is.

Andrew Luck everyone's consensus #1 collegiate qb hasnt even played against a top 20 college defense all season. That what's scary about this kid to me. The best college defense he played against was Arizona and he struggled a bit against them. Look the stats up for yourself.

His best game was against MT Union. That sounds like a place where cheerleader pom-poms are made.

all our loses this year at home have been vs. great teams ..now we lose vs. a bad team..tony sporano ''get a shovel cause you're in deep s@##!

odineye - you are totally sauced if you think its Henning. You got it all BACKWARDS. Henning can not make chicken salad out of chicken shyt. That is the problem. Go suck hennes wet noodle now.

Posted by: eyot | December 05, 2010 at 05:13 PM

Your ignorance shines through. I knew you wouldn't let me down.

You're calling me sauced because YOU say I'm blaming Henning? You drunk effing dolt, you just read my post. I called it a colossal TEAM DEBACLE.

You can't defend Henning or any other part of this team, top to bottom, after todays performance. Have a latte and try again later.

You need to leave the blog to those of us who have a little sense and some comprehension skills!

Thanks for making my point for me douche bag!!!!

I think its time to start looking for the new head coach. Sporano doesn't have it. Just 10 points. The offense havn't done much all year.

Even if we have Mark Ingram in our gunsights Belichek may use some of his many picks to leapfrog us and steal Ingram away.

Be happy you fin fans are in sunny Florida and not stuck in Massachusetts between Pat fans and Jet fans!. I've got ticket to the Pats game on Jan 2nd...at this point I'd rather watch from my couch. I wish I had done something better with that $150!!!

Chad Henne sucks!

WE NEED .............................................................................................................................................. QB

Henning is the worst OC in the league. I think it's safe to say he's gone.


Enjoy watching two real football teams play Monday night. Both in your division. You are nowhere close.

Posted by: TorturedDolphan | December 05, 2010 at 05:11 PM

I Rarely agree with this type of Douche bag, but he's correct........

MARSHALL SAID ........WE NEED SOME FUNN ..................WE NEED A QB

Only thing matching up with a need area of ours according to where we will most like pick in the first round is rb. If we have chance to get Mark Ingram we have to pounce. At least two of the top rated qb's will be gone by the time we pick and if we pass on Mark Ingram for a 3rd rated draft qb we are completely nuts!!!

Henning is irrelevant at this point.

Fire Ball Boy & Fist Pump.

Bring Tuna to Int'l Crt of Justice in the Hague to be tried for crimes against humanity.

It'd be a start.

Christmas Gone Wish List: 1 = Henning, 2 - Henne, 3 - Sparano, 4 - Who ever says they are in charge of special team play! This team is pathetic! Bad decisions, bad execution and bad offensive leadership! Oh yea, Crowder needs to go too!
Please Santa, give us a respectable team one of these years! And Please keep Parcells out of the equation! He is a quitter!

The whole coaching staff needs fired , Henne replaced in the draft and all fans given a rebate from the owner for this poor team.

BLA..BLA...BLA..........WE NEED A QB .

sparano has to go. dolphins are one of the most underachieving teams in the league


The Ronnie Brown experiment in Miami should end after this season. If we resign him I pity the fools. Dolphins front office dont be fools. Draft Mark Ingram If he's available.

Hate Chad Henne? Need a good laugh? Watch this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8bzZEtOcb8

And in advance, you are welcome.


Have no fear fellow dolphins fans. Having not yet heard Sparano's news conference, I can, however, guess at the good news. Jon Amaya and Marlon Moore got better today! Our practice squad looks better every week! Look to the future!

WTH isnt anyone saying Ronnie Brown must go is what I dont understand.

wo will be our next qb?


RELEASE Henne!!! He is not capable of consistant good decisions... i would be okay with keeping Wake, Dansby, Long, Bess, Hartline, Marshall, Davis, just start over with the rest of the team including coaches...

I think Parcells ganked us hard!

Still, to say he did nothing isn't quite accurate or fair.

Since he came in our Defense has steadily improved. We have a bunch of 1st and second year players making up a top 5 defense.

I've always heard defenses win championships. God I hope it's true!

I think today's performance sealed Henne's fate. He's as inconsistent a quarterback as there is in the league. Average teams do not become really good teams with inconsistent play from the quarterback position. The Fins probably won't get to draft Andrew Luck, but they'll probably have a shot at Ryan Mallet, who's worth a look. Henne has had his opportunity to at least show he's progressed as a quarterback but failed miserably.

Dear Mr. Sparano and Mr. Ireland:

The good news is that your defense is playing great. This is probably because you guys have a genius running the show now -- a situation that even you two guys can't screw up. You did not draft the guy a NT or a real SSOL, but the guy has made Soliai and Missi look like stars. And, he has made your decision to get rid of Jason Taylor look incredibly insightful, almost golden.

If you have not figured it out, the bad news is that your jobs are now really on the line. Your offense is terrible and you can't win at home. Tuna is no longer here to protect your butts. He told you before he headed permanently to the track and golf course that Henne was not progressing. But, you did not listen. You thought you knew better. I wonder what the genuis on defense thought about that decision? Wasn't he a head coach in past? Sorry, I digressed!

You need to do something -- like now. Don't think about waiting until the offseason and going after McNabb. I am not an idiot like Dan Snyder. I suggest you do something now. First, I strongly suggest you give the play calling duties over to Chad Pennington. I am paying his salary. Since is arm is gone, please think about using his brain which works at a much higher processing speed and far greater RAM than than the Commodore 64 you have up in the press box. Just let the Commodore think he is in charge until the end of the season. If you think he is staying, you will be following him out the door when I have to take action.

Second, I suggest you hand the Robot a clipboard and designate him the emergency QB. Only use him if everyone else is dead. Give that Thigpen kid a try - a real try -- not one with a crippled OL against the Bears. Although the kid might make some mistakes, at least he is exciting and might put some more fans in the seats. Besides, at least HE only threw one INT against the first class Bears defense and had a 67.7 passer rating versus the three INTs and the 37.1 passer rating the Robot had versus the Brownies defense with Roth and Bowens that we got rid of.

I really hope you guys wake up or you will find out just how high the unemployment rate really is -- and, you'd better hope that Obama and Congress pass an extension to the unemployment insurance because the way you guys have been at it lately you might be unemployed for a long time. I did not buy this team, pay a ton of money for Dansby & Marshall, and predict a trip to the SB, only to look like a fool because of what you guys are putting on the field and in the press box.

Wake up now! Your time is running out.



okay....I admit that right now I'm hot under the collar.

SO: Defense: yes, BUT JT mistake; SSmith-meh; Safeties---still debatable. Keep Nolan.


three yrs & $$$$$$Millions later...........no O-Line except for Jake; Special Teams a Joke; WR weak; TE weak; Young RB weak; No QB.

So can we settle on "NEXT to nothing" and "crimes against humanity"?


I don't think there is any chance we'll get Ingram. He'll go in the top 10 for sure. Ireland will trade down looking for 6th and 7th round acorns.

bring in the clowns! turn off the lights the party is over...


Why not research before snatching something out of your a s s. Biggest rap against Ryan Mallett is boneheaded decisions and picks at the most inopportune times. What a wast of a #1 pick for something we already have.

Let you have your way and we'll start over with maybe a worse version of Henne, no 2nd rd pick, and still have to settle for keeping sorry a s s Ronnie Brown to boot.

Very well thought post you made buddy!!!

ingram runs like a fat white guy too slow... finz should draft thay hilton kid from FUI.

BESS................ 9 MILL
DANSBY...........42 MILL






I checked some mock drafts and most project Mark Ingram top 15 based on team needs and projected draft slots. Just saying if he's sitting there when we draft we have to pounce.

Most mocks project us to draft 12th-15th. Which seems reasonable based on today's performance.

Again, Drew Brees, 16 picks year 2. 15 picks year 3. Peyton Maning 9 picks in 3 games. Difference between them and Henne? An OC who lets them keep slinging and know how to call a modern football game. All u Henne haters go back to ur X-Box 360 and ur Madden GM and fantasy football and stay there. It took us ONE draft, Karlos Dansby and a new DC to give us a formidable defense. Its not a good year BUT its also not time to start over again.



rev slick,

Thats right lets blow our 1st rd pick on a kid from FIU. Your f!cking genious man.

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