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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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Here is my list for cleaning house.

1. henning
6.Woever the turnstile is at right tackle, name is slipping me.

dying breed is wrong finz will trade down for a 2nd and 3RD pick and draft a LG and a punter...


You just recomended only keeping three players from the youngest top 5 defense out there!

Dude, sober up and get a grip. If you have to drive tonight, drive careful for everyones sake!

DyingB, maybe it was you that said earlier, with all the picks Belichek has, he could leapfrog over us. He knows what he is doing. If he thinks Ingram is as good as you do, he will do just that.

Thank u ALoco, very HARD week. I wish it on no one.

The game plan today was WHAT again????
Play to keep it close?????
Play for Fg`s????
I just don`t understand how a Team comes out so FLAT at Home?????


yt hilton from FIU will be the finz pick if they keep their 1RD pick. also dying b is a jive turkey...

I always love the fact that at home we wear those ugly all white uniforms. Because there has always been a belief that they are better in hot weather. Even though all the rest of the NFL florida and California teams wear there dark jersey's for home games. It has always been a myth to me.

At Least It Was Not A Blow Out.......

The defense looks set, with the exception of not getting any big plays from the secondary. hoping V.Davis would progress this season.


haven't given up on Henne, but you gotta draft a QB this year. thiggy is not the answer as back up anyway.

Need RB!!!!!

need OL

need new OC.

Next year, with improved ST, we'll be contenders



Yes.....but they will have played at the Senior Bowl or have been scouted by the Cowboys according to our info, or be "secretly" coveted by Bellicheat (a la PWhite) so that will make it a true Ireland "diamonds in the rough" draft.

Then they can party at Club LIV with Odrick after they are placed on IR.

Im all for letting Ricky go. Ronnie is a big question mark. I believe Ronnie is not totally recovered from his injury yet. DyingBreed is right, Ingram looks like he will be a force.

Wow, amazing loss. The team has so many pieces in place that are important to winning:

DEFENSE - run stuffing NT, shutdown CB, pass rushing OLB, edge setting OLB, DE depth...
but nobody who creates turnovers!!!

OFFENSE - reliable TE, stalwart LT, possession WR, speedy WR...
but nobody who makes big plays!!!

So, so, so, so, frustrating!

But Henne only makes 600K !!

SORRY ALoco...gotta bust your ba-ls..(in an "lighthearted" 'Good Spirited' sort of way.)

I remember how OUTRAGED you were, a while ago, over his low salary.

What a difference 2 months make...

He's looking an awful lot like a career backup at this point.

They either screwed with his throwing motion or the Offensive game planning is horrific. -- Its probably a little of both.

On the BRIGHT SIDE they have a chance to lure the Jets into a "trap" game next week!

Comparing Henne to Manning and Brees, are you kidding me? They would have never underthrown the ball that short to Hartline. Heck, Pat White would have at least overthrown the ball -- it would have not been intercepted. Henne was pathetic.

Now with the season is officially dead, it will be interesting only to see if Sparano can keep the players motivated or if they will all just check out on him.

theres bobby d 12 again defending his buddy henne. look at these posts bobby. i believe you are the only one who thinks that suck bag henne is any good. you two were made for each other!

Aloco: (@ 5:55 PM)



I think we're all hot under the collar. At least your clinging to some rationale!

I would be fine with "NEXT to nothing".

Before the trial begins could get about 5 minutes alone with him? PLEASE!

maybe the finz can hire L. Shannon to be the ST's coach...

Cam Newton is definitely not the answer. What the F is wrong with you people. If you want a QB -Kellen Moore or Jake Locker. Def not Newton. ?Newton is typical college QB. Thank God none of you guys coach this team. In fact, i am real disappointed with the fan base in south florida. a total bunch of self entitlement buffoons. seriously, ross should move this team outta here and LA would love this team the way it is. Sparano ain't the problem, henning and qb coach is. ?They need marino to coach henne. you guys get on him about touch. f- touch. just throw the ball chad. i am starting to think that not only is miami full of transplants but violators of incest too.

what are the top 5 qb prospects next years draft? I think we need to build a running team with henne as game manager and keep drafting QB's until we find one.

you are correct finslover hackoby harris should be the fins 1RD pick... cant be any worst than that robot henne.

all i want for christmas is a new qb,a new hc, a new oc, some dbs, some cbs, some lineman and a playoff. is that too much to ask for?

Now that our season is over all I want is for the jets to miss the playoffs. Go pats tomorrow and go phins next week

Henne fans (if there are any left). We need a QB. Dave Hyde sums it up here:

Tony Sparano and Dan Henning told you again what they think of Chad Henne on the opening drive. On a third-and-10 from Cleveland’s 31, Ricky Williams took a handoff up the middle for an 8-yard gain. Dan Carpenter’s field-goal attempt was blocked.

You can blame the Dolphins for being conservative. I did. The problem is, Henne then confirmed why they fear him. In the second quarter, Hartline broke wide open deep. Henne underthrew him. A touchdown turned into an interception.

Five passes later, Henne threw to a double-covered Davone Besse over the middle. That was intercepted, too.

Henne had a 30.2 rating at half . It rose to 37.2 through three quarters.

finslover are you kidding me? locker or moore. thats the funniest sh%t i ever heard. i guess you didn't watch the auburn game.

rev slick,

There's a guy who goes byn the name of Haley Comet you should take a very long and hard look at too.

LOL @ finslover. No kidding that community does not deserve a team. i think miami's most rabid fans live out of state. All those orange seats for a home game is just embarrassing. Not to many football savvy folks down there. They are more worried about clubbing or chasing sand crabs.

all you fools got it wrong jacoby "pick 6" harris will be the next fins QB... also dying breed is a stone cold sucka! ingram is still too slow and his dad is a bumb...

Bench Peyton Manning, another pick six!!!

that's because they dont believe in what they are putting out on the field either. it's straight up garbage.

wow - Henne was just a awful. Stares, stares, stares. Poor throws (how about the awfully short throw to a wide open & streaking Harline?). Throws to guys covered while others are open. Just terrible.

77 newton will be another jamarcus russel, a bum. Tons of guys win the heisman who are garbage in the nfl.


Was that just Peyton Manning's SECOND pic 6 in this game?

And four in two weeks?

Cowboys are lighting the Colts up, and the Colts looked good until that last pass...

BOTH teams are LIGHT YEARS ahead of ours.

Cowboys canned their HC and the starting QB is out.

In fact, I'm pretty sure almost all the teams that canned their HC mid-season have starting winning..

What could I be proposing?

A few thoughts

Henn proved today his critics were right. How anyone can defend him is beyond the pale. The worst thing is, no promising rook on the bench, little chance next(?) year of getting one.

Parcells went all in with Henne and hauled ass when he realized he painted himself into a corner.

it will be nice to see the canes get the smack down from notre dame.

rev slick,

Jeff Ireland will pass on Mark Ingram after asking him has his father ever "tossed salads".

Ireland will then pass it off as a culinary line of questioning after evryone knows Mark Ingram's father is in prison.

Stat of the day: The Dolphins had 16 possessions Sunday and one trip to the red zone that resulted in a touchdown.


no way, newton is what they need, a big guy who can run and pass.

The Dolphins need to look to the future and continue to develop Henne, a very good quarterback who has shown glimpses of talent throughout the year mixed with young rookie mistakes.

The organization also needs to stop overreacting like they did before the Tenn game when they benched Henne and traded Jason Allen (who had been one of the leagues top defensive backs).

It's ironic that Miami lost this game to two former players Bowens and Roth.

sorry scott, a little too late for that. no more trying to develop a loser. send him on his way.

Gruden next year. This team sucks!

Parcells is an F'King Quitter.

The only way to strike back at him is to fire his underlings Ball Boy & Fist Pump.

Do any of you honestly think that Sparano will ever get a whiff of a head coaching job after he leaves here (or coordinator, for that matter---he's a frikkin position coach)??

KC got Pioli & Haley, Falcons "lost" Tuna & got Dmitrov & Smith.......and we got Ball Boy & Fister.

When will this curse be lifted, Oh Lord??

OK FELLAS I JUST SAW THE INT..THAT WAS A FLUKE INT..A BADLUCK PLAY..A CURSE..it's called the lebron james curse..he spend 7 years in clevland the browns were real bad..now he goes to the heat..and the dolphins are feeling the curse..and the browns are in the up swing it happen with shaq o'neal.when he came here the fins went down saban..was a flop after showing good his first year ..than cam cameron waS bad..now shag left the the fins were in the up swing..with sporano a young qb in henne..and a up and comming team..well now james comes to miami and sporano is looking bad henne looks bad..and the fins team are becomming bad ..with i made add good talent..that means we have 7 years of bad football with james here..and the only thing that can break that spell is gruden or bill c..

@scott jason allen was one of the top CB's in what league the ALF? UFL? jason allen was a huge Nick Satan Bust!

Newton...no Newton...I don't care WHO we draft in the 1st round, just MOVE UP and draft the best QB possible.

I've been a Henne basher since last year and am sadly feeling vindicated today...I'll say it one more time:
Real Talent Shows Up EARLY and OFTEN....Henne has not displayed any talent that tells me he is an elite QB.

Wow, have you seen these deep balls by Manning?

Could there be a Warren Moon out there in the CFL?

Fins got lucky once with Wake. Maybe it's time for a QB.

they will do nothing, sparano will say at least you went out there and had fun. great effort guys. what a dumbass!



he does play like one though.

is it time for baseball yet?

!. Jerry Jones hit it right on the mark with, "Bill ain't worth a sh*t."

2. When Henne said Tebow was not an NFL QB, he
was speaking from 1st hand knowledge and ex-

3. The Dolphins sad saga of being a revolving
coaching and QB door continues once again.

4. Might as well start Thigpen for the rest of
the season to see if we need to keep or can
him for next season.

5. Henning without a question needs to go into

6. Sparano is not head coach material.

7. B Marshall is gonna be a major problem and
detriment to this team. Need to unload him

8. Mike Nolan has done a very good job in a
short amt of time.

9. Gruden or Cowher needs to be pursued at any

10. A solution for special teams needs to be
found ASAP.

11. Ross needs to pay out for football playing
superstars and not dancing/singing stars.

12. Ireland appears not to be the man. Two con-
secutive failures with the Cowboys and now
the FINS.

13. Inconsistency is the identity of this offense
that's loaded with talent, it should be clear
that the scheme, coaching, small O-line and
QB are the problems, special teams included.

14. Cam Wake is an unstoppable Pro-Bowl player!

15. The Miami Herald needs better sportswriters.

3 years of rebuilding and we are at average. Has there been any 2nd round picks that has worked? There is a reason Bill Parcells took off. He does not want to be blamed for this mess. DBs cannot catch, oline cannot block, QB cannot play, no receiver speed, Ronnie does more dancing than running, Jeff Ireland does not know talent, and Henning cannot play call anymore.

Stat of the day (2nd place)

Henne QB rating 37.2

Since 72,

Youre right Dez Bryant just had another long k/o return only it was brought back by hold on Sam Turd.

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