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Browns beat Dolphins, 13-10

Folks, the Browns beat the Dolphins 13-10 today.

Terrible. Season over? Probably.



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Thigpen played for a horrible team and a joke of a coach 2 years ago. Brees Manning Elway weren't exactly stellar in their first season either, if you are going to keep him on the roster, why not take advantage of checking him out in real games now, and please don't tell me about the oakland game, even Brady would have suffered starting under the same conditions.

This is what happens when you pass on a franchise QB(Matt Ryan) and draft a LT(Jake Long) instead. But you will never here this from the Dolphins propaganda sportswriter Armando Salguero. Henne is trash. He will never be nothing more than mediocre.

Really Ireland stunted Henne from the start of the year by failing to acquire a speed WR.

Of course if the Dolphins had a speed WR Henning would refuse to call vertical pass routes for him so no matter.

Sparano is incompetent. It all goes to the head coach.


saw all i ever want to see of thiggy in the bears game he sucks worse that henne


You may have a point. Playing Thiggy may guarantee us a 6-10 record and certain 2011 top 10 draft status. That may not be such a bad idea after all!

that is a fact Breed

nfl netwrok saying ross will be under alot of pressure from the fan base to fire the staff. sure hope he does

henne isn't drew brees or peyton manning. we do need a young faster running back. the safties don't have to play up because ricky is the only back who can break a long one and that is rarely. i still would give thigpen a shot. henne had time on the hartline interception and the second one also. sam bradford is a rookie and he sees the field better than henne. his recievers aren't the greatest either.

time to do what ever it takes to get a winner in town


bill_cnnrs, why dont u come down and pay me $6000.00 for next years tickets? Then you can watch them "start over" again and i wont have any problems. If not then i dont wanna hear about starting over again. After next year if they want to "start over" then my contract is over and then i wont be obligated to buy them anymore.


Who cares what the NFL Network has to say on the topic. Was it that genius Michael Irvin who said that? This team is nuts if they blwo things up. We're not goog and we're not there yet but there are some good ppieces inplace that I would want to continue building on.


you are quick to judge a player who had one bad season? wow

Then watch Henne all you want, he's no better, and no fun to watch. I'd rather lose with a gunslinger instead of a popgun.

Less than 3 min left in the game need a score....
run on 1st down.

Who does that?

D Henning.

It's just pathetic.

the more the cowboys win the more jon gruden,becomes ours then happy days dolphans

Chad henne will become a good qb eventually... I think he needs a good coach to coach up his skills to nfl level.


Right now our major problem is just finding one real qb, why do you propose finding 2?

No, I wouldnt fire the coach. If I owned this piece of crap organization I would sell the entire damn franchise with the stipulations the new owner must move the team to LA!

sorry...i meant bobbyd12

Season is not over. We need a competitive QB. How do we do that? I don't know.

u signed up for them bobbyd, buyers beware brother. hell i have to pay for season tickets to kc and i never even go.

Thigpen would have faired better than Henne today. Henne was awful the whole game, maybe his worst game a pro, should have been benched.

craig m-wat we need is a better head coach he doesnt have to blow up the team,our defense is fine wit nolan

like what craig m? ross im guessing will start over with his staff if they lose 3 of last 4. which is a good chance


Mr. Ross's "Fan Base" is people like "me" who buy tickets, not the DirecTV crowd and I have let Mr. Ross know I am not interested in "Starting Over" again

henning will join tuna dude he will retire Sparano will get a young aggresive OC and we will continue to build

get off the thigpen thing, he is awful. u keep playing henne



agreed, Henne should have been benched in 3rd quarter. I honestly believe Thig would have pulled it out. he's good in those conditions.

if we spend this years draft on good offensive guys we will be good next year this past draft was all D


I forgot, henne is awesome.

Peyton Manning 11 picks in the last 3 games. We love you Chad Henne!!! LOL

guys come off the thiggy wagon he is garbage complete garbage

my opinion the whole O suxs. we have a backup qb playing starter, our OL can't protect anything, ronnie can't run, we have no legitimate threat at WR though Marshall has done well, he can't catch a TD.

on a positive note our D has been our saving grave. when given the chance ricky can run even at 34.

lacking a true leader this team just appears over matched week in week out.

i say fire sparano, henning, get what you can for ronnie, make henne the backup qb once you find a true elite qb either through the draft or trade.

for now options are limited, thiggy looked like a chicken with no head. we need everyone on O to step up there game. henne needs to start screaming at his players like that qb in dallas kitka( hope i got that right). he yells at the WR when they drop passes.

thats my 2 cents.

sad but ture.....


Mr Kahn,

What makes you think the next head coach will keep Nolan as Head Coach? What makes you think Nolan will want to work with the new Head Coach. Head coaches are want to bring thir own co-ordinators in. They want guys they are familiar with. It's their neck on the line and they want to swim with the guys they know. A lot of assumptions there, Mr Khan. Chances are if changes are made, the whole damn thing will be blown up. That's what you guys want?

Any of you depending on this 2011 draft are in for rude awakening. For one we better take Mark Ingram if we have a chance.

We have no 2nd rd pick and the chance of finding gems the 3rd rd and lower in an already weak draft are close to nil. We definitely need to supplement this weak draft class with at least one impact free agency signing.

bobbyd12 fractured his cranium this blog should get rid of him he sucks.

henne isnt awesome, but hes the only qb on the roster that has a shot at being our future qb. thigpen is a decent number 2

Its not "buyers beware" bill_cnnrs. One thing i will guarantee u bill, they start over and Im done. We have done nothing but "start over" for the past 14 years. Enough is enough. You dont start over especially when you have built a defense that is really good in one draft and a new DC. You continue to build like all the good teams. The Pitts, NE, Indys dont "start over" every three fu@kin years. Its ridiculous what u guys think builds a winning team.


Who wudnt look like a chicken with no head, with no-oline and no gameplan?

The season is over. Henne is gone for good. We need Cam Newton, do whatever that needs to be done to get this guy.

mr ross has to tell him to keep nolan n if its jon gruden he is smart enough to see wat nolan is doin,that way he can focus on the offence

No matter how hard you try ro be tolerant some people just stay some dumB A S S stuff.....

agree with you DB although i enjoyed watching 11-5 one year, it did hurt us more in the long run. could have had 2 high pick years back to back.

Thigpen needs more shots to see if he can do it. Thats why i say he plays the season out.

well let's see. they definitely are not going forward or moving in the right direction, so i would guess you have to start over. hmmmmmm. that makes sense. even ryan fitzpatrick is better than your boy henne!

bond 9 Once you get ur boyfriends co@k out of ur ass come back and try to say something related to football

Craig M,

I agree there's no guarantee Nolan will be around if this entire thing gets blown up. The new regime may even want to go back to a 4-3 defense.

I like Sparano, but I don't think he is one of the sharper HC in the league. He'll never win anything. He'll never get another HC position after this. He'll go back to coach the oline somewhere.



cant fault you there tdeck, but thiggy doesnt sit back in the pocket. the minute he feels the pressure he runs to one side or the other. at least henne sits in there and hey i dont even like henne!

whats all this talk about next year and starting ovet does anyone realize were closer to a lock out than a next year effort? these players should be playing like if it was the last year of the NFL at least until the CB is done.

We have a competent coach on staff in Mike Nolan. Let him run the team and get him a GM to make some good personnel decisions and upgrade the talent. Henne is a clipboard holder. 2nd string at best

I can't say Henne is not to blame for this loss, but what the FLIP is up with the play calling. How many times this season have we not been in 3rd and 1 or 3rd and less than 1 and a pass is called that ends up on the ground. I think its time for a change not only at QB but at the coaching positions as well...

Cam Newton wins a nationally televised game, probaly the only game some of u have watched and he is a savior!! whohoo, what a joke

time to go get bill cowher Now im tried of loseing like this?

to me there is no hope for this organization. they enjoy being losers. as long as they are getting paid they don't give a damn about fans or what we think or especially what we have to say. bobbyd12 you really think they give two sh$ts that you wont be a season ticket holder anymore? NO. some other shmuck will take your club seats instead!

bobbyd, for someone who recently suffered a difficult personal loss, I would think you'd have learned there are bigger things in life than calling people offensive names simply because they don't agree with you. Debate is fine, state your point, being personally offensive simply because you don't agree with someone is just plain unwarranted.

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