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Browns lead Dolphins 10-3 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins need offense.

They trail, 10-3 after the Browns went 94 yards on six plays in the third quarter.

The Dolphins are driving. But they haven't reached the dead, I mean, red zone yet. So we'll see what happens.

The live blog continues.


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That was good pocket awareness by Henne.

I like the fact that Henne is willing to run for the first down.

The Wildcat is good for 3-4 yards.

ronnie brown had a pass-run option, but how much of an option is it when he's got only one WR on that side of the field?

Am I the only one who sees that when the Fins get desperate they go wildcat?

Someone check Mando's "soda" ... I think he may be "medicating" his way through this one!

Feed back in time for the Brown first down

ok , what do we call here??

Why is every throw at Joe Hayden?

I can tell Bess hates losing. Rest of the team???

Am I the only one who thinks Tony doesn't trust Henne? When the game is on the line they give it to Ronnie in the wildcat?

Henne is being benched by degrees.

Just what I like to see ... the Miami offense on the field and Chad Henne on the sidelines.

in redzone
a sweep for 5
a middle run for 1

NOT a good sign of confidence in henne


Nice throw and catch there.

Pee Wee scores!

Touchdown MIAMI!!!!!

I think they effectively benched henne

Nice throw. Nice drive.

Chad Henne for president!

theres a nice FU throw

he even threw it on the break..


TD pass Henne to Fasano down the middle. Game is tied.

This one will be settle by ...

A FG, of course.

just run all wildcat 4 downs

They've lost all confidence in Henne.

Must win game. Let's see if Henne steps up when the game is tied.

There's that arm strength!! Great throw

... And probably a FG set up by an offensive mistake.

Henne threw the pass ... but WHO TIED THE GAME??? It was Carpenter!!!!!!!!

onside kick.. onside kick... onside kick

Henne drives you nuts! He looks like Tom Brady one play and Mike Brady the next. Great throw there.

oh cool my feed is slightly delayed and people were saying things like bullet! I was like what?? TD!

i think Sparano said, Hey if they can throw to the TE so can we.

Now which defense stops TE throws first...LOL

Ha Ha you cry babies!

Thats what I'm talking about.

Ya'll cry like wets fans!


idiot fistpump

onside might not work but it'll b fun

i forget, how many points do you get for a TD?

Great play Henne. He is great vs man to man (ie. Raiders/Jets), struggles in zone with making reads.

So the Dolphins Offense went 7 quarters and 5 minutes at home without scoring a TD, we now know how spoiled we were with Marino

I think even though it is Henne's third year he is in a Sophomore slump. Matt Ryan didn't look really good last year but has bounced back nicely this year. Give Henne a new OC and some speed at receiver and I think he will be ok.

GREAT line Chris!

(- the manfro of course)

Fasano isn't really having a bad season. He's a solid TE. If Miami could pair him with an upfield receiving threat, we'd have a solid TE tandem.

This front office continually wants to address the position on the cheap in an era when having a good receiving threat at TE is an imperative.

I'm tired of retrograde thinking from the personnel guys.

Dolphins discover touchdowns are fun....changes franchise forever

Turnover on brown's possession would be HUGE

Odin...Henne has SUCKED all freakin' game. He makes ONE pass and we should STFU?


Can we get some pressure on delhomme? everyone in the league knows he a TO machine if you pressure him and the D should be rested!!!

Game is on the line. Let's see who steps up.

Will it be Henne? This is his time to shine. Let's see what he does. Should be 10-7 if not for a 60 yard FG.

Drfletch, did you not see Hartline wide open streaking down the sideline on the first INT?

What good would a speed receiver do?

take that you crusty diaper fans!!!!

That TD to fasano sucked.

Henne stared right at him the whole time!


Get the sinking feeling that Miami will get a new qb, and Henne will go somewhere else (Minny? San Fran?), where he'll have more weapons (Minny? San Fran?) And blossom. Just seems like that's what will happen...

when its a TD vs a middle field INT
YES you should...

After watching both team offenses today even the Grim Reaper's confused.

Cleveland 4-7
Miami 6-5

Tell me why we are having a hard time against these guys?

Is it stating the obvious to point out that now would be a good time for the defense to force a Jake Delhomme INT?

The guy specializes in them.

Be who you are, Jake! Throw one to us!

A turnover would be AMAZING.. One turnover from delhomme isnt that much to ask for..

Fasano makes up for several drops.
Still, we sorely need a Gates type TE...so does half the NFL. LOL

Right Marc! These guys most smoke some good stuff to think Henne is a starter. What game are they watching? They must see something the rest of the league doesn't

Need a sack!

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