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Browns lead Dolphins 10-3 to start fourth quarter

The Dolphins need offense.

They trail, 10-3 after the Browns went 94 yards on six plays in the third quarter.

The Dolphins are driving. But they haven't reached the dead, I mean, red zone yet. So we'll see what happens.

The live blog continues.


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guessthey will fine dobnins this week NFL is a joke now

its all in the name as in i was one unitl i said F-this and now root otherwise

Isn't this where 99 out of 100 coaches would give their 2nd string QB shot?

Toast. Then why are the bears losing to the Lions and the Saints in a close one with the bEngals?

Posted by: Chase | December 05, 2010 at 03:27 PM


I'll answer your question if you answer mine.

Why should we care what other teams do in games? I'm talking about THIS game. It shouldn't even be close?

Your record reflects who you are. I can care less what Detroit does. What I care about is what Miami does. And it appears to me they are no better than a 4-7 team.

im thinking they might throw to watson...your move Nolan


brilliant bess pass rusher in coverage

Good tackle.

Alright Fins D!!!

Great job Benny Sapp

I like benny sapp. You fin fans that dont can .....

if im the browns.. i go for it

hope they dont though!


I'd have reviewed that 3rd down play if I were man genius. Looked like he rolled on top of Sapp to the 30.

Bess is JUST not a return guy-we need one NOW

I'd like to see Bess break one ... he seems to work hard for it ... just not sure if he has the speed to outrun everyone, though.

D'Breed...what color is the reapers robe now?

If you are what you're record reflects then we are an average 6-5 NFL team. So, again, why are you surprised this game is close?

comeon Henne

F-U mode!!

nice run

Great tackle by Sapp! Now let's see what Henne's got.

benny el sapo, caballeros! ya tu sabes--estamos sapiaos!

Why does it take so long for Henne to throw?

Here goes the acid test

Bark or Bite beatches

Grim Reaper and Lil Nicky now playing dominoes in Brown's endzone. Is this good or bad omen?

LOL!!!! What you guys hang your hat on is LUCK is somehow part of the game.


Good teams create their own luck. Back teams play close games. Both of these teams are BAD. They want luck to be on their side. Luck will get them into the playoffs.

Jets and Pats don't need luck. They have SKILLZ! And they know it.

our RT is getting abused by Matt Roth..

Third and eight... The Dolphins



OK. Let's let the other kids hold the ball some Pee Wee.

i think hes scared to throw it down field

just play man!

yes... i agree. for two weeks now he is holdingnt he ball sooooooo long.

That was a horrible offensive series.

It's even ugly on radio.

Ugly possession-4th straight replace Henne-now

GREAT punt by Fields.

58 yards.

No return. No chance of return.

Grim Reaper and Lil Nicky look up after near Henne pick.....

That a way to make up for it Fields

Its a good thing that Henne "doesn't feel the pressure to look for Marshall on every play...that was really holding him back"...right GUYS?

The Dolphins simply do not want to win this one.

Sparano has failed to produce a marketable product. Hope the shareholders hold him accountable.

Dan henning is horrible!!! I would kick his ass all day on Madden. Id just play zone and wait for the 4 yard pass or toss play.

Defense-take the ball away and score-it's the only way we'll win

I see this team running the table and NE, NY, PITT and BALT all free falling. I smell SUPERBOWL!

Both teams playing not to win

I'm gonna puke!

Bigtime 3 and out by the Dolphin offense there. That's the way champions do it!

Hard to imagine that no one is open downfield when you have Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore running routes...

Grim Reaper and Lil Nicky continue endzone dominoes game....

At this point I almost trust the D more than the offense.

are we keeping Henne in because the game
is close and feel the gamble with Tyler is larger then poor play of Henne?

Dan henning is horrible!!! I would kick his ass all day on Madden. Id just play zone and wait for the 4 yard pass or toss play.

I know it didn't get us a 1st down, but Henne looking a little like Big Ben avoiding the sacks on that last drive.

Wasted time out.

brilliant time management there....

well why fix it, if it aint broken..LMAO

Why are we calling time outs?

How can we notice it the first time without looking. But NFL teams still use challenges and Timeouts

what a wasted timeout. it will come back to burn us.

Now is the time that we call all of our timeouts-so we don't have a chance for success


Yeah, lets burn our time outs.

Why not


Grim Reaper and Satan in heated sideline discussion about time and half pay should this game go into overtime. Reaper's pissed....

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